It’s the World News Parade: It’s Logical to Be ‘Islamophobic’

October 18, 2010

  1. It’s Logical to Be ‘Islamophobic’

  2. Tensions High as Sudan Stands at Crossroads

  3. Judge Orders 8 Suspects in Mexico Massacre Case Held in Prison

  4. On Israel: Change the Narrative

  5. Tadic: Serbia can deal with violence

  6. Rand Paul refuses to shake hands with opponent Conway after debate
  7. Student Islamic Society; open radicalism at City University

  8. Graham: Obama is taking over ‘most of society’
  9. Stunner! Kinsey paid my father to rape me
  10. 2 workers killed in Tenn. post office shooting
  11. Democrat Dirty Tricks: The Next Round
  12. Testimony to Resume in Fort Hood Hearing

  13. Judge Orders 8 Suspects in Mexico Massacre Case Held in Prison
  14. Four Men Convicted in Plot to Bomb Synagogues
  15. Will a California Marijuana Law Slow Mexico’s Drug War?
  16. Mexican Assassins and Hit Men are Low on the Salary Scale
  17. The US’ Broken Southern Border

  18. The Wars That America Forgot About

  19. Drug gangs threaten Mexican mining industry

  1. Jim Jones, The People’s Temple and Revolutionary Suicide

  2. Chinese Illegals Coming to U.S. via Haiti (!) and Belize

  3. Maxine Waters’ Pro – Communist Past

  4. Russia to carry out moon missions

  5. Stand With Geert Wilders

  6. Geert Wilders, Western Sages, and Totalitarian Islam

  7. The History of “Political Correctness”

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