Opinions: Obama and Holder and Their Massive Failure to Think

November 22, 2010

Why do we keep refusing to add two and two?  If these guys are pro Islamic socialists, they are getting exactly what they want.

American Thinker

By Kyle-Anne Shiver

Well, the bubble of Obama supremacy has finally exploded in all our faces and is now lying in tatters, with little giblets of its former hot-air glory spread from here to kingdom come. The candidate who played his “Peace is just an Obama speech away” tune to the easily bamboozled left has just been dealt the final blow that crashed the big, fat hot air balloon.

The very first test case was just last week: a former Gitmo detainee, brought to NYC to be tried as a civilian with all the rights of a genuine American citizen, was found guilty on a single picayune count from a list of 280-plus murder charges.

Ahmed Ghailani was found guilty by a civilian jury on a single count of conspiracy to destroy government buildings. Never mind the hundreds murdered by means of the TNT bought by this enemy combatant, obeying the orders of his own commander in chief, Osama bin Laden. Due to constitutional protections gratuitously bestowed on him by President Barack Obama and the Department of Injustice, Ahmed Ghailani will soon be sentenced to serve a couple of decades in an American prison (minus time served, for sure), where he likely will sue the people of the United States of America over and over again with some trumped-up “cruel and unusual punishment” claim.  Wherever he is, Osama bin Laden is having one heck of a great laugh right this minute as he watches Western civilization shoot itself again, again, again, and again in the foot.

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