Opinions: Senate has votes to ratify START treaty

December 15, 2010

1  The Only Thing That Will Save Us Now Is Fear Itself
Herbert E. Meyer
Let me use a little story to illustrate the effect of fear on human behavior. More

2  Why Rush to Ratify New START?

The Editor

If the New START Treaty is meant to bring about long-term security, why is there a desire by some in the administration to rush it through in the short-term?

3  Crucible of a Hero
Richard Kantro
When Lt. Col. Terry Lakin, MD walks out of the chamber where has has faced a court-martial this week, he will emerge — regardless of the verdict — a towering American hero. More

4  U.N. Gets New Oversight
Wendy Wright
It’s a delicious irony. More

5  Cuccinelli’s Other ObamaCare Victory
Mark J. Fitzgibbons
What Cuccinelli did in defeating (for now) the individual mandate also prevents an historically massive expansion of the federal government’s audit and investigation powers. More

6  It’s Production, Stupid
K.E. Campbell
President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and many other liberals proclaim that unemployment-compensation payments promote economic growth. They’re dead wrong. More

7  Thanks to International Aid, Gaza Is Going To Be A Well-Off Islamist Republic

8  Sharron Angle: Next leader of the Tea Party?

The Arizona Republican bounces back after her failed Senate bid by forming a political group to support small-government candidates

Best opinion:Las Vegas Review-Journal, NY Times, Liberaland

9  Hamas Puppetmasters? Palestinians Push Administration to “Bully” Israelis

Jim Kouri, CPP

The head of the Palestinian Authority pressured the U.S. administration to pressure Israel to prevent the eviction of a leading member of terrorist group Hamas.

10  No Hope for Michael Steele »

by Rich Trzupek

Why the Republican National Committee chairman’s re-election chances are bleak. …

December 15 2010 / Comments (5) / Read More »

11  NATO Relevance Questioned Ahead of New Strategic Concept

12  How WikiLeaks Exposed Obama’s Incompetence »

by Arnold Ahlert

Is the administration’s foreign policy on autopilot? …

December 15 2010 / Comments (8) / Read More »

13  William T. Hathaway: Sabotaging the U.S. Military for “Peace” »

by Ryan Mauro

American professor in Germany seeks revolution to bring down U.S. government….

December 15 2010 / Comments (2) / Read More »

14  Philippe Karsenty Proves Mohammed Al-Dura Fraud »

by Jamie Glazov

The last segment of FrontPage Close-Up’s interview with a hero of our time….

December 15 2010 / Comments (0) / Read More »

15  The WikiLeaks Vindication of George W. Bush »

by Larry Elder

Case closed: Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction. Let the Left’s apologies begin….

December 15 2010 / Comments (6) / Read More »

16  Government Unions vs. Taxpayers »

by Tim Pawlenty

The moral case for unions — protecting working families from exploitation — does not apply to public employment….

December 15 2010 / Comments (2) / Read More »

17  A Constitutional Blow to ObamaCare »

by Tait Trussell

A federal court ruling may signal the beginning of the end for the health care overhaul bill. …

December 14 2010 / Comments (24) / Read More »

Video and Articles: $1.1 Trillion Spending Bill Nears 2,000 Pages – 6,500 Earmarks that Total $8.3 Billion

  • Holbrooke’s Blessing

    Susan Estrich – Wed Dec 15, 3:00 am ET

    Creators Syndicate – Richard Holbrooke was a legend, the high priest of what we used to call the “priesthood” (even though they finally did let Madeleine in), the foreign policy elite that played musical chairs whenever a Democrat was running for or elected to the presidency. Arrogant? You bet. Frustrated with those who didn’t get it, wouldn’t do it, didn’t push themselves as hard as he did? Absolutely. Full Story »


    Maggie Gallagher – Tue Dec 14, 7:55 pm ET

    Imagine my surprise when I woke up this morning to find out I had been designated face No. 4 of the New Faces of the Christian Right by Newsweek magazine. Full Story »


    Georgie Anne Geyer – Tue Dec 14, 6:31 pm ET

    WASHINGTON — Every once in a while, I fall into an ultimately foolish, but nevertheless inspiring, reverie and dream about what I would do if I were a millionaire. Full Story »

  • Will Republicans Torpedo Obama’s Tax-Cuts Package?

    The Atlantic Wire – Tue Dec 14, 5:56 pm ET

    WASHINGTON, DC – The president’s tax cut compromise passed pretty easily in the Senate this week but the bill’s fortunes in the House appear far less certain. On Friday, conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer started the push against the bill, labeling it a “second stimulus.” Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney have also followed suit. At the beginning of this debate, conventional wisdom held that Republicans finagled the best deal with Congressional Democrats left in the cold. Would the Republicans really torpedo this tax-break package?This Is Not Looking Good, writes Allahpundit at Hot Air:With House progressives in revolt, Obama realistically needs all of the Blue Dogs and almost all of the GOP to push this thing through, but I don’t know how much longer House Republicans can hold on. Granted, Paul Ryan, Grover Norquist, and Freedom Works are in favor of the deal, but a whole lot of conservative rock stars on the right are now against it–from Pence to Palin to Bachmann to talk radio to grassroots outfits like the Tea Party Patriots. How many House liberals are willing to bite the bullet and vote yes for Obama’s sake to replace defecting votes on the GOP side? The whole thing’s starting to remind me of the amnesty bill in the Senate in 2007 Full Story »

  • Best Buy, Worst Day

    The Atlantic Wire – Tue Dec 14, 5:53 pm ET

    WASHINGTON, DC – Best Buy, the country’s biggest electronics retailer by revenue, reported Tuesday that its third-quarter earnings fell short of expectations. The chain’s quarterly profits dropped along with its domestic market share, which the company expects will be down for the year. Full Story »

  • Michael Moore Offers Bail Money for Assange, Lauds WikiLeaks

    The Atlantic Wire – Tue Dec 14, 5:47 pm ET

    WASHINGTON, DC – Julian Assange was granted bail Tuesday,* perhaps in part thanks to Michael Moore, who, like the modest, magnanimous celebrity donor he is, would like everyone to know exactly how much of his own money he doled out to this worthy cause. The lefty film director says he “put up $20,000 of my own money,” to set the WikiLeaks founder free. Why? Because of the Iraq war, sort of. Full Story »

  • Tech Bloggers Marvel Over Facebook World Visualization

    The Atlantic Wire – Tue Dec 14, 5:24 pm ET

    WASHINGTON, DC – Monday night, Facebook engineering intern Paul Butler posted a now well-traveled image of global Facebook friendships. The map uses location data from a sample of 10 million users to plot a visualization of interconnected social-networking relationships worldwide. Apparently, what “piqued” the interest of Butler was the idea of “locality of friendship,” or how “geography and political borders affected where people lived relative to their friends.” What results from his experiment is the visualization below (a hi-res version is here):Naturally, tech blogs immediately dissected the meaning of the image. Here’s what they found most interesting:Giga Om – “If that’s what an intern at Facebook can come up with, imagine what else would be possible with that data.”Fast Company – “What really boggles the mind is why Facebook isn’t doing more work like this with its data, or least letting a select few use it–the company possesses what amounts to the greatest catalog of human life ever created”Geekosystem – “Even if the world was dark and totally unmapped, Facebook could produce a remarkably good approximation of most of its continents’ boundaries”EnGadget – “Check out the bit on the map where Russia and China are supposed to be–is Facebook the most capitalist social network ever or what?”Gizmodo – “Now how about repeating this process with all 500 million individuals as data points next, Paul? I’d like to see if the resulting image is still as lovely.”PC World – “Don’t assume [the gaps in the map are] entirely due to government blocks; Facebook just isn’t the most popular social network in many of these [blacked-out] countries.”Pocket-lint – “Very profound. Even if it is really just a pretty picture of the world. Albeit a world without Russia, China, Antarctica and most of Africa.”The Atlantic Tech Channel – “The cities best represented in the sample are across the United States and Europe. But Butler’s map shows a surprising number of friendships between individuals in these countries and in Africa, South America and elsewhere.” Full Story »

  • Top Tweets: Looking Forward to the Holidays Edition, Vol. 1

    The Atlantic Wire – Tue Dec 14, 5:07 pm ET

    WASHINGTON, DC – Christmas is more than a week away, but its apparently not too soon for holiday-themed tweets. From gift ideas to decorating tips, Tuesday’s top tweeters were obviously getting in the holiday spirit.Stephen Colbert was excited to announce his staff Christmas gifts. .bbpBox14780243487232000 {background:url(http://a3.twimg.com/profile_background_images/39408843/twitterbkgrnd.jpg) #1A1B1F;padding:20px;} p.bbpTweet{background:#fff;padding:10px 12px 10px 12px;margin:0;min-height:48px;color:#000;font-size:18px !important;line-height:22px;-moz-border-radius:5px;-webkit-border-radius:5px} p.bbpTweet span.metadata{display:block;width:100%;clear:both;margin-top:8px;padding-top:12px;height:40px;border-top:1px solid #fff;border-top:1px solid #e6e6e6} p.bbpTweet span.metadata span.author{line-height:19px} p.bbpTweet span.metadata span.author img{float:left;margin:0 7px 0 0px;width:38px;height:38px} p.bbpTweet a:hover{text-decoration:underline}p.bbpTweet span.timestamp{font-size:12px;display:block} For Christmas this year I gave half my staff iPads and the other half switchblades. Let’s see what happens!less than a minute ago via SocialOomphStephen ColbertStephenAtHome Full Story »

  1. Democrats Introduce 1,924-Page, $1.1 Trillion Spending Bill 2.5 Weeks Before Lame Duck Session Ends (CNS)

  2. Terrorists: Just the Tip of the Jihadi Iceberg (PAJAMAS)

  3. Marine Corps Chief: ‘Distraction’ of Gays Serving Openly Could Cost Marines Limbs (FOX)

  4. 18 FARC members indicted on charges tied to hostage taking (WT)

  5. Air Force Blocks News Sites That Posted WikiLeaks Cables (WSJ)

  6. Suicide bombers kill at least 38 in southeast Iran (YAHOO)

  7. NO “Hate Crime” Charge for Imam Bias Attack Allegation (ATLAS SHRUGS)

  8. TSA X-Ray Machines Easily Fooled, Researchers Find (FOX)

  9. The U.S. Should Halt All Funding For U.N.’s ‘Global Warming’ Scam (PHYLLIS SCHLAFLY)

  10. CNN to Host GOP Primary Debate Next June

On the Court, Leftist Justice vs. the Rule of Law

by Mike McDaniel

Breyer’s “living Constitution” is a dead letter.

Henry Kissinger’s Vile and Inexcusable Remarks to Nixon

by Ron Radosh

Kissinger to Soviet Jewry: Drop Dead.

Breaking: Federal Judge Rules ObamaCare Unconstitutional (Updated: Gibbs Video Added)

by Bryan Preston

Severability. UPDATE: WH changes language on ObamaCare, now describes the individual mandate as the “individual responsibility” portion of the law.

Obamacare Individual Mandate Struck Down

by Clarice Feldman

A signal victory for constitutional government.

Social Security, Broken Promises and Dreams from the Biggest Rip-Off Ever Foisted on America by Liberals

by Chris Salcedo

The big lie.

WikiLeaks: Secret Cables Show Growing U.S. Concern Over China

by William Hawkins

A competition of influence very reminiscent of Cold War intrigue with the Soviet Union.

Meet Israel’s Version of Bob Woodward

by Michael Ledeen

Like Woodward, Ronen Bergman is important in understanding the thinking of the political class. But like Woodward, he’s not always reliable when it comes to reportage and analysis.

The Unmaking of the President

by Ed Driscoll

With Bill Clinton’s return to center stage, we can now place the 2008 campaign and the first year of the Obama presidency into a certain amount of perspective.

Cuban Missile Crisis: A Different Scenario

by David Solway

How Obama would have played it back in ‘62.

It’s a Long Way Down

by Stephen Green

It’s clear that after an initial, six-month honeymoon, the rest of the world had Obama tagged as a man in over his head, and without enough wit to tread water.

Maxine Waters: Another Congressperson with Ethics Problems

by Mychal Massie

Is Congress corrupt to its foundation?

Senate Dems Walking the Plank on Taxes

by Rich Baehr

There are 21 Democrats who could face primary challenges from the left if they support the president’s tax compromise with the Republicans.

Exclusive PJ Institute Video: ‘The Holocaust Would Not Have Happened Without People Like Him’

Special undercover interviews of a Nazi officer, one of Himmler’s inner circle, who was at the trigger point of the Holocaust in 1941. This exclusive video is from the PJ Institute, the education and research arm of Pajamas Media and PJTV.

Is Dr. Doolittle Working with Mossad?

by Robert E. Belgrad

Zionist forces unleash specially trained animals to wreak havoc with innocent Muslims. (Also see Richard Fernandez: “Jews or Jaws?”)

Dem Civil War! Expletives, Tax Fights and Party Switchers Abandoning the SS Hopenchange

by Bryan Preston

Bull runs.

Crisis of the American Intellectual: Can Liberalism Play a Role in Today’s World?

by Ron Radosh

A brilliant essay by Walter Russell Mead declares, most emphatically, “no.”

  • Reason for Optimism out of the Cancún Climate Summit?

    The Nation – Tue Dec 14, 4:19 pm ET

    The Nation — “You have been negotiating all my life,” 21-year-old Mima Haider of Lebanon told delegates at the United Nations climate negotiations in Cancún. “You cannot tell me you need more time.” But that’s pretty much what they did tell her, and the rest of us. Full Story »

The good life on 36 weeks a year of work
December 14, 2010
When you add in the value of benefits, it is clear that many of these teachers qualify as “millionaires and billionaires” according to the arguments Democrats used on taxes last week. More

AT’s Larrey Anderson, Jeff Dunetz, and Doug Mataconis on Moran’s show
December 14, 2010
Obamacare decision and other hot news items will be discussed. More

Climate Change: It’s the Sun, Stupid
December 14, 2010
Guess which scientific body has raised the white flag on man made global warming? More

Japan cuts corporate tax rate to spur economy
December 14, 2010
Liberal Prime Minister cutting taxes on “the rich” to help economy. More

When the going gets tough…the tough get a stand in?
December 14, 2010
Our President, in no uncertain terms, has communicated to us, once again, that he simply doesn’t have the time to deal with the trivialities of governing. More

ObamaCare mandate and SCOTUS
December 14, 2010
Nearly everyone agrees that Judge Hudson’s finding that the ObamaCare health insurance mandate is unconstitutional will be appealed to the Supreme Court. Here’s the kicker More

Christmas retail sales better than expected in November
December 14, 2010
Happy Holidays from the American consumer. More

Richard Holbrooke, R.I.P.
December 14, 2010
A true public servant. More

Senate has votes to ratify START treaty
December 14, 2010
A barely passable exercise in diplomacy. More

Michelle’s free lunch
December 14, 2010
A free lunch that isn’t really free. More

Katie versus Condee: no contest
December 14, 2010
Katie Couric versus Condoleeza Rice. Wow. Rarely is an intellectual shellacking so thorough More

Mysteries of Space

According to NASA, Saturn has four moons, two of which cast a shadow on the planet in the photo taken by the Hubble Space Telescope.

The lost moon that gave Saturn its rings

December 15, 2010, at 8:00 AMThe case of “cosmic murder” that explains the famous rings around our solar system’s second largest planet

U.S. Opinion

The director of the Duncan Hines ad has been criticized for some questionable commercials in the past.

Duncan Hines’ ‘blackface’ cupcakes

December 15, 2010, at 7:15 AMA new ad for the company’s dessert topping is drawing fire for possible racial insensitivity. Are critics right to call the spot “racist”?

U.S. Opinion

Decembrow organizer Lori Adelman says she was inspired by women in Tajikistan, where the female unibrow is considered a blessing.

What is ‘Decembrow’?

December 14, 2010, at 5:24 PMWomen are trying to help other women by growing out their eyebrows. Let us explain


Commentators find it odd that

The ‘laughable’ Golden Globe nominations

December 14, 2010, at 4:05 PMThe poorly-reviewed bomb “The Tourist” got a nod, while the Coen Brothers’ “True Grit” is snubbed. Just how wrong did the Hollywood Foreign Press Association get it?

Tea Party Nation?

Sharron Angle's Tea Party action committee Patriot Caucus plans to open offices early next year in Iowa and other early primary states.

Sharron Angle: Next leader of the Tea Party?

December 14, 2010, at 3:50 PMThe Arizona Republican bounces back after her failed Senate bid by forming a political group to support small-government candidates


World Opinion

Vladimir Putin: Crooner or just

Vladimir Putin’s ‘epic’ ‘Blueberry Hill’ performance

December 14, 2010, at 3:22 PMThe Russian leader belted out the old standard at a charity gala event — and his crooning quickly became a viral-video sensation


In the fake, alternate ending, it isn't a pic-a-nic basket that Boo Boo wants, it is the $5,000 for Yogi Bear's head.

The ‘brilliant’ fake ‘Yogi Bear’ ending

December 14, 2010, at 2:35 PMA gory alternate ending to the upcoming kids movie is drawing lots of online attention. It’s not your average fan salute


U.S. Opinion

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg speaks at the launch of

Can the ‘No Labels’ movement defy the party system?

December 14, 2010, at 2:30 PMA collection of Republicans, Democrats, and independents have formed an alliance to move beyond party politics. Can they succeed?

Google’s World

Google Latitude may only be helpful to those who are

Does the world need Google Latitude?

December 14, 2010, at 2:20 PMA new iPhone app lets users track their friends’ every movement. Critics find it troubling — and pointless

Obama & the Rhetoric of Progressivism – Peter Berkowitz, Policy Review
Health Reform Advocates Have Little to Fear – Ezra Klein, Washington Post
ObamaCare Madness is a Disaster for Dems – Merrill Matthews, Forbes
The Municipal Debt Bubble – Veronique de Rugy, Reason
We’ve Only Got America A – Thomas Friedman, New York Times
D.C. Haggles as Fiscal Crisis Looms – Tony Blankley, Washington Times
Richard: Remembering a Formidable Friend – Leon Wieseltier, TNR
Can the President Fix His Storyline? – Samuel Jacobs, The Daily Beast
Why Do People Believe in Fantasies? – John Stossel, FOX Business
Save Economy by Keeping Jobs at Home – Harold Meyerson, Washington Post
Sweden: The Brighter Europe – Alvaro Vargas Llosa, Investor’s Business Daily
Is There Hope for the Economy in 2011? – Charles Gasparino, New York Post
Fix the Estate Tax – Rep. Chris Van Hollen, Washington Post
Dems’ Capstone: Pork, Waste, & ObamaCare – Yuval Levin, National Review
John Boehner’s Crying Shame – Tom Lutz, Los Angeles Times
The Against the Grain Awards – Josh Kraushaar, National Journal
What Did Einstein Believe About God? – Michael Shermer, Big Questions


Harry Reid’s Holiday Jam – Wall Street Journal
The Individual Mandate: It’s Constitutional – Los Angeles Times
Unchecked Power: The Courts & Obamacare – New Hampshire Union Leader
Uncertain Mandate on Health Care – Chicago Tribune

U.S. Opinion

Richard Holbrooke's efforts to become secretary of state

Richard Holbrooke’s ‘tragic’ brilliance

December 14, 2010, at 2:00 PMThe late diplomat ended the Bosnian war, but his brashness and impatience kept him from achieving his lifelong dream of being secretary of state, says John Barry at Newsweek


Parenting Controversies

Some new moms are logging onto Facebook to purchase supplemental breast milk.

Is it safe to get breast milk through Facebook?

December 14, 2010, at 1:50 PMDespite FDA warnings, new mothers are turning to the social networking site to find milk for their babies

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin tours a medical center in Cabaret, Haiti the day of the

Petty controversy: Who did Sarah Palin’s hair in Haiti?

December 14, 2010, at 12:15 PMAn AP photo caption ignites a heated spat over the media, Palin, and her hair-do


Wall Street

Public outrage over Wall Street bonuses remains high, according to a new Bloomberg poll.

Should the government ban Wall Street bonuses?

December 14, 2010, at 12:08 PMAmericans strongly oppose the end-of-year extras given to bankers who took bailout money. Should Washington step in?


Future of the GOP

Michael Steele announced his bid for a second term as chairman amid criticism of his fund-raising failures.

Can Michael Steele win another term as RNC chairman?

December 14, 2010, at 11:45 AMThe controversial GOP leader has “stunned supporters and critics alike” by announcing a re-election bid. With party leaders lining up against him, can he pull it off?

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