Rep. King on Pigford: ‘We’re Not Going to Pay Slavery Reparations’ (Obama money!)

December 2, 2010

We just gave away 4.5 billion this week and no one said BOO!

This is when you see what socialist are really doing.  They are robbing and stealing from one group and giving money to their friends, and they will do this till they are stopped.  This never works. These Rotten cowardly Politicians giving into these I want something for nothing lazy  people who are robbing America blind will turn us into Mexico

New Zeal

On Tuesday, the House voted to give $4.55 billion to black and American Indian “farmers” who claim the Department of Agriculture or the Interior Department discriminated against them in some way. The word “farmers” is in quotation marks because, in one lawsuit alone, five times as many people filed for refunds than ever owned or operated a farm in any way.

Is this is part of Barack Obama’s plan to give minority groups that vote heavily Democratic — including blacks, Hispanics, American Indians, and women – “stealth reparations”? The standard of evidence for discrimination is minimal , which fuels the number of applicants ready to cash in at the taxpayers’ expense. Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, is a maverick and an uncompromising patriot who urged his fellow Congressmen to vote against the funding and to “make investigation of Pigford fraud a top priority.”

Here is Steve King’s unfortunately unheeded speech on the House floor against this latest “guilt” scam.

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