Today in Politics: House to Take Up Tax Cuts while Senate debates Start Treaty

December 16, 2010

House to Take Up Tax Cuts while Senate debates Start Treaty

Lawmakers Discuss Constitutional Issues Raised by WikiLeaks

President details Afghanistan war review


House to Take Up Tax Cuts while Senate debates Start Treaty


Last night, the House Rules committee met to vote on a rule for debate on the Middle Class Tax Relief Act of 2010 (H.R. 4853) that they will take up today. It provides for three hours of general debate and one amendment to change the inheritance tax provisions in the bill. Read More »

Lawmakers Discuss Constitutional Issues Raised by WikiLeaks


Officials in Washington, DC and abroad have widely condemned the publishing of secret documents by the WikiLeaks website. In its latest document dump in November, the site initiated the simultaneous publishing of State Department confidential cables with foreign embassies in the New York Times and four European newspapers.

President details Afghanistan war review


The U.S. military to preparing to withdraw troops beginning next summer from Afghanistan. A new overview report on counterterrorism efforts in the region is being released. On Tuesday, President Obama attended a briefing with his top national security officials to discuss the findings of the review.


House votes to repeal military ban

Despite warnings from military leaders and from pro-family and conservative groups, the U.S. House voted Wednesday to repeal the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy that for 17 years has banned homosexuals from serving openly in the military. It now goes to the Senate, where supporters of an identical bill claim they have the 60 votes needed to pass the measure.

‘Dangerous’ for feds to get involved in Muslim’s lawsuit

Liberty Counsel’s Mat Staver says it’s a “dangerous” precedent for the federal government to sue a suburban Chicago school district for denying a Muslim middle-school teacher unpaid leave to make a pilgrimage to Mecca.

Something worse than earmarks

A budget analyst is warning that even if Congress bans earmarks from legislation, that may not mean politicians’ pet projects have reached their end.

Belmont University’s convictions up for debate

Dr. Al Mohler is speaking out against a Christian college that has been in the spotlight since its women’s soccer coach resigned upon telling her players she is expecting a child with her same-sex partner.

Case of being ‘too religious’ returned to lower court

A couple fired from their jobs for being “too religious” will have their day in court.

Billboard project alerting Wisconsin

Pro-lifers in Wisconsin have erected billboards to bring attention to the statistics relating to the abortions of black babies.

Churches, pastors coached in new IRS regs

A financial group has scheduled seminars for next year to address the IRS changes affecting churches and pastors in the upcoming tax season.

Follow-up ad counters atheists’ campaign

Buses in a major Texas city that are displaying an atheistic message are being followed around town by vans offering a counter argument.

ACLJ standing up to ‘bully tactics’

A teacher who was fired by an Oregon community college after an Islamic group complained about a class he was scheduled to teach is trying to get his job back.

English-only rule goes too far, says attorney

A group of Filipino workers in California are suing their employer for forcing staff members to speak only in English while at work.

ADF supports German pro-life stance

The Alliance Defense Fund is being allowed to represent a German pro-life group in a court challenge to the German government over its denying an assisted suicide request.

Porn industry not preventing STDs

A California porn industry health clinic has shut down in response to an adult film performer who tested positive for HIV.

Tax plan will ‘stimulate the economy’

Despite the claims of other advocates, the chairman of the 60 Plus Association isn’t concerned that President Obama’s plan to cut payroll taxes for one year will harm Social Security.

Political analyst: Advantage to Palin in 2012

poll vote button 2A conservative political scientist and historian believes Sarah Palin will have the advantage among the field of GOP presidential hopefuls when the Iowa caucuses begin a little more than a year from now — but adds that doesn’t guarantee she’ll win the nomination.

Centrists’ group a tea party wanna-be?

Conservative commentator Gary Bauer says a new anti-tea party organization, launched to attract people from various political backgrounds, isn’t a serious threat to the movement’s momentum.

Reclaiming the rainbow

An activist fighting for traditional marriage in California is urging Christians to reclaim the rainbow from homosexual-rights activists who have hailed the symbol as their icon of “gay” pride.

Media ignoring tax increases in ‘tax cut’ bill

A media watchdog group has learned through a recent survey that the mainstream media’s coverage of the current debate over tax cuts is lopsided.

Austrian lawmaker won’t cater to Muslim immigrants

An author and terrorism expert is praising an Austrian lawmaker for publicly lambasting a Turkish ambassador’s request for his country to accommodate the demands of Muslim immigrants.

Dems facing problems with ObamaCare

An expert on health policy says President Obama’s latest push to avoid a steep cut in Medicare is a temporary fix that illustrates another problem exists elsewhere.

Sarah Palin goes ‘lamestream’

By KENNETH P. VOGEL | 12/16/10 9:52 AM
Sarah Palin (left) and Barbara Walters pose during an intervew. | AP Photo

Separated at Birth: Harry Reid and Hugo Chavez

by Roger L Simon

Harry and Hugo are each attempting to ram bills through their respective countries’ legislatures, before newly elected representatives arrive next year, that are expressly contrary to the wills of their peoples and squarely in the fascist tradition.

The White Swan

by Richard Fernandez

The financial crisis of 2008 was a “white swan” — an event that honked loudly as it swam forward in the stream of time. The next crisis is honking almost as loud.

Manning Not a Hero in Berkeley—Yet: Council Tables Wikileaks Resolution

by Zombie

Another absurd moment of Berkeley political theater fades into irrelevance. Plus the tiny ghost of Robert Reich!

Terrorists: Just the Tip of the Jihadi Iceberg

by Brian Fairchild

Al Qaeda’s subversive base is full of noncombatants.

Landslide Berlusconi!

by Michael Ledeen

Prime minister for life?

On the Court, Leftist Justice vs. the Rule of Law

by Mike McDaniel

Breyer’s “living Constitution” is a dead letter.

Santorum Readies Himself for 2012

by Jazz Shaw

Santorum seems to be running a 20th century presidential campaign strategy in a 21st century fight.

Henry Kissinger’s Vile and Inexcusable Remarks to Nixon

by Ron Radosh

Kissinger to Soviet Jewry: Drop Dead.

Breaking: Federal Judge Rules ObamaCare Unconstitutional (Updated: Gibbs Video Added)

by Bryan Preston

Severability. UPDATE: WH changes language on ObamaCare, now describes the individual mandate as the “individual responsibility” portion of the law.

ObamaCare Individual Mandate Struck Down

by Clarice Feldman

A signal victory for constitutional government.

Social Security, Broken Promises and Dreams from the Biggest Rip-Off Ever Foisted on America by Liberals

by Chris Salcedo

The big lie.

WikiLeaks: Secret Cables Show Growing U.S. Concern Over China

by William Hawkins

A competition of influence very reminiscent of Cold War intrigue with the Soviet Union.

Meet Israel’s Version of Bob Woodward

by Michael Ledeen

Like Woodward, Ronen Bergman is important in understanding the thinking of the political class. But like Woodward, he’s not always reliable when it comes to reportage and analysis.

The Unmaking of the President

by Ed Driscoll

With Bill Clinton’s return to center stage, we can now place the 2008 campaign and the first year of the Obama presidency into a certain amount of perspective.

Israel: ‘The Only Member of the U.N. Condemned to Death’

by Michael J. Totten

Michael interviews Italian journalist Giulio Meotti, the author of the gut-wrenching book, A New Shoah: The Untold Story of Israel’s Victims of Terrorism.

Want to Protect Voting Rights? Screen Restrepo

by J. Christian Adams

Department of Justice bureaucrats can learn from Sebastian Junger’s prizewinning war documentary.

Where Islamism Starts, Interfaith Dialogue Stops

by Rachel Lipsky

All believers must confront the truth about Muslim extremism.

Let’s Get Rid of Freedom and Replace It with ‘FreeSmart’

by Frank J. Fleming

Americans are trained from birth to say we love freedom, but is freedom really what we’re all about?

PJM Political: Who’s Inside Your Wallet?

by Ed Driscoll

Jim Meigs of Popular Mechanics on the dangers of the Web; Andy McCarthy on Wikileaks; Roger and Lionel on the Oscars; plus Rep. Michelle Bachmann (R-MN, pictured) all stop by this week’s show. Hosted by the Vodkapundit, Stephen Green.

Who Decides the Legality of ObamaCare?

by Richard Fernandez

The Holder/Sebelius assertion that “government is here to help you—and you may not hinder it from doing so” simply cannot go unchallenged.

From NPR to No Labels: ‘Opinions are What Other People Have’

by Ed Driscoll

A center-left group that’s featured the three Davids (Frum, Brooks and Gergen) attempt to rebrand political correctness under a different name — or is it no name at all?

The Zombie Congress Stumbles Along (Updated)

by Bryan Preston

The Walking Dead Dems feast on America’s taxpayers. PLUS: Fail to the Chief: The Movie.

Paradise Lost: The Bitter Pill of Global Feminism

by Carey Roberts

Pushing an agenda that includes the avowed destruction of marriage and the family.

The Thin Blue Line Vs. Deepening Red Ink in L.A.

by Jack Dunphy

For ten years, the momentum in the fight against crime has been on the LAPD’s side, but the city’s bleak financial picture may change that. You won’t want to live or visit here if it does.

George Washington, Still #1

by Elise Cooper

Biographers Ron Chernow and John Yoo show his greatness still undiminished and unmatched.

Supporting Those Who Pay Freedom’s Price

by Mary Claire Kendall

American Veterans Center is a win for freedom and supporting those who pay its price. They rely on your support, especially during the holidays.

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