WHORES/POLITICIANS: Pelosi gets knocked out! and Hillary Chats with Comrade Hugo

January 7, 2011



finally gets what she has needed

since she was a

little rich girl.

Hillary Chats to Comrade Hugo

Hillary Clinton hobnobs with Venezuela’s marxist leader Hugo Chavez at the inauguration of Brazil’s new former Marxist-Leninist terrorist president Dilma Rouseff.

From AFP

Despite a simmering diplomatic row, President Hugo Chavez  and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton were seen having a brief, friendly chat at the inauguration of Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff.

The encounter Saturday came only three days after the United States revoked the visa of Venezuela’s ambassador in Washington, in reprisal for Chavez’s rejection of the US president’s appointed ambassador to Caracas.

A Brazilian official who witnessed the encounter told AFP, “It looked like a social conversation, both were smiling,” and Chavez later confirmed the amiable tenor of their conversation in an interview with Venezuelan state television.

“Mrs Clinton, the secretary of state, appeared. She was smiling, very pleased, and so was I,” said Chavez. “We greeted each other and spoke about a few things,” he said.

“It was a pleasant moment, but we took advantage of it and spoke of two or three timely things,” he said without elaborating.

At one point, Chavez extended his hand to Clinton, who shook it, smiling. They chatted for a few minutes before moving on to formally greeting Rousseff.

Birds of a feather…

by Peter Berkowitz

Rather than the New York Times’ outdated vision of “Progressivism,” conservatives should become proponents of progress understood as the crafting of better laws to protect individual freedom.

(AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

(AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke is making his first appearance before the 112th Congress. He is testifying before the Senate Budget Committee. Much of the questioning is on the Fed’s attempt to stimulate the economy by injecting $600 billion into Treasury bonds.

The strategy, which launched this week, involves the central bank buying long-term Treasury bonds from banks. But rather than using money already in the system, the Fed would credit the banks’ accounts, thereby injecting an additional $600 billion into the U.S. economy. More »

U.S. Economy Added 103,000 Jobs

Unemployment Rate Falls to 9.4%

Updated 26 min. ago

AP/ Ric Francis

AP/ Ric Francis

A key government measure on the nation’s jobs situation reported today that the U.S. unemployment rate for December went down to 9.4 percent.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Current Employment Statistics released its monthly report indicating that the U.S. added 103,000 new jobs, up from November’s total of 39,000. Employment rose in leisure and hospitality and in health care but was little changed in other major industries.

More »

  • Obama to Announce New Economic Team

    Updated 1 hr., 4 min. ago

    Yesterday, President Obama picked former Commerce Secretary William Daley to serve as his chief of staff, replacing interim chief of staff Pete Rouse. Today, the President will announce several more White House top economic positions replacements during a visit to a manufacturing plant in Landover, MD. More » | Watch Pres. Obama: c‑span.org at 11:30am ET | Link Obama to name Sperling to top economic post

  • Today, the House is taking up the rules governing next week’s scheduled debate on a bill to repeal the health care law. Last night, The House Rules Committee met and voted on the rules for debate.  It is expected that the debate to repeal the health care bill will take place next Wednesday. More » | Watch House Now On C‑SPAN

Bill Daley’s to-do list

By JOSH GERSTEIN & CAROL E. LEE | 01/07/11 9:18 AM
Bill Daley prepares to speak after President Obama's introduction. | Reuters

Democrats’ New Strategy: Keep the Same Leaders, Defend Their Bad Legislation (Updated)

by Bryan Preston

The Republicans should welcome the fight. UPDATE: Link to the Democrats’ talking points added.

The New PJM ‘Transparency Project’: Questions for Our Readers

by Roger L Simon

President Obama promised his administration would have an “unprecedented level of openness.” Perhaps the readers of PJM and the viewers of PJTV can lend a hand.

New Year’s Leap of Faith

by Claudia Rosett

If my uncertainties about looming healthcare, Internet and environmental regulations are in any way typical, then a lot of working Americans are living with a staggering degree of uncertainty right now.

Israel’s Stand Against Islamism Holds

by P. David Hornik

An outstanding new volume explains the sources of its success.

Conservative groups backing away from CPAC

Several pro-family organizations have announced they won’t attend an upcoming conservative gathering in Washington, DC, because among its sponsors is a homosexual activist group.

Pro-lifers encouraged by new Congress

Another pro-life group has set its sights this new year on repeal of ObamaCare and federal funding of abortion.

‘Subjective’ definition should be revised

A backer of abstinence education says the government is funding a message that attempts to redefine the meaning of “abstinence.”

Senate probe of televangelists’ finances ends

Senator Chuck Grassley’s investigation of televangelists has wrapped up after more than three years with no penalties for pastors who refused to cooperate and no definitive findings of wrongdoing.

Question: Can elected officials nullify people’s voice?

A federal appeals court has asked California’s Supreme Court to revisit one aspect of the Proposition 8 case.

Pro-life angle of ‘No Easy Decision’

Critics continue to focus on an MTV show that features a pregnant girl who has an abortion.

Restaurant chain drops infringement claim

Justive not likely for Lebanese terrorists

Terrorism expert and former PLO member Walid Shoebat doubts Hezbollah terrorists will be brought to justice for assassinating the former prime minister of Lebanon.

Work to rebuild Jewish life gets Russia’s recognition

Russia has named as its “2010 Man of the Year” the head of an organization that works to build support for Israel and promote understanding between Jews and Christians.

Estate tax exemption still bad news for businesses

Even though a temporary plan approved by Congress and President Obama will be enforced throughout this year and next year, an economics professor says the estate tax will continue to do harm to American businesses and farms.

Less ‘hostility’ for Democratic press secretary

Because high-profile positions tend to change every few years, a former White House correspondent isn’t surprised that White House press secretary Robert Gibbs recently announced his resignation.

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For My Dad, the ‘New Normal’ Is Old Hat – John Bussey, Wall Street Journal
More on RCP: Poll Suggests Trouble for Ensign in 2012


Daley a Good Choice for Obama – Chicago Sun-Times
William Daley: Chicago Boy, 2.0 – Wall Street Journal
GOP Made Error in Excising Parts of Constitution – New York Times
Liberal Distaste for the Constitution – Washington Times

Will EPA’s deference cloud court’s judgment?

Though he agrees with the oil refineries, an energy policy analyst says the trade groups have a tough case to make against the EPA in their lawsuit concerning ethanol blends.

Calif. GOP cool to Gov. Brown’s tax plan

A Christian activist in California predicts the electorate will not respond favorably to a proposed ballot measure from the new governor that would extend tax hikes.

Report: California failing its children

A non-profit group that works to ensure children are the top public policy priority has ranked California among the states that place children’s health and education as a low priority.

Limiting labor union power

An expert in labor economics believes it’s an excellent idea for states to try and curb labor unions.

Constitution recited in U.S. House

poll vote button 2video icon buttonFor the first time in America’s history, its governing document — the U.S. Constitution – has been read in its entirety on the House floor.

Healthcare marketplace better off without gov’t

California will be the first state to approve an oversight board for an Internet healthcare insurance exchange marketplace, and one conservative activist hopes the government will be left out of the equation.

AUL’s major goal – repeal healthcare reform

video icon buttonA major pro-life organization has set as its priority for the coming year — repeal ObamaCare. Leading Republicans in the House apparently have the same intentions.

Absurd for Napolitano to advise on border security

The head of a grassroots immigration reform organization says it’s “ludicrous” that Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano recently made a surprise visit to Afghanistan to advise Afghans about border security.

Pawlenty a 2012 contender?

A conservative political scientist and historian is looking closely at Minnesota’s Republican governor as a likely candidate for president in 2012.

Texas Speaker’s Race Heats Up: John Bolton Endorses Challenger

by Bryan Preston

The mustache weighs in.


    Jobless rate falls to 9.4 percent

    The economy added 103,000 jobs in December, the government says. Plus: Obama remakes his team.

  • The Arena

    Rising economy due to Obama?

    Unemployment rate “an improvement, but it is certainly nothing to brag about.” What’s your take?



    Nancy Pelosi takes CNN on a tour of her new office. The theme: “sparse mode.”

TSA: Living on Borrowed Time?

by Annie Jacobsen

The winds in Washington are blowing with the backlash from the holiday season.

Debt Ceiling Russian Roulette

by Rick Moran

Senator DeMint wants to play the game with a slight variation: load five chambers with bullets while leaving only one empty, and pull the trigger.

Asleep at the Scalpel

by Theodore Dalrymple

Is it better to have a tired doctor, or no doctor at all?

The Outsider

by Richard Fernandez

Without quite realizing it, Western liberals have turned out the lights; they should rightly fear what lurks in the shadow.

Is John Boehner the Real Deal?

by Richard Pollock

The new House speaker is a doer, not a sweet talker.

Hiding in Plain Sight

by Gary Wickert

A world in which Pravda decries American communism. And has a point.

Why the Constitution Is Relevant Today

by Barry Rubin

Those who mock the Constitution have it backwards.

The Real Comeback Kid? Our Constitution

by Kyle-Anne Shiver

Sorry, Mr. President — there’s a new star in town.

‘It’s still just me’—Will Boehner Be the Anti-Obama?

by Roger L Simon

His speech assuming Speaker of the House gives us reason for encouragement.

Rep. Ryan: We Are on the Path to ‘Debt Ruin’

by Richard Pollock

PJTV provided live, exclusive coverage of Ryan’s remarks.

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