TODAY IN POLITICS: Congress Returns

January 5, 2011

Budgets Cuts and

Health Care

on the Agenda

for House Republicans

Updated 14 min. ago

John Boehner

John Boehner

The 112th session of the U.S. House of Representatives begins today, with a shift in power going to the Republican majority.

The opening session begins with a vote to install Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) as the next Speaker. After his expected win, current Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) will present him to the chamber where he will give an address and take the oath of office. The new Speaker will then preside over the ceremony to swear-in the new congress, which includes 96 new members, 87 Republicans and 9 Democrats.
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by Dan Miller

“Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country” is not just a touch typing exercise.

New Year’s Leap of Faith

by Claudia Rosett

If my uncertainties about looming healthcare, Internet and environmental regulations are in any way typical, then a lot of working Americans are living with a staggering degree of uncertainty right now.

The New PJM ‘Transparency Project’: Questions for Our Readers

by Roger L Simon

President Obama promised his administration would have an “unprecedented level of openness.” Perhaps the readers of PJM and the viewers of PJTV can lend a hand.

The Spaghetti Strategy: Advice to Republicans

by Chris Salcedo

A strategy to advance freedom by keeping President Obama and his radical appointees on the defensive.

The Problems and Pitfalls of Child Porn Laws

by Clayton E. Cramer

Laws protecting children may be in need of revision.

When Leftists Rage Against ‘Them’ (UPDATED)

by Victor Davis Hanson

Who is really to blame for wrecking Greece, ruining California, subverting the climate change movement, and discrediting mega-deficit spending? (Update: Don’t miss Ed Driscoll and Richard Fernandez, for their takes on VDH’s latest post.)

How Obama Gets to 270 in 2012

by Myra Adams

It’s all in the math — and the numbers aren’t looking good for the GOP.

PJM Political: All Good Things…

by Ed Driscoll

PJM Political sadly concludes its run, with a look back at the man of the year of 2010, and highlights from the show’s guests over the past three years.

Good Riddance to 2010: What’s Going to Happen in 2011?

by Frank J. Fleming

Amazing predictions of major events that will almost certainly, probably, mostly occur in 2011 unless nothing happens.

U.S. Senate

U.S. Senate

The new session of the U.S. Senate is scheduled to begin with the traditional swearing-in of reelected and newly elected members, but after the ceremonies are completed,  Democrats are expected to make a  motion to change a long-standing debate rule.

Following the opening prayer, Vice President Biden will administer the oath-of-office for 31 senators, which includes 16 new senators. Though they maintained the majority, Democrats lost six seats after the November mid-term elections resulting in the make-up of the current Congress at 51 Democrats, 47 Republicans and two Independents. More »

U.S. Capitol

U.S. Capitol

Congress Returns

Five hours of guests and call-ins

Updated 14 min. ago

Before the 112th session of Congress gavels in at Noon today, the  Washington Journal is Live for  five hours of expanded coverage of the return of Congress.  Watch interviews with new House members Rep.-Elect Diane Black (R-TN) and Rep.-Elect Colleen Hanabusa (D-HI) and senior members Rep. Rob Andrews (D-NJ) and Rep. Tom Price (R-GA). Our guests also include Senate Historian Don Ritchie as well as other scholars and journalists.

Throughout the day, go to C‑SPAN’s Facebook page to watch a live stream of the U.S. House swearing-in ceremony and share your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter. More »

Repeal not a done deal

Despite the fact that President Barack Obama signed the repeal late last month, conservative activist Cliff Kincaid contends the end of the ban on homosexuals in the military isn’t a done deal quite yet.

Feds’ rhetoric imperils Christian values, beliefs

A California-based organization has released its annual list of anti-Christian acts in America for 2010 — a list determined through an online poll.

‘Slap in the face’ of vets’ families

Though the Ninth Circuit has ruled San Diego’s Mt. Soledad cross is unconstitutional, one Christian attorney says this latest decision doesn’t bring the case to a close.

Adm. Mullen faulted for lewd video on carrier

A conservative military advocate says the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff should be held accountable for his lack of oversight in the controversial videos produced by officers aboard the USS Enterprise.

What goes around, comes around…

A federal district court in North Carolina has dismissed a case filed by a middle-school teacher who claims she was transferred to another school because she refused to apologize for the manner in which she handled a class discussion on evolution.

Redefining marriage at issue in England

Though liberal-leaning, England is fighting the effort of homosexual activists who are trying to get the European Court of Human Rights to force homosexual “marriage” on the country.

Methodist schools abandoning Christian heritage

A Christian-affiliated university has a surprising connection with the Dalai Lama, and one lifelong Methodist says the school is bypassing a “wonderful opportunity.”

Israel to boycott ‘united nothing’s’ tribute

Terrorism expert Walid Shoebat says Israel has every right to boycott a tribute to an event that was nothing more than a platform for anti-Israel propaganda.

Pro-lifer defended for alleged disorderly conduct

The Thomas More Society is going to the legal rescue of a Milwaukee pro-life prayer warrior who was wrongfully arrested.

Drug war extinguishing Mexico’s police force

A Mexican border town lost its police force last week with the kidnapping of its last standing officer, and an expert on the drug war says the violence in that country is unmanageable.

Assassination revolves around blasphemy law

A governor in Pakistan has been assassinated, authorities say, over his opposition to the nation’s much misused blasphemy law.

The surprise of homeland trafficking

A human trafficking expert thinks that issue should greatly concern Americans because it could be occurring right in their own neighborhoods.

Ministering to correctional officers

A Christian official in California heads a ministry that is providing counseling and support for peace officers who are walking what he calls the “toughest beat in the nation.”

The freshmen class of House members of the upcoming 112th Congress walk up the steps of the Capitol. | AP Photo

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More on RCP: Guide to the Freshman Class of the 112th Congress


Pomp, and Little Circumstance from Republicans – New York Times
The GOP Opportunity – Wall Street Journal
The Filibuster’s Future – Washington Post
Issa Should Push Hard, But Prudently – Orange County Register

We’re Keeping Tabs Now: The GOP Lame Duck Scorecard

by Patrick Richardson

Nothing washes over anymore — we’ll be watching every congressman’s vote and holding them accountable. First: a lame duck wrap-up.

Israel’s Stand Against Islamism Holds

by P. David Hornik

An outstanding new volume explains the sources of its success.

Barack Obama, Comedian

by Roger Kimball

Sippin’ a shave ice, drivin’ the economy into a ditch.

Utopia: Good Place or No Place?

by David Solway

Beware the child-soldiers of the millennium who have your unhappiness heart.

CNN’s Wright-Free Zone Anchorman Joins Fox News

by Ed Driscoll

John Roberts joins Fox. Will he come clean about tossing Rev. Wright down CNN’s memory hole in 2008?

Burma: The World’s Next North Korea

by Ryan Mauro

Wikileaks reveals the junta’s quest for nukes.

Failed State Watch: How Much Longer for Mexico? (Part One)

by Alberto de la Cruz

We know about barbarous cartels. But more terrifying is their cancerous spread through Mexican government, and societal decay caused by a state with no justice. There is no avoiding the problem: we need to know all of Mexico, now.

Storm the Bastille: The MSM Is Next

by Stephen Green

It’s time for the Tea Party to make a determined assault on our institutional media.

Just Another Radical Obama Appointee

by Jay Schalin

Cathy Davidson, nominated for the National Council on the Humanities, is another in a long line of highly questionable Obama appointees.

The Voyage of the Doomed

by Richard Fernandez

The welfare state is coming face to face with the problem of how to fund its generous entitlement system with shrinking numbers of highly credentialed service workers who can’t find jobs.

Death by Ignorance

by Howard Nemerov

Our public education system is failing because government is under no obligation to serve you.

Mind-Game Victim? This $63 Million Welfare Program Can Help!

by Carey Roberts

The federal government is standing athwart debilitating mind games and spending tens of millions of taxpayer dollars, courtesy of Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA).

Apocalypse Then

by Ed Driscoll

A new video flashing back to the worst of the early 1970s doomsday documentaries reminds us once again that today’s enviro-fear mongering is tomorrow’s late-night camp TV.

A Few New Year’s Resolutions for the MSM

by Christian Toto

Some helpful tips before the legacy media’s next story goes unexpectedly so awry.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s End-Run Around Democracy

by Marlo Lewis

The intent of the Clean Air Act needs to be manipulated beyond logic to believe the EPA has any authority to regulate CO2.

Pension programs to result in more ‘Prichards’?

An economics professor is weighing in on whether he thinks other cities and states will follow an Alabama town that has defaulted its pension program.

‘Coercive’ aspect visible in healthcare reform

poll vote button 2Two professors of constitutional law say the mandate that everyone purchase healthcare is not the only problem with ObamaCare.

Calif. welfare code: Homosexuality inborn

A Christian social worker is taking exception to a new California law that declares homosexuals are “born gay.”

Planned Parenthood feeds at ‘federal trough’

The federal government, says pro-life activist Mark Crutcher, is nothing more than a “cash cow” for the abortion-provider Planned Parenthood

Abstinence redefined?

An advocate for abstinence says the sex-education curricula in most schools could be the reason that teens who said they were abstinent actually tested positive for a sexually transmitted disease.

Rebecca St. James engaged

The 33-year-old gospel singer, a longtime proponent of sexual abstinence, says Jacob Fink proposed to her on Christmas Day after asking for her parents’ blessing.

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