TODAY IN POLITICS: Palin charges critics with ‘blood libel’

January 12, 2011

Congress Meets to Honor Victims of Shootings

Lawmakers to Discuss Security Issues

Palin charges critics with ‘blood libel’

By JENNIFER EPSTEIN | 01/12/11 9:12 AM
Sarah Palin is pictured. | POLITICO Screengrab

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Police Visited Killer’s Home Before Rampage – Becker & Johnson, NY Times
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Hate Speech in Arizona – Rev. Jesse Jackson, Huffington Post
A Phony Climate of Hate – David Harsanyi, Denver Post
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How Do Brain Injuries Heal? – Michelle Bryner, Life’s Little Mysteries
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A Year Later, Haiti Still in Misery’s Grip – St. Petersburg Times
Too Soon for Lessons, Lectures From Arizona Shooting – The Oklahoman
Ending Illinois Death Penalty an Historic Moment – Chicago Sun-Times
Obama Insults the United Kingdom. Again – Investor’s Business Daily

Protection from funeral protesters

Arizona lawmakers have passed emergency legislation to outlaw picketing by an anti-”gay” church near the funeral for the nine-year-old girl who was killed during Saturday’s shooting in Tucson.

AZ shooter a leftist, not tea party supporter

Second Amendment rights advocate Larry Pratt says the liberal media and Democratic politicians are trying to blame conservatives and talk radio for the recent shooting in Tucson, even though the shooter is likely “a man of the left.”

New House rule – symbolic only?

The new requirement by the U.S. House of Representatives that bills cite supporting portions of the Constitution is being described as somewhere between symbolic and meaningful.

Passport ‘political correctness’ nixed

The State Department has backed away from a suggestion that would have changed the “mother” and “father” titles in American passports to make them more “inclusive.”

Nunnelee ready to repeal ObamaCare

A freshman member of the 112th Congress says the GOP-controlled House needs to stop playing the “what-if” game and move forward with the bill to repeal ObamaCare.

Quake survivor serves missions agency

OneNewsNow talked with a young Haitian concerning the anniversary of a catastrophe that left Haiti forever changed.

Summit for the suffering

Christian broadcaster Norm Nelson is taking part in a four-day crisis delegation that is looking into the violence against Iraqi Christians.

Forbes says ‘no’ to raising debt ceiling

One congressman does not plan to vote “yes” on raising the debt ceiling, despite the fact that some of his fellow Republicans will likely do so.

Congress recognizing parental rights

As the new Congress is in the early stages of putting together an amendment to defend parental rights, one advocate of home education hopes it will keep the government from making more “poor decisions.”

Court punishes ‘narrow’ religious beliefs

The New Hampshire Supreme Court has ordered that a home-schooled youngster attend a government-run school.

‘Governator’ ripped for favoritism

California’s former governor continues to come under fire for a controversial decision he made before leaving the job which involved granting a reduced prison term for the son of a former lawmaker.

Making life a priority for RNC

A conservative political organization in encouraging pro-lifers to take action in ensuring that the next chairman of the Republican National Committee boldly promotes the right to life.

Tea partier’s dream: ‘No more United Methodist Church’

A leading tea party group activist’s call for a mainline Christian denomination to close down has provoked response from The Huffington Post and several liberal bloggers.

Church sees impact of lesbian clergy ‘marriage’

The Episcopal Church is bearing the brunt of the controversy stemming from the “wedding” of two clergy in Massachusetts.

States targeting birthright citizenship

An immigration reform organization thinks it is a good strategy for individual states to pass legislation that targets birthright citizenship.

Get arrested, lose privacy rights

A Christian police officer is defending the California Supreme Court’s recent decision to support authorities’ rights to search an arrested person’s cell phone.

Financial reform without legislation?

A U.S. Senate Finance Committee member has asked a national accreditation organization for churches and other religious organizations to lead an independent national effort to review and provide input on major accountability and policy issues that affect such groups.

‘Reckless’ reporting in AZ shooting

poll vote button 2video icon buttonIn the wake of the assassination attempt on Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, some journalists are attempting to place blame for the shooting spree on conservatives like Sarah Palin and on conservative talk radio.

Attorney: Muslims a ‘protected class’

A Florida attorney says the misconduct complaint filed against him is a frivolous motion from a disgruntled opposing lawyer for his legal representation of a Christian who converted from Islam.

Updated 7 min. agoAP Photo/Alex Brandon

The House of Representatives will call up a resolution today to honor the six people killed as well as those injured in the shooting rampage in Tucson, Arizona.  The resolution honors Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) who remains in critical condition following the massacre and will also recognize acts of heroism by first responders on the scene.  The resolution is expected to be passed by unanimous consent.

Speaker Boehner (R-OH) will call up the resolution followed by remarks by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and other House leaders.  Members are scheduled to break for a prayer service at 12:30pm and will return after the service to finish remarks.

At a medical update yesterday, doctors indicated that Rep. Giffords is breathing on her own.  The breathing tube will remain in place though she is capable of breathing without assistance.  Doctors also said that she is alert and responsive. An update on her condition is expected at noon today. More »

  • Census Department Releases Redistricting Data

    Political Boundaries to be Drawn

    Updated 3 hr., 51 min. agoLast month. the U.S. Census  Bureau unveiled the first official population numbers for the 2010 census.  The  population of the United States rose 9.7% percent since the 2000 census. Today, the Census department will release more census data, this time detailing redistricting data. More » |  Robert Groves: C‑SPAN3 at 1pm ET

ducing…the Tatler (Updated)

by Bryan Preston

Pajamas Media and PJTV’s new group blog.

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Loughner and How America Treats Its Mentally Ill

by Benjamin Kerstein

I have no sympathy for what Loughner did. Nonetheless, as someone with a mild form of mental illness, I can speak from personal experience about how badly America deals with its mentally ill.

We Don’t Fetishize the Constitution; We Dread Tyranny

by Stephen Green

Still though, I can’t be the only one who, when constantly accused of fetishizing the Constitution, pictures a very old piece of parchment decked out in a black leather merry widow and stiletto-heeled boots, right?

Politics and the Schizophrenic’s Language

by Neo-Neocon

Do mere words have the power to ignite acts such as Saturday’s shooting?

Another Stupid Idea from the Donkey Side of the Aisle

by Roger Kimball

Making language or symbols that are perceived as “threatening” against the law is a bad idea.

Obama — Making It Up as We Go Along

by Victor Davis Hanson

Obama has temporarily jettisoned his liberal agenda for seemingly no agenda.

Will Conservative Media Elites Defend Lars Hedegaard?

by Andrew G. Bostom

It is long past time for our media figures to pay attention to the “hate speech” prosecutions of our brethren in Denmark.

A Feminist Look at Palin’s Military Jargon

by Kyle-Anne Shiver

The left-wing jabs at the Palin piñata in the wake of a horrible tragedy ought to be enough to convince more Americans of the moral vacuity of the “progressive” community.

How to Turn a Tragedy into an Emetic

by Roger Kimball

A question for the metaphysicians and cultural pathologists: just how low can former-economist Paul Krugman, hysteric-in-chief for the New York Times, go?

Obama’s Irrelevant Bid for Mideast Peace

by Benjamin Kerstein

The status quo hands the president a Mideast defeat.

The Top 15 Immigration Lies

by Ruben Navarrette Jr.

Let’s put our cards on the table and have a nice clean game.

Shooting in Tucson

by Ed Driscoll

A horrific shooting incident on Saturday has left Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) critically wounded, Federal Judge John M. Roll and five others dead, and 11 others wounded. For Pajamas Media’s coverage of the incident, don’t miss:

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The Iranian War of All vs. All

by Michael Ledeen

Having lost legitimacy in the eyes of their own people, Iran’s leaders lash out at real and imagined enemies.

‘Michele Bachmann for President’ and Other Strange but True Stories

by Jazz Shaw

She can raise a ton of money and has national name recognition, but has no legislative record and carries a reputation as a bomb thrower.

Meanwhile, Back in Old Media…

by Ed Driscoll

The movie and music industries are both rapidly aging mediums with record low sales in 2010. Aging stars and contempt towards their audiences aren’t helping their woes.

Asleep at the Scalpel

by Theodore Dalrymple

Is it better to have a tired doctor, or no doctor at all?

Debt Ceiling Russian Roulette

by Rick Moran

Senator DeMint wants to play the game with a slight variation: load five chambers with bullets while leaving only one empty, and pull the trigger.

Why the Constitution Is Relevant Today

by Barry Rubin

Those who mock the Constitution have it backwards.

Time for Some Small-Government Optimism … and to Repeal ObamaCare

by Jeffrey H. Anderson

Americans oppose ObamaCare by huge margins.

The Outsider

by Richard Fernandez

Without quite realizing it, Western liberals have turned out the lights; they should rightly fear what lurks in the shadow.

Democrats’ New Strategy: Keep the Same Leaders, Defend Their Bad Legislation (Updated)

by Bryan Preston

The Republicans should welcome the fight. UPDATE: Link to the Democrats’ talking points added.

The New PJM ‘Transparency Project’: Questions for Our Readers

by Roger L Simon

President Obama promised his administration would have an “unprecedented level of openness.” Perhaps the readers of PJM and the viewers of PJTV can lend a hand.

New Year’s Leap of Faith

by Claudia Rosett

If my uncertainties about looming healthcare, Internet and environmental regulations are in any way typical, then a lot of working Americans are living with a staggering degree of uncertainty right now.

Israel’s Stand Against Islamism Holds

by P. David Hornik

An outstanding new volume explains the sources of its success.

Texas Speaker’s Race Heats Up: John Bolton Endorses Challenger

by Bryan Preston

The mustache weighs in.

The Spaghetti Strategy: Advice to Republicans

by Chris Salcedo

A strategy to advance freedom by keeping President Obama and his radical appointees on the defensive.

The Problems and Pitfalls of Child Porn Laws

by Clayton E. Cramer

Laws protecting children may be in need of revision.

When Leftists Rage Against ‘Them’ (UPDATED)

by Victor Davis Hanson

Who is really to blame for wrecking Greece, ruining California, subverting the climate change movement, and discrediting mega-deficit spending? (Update: Don’t miss Ed Driscoll and Richard Fernandez, for their takes on VDH’s latest post.)

How Obama Gets to 270 in 2012

by Myra Adams

It’s all in the math — and the numbers aren’t looking good for the GOP.

When Gas Hits Four Dollars a Gallon, Will It Be Slow Enough for Obama This Time?

by AWR Hawkins

High gas prices don’t bother our president.

PJM Political: All Good Things…

by Ed Driscoll

PJM Political sadly concludes its run, with a look back at the man of the year of 2010, and highlights from the show’s guests over the past three years.

Good Riddance to 2010: What’s Going to Happen in 2011?

by Frank J. Fleming

Amazing predictions of major events that will almost certainly, probably, mostly occur in 2011 unless nothing happens.

‘European Anarchists Grow More Violent, Coordinated’

by Richard Fernandez

Pace the unintentionally ironic USA Today headline quoted above, it is impossible to understand the politics of the Left without grasping that it is all about deniable intimidation.

Happy New Year, Ahmadinejad…from Bristol Farms, Amazon and The Chef’s Warehouse!

by Roger L Simon

Why are big-name American retailers putting money into the hands of the Iranian mullahs?

Sarah for President?

by David Solway

There is probably no one more qualified for the White House than Sarah Palin. But is she electable?

Denis Dutton, R.I.P.

by Roger Kimball

I can remember when 66 seemed almost venerable. It seems absurdly young now for the editor of the renowned Arts & Letters Daily website to have passed away this week.

Frances Fox Piven Calls for a 21st Century Cloward-Piven Strategy

by Ron Radosh

The second time as farce.

Model Student, Sports Star Suspended for Paring Knife Mix-Up (Updated: School Press Statement Added)

by Bryan Preston

Zero tolerance common sense. UPDATE: School responds, I Google.

Democrats Force ‘Birther’ Issue to Rise Again: What Gives?

by Kyle-Anne Shiver

I believe that the president was born in Hawaii. But am I the only curious cat who thinks it’s rather odd for that state’s newly-elected governor, plus Chris Matthews of MSNBC, both liberal Democrats, to have just forced the “Birther” issue to rise again?

The Ground Zero Mosque’s Imam: Now On Tour!

by Ryan Mauro

Brace yourself for a slick sensitivity roadshow.

Is There a Cure for Liberalism?

by Bryan Preston

Yet another study says biology may lurk in our political beliefs.

Is the Three-Day Holiday a Right?

by Michael Swartz

Roll back the government worker three-day weekend bonanza.

The Obamas Police Food and Football (Updated)

by Bryan Preston

Why their comments on Michael Vick and school lunches make us queasy.

How Did All That Happen?

by Victor Davis Hanson

How did villains become heroes, global warming become “climate change,” and the most liberal senator become a “bipartisan” president?

Question Insanity: What to Ask Progressives

by Oleg Atbashian

An ex-Soviet immigrant goes Socratic on his liberal American critics.

PJM Political: Christmas in Poliwood

by Ed Driscoll

A special Christmas-themed edition of PJTV’s Poliwood, featuring Roger L. Simon and Lionel Chetwynd. Plus the return of the prodigal blogger, Bill Whittle, to the virtual set of Trifecta. And Joe Hicks on the Pigford Settlement. Hosted by the VodkaPundit himself, Stephen Green.

Henry Kissinger’s Vile and Inexcusable Remarks to Nixon

by Ron Radosh

Kissinger to Soviet Jewry: Drop Dead.

Exclusive PJ Institute Video: ‘The Holocaust Would Not Have Happened Without People Like Him’

Special undercover interviews of a Nazi officer, one of Himmler’s inner circle, who was at the trigger point of the Holocaust in 1941. This exclusive video is from the PJ Institute, the education and research arm of Pajamas Media and PJTV.

WikiLeaks Cables Confirm Worst Fears of Climate Skeptics

by Charlie Martin

Domestic political considerations far outweighed any scientific basis for the Copenhagen Accord.

It’s the Jews, Stupid! (What Was the Question?)

by Michael Ledeen

Trying to get to the bottom of this week’s events, with the aid of a Ouija board.

Sarah, She Wolf of the GOP

by Zombie

Is the reason liberals obsess about Sarah Palin their need to be dominated in a psycho-sexual way?

Former PJM DC Editor to Washington Post

by Ed Driscoll

Congratulations to Jennifer Rubin, formerly of PJM, PJTV, Commentary and the Weekly Standard, now the WaPo’s newest blogger.

Happy Birthday, Pajamas Media

by Roger L Simon

Pajamas Media makes it to five years old … with mistakes and some successes too.

‘No Pressure’: Fascistic New Video Red-Lines the Eco-Insanity Meter

by Ed Driscoll

England’s Green Police takes capital punishment for heretical thinking seriously.

Studying the Washington Post and Newsweek Kremlinologist-Style

by Ed Driscoll

Or even Nixonologist-style: a modern-day equivalent of Woodward and Bernstein would have lots of fun tying together all of the strange stories that have circulated recently from the former home of Ben Bradlee and Katharine Graham.

New Black Panther Video: ‘You Want Freedom? You’re Gonna Have to Kill Some Crackers’

by Ed Driscoll

Radical Chic: The Next Generation. (Also see PJTV: J. Christian Adams: NAACP Lobbied Obama Administration to Dismiss New Black Panther Case.)

A Candidate for RNC Chair and His Anti-Constitutional Ideas

by J. Christian Adams

Saul Anuzis wants to alter the way we elect presidents by supporting the Soros-financed National Popular Vote movement.

What Spain Didn’t Get for Christmas

by Robert Latona

The Basque terrorist group ETA promises to refrain from violence (while keeping its weapons) in exchange for negotiations.

The Tucson Shooting: a Reminder to Arm Yourself

by AWR Hawkins

A handgun is the best defense against criminal evil.

Shall We Scream and Shout or Get Something Done?

by Dan Miller

We have other tools available besides taking hard stances on the debt limit and repealing Obamacare in the House.

White House Cowardice: Not a Word Spoken in Defense of Boris Nemtsov

by Kim Zigfeld

The Russian opposition journalist — whom Obama has personally met — did not receive a word of support after his recent jailing for speaking against Putin.

Giffords Shot: Now, A Word from Our Gun Control Sponsors…

by Howard Nemerov

The evidence shows that more regulations aren’t the answer.

Gabrielle Giffords and the Progressive Creed

by Mike McDaniel

Reflections on the source of our partisan divide.

Israel’s Phony Population Crisis

by Moshe Dann

Don’t believe the hocus pocus demography.

PalinTracker: Still Rising

by Barbara Curtis

Keeping tabs on America’s favorite topic.

The Israeli Way of War

by Michael J. Totten

If you look carefully you can see a yellow Hezbollah flag flying next to a parked UN vehicle.

  • Red Cross CEO on Progress and Challenges

    Haiti: One Year Later

    Updated 25 min. agoOn the one-year anniversary of the earthquake that devastated Haiti on January 12, 2010, Red Cross President and CEO Gail McGovern will discuss what has happpend over the past year in aid to the victims.

    More » |  Red Cross CEO:c at 1pm ET

President and First Lady Honor Victims

Updated 1 hr., 3 min. agoMoment of silence at the White House from Monday

President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama will travel to Tucson, Arizona today to attend a memorial service for the victims of this past weekend’s shooting. The President,  along with Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (R) and others will speak to an audience at the University of Arizona Tucson.

C‑SPAN’s coverage of the event will begin at 7pm ET with a simulcast of the KGUN, Tucson newscast.

On Saturday, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) along with 19 other victims were injured during a shooting outside of a Safeway supermarket in Tucson, Arizona.  The suspect, Jared Lee Loughner, has been charged with attempting to assassinate a member of Congress, killing federal government employees and attempting to assassinate federal employees. More »

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