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January 11, 2011

Socialist PAC Head Hints Sarah Palin Set Stage for Arizona Killings

  • Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) was one of 20 victims injured Saturday during a shooting outside of a Safeway supermarket in Tucson, Arizona.  The suspect, Jared Lee Loughner, has been charged with attempting to assassinate a member of Congress, killing federal government employees and attempting to assassinate federal employees.

    Yesterday, University Medical Center Chief Neurosurgeon Dr. Michael LeMole spoke at a briefing that Rep. Giffords remains in critical condition but is responsive to doctors.  “At this phase in the game, no change is good and we have no change,” added Dr. Lemole.  Hospital staff also reported on the status of the eight other shooting victims, with two in intensive care and one in critical condition.   Another press briefing on the condition of the patients is expected tomorrow. More »

Reckless’ reporting in AZ shooting

video icon buttonIn the wake of the assassination attempt on Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, some journalists are attempting to place blame for the shooting spree on conservatives like Sarah Palin and on conservative talk radio.

Attorney: Muslims a ‘protected class’

A Florida attorney says the misconduct complaint filed against him is a frivolous motion from a disgruntled opposing lawyer for his legal representation of a Christian who converted from Islam.

Liberal courts more to liking of broadcasters

Morality in Media is exposing why a U.S. court of appeals in Manhattan has dropped a $1.21-million fine levied by the FCC against 45 ABC-affiliated TV stations for airing an episode of NYPD Blue that included explicit rear nudity.

Politics, not pragmatism, drives military cuts

It’s unfortunate, says Pentagon advisor Bob Maginnis, that political considerations have often driven decisions on military projects at a time when the Pentagon budget is being trimmed.

Conservative difference-makers ‘desperately needed’

Two conservative leaders are urging Christians to stay involved in politics all year long.

Ohio city blocks Christian school

A Christian school is suing the city of Upper Arlington for refusing to grant it a permit to use its own new building.

Preserving America’s godly foundation

A California-based Christian group is encouraging believers to advance biblical and constitutional principles, even during the election off-season.

U.S. statement on Christian persecution applauded

The United States announced last week that it is “deeply concerned” about a rise in persecution against Christians — a response welcomed by an international relief ministry.

Water for Haiti, water for the soul

Haiti endured a challenging year in 2010, especially with the earthquake that devastated much of the capital, Port-au-Prince, and the surrounding area.

Afghan Christian under gov’t pressure

A Christian in Afghanistan is currently facing punishment as severe as the death penalty if he doesn’t choose to convert back to Islam.

County won’t give blogger seal of approval

The Rutherford Institute is defending a Virginia blogger in a dispute stemming from his use of a county seal.

Iraq’s post-war future

Terrorism expert Walid Shoebat isn’t optimistic about Iraq if President Obama grants that government’s request to pull all U.S. troops out of the country by the end of this year.

Giffords Shot: Now, A Word from Our Gun Control Sponsors…

by Howard Nemerov

The evidence shows that more regulations aren’t the answer.

Gabrielle Giffords and the Progressive Creed

by Mike McDaniel

Reflections on the source of our partisan divide.

Israel’s Phony Population Crisis

by Moshe Dann

Don’t believe the hocus pocus demography.

PalinTracker: Still Rising

by Barbara Curtis

Keeping tabs on America’s favorite topic.

The Israeli Way of War

by Michael J. Totten

If you look carefully you can see a yellow Hezbollah flag flying next to a parked UN vehicle.

Mental Illness and Mass Murder

by Clayton E. Cramer

How many more tragedies like the Tucson shootings will we have to watch before we start facing the harsh truth?

Do Voters’ Constitutional Cravings Spell Daniels in ’12?

by J. Christian Adams

The Indiana governor has a good shot at the nomination.

The Ever-Predictable March of the Gun Grabbers

by Richard Pollock

Real world crime statistics be damned, as sure as the sun comes up, the anti-gun lobby became among the first to run on autopilot and seek to politicize the senseless human killings in Tucson.

Tucson Tragedy Will Test the President

by Bryan Preston

Will President Obama let this crisis go to waste?

In Defense of Marty Peretz

by Ron Radosh

Nothing is harder in partisan politics than to oppose your own side when it is morally in the wrong. The New Republic’s Martin Peretz has twice; pushing back against appeasement of the left, first towards the Soviet Union, and now Islamofascism.

Giffords Shooting: Don’t Just Do Something — Stand There

by Rand Simberg

The only lessons to be learned from the tragedy in Tucson are the age-old ones that life isn’t fair and sometimes bad things happen to good people.

Trump and Bachmann Shaking Up 2012 Race

by Ryan Mauro

Two longshots with the potential to roil the GOP primaries in 2012 are making noises about running.

Parent #1 and Parent #2—Who’s First?

by Claudia Rosett

When reports said that U.S. passport application forms will no longer list “mother” and “father,” and will instead ask for details of “parent one” and “parent two,” I thought it was a spoof, but it’s very much real.

The Abuse Industry Fuels Welfare and Hurts Marriage

by Carey Roberts

Big government is quietly co-opting domestic violence.

Our Precious Bodily Fluids

by Richard Fernandez

Gen. Jack D. Ripper’s fluoride, Erin Brockovich’s Chromium 6, and the anti-vaccine movement have all made the news this week.

TSA: Living on Borrowed Time?

by Annie Jacobsen

The winds in Washington are blowing with the backlash from the holiday season.

What Would a Return to the Constitution Entail?

by Peter Berkowitz

Rather than the New York Times’ outdated vision of “Progressivism,” conservatives should become proponents of progress understood as the crafting of better laws to protect individual freedom.

The Democrats’ Healthcare Conundrum (Updated)

by Horace Cooper

Passing ObamaCare last year sets up epic Congressional battles this year. UPDATE: The House votes to repeal ObamaCare.

Special election – a ‘short, brutal affair’

Hopefuls have already lined up for California’s upcoming race to replace a senator who died shortly before the November elections.

Politics and the Schizophrenic’s Language

by Neo-Neocon

Do mere words have the power to ignite acts such as Saturday’s shooting?

Another Stupid Idea from the Donkey Side of the Aisle

by Roger Kimball

Making language or symbols that are perceived as “threatening” against the law is a bad idea.

Obama — Making It Up as We Go Along

by Victor Davis Hanson

Obama has temporarily jettisoned his liberal agenda for seemingly no agenda.

Will Conservative Media Elites Defend Lars Hedegaard?

by Andrew G. Bostom

It is long past time for our media figures to pay attention to the “hate speech” prosecutions of our brethren in Denmark.

A Feminist Look at Palin’s Military Jargon

by Kyle-Anne Shiver

The left-wing jabs at the Palin piñata in the wake of a horrible tragedy ought to be enough to convince more Americans of the moral vacuity of the “progressive” community.

How to Turn a Tragedy into an Emetic

by Roger Kimball

A question for the metaphysicians and cultural pathologists: just how low can former-economist Paul Krugman, hysteric-in-chief for the New York Times, go?

Obama’s Irrelevant Bid for Mideast Peace

by Benjamin Kerstein

The status quo hands the president a Mideast defeat.

The Top 15 Immigration Lies

by Ruben Navarrette Jr.

Let’s put our cards on the table and have a nice clean game.

Unclear if shooter’s motivation was political

poll vote button 2video icon buttonSoften the political tone: that’s been the message from lawmakers from across the nation since a gunman tried to assassinate an Arizona congresswoman and killed six people after posting confusing online rants about his views.

Will House repeal ObamaCare?

The House is expected to vote this week on a repeal of ObamaCare, and The Heritage Foundation is all for it.

‘End-of-life options’ = death panels

A healthcare expert argues that while the Obama administration may not refer to “death panels,” that is exactly what the administration wants.

Oversight chairman just doing his job

Despite what critics may suggest, a legal expert with The Heritage Foundation Republican Congressman Darrell Issa is not planning to investigate the government for political reasons.

ALIPAC: Napolitano must go

The head of a grassroots immigration reform organization is again calling for the resignation of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano.

Media favors Dems, no matter the cost

A conservative media watchdog organization says the mainstream media’s coverage of the current spike in gasoline prices further shows its liberal bias.

Push for budget-balancing legislation

If Congress votes this year to raise the debt ceiling, conservative columnist Ken Blackwell hopes lawmakers will also include a balanced budget amendment.

Bachmann for prez?

Matt Barber smallCongresswoman Michele Bachmann has shown unwavering commitment to the same conservative precepts held near and dear by Ronald Reagan himself.

America’s operating manual

Star Parker smallThe Constitution was designed so that we would have government consistent with the values and principles of our nation. That’s it – short and simple.

The trouble with truce-calling

Peter Heck smallAmericans are coming to recognize that a breakdown in morality is at the heart of all our problems — economic, security, and social.

  • National Oil Spill Commission Final Report

    Updated 3 hr., 13 min. ago

    Deepwater Horizon April 21, 2010 (AP File Photo/Gerald Herbert)

    Deepwater Horizon April 21, 2010 (AP File Photo/Gerald Herbert)

    In an early excerpt of their final report, the National Oil Spill Commission found BP, Transocean, Haliburton and federal overseers are largely to blame for the Gulf of Mexico disaster last April.

    The presidentially-sponsored Commission has spent the past eight months examining the accident, considered the worst oil spill in U.S. history, and will release its final report to President Obama today. More »

  • U.S. Capitol

    U.S. Capitol

    Since the start of the 112th Congress, many Senators have publicly called for new measures to avoid the deadlock that stopped nearly all legislative work at the end of the last session. Two leading lawmakers will make a case on how partisanship hurts the effectiveness of Congress and how to address it.

    First, Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman John Kerry (D-MA) uses recent political debates as evidence to prove that America’s role as a global leader is threatened by the discord on Capitol Hill. Senator Kerry just returned from a trip to Sudan and is expected to talk today about the vote on Southern Sudan’s independence referendum at an event hosted by the Center for American Progress Action Fund. More »

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Debtors’ Prison for Illinois’ Deadbeat Pols? – Dennis Byrne, Chicago Tribune
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Castro in State of Confusion – Carlos Alberto Montaner, Miami Herald
Poisonous Politics – Pat Buchanan, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
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Attack Should Not Trigger Police State – Jeffrey Birnbaum, Wash Times
Gov’t Must Take Steps to Stem the Violence – Bob Herbert, New York Times
Cause and Effect: Explaining Random Violence – Michael Shermer, LAT
Shooting Reaction: Hume | Fineman | O’Reilly | Press | Limbaugh | More
More on RCP: Mandel, Taylor Possible Senate Candidates in Ohio


The Worst, But Also the Best of America – Chicago Tribune
No Easy Answers in Ariz. Shooting – Denver Post
Pundits Playing Blame Game Look Ignorant – Boston Herald
Enough Attacks and Vitriol, Sheriff. Do Your Duty – Arizona Republic

The Iranian War of All vs. All

by Michael Ledeen

Having lost legitimacy in the eyes of their own people, Iran’s leaders lash out at real and imagined enemies.

‘Michele Bachmann for President’ and Other Strange but True Stories

by Jazz Shaw

She can raise a ton of money and has national name recognition, but has no legislative record and carries a reputation as a bomb thrower.

Meanwhile, Back in Old Media…

by Ed Driscoll

The movie and music industries are both rapidly aging mediums with record low sales in 2010. Aging stars and contempt towards their audiences aren’t helping their woes.

Asleep at the Scalpel

by Theodore Dalrymple

Is it better to have a tired doctor, or no doctor at all?

Debt Ceiling Russian Roulette

by Rick Moran

Senator DeMint wants to play the game with a slight variation: load five chambers with bullets while leaving only one empty, and pull the trigger.

Why the Constitution Is Relevant Today

by Barry Rubin

Those who mock the Constitution have it backwards.

Missing from shooting debate: Guns

A sign is shown advertising guns outside the Gun City USA store in Tennessee. | AP Photo

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