Islamic Schools in UK: Lessons in Hate and Violence, # # Arabic Being Forced on Texas Students (They will keep coming until you stop them.)

February 15, 2011





Islamic Schools in UK: Lessons in Hate and Violence

The madrassa and Islamic schools are worse than we even suspected. Inspectors have praised these same schools for their religious teachings. Is it any wonder that the zsombies that emerge from these islamic institutions of higher learning are anti-human?

Welcome to one of Britain’s most influential Islamic faith schools ….Secret filming at Muslim schools in Birmingham and Yorkshire shows pupils being beaten and “taught Hindus drink cow piss”

Here’s a quick excerpt of the Dispatches video showing kids getting hit, disbelievers called the worst of all creatures, etc.

The full video is here in 5 parts. (thanks to Kamala)

Part I:

Part II:

Part III:

Part IV:

Part V:

U.K.: Police report arrest in connection with documentary footage of children being beaten in Islamic schools

Will the defendant claim images of his beating up on kids were “taken out of context?” More on this story. “Mosque school arrest following Channel 4 documentary,” by Riazat Butt for the Guardian, February 14 (thanks to Robert):

Police have arrested a man concerning alleged assaults on children at a mosque after viewing a Channel 4 documentary screened on Monday.

Dispatches, Lessons in Hate and Violence, secretly filmed a man apparently hitting and kicking children during Qu’ran lessons at a school in the Markazi Jamia mosque at Keighley, West Yorkshire. [...]

West Yorkshire police issued a statement regarding the arrest: “We have recently become aware of a number of incidents of alleged assault at a mosque and just before the weekend were able to view edited footage of the alleged incident. One man has been arrested and released on police bail pending further inquiries. West Yorkshire police are receiving full co-operation from the Keighley Muslim Association who are working with us in support of the inquiry.”

The Birmingham footage was obtained by an undercover reporter posing as a volunteer, using a hidden camera. It showed a preacher at Darul Uloom, a fee-paying school in Small Heath, making offensive remarks about Hindus, ranting about non-Muslims and telling pupils they face torture in the afterlife if they adopt western customs such as dancing or listening to music. He tells them to avoid more liberal Muslims. “The person who’s got less than a fistful of beard, then you should stay away from him the same way you should stay away from a serpent or a snake.”

Another group are told in an assembly: “The disbelievers, they are the worst of all people. The Hindus do, they drink piss, I’ve told you this. Do they have any intellect? No.”…

The preacher may have missed this hadith and other Muslims’ speaking well of following its advice.

Glenn Beck on Muslim Brotherhood at CPAC: “What Pamela Geller Said”

Much thanks to all the Atlas readers (El Marco first) who wrote me about this earlier today. Glenn played my remarks that I made at our CPAC event calling out ACU corruption and ties to Muslim Brotherhood groups.

Muslim Brotherhood at CPAC? Glenn Beck

Has CPAC been ifiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood? That’s what Pam Geller said on Friday afternoon.What did Glenn think?

Much thanks to all the Atlas readers (El Marco first) who wrote me about this earlier today. Glenn played my remarks that I made at our CPAC event calling out ACU corruption and ties to Muslim Brotherhood groups.

Muslim Brotherhood at CPAC? Glenn Beck

Has CPAC been ifiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood? That’s what Pam Geller said on Friday afternoon.What did Glenn think?

“This is from CPAC, and I want you to know that I am not taking on CPAC at this point.  I am going over the news and I am at the beginning of looking into this.  And I don’t say this with a slam against CPAC by any stretch of the imagination,” Glenn said.

“Well, it’s interesting because one of the panels, Pamela Geller, who’s a conservative blogger, made some interesting charges against CPAC and what’s going on there,” Pat explained.

“It’s corrupted and it’s been compromised by Muslim Brotherhood,” Geller said in the audio to applause. “2,000 people, this is where I do my event.  Every year I do an event because if you look at the agenda of CPAC, look at all of the panels and then look at your daily news, headlines, they’re either clueless or complicit, okay?  And I believe it’s the latter.”

“I find it very hard to believe that they are complicit, you know, but I haven’t studied, I haven’t studied this particular angle,” Glenn explained.

On the other hand, Suhail A. Khan, a former senior Bush political appointee, and board  director of the American Conservative Union, claimed there was no Musim Brotherhood in the United States.

“Which is absolutely a lie.  That is absolutely untrue.  Now, who is this guy?  This is a very important figure in the Bush administration.  This is a guy who comes with his credentials for the right.”

Go here for the rest.

February 15, 2011

GellerJasserThinker.jpgSanta, unicorns and moderate Islam

Famed Muslim reformer Zuhdi Jasser went out of his way to attack Pamela Geller and me at The American Thinker Sunday; Pamela Geller responds here: “Where Are All the Jassers?,” by Pamela Geller at The American Thinker, February 14:

In an extraordinarily lengthy article in the American Thinker yesterday, Zuhdi Jasser responded to the reservations I expressed about Congressman Peter King’s upcoming hearings on the radicalization of Muslims in the U.S., and in particular, about King’s capitulation to pressure from Muslim Brotherhood-linked groups. Methinks Jasser protests too much. The objective is bigger than just responding to me. Rather, it is an attempt to validate and advance Jasser’s preposterous narrative. Jasser entitles his article “American Islamists Find Common Cause with Pamela Geller.” Equating me with Islamic supremacists is like saying that Patton found common cause with the German General Rommel, the Desert Fox, because Patton criticized the British Field Marshal Montgomery. My criticism of King’s capitulation and CAIR’s attempt to impose the Sharia in America by silencing and punishing those exposing the hidden war have nothing in common with each other. So here Jasser is intellectually dishonest and deliberately misleading. He knows this, and yet entitles his article based on this false premise. He is being at the very least disingenuous here, and is attempting to marginalize me in the most debased and dishonest fashion (as does CAIR). Placing me on the same moral playing field as those who are working toward “eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within” and annihilating the Jews is very stealth jihad. It is propaganda of a kind I am very familiar with. Not good, Mr. Jasser.

Expanding on this outrageous claim, Jasser says that “Geller and Spencer’s comments in their echo chambers show that they are against any solutions from within the ‘House of Islam’. This only aids and abets all Islamists. But, then again, that doesn’t matter if the target includes all Muslims and their only viable solution is conversion of one-fifth of the world’s population.”

Echo chamber? Between the two of us, Robert Spencer and I reach just under two million people a month on our blogs. That and our book sales, regular TV and radio appearances, speaking engagements, conferences, and additional 50,000 “friends” on our various Facebook pages, Twitter and SIOA group, etc., make for quite a cacophonous echo chamber. I submit that it is Jasser’s chamber that is empty. Where are all the Jassers?

Jasser mentions “many Muslim reformers.” Where are they? Where are the Muslims who take to the streets when another girl is killed for honor, or another apostate is murdered under the Sharia? Where were all the Muslims taking to the streets after Mumbai, London, Madrid, Beslan, Bali, Times Square, Fort Hood? But they take to the streets by the hundreds of thousands, light embassies on fire, and slaughter innocents when a cartoon offends them.

Even the title of Jasser’s article, “American Islamists Find Common Cause with Pamela Geller,” plays into this false narrative. “Islamist”: what is that? What is a Christianist? A Judaist? A Hinduist?

Simply his use of the word “Islamist” here predetermines the futility of Jasser’s enterprise. It’s not Islamism, it’s Islam.

But the fact that Islam teaches violence and supremacism doesn’t mean that I am against all Muslims, as Jasser implies. This is patently untrue. Through my work with “Refuge from Islam,” we help Muslims here in America who want to leave Islam and are under threat from their families and communities. Escaping their mosque, their “faith community” and their families to safe houses is dangerous. People do not begin to know the difficulty, although Amina and Sarah Said, murdered by their father for dating non-Muslim boys, gave us a graphic window into the lives of these girls.

The safety network was covertly established, and requires utmost secrecy and security. Does Jasser do this kind of work? Does he even acknowledge it? I was raked over the coals for this work — for my campaign to save them. Did Dr. Jasser come to my defense? He was strangely silent. He lives near the spot where Noor Almaleki’s father murdered her for honor. He should talk more about that, and about why women suffer so under Islam. I am glad his wife is safe, but the world is bigger than Jasser’s home.

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Islam Respects Women Update: “503 women publicly flogged in Bangladesh,” from the Indo-Asian News Service, February 14 (thanks to Satya):

Dhaka: A demand to prohibit the Muslim clergy from issuing fatwa is gathering momentum in Bangladesh as 503 women have been subjected to public flogging since the year 2000.The issuing of religious edicts has not yet been banned. The high court declared it illegal in 2001; speakers said at a roundtable titled “No more fatwa” here Sunday.

Speakers urged the government to make issuance of fatwa a punishable offence since 503 women have fallen victim to it.

“Fatwa means legal opinion. Only court can give legal opinions. The man who announces fatwa has no legal authority to do it,” Justice Mohammad Gholam Rabbani said referring to the judgment he passed in 2001.

“Fatwa should be made punishable as it goes against the existing law of our country,” he was quoted as saying by The Daily Star.

Largest selling Bengali language daily Prothom Alo arranged the roundtable following last month’s death of a teenage girl from Shariatpur near here, who was raped by a neighbour and then whipped a 100 times [sic] after a fatwa was issued.

She could not take more than about 80 lashes and fell unconscious, eyewitnesses told media. She died a day later in hospital.

The case caused a national outcry after it was found that the police and the hospital colluded with the family of the alleged rapist to deny that there was any wrongdoing….

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Video courtesy Pamela Geller.

They’re chanting “Allahu akbar” and “Khaybar, Khaybar, ya Yahud, jaish Muhammad sa yaoud” — “Khaybar, Khaybar, O Jews, the army of Muhammad will return.”

As I explain in my book The Truth About Muhammad, Muhammad led a Muslim force against the Khaybar oasis, which was inhabited by Jews — many of whom he had previously exiled from Medina. When he did so, he was not responding to any provocation. One of the Muslims later remembered: “When the apostle raided a people he waited until the morning. If he heard a call to prayer he held back; if he did not hear it he attacked. We came to Khaybar by night, and the apostle passed the night there; and when morning came he did not hear the call to prayer, so he rode and we rode with him….We met the workers of Khaybar coming out in the morning with their spades and baskets. When they saw the apostle and the army they cried, ‘Muhammad with his force,’ and turned tail and fled. The apostle said, ‘Allah Akbar! Khaybar is destroyed. When we arrive in a people’s square it is a bad morning for those who have been warned.’”

The Muslim advance was inexorable. “The apostle,” according to Muhammad’s earliest biographer, Ibn Ishaq, “seized the property piece by piece and conquered the forts one by one as he came to them.” Another biographer of Muhammad, Ibn Sa’d, reports that the battle was fierce: the “polytheists…killed a large number of [Muhammad's] Companions and he also put to death a very large number of them….He killed ninety-three men of the Jews…” Muhammad and his men offered the fajr prayer, the Islamic dawn prayer, before it was light, and then entered Khaybar itself. The Muslims immediately set out to locate the inhabitants’ wealth. A Jewish leader of Khaybar, Kinana bin al-Rabi, was brought before Muhammad; Kinana was supposed to have been entrusted with the treasure of on of the Jewish tribes of Arabia, the Banu Nadir. Kinana denied knowing where this treasure was, but Muhammad pressed him: “Do you know that if we find you have it I shall kill you?” Kinana said yes, that he did know that.

Some of the treasure was found. To find the rest, Muhammad gave orders concerning Kinana: “Torture him until you extract what he has.” One of the Muslims built a fire on Kinana’s chest, but Kinana would not give up his secret. When he was at the point of death, one of the Muslims beheaded him. Kinana’s wife was taken as a war prize; Muhammad claimed her for himself and hastily arranged a wedding ceremony that night. He halted the Muslims’ caravan out of Khaybar later that night in order to consummate the marriage.

Muhammad agreed to let the people of Khaybar to go into exile, allowing them to keep as much of their property as they could carry. The Prophet of Islam, however, commanded them to leave behind all their gold and silver. He had intended to expel all of them, but some, who were farmers, begged him to allow them to let them stay if they gave him half their yield annually. Muhammad agreed: “I will allow you to continue here, so long as we would desire.” He warned them: “If we wish to expel you we will expel you.” They no longer had any rights that did not depend upon the good will and sufferance of Muhammad and the Muslims. And indeed, when the Muslims discovered some treasure that some of the Khaybar Jews had hidden, he ordered the women of the tribe enslaved and seized the perpetrators’ land. A hadith notes that “the Prophet had their warriors killed, their offspring and woman taken as captives.”

Thus when modern-day jihadists invoke Khaybar, they are recalling an aggressive, surprise raid by Muhammad which resulted in the final eradication of the once considerable Jewish presence in Arabia. To the jihadists, Khaybar means the destruction of the Jews and the seizure of their property by the Muslims.

“Tunisia: Salafites Demonstrate Before Tunis Synagogue,” from ANSAmed, February 15 (thanks to Insubria):

(ANSAmed) – TUNIS, FEBRUARY 15 – A group of young Salafites linked to “Hezeb Tahir” (“Liberation party”) demonstrated in front of the synagogue of Tunis, in the centre of the capital.Calling slogans against the ”murderous and criminal” Jews, they walked down Avenue de la Liberté before reaching the place of worship.

The demonstration has been harshly criticised by the chairman of the organising committee of the Ennhada movement, Ali Araiedh. He announced in a statement quoted by the newspaper in the French language Le Temps that ”we reject these acts of intolerance towards religious minorities”, and underlined that ”we are for a Tunisia that respects all religions. Religious minorities, which have to live in peace in our country, are welcome”.

Therefore, the chairman added, ”we reject these acts of intolerance towards religious minorities carried out in the name of Islam”. (ANSAmed).

Posted by Robert on February 15, 2011 7:40 AM | 12 Comments
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In “Can American Values Radicalize Muslims?,” our old friend and former Jihad Watch writer Raymond Ibrahim discusses a central paradox of the prevailing anti-terror strategy: “If American Muslims, who enjoy Western benefits — including democracy, liberty, prosperity, and freedom of expression — are still being radicalized, why then do we insist that the importation of those same Western benefits to the Muslim world will eliminate its even more indigenous or authentic form of ‘radicalization’?” From Pajamas Media via, February 10:

[...] After all, the mainstream position, the only one evoked by politicians, maintains that all American sacrifices in the Muslim world (Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.) will pay off once Muslims discover how wonderful Western ways are, and happily slough off their Islamist veneer, which, as the theory goes, is a product of — you guessed it — a lack of democracy, liberty, prosperity, and freedom of expression. Yet here are American Muslims, immersed in the bounties of the West — and still do they turn to violent jihad. Why think their counterparts, who are born and raised in the Muslim world, where Islam permeates every aspect of life, will respond differently?In fact, far from eliminating radicalization, there is reason to believe that Western values can actually exacerbate Islamist tendencies. It is already known that Western concessions to Islam — in the guise of multiculturalism, “cultural sensitivity,” political correctness, and self-censorship — only bring out the worst in Islamists. Yet even some of the most prized aspects of Western civilization — personal freedom, rule of law, human dignity — when articulated through an Islamist framework, have the capacity to “radicalize” Muslims.

Consider: the West’s unique stress on the law as supreme arbitrator, translates into a stress to establish sharia law, Islam’s supreme arbitrator of human affairs; the West’s unwavering commitment to democracy, translates into an unwavering commitment to theocracy, including an anxious impulse to resurrect the caliphate; Western notions of human dignity and pride, when articulated through an Islamist mindset (which sees fellow Muslims as the ultimate, if not only, representatives of humanity) induces rage when fellow Muslims — Palestinians, Afghanis, Iraqis, etc. — are seen under Western, infidel dominion; Western notions of autonomy and personal freedom have even helped “Westernize” the notion of jihad into an individual duty, though it has traditionally been held by sharia as a communal duty….

Read it all.

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Khamenei spoke exclusively about “Islamic states” and their relative power. Yet the mainstream narrative continues to be that the present global conflicts have nothing to do with Islam, and that Islam has no political component, or at least not one of any particular significance.

This story demonstrates — yet again — the wholesale bankruptcy of that narrative.

“Iranian leader praises Turkey for taking distance from Israel,” from Deutsche Presse Agentur, February 15 (thanks to Joshua):

Tehran – Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei praised the Turkish government for having distanced itself from Tehran’s arch-foe Israel, state television reported Tuesday.’The changes in Turkey’s political status, especially taking distance from the Zionist regime (Israel), has brought this country closer to the Islamic world,’ the ayatollah told visiting Turkish President Abdullah Gul….

Khamenei said the influence of both Israel and the United States in the region has been weakened, giving Islamic states the chance to become stronger.

He should send a thank-you note to Barack Hussein Obama.

‘The Islamic world should realize its huge potential and use it to become a new influential and powerful global bloc,’ said the ayatollah, who constitutionally has the final say on all state affairs….

Posted by Robert on February 15, 2011 6:32 AM | 3 Comments
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Because it’s “linked to Christianity,” doncha know.

“There is no fun in Islam. There can be no fun and joy in whatever is serious.” — Ayatollah Khomeini

No fun, no joy — and don’t even get him started about romance.

“Malaysia Arrests 100 Muslim Couples for Celebrating Lovers’ Day,” by Elizabeth Looi for Straits Times Indonesia, February 15 (thanks to Twostellas):

Kuala Lumpur. Malaysian religious authorities arrested more than 100 Muslim couples on Monday who defied a ban on any activities marking Valentine’s Day.Islamic authorities in Malaysia in 2005 issued a fatwa to warn Muslims against celebrating Valentine’s Day, saying that the occasion could lead to vice activities, especially pre-marital sex.

The edict has been enforced since then. The federal-level Malaysian Islamic Development Department, better known as Jakim, also launched a campaign entitled Mind The Valentine’s Day Trap, urging Muslims to stay away from all programs associated with Valentine’s Day.

The Selangor State Islamic Religious Department, one of such authorities nationwide, conducted a raid with the help of local police in budget hotels from midnight to 6am yesterday.

Officials arrested more than 200 Muslims for celebrating Valentine’s Day, the department said in a statement, without elaborating.

It said 80 of them would be charged in the Shariah Court for defying the department’s ban against the celebration of lovers’ day.

The rest either dispersed or agreed to be counseled. Explaining the ban on Valentine’s Day celebrations, Jakim had said Muslims are not allowed to observe the special day as it is linked to Christianity, which irked certain groups including non-Muslim political parties….

The reaction in the Malay community is mixed. Some Malays urged their friends via Facebook and Twitter not to observe the celebration of lovers’ day but prepare themselves for the celebration of Prophet Muhammad’s birthday today….

Countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia have also banned Valentine’s Day celebrations….

Posted by Robert on February 15, 2011 6:17 AM | 8 Comments
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A state based on “Islamic values” dedicated to “serving all Egyptians regardless of…religion” would relegate Egyptian Christians to dhimmi status, denying them basic rights. “Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood seeks political party status,” from CNN, February 15 (thanks to Weasel Zippers):

Cairo, Egypt (CNN) — Egypt’s banned Muslim Brotherhood will apply to become a political party, it announced Tuesday.The Brotherhood “envisions the establishment of a democratic, civil state that draws on universal measures of freedom and justice, with central Islamic values serving all Egyptians regardless of colour, creed, political trend or religion,” it said in the statement.

Although officially illegal, the Muslim Brotherhood is regarded as one of the most organized groups in Egypt.

It has said it does not plan to run a candidate for president when elections are held to replace Hosni Mubarak, who resigned on Friday.

Posted by Robert on February 15, 2011 6:11 AM | 9 Comments
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He says he was acting in self-defense during an armed robbery. But the jihadists appear to be focusing on his case as the latest occasion for their outrage. The outrage is constant; the pretexts for it change with the times. “Taliban warns Pakistan against releasing U.S. prisoner,” by Zeeshan Haider and Rebecca Conway for Reuters, February 15:

ISLAMABAD (Reuters) – The Pakistani Taliban warned the government on Tuesday it would punish any move to release a U.S. consulate employee accused of murdering two Pakistanis in a case that has inflamed already strained ties with Washington.U.S. Senator John Kerry was due in Pakistan as part of the Obama administration’s efforts to resolve the crisis.

Raymond Davis, the U.S. consular employee jailed in the Pakistani city of Lahore for shooting two Pakistanis last month, says he acted in self-defense during an armed robbery.

Washington insists Davis has diplomatic immunity and should be released but the Pakistani government, fearful of a backlash from Pakistanis already wary of the United States and enraged by the shooting, says the matter should be decided in court.

“If (Pakistani) rulers hand him over to America then we will target these rulers. If Pakistani courts cannot punish Davis then they should hand him over to us,” said Azam Tariq, spokesman for the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (Taliban movement of Pakistan).

“We will give exemplary punishment to the killer Davis.”…

Cash-strapped Pakistan, one of the largest non-NATO recipients of American military aid, is loathe to risk losing U.S. support by keeping Davis in jail but also fears antagonizing Islamist groups who see the government as a U.S. puppet.

The issue has become a lightning rod for anti-American sentiment in Pakistan, which the United States counts as an important, if unreliable, ally in its war against militancy….

Jamaat-e-Islami, a religious and political party capable of organizing large protests, accused the United States of exerting “unprincipled and unlawful” pressure on Pakistan.

“Why is America hell bent on trampling on Pakistani law and its judicial system? We will forcefully protest if he is released without a court order,” Jamaat-e-Islami deputy chief Liaquat Baluch told Reuters….

Posted by Robert on February 15, 2011 5:58 AM | 4 Comments
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In “Democracy is a Relative Term,” in Human Events this morning, I discuss the implications of the strange fact that both Tony Blair and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad are excited about developments in Egypt:

Everyone is excited about the toppling of Hosni Mubarak in Egypt. “This is a moment of huge opportunity,” enthused one noted analyst. Another agreed: “We will soon see a new Middle East materializing.” The two analysts in question are Tony Blair and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad–and that sums up the reigning confusion about what exactly has happened in Egypt, and what is likely to happen next.Blair opined that “this is a moment of huge opportunity, not just for Egypt,” but for the entire Middle East. “Despite all those challenges,” Blair added, “this is a moment when the whole of the Middle East could pivot and face towards change and modernization and democracy.”

Maybe. Ahmadinejad, however, is envisioning a wholly different scenario. He predicted that “we will soon see a new Middle East materializing without America and the Zionist regime, and there will be no room for world arrogance [that is, the West] in it.”

So who’s right? Will Egypt become a Western-style pluralistic democracy, with equal rights for women, as well as for its sizable and embattled Christian minority? Or was Muslim Brotherhood spokesman Ahmad Mersi correct when he declared that the Egyptian people want the rule of Islamic law?…

There is more.

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This piece by our great friend Raymond Ibrahim is a few weeks old but well worth revisiting, as it analyzes media tendencies and practices that are still very much with us. “Is the Media ‘Fair and Balanced’ on Christian Persecution?,” by Raymond Ibrahim for Pajamas Media (via, January 23:

The mainstream media (MSM) has just provided another example of how it ostracizes those who fail to tout its party-line. Context: the Washington Post’s On Faith blog posted an article dealing with Muslim-Christian relations, in light of recent attacks on Christians in the Muslim world. Regular contributors were invited to respond. The response of one of these, Willis E. Eliot, a retired dean of exploratory programs, New York Seminary, was rejected (Pajamas Media published it here). Up till then, for over three years, Eliot had been publishing almost weekly on that blog; this is his first contribution to be rejected in all that time.What about it caused the Washington Post to jettison it? You see, the nonagenarian Eliot decided to make black and white–as opposed to postmodern, “there-are-no-truths”–observations. Consider some of his comments on the differences between Christianity and Islam:

Jesus said, “Love your enemies.” Islam, to the contrary, is essentially hostile to “the infidels”… Jesus was anti-violent, Muhammad was violent… Muslims become violent, or threaten violence, when they feel offended: when we Christians feel offended, almost never do we become violent, and almost always we suffer the disrespect in silence.”

Inasmuch as Eliot’s assertions are empirically demonstrative–scripturally, historically, and in current affairs (a la Koran-waving jihadists and persecuted Christians)–so too do they go against the one unwavering dogma clung to by the MSM: cultural relativism. Hence, the need to suppress them.

No doubt On Faith’s editors were expecting the usual boilerplate responses when discussing attacks on Christians in the Muslim world: acknowledge their existence, yes, but be quick to point out that, “in their own way,” Christians are equally responsible. That is essentially how most other contributors responded: one found Christian fundamentalism as troubling as Muslim fundamentalism; another bemoaned how scriptures can incite violence, while being careful not to mention any particular religion; yet another counseled suffering Christians to “turn the other cheek” and forgive their persecutors, cloyingly adding that all violence “can be overcome with our radical love”–easy sentiments to preach living in distant America.

Consider the MSM’s approach to Egypt’s Copts, the Middle East’s largest Christian minority: whenever they are attacked by Islamists, the media refers to it as “sectarian strife,” eschewing the more accurate, if old-fashioned, term, “Christian persecution.” (What else does one call it when a vastly outnumbered Christian minority suffers at the hands of a Muslim majority–including its government–for nothing less than being Christian?) “Sectarian strife” suggests two, comparable forces fighting one another–hardly an accurate way to depict the situation.

Likewise, when Islamists bombed an Egyptian church on New Year’s Eve, leaving over 20 Copts dead, and dozens maimed, the MSM reported it, but under headlines such as “Clashes grow as Egyptians remain angry after attack” (New York Times) and “Christians clash with police in Egypt after attack on churchgoers kills 21″ (Washington Post)–as if frustrated Christians lashing out against persecution is as noteworthy as the persecution itself. When earlier this month an Egyptian policeman boarded a train, identifying Christians by the small, tattooed cross on their wrists, and opened fire, killing one and wounding five to the distinctly Muslim war cry of “Allah Akbar,” the Los Angeles Times deemed it suitable to relate the story under the headline “Eyewitness claims train attacker did not target Copts, state media say.”…

Read it all.

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February 14, 2011

If you celebrated Valentine’s Day today, chances are good that you encountered an image of Cupid. You probably took this for granted as a piece of harmless, meaningless kitsch, subsumed in a holiday that secularizes a Christianization (St. Valentine’s Day) of a Roman pagan fertility rite (the Lupercalia), which was itself a taming by the priests of the Roman pantheon of a previous fertility/cleansing rite called Februa, from which we take the very name of the year’s briefest and bleakest month. It’s a handy holiday, giving us something to celebrate in deep midwinter between Epiphany and Mardi Gras/Carnival.

What you probably didn’t think about is what the presence of Cupid says about the differences between Christian and Islamic culture. But Muslim clerics are thinking about that. Give them credit for taking seriously the relationship between “cult” and “culture”–even if it’s only to note that for them the first suffocates the second. As the Washington Post reports:

Amidhan Shaberah, the chairman of the Indonesian Council of Clerics, said Monday that the romantic holiday historically stems from Christianity. He added that unmarried young people expressing affection with kisses could lead to forbidden sexual relations.Small groups of a few hundred also staged protests against Valentine’s Day in several cities in the world’s most populous Muslim nation.

BBC News notes that the anti-Valentine’s campaign extends to Malaysia as well:

Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin said Monday’s celebration of romantic love was “not suitable” for Muslims.Several Malaysian states are planning to carry out checks on hotels to stop young couples having premarital sex.

The anti-Valentine’s Day campaign by the country’s Islamic authorities goes back to a fatwa issued in 2005.

Leaflets have been distributed to Muslim university students urging them to avoid Monday’s celebration.

The government-run Department of Islamic Development, which handles religious policies, has launched a publicity campaign called “Mind the Valentine’s Day Trap”.

Wan Mohamad Sheikh Abdul Aziz, the department’s chief, told state media: “In reality, as well as historically, the celebration of Valentine’s Day is synonymous with vice activities.

“Islam would reject anything, even from the Eastern culture, if it contravenes the Islamic teachings.”

Much as Christians might deplore the degrading, dehumanizing elements of modern sexual hedonism, they do not feel tempted to reject all the trappings of romantic love, even those that derive from some of the bawdier tales of the pagan past. How many other elements of pre-Christian culture do we make ourselves at home with? The very first images of Jesus used by early (still-persecuted) Christians when they rejected the iconoclasm they’d inherited from Judaism were statues of Apollo–rechristened as Christ. The name and architectural form of the basilica–the designation Pope Benedict XVI just gave to Antonio Gaudi’s astonishing Sagrada Familia in Barcelona–comes from Roman law courts, as any visitor in Rome will learn from his tour guide.
The pagan, potentially pantheist philosophy of neo-Platonism furnished Christianity with its first language of metaphysics, the agnostic creed of Stoicism gave the Church its ethical categories, and the rhetoric of Greek poetry and Roman law courts shaped the thinking of early theologians like Ambrose and Augustine. Church fathers who on many counts seem to us puritanical (not to mention misogynist) insisted on teaching the ancient liberal arts. Their injunctions to preserve pagan treasures and treat them as the Israelites did the “spoils of Egypt” inspired monks after the collapse of Roman government to patiently recopy hundreds of works of Classical learning–including distinctly erotic works by Ovid–out of reverence for the natural achievements of pre-Christian artists and thinkers.

While there was a certain amount of unseemly triumphalism on the part of Christians like Tertullian, it is stunning how seamless was the transition from pagan to Christian empire, and surprising how central pagan philosophy became to the elaboration of key Christian mysteries like the Trinity. Theologians had to master Greek categories like “substance,” “form,” “logos,” and “person,” and employ them in creeds that gave shape to the unelaborated doctrines of the Apostles. As Robert Reilly notes in The Closing of the Muslim Mind, nothing like this happened in the Islamic world–save for a brief interlude under the Mu’tazilites, who attempted to squeeze the content of Qur’anic revelation into containers that would not hold it: Greek philosophy. As Reilly implies, the effort was probably doomed from the outset; the balance of the Islamic texts were on the side of the anti-rationalists, to the point that the very first generation of Mu’tazilites were practising a kind of Enlightenment revisionism. Christianity could accommodate philosophical reason for more than a millennium without such a breakdown of its synthesis with secular thinking; Islam is too rigid and brittle. It has no choice but to view the pre-Islamic past as a vast and worthless jahiliyya. There is nothing in Islam granting Muslims permission to revere or make use of the pre-Islamic past (though many, for instance in Persia, did so without permission).

It is no surprise then, as Ibn Warraq points out in Defending the West, that it took Western orientalists to unearth, restore, and preserve ancient works of Iranian, Assyrian, Babylonian, and Hindu art that had been neglected or desecrated by the Muslims who came to live among those ruins.

So every time you see a silly, little pink Cupid, you might want to think of a different kind of love; not eros so much as pietas, the reverence for our fathers and forefathers that the West’s Christian heritage permitted us. This quality we inherited, which careless contemporary ignorance treats as meaningless nostalgia (“Hey, hey, ho, ho–Western Civ has got to go!”), is a great and fragile good. It too deserves our reverence.

Posted by Roland Shirk on February 14, 2011 8:40 PM | 38 Comments
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Pamela Geller was on Eric Bolling’s show on FOX Business to discuss the mandatory Arabic program instituted in Texas public schools (since put on hold); at the same time and on almost the same channel, I was on the Sean Hannity Show facing off against Michael Ghouse of the World Muslim Congress, discussing the Egyptian revolution and the likelihood of an Islamic state there. In the course of the discussion, we got into an impromptu debate, of sorts, about the Qur’an — during which Ghouse engaged in taqiyya about taqiyya, a phenomenon I’ve noted twice recently. One might almost get the impression that someone is feeding these people a uniform set of talking points.

In the same vein, I have noted several times before that the Islamic supremacist pseudo-moderate Reza Aslan often recycles the same talking points that others on his side have already trotted out many times. I thought that this was simply more evidence of his being hopelessly outmatched intellectually, but perhaps it is also evidence that he is taking marching orders from the same source or sources that other Islamic supremacist and Leftist spokesmen are also using.

That impression is reinforced by the two videos above. Note that Bob Beckel challenges Pamela Geller in exactly the same way that Ghouse challenges me: by charging that we are making a good living off this work (a fiction, alas) and thereby implying that we are profiteering on “hate.” Of course, it is not “hate” to fight for justice and Constitutional freedoms, and Beckel and Ghouse probably make more money than Pamela Geller or I do, but here again we see a curious uniformity of attack. Are these guys working from the same source? And if so, who is devising these talking points for Leftists and Islamic supremacists?

Posted by Robert on February 14, 2011 8:31 PM | 41 Comments
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Will the defendant claim images of his beating up on kids were “taken out of context?” More on this story. “Mosque school arrest following Channel 4 documentary,” by Riazat Butt for the Guardian, February 14 (thanks to PJ):

Police have arrested a man concerning alleged assaults on children at a mosque after viewing a Channel 4 documentary screened on Monday.

Dispatches, Lessons in Hate and Violence, secretly filmed a man apparently hitting and kicking children during Qu’ran lessons at a school in the Markazi Jamia mosque at Keighley, West Yorkshire. [...]

West Yorkshire police issued a statement regarding the arrest: “We have recently become aware of a number of incidents of alleged assault at a mosque and just before the weekend were able to view edited footage of the alleged incident. One man has been arrested and released on police bail pending further inquiries. West Yorkshire police are receiving full co-operation from the Keighley Muslim Association who are working with us in support of the inquiry.”

The Birmingham footage was obtained by an undercover reporter posing as a volunteer, using a hidden camera. It showed a preacher at Darul Uloom, a fee-paying school in Small Heath, making offensive remarks about Hindus, ranting about non-Muslims and telling pupils they face torture in the afterlife if they adopt western customs such as dancing or listening to music. He tells them to avoid more liberal Muslims. “The person who’s got less than a fistful of beard, then you should stay away from him the same way you should stay away from a serpent or a snake.”

Another group are told in an assembly: “The disbelievers, they are the worst of all people. The Hindus do, they drink piss, I’ve told you this. Do they have any intellect? No.”…

The preacher may have missed this hadith and other Muslims’ speaking well of following its advice.

Posted by Marisol on February 14, 2011 5:25 PM | 26 Comments
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When Islamic groups encounter criticism by non-Muslims of objectionable behavior by Muslims, a two-fold standard operating procedure has developed on both sides of the pond:

1. Deflect attention as fast as possible by appropriating victim status from the actual or intended victims. The victims here aren’t the kids being beaten at the one school, or the society that may fall victim to jihadist attacks due to the teachings at others. It’s the people being criticized, for reasons discussed below.

2. Silence the discussion by claiming that it’s not just criticism, but incitement, because all criticism of Islam must necessarily be driven by hatred, and is irrational, unstable, and rooted in emotions only, not facts. This is usually a fine point to mention the “far right,” which is mainstream media-speak for “hates children, hates puppies, hates you, hates me, and wants us all to die.”

All criticism is said to be driven by that seething hatred and/or a thinly veiled neo-Nazi agenda, of which these Muslims under scrutiny are now victims: once again, they would have you believe that he who hath looked critically upon Islam hath committed hate crimes in his heart.

Besides, criticism “alienates.” And alienated “youths” can be “radicalized.” Never you mind that we never seem to see “alienated,” “radicalized” Anglican suicide bombers, though.

In the end, playing the “incitement card” is all a very long, roundabout sort of way of saying: Shut up, dhimmi. Besides, all speech or behavior by Muslims that has ever generated controversy has been “taken out of context.”

An update on this story. Go back to the link, look at the pictures, and go back to the main story and see the rhetoric — indeed, the hate speech — they spouted about non-Muslims, but then stop yourself and remember who the “real” victims are. “‘Muslim Eton’ at centre of Channel 4 hate-preaching allegations is forced to shut over far-Right safety fears,” from the Daily Mail, February 14 (thanks to all who sent this in):

An Islamic school at the centre of a documentary row will close tomorrow amid safety fears.

Teachers at the Darul Uloom Islamic High School, in Small Heath, Birmingham, have held meetings with police chiefs and fear that youngsters could be targeted by the far-Right.

This story describes no actual threats except for a mention of “hate mail” by a sympathetic MP.

The Dispatches documentary, Lessons in Hatred and Violence, aired tonight and showed footage of a preacher making offensive remarks about Hindus and ranting: ‘Disbelievers are the worst creatures’.

The school’s head of curriculum Mujahid Aziz said the decision had been to bring forward the school’s half-term by a week after meetings with police.

Pupils were being told not to return to classes until the start of March.

‘They filmed for six months and managed to collect a handful of comments which promote intolerance,’ said Mr Aziz.

We were aware of the views of this 17-year-old student and we dealt with him by exclusion straight away – before we even knew that we were being filmed.

‘What people will see in that clip is completely contrary to what we teach at the school about harmony and awareness of different faiths.

‘Our concern now is for the safety of children and people coming to the mosque because we are worried that some people will get completely the wrong impression once they have watched this programme.

‘After meeting with the police, we are bringing the half-term forward and we have been advised that there should be plenty of staff around on Monday night as a precaution.’ [...]

Reporter Tazeen Ahmad claims the footage is evidence of a ‘hardline, intolerant and highly anti-social version of Islam’ being taught in Britain’s independent Islamic schools….

Is Tazeen Ahmad an Islamophobe?

One MP plays along:

Birmingham MP John Hemming (Lib Dem, Yardley) said Channel 4′s portrayal of the school was irresponsible.

‘If Channel 4 thinks this is a school where racism and intolerance is accepted in any way, they have got their facts seriously wrong,’ he said.

‘They have already had hate mail and now they are having to close for the safety of their pupils.

‘This kind of documentary is ideal fodder for the EDL [English Defence League].

‘Channel 4 is putting the safety of children at risk by criticising a school which is doing its job properly.’

Mr Hemming was backed by Yann Lovelock, a Buddhist who sits on the executive board of Birmingham Interfaith Council.

He said: ‘They have gone out of their way to make other faiths feel welcome and I have been invited to the school several times to speak to pupils about Buddhism.

‘As far as I can see, they do everything they can to promote tolerance and understanding and I am happy to work with them.’

As far as you can see. But now we have seen what happens behind closed doors.

Posted by Marisol on February 14, 2011 4:32 PM | 13 Comments
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The New York City premiere of the Ground Zero mosque film is on Muhammad’s birthday (Shi’ite version), February 20, at the St. Luke’s Theatre, 308 W 46th Street, New York, New York, at 7:30 pm. You must RSVP to

The Ground Zero Mosque: The Second Wave of the 9/11 Attacks is a groundbreaking new documentary on the controversy over the planned Islamic supremacist mega-mosque at Ground Zero.

The documentary includes exclusive footage of AFDI/SIOA’s June 6 and September 11 rallies in lower Manhattan against the mosque, featuring speakers such as Dutch freedom fighter Geert Wilders, former Ambassador John Bolton, conservative journalist Andrew Breitbart, popular talk show host Mike Gallagher, Sudanese ex-slave Simon Deng, courageous military vet Ilario Pantano, and many 911 family members and first responders as well as others. It also features brand-new interviews with Pamela Geller and me, as well as inside details and media footage of the struggle to stop the mosque, and much more.

Pamela Geller, with whom I produced this film, explained: “The Ground Zero Mosque has become a watershed issue in our effort to raise awareness of and ultimately halt and roll back the advance of Islamic law and Islamic supremacism in America. Although 70% of Americans oppose this insulting victory mosque, the mainstream media continues to propagandize for it, whitewashing the links to jihad terror and unsavory financial dealings of mosque organizers, and smearing the vast majority of Americans who oppose the mosque as racists and hatemongers.”

Geller said that The Ground Zero Mosque: The Second Wave of the 9/11 Attacks “strikes back against the media liars. This is the first documentary that tells the whole truth about the Ground Zero mosque. Be prepared to be shaken to your core. This movie rips the mask off the enemedia and the malevolent role they play in advancing and propagandizing the objectives of America’s mortal enemies.”

“It’s enlightening, engrossing, and rousing,” Geller said, “but above all, The Ground Zero Mosque: The Second Wave of the 9/11 Attacks is a teaching tool. This film is perfect for showing your skeptical friends and family what we’re really up against, and explaining to them how and why we must fight back. It is the first accurate reportage of the number one national and international news story that became national news without the mainstream media. The press has tried to shape the narrative to demonize the freedom lovers and denazify the Islamic supremacists, but the American people no longer trust big media.”

AFDI/SIOA is rolling out the film nationwide. We are calling upon patriots to set up showings of The Ground Zero Mosque: The Second Wave of the 9/11 Attacks around the country. “This is an unparalleled opportunity for you to raise awareness not only about the Ground Zero mosque issue,” Geller explained, “but about the stealth jihad and Islamic supremacism in general. This film could help you kick off your own local activist efforts, and give you a chance to meet like-minded people who will form the backbone of those efforts.” Pamela Geller and I are available to address gatherings showing the film.

“We can’t guarantee that you’ll convert every fence-sitter to the counter-jihad cause,” Geller added, “but everyone who sees this film will come away with a unique look at the unscrupulousness and arrogance of the mosque leaders and their accomplices in the mainstream media and the New York City government – and with an inspiring and informative introduction to those who are fighting back on behalf of freedom, and to the ways in which they counter the lies and distortions of the pro-mosque forces.”

If you wish to set up a screening in your town, city, university, public library, shul or church, contact Pamela Geller at

Posted by Robert on February 14, 2011 2:57 PM | 3 Comments
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The Muslims For America group was distributing the above flier at the Conservative Political Conference; you can read the full text here. In 2009, when Pamela Geller brought Geert Wilders to CPAC with my assistance, Muslims For America distributed a flier claiming that Wilders had — you guessed it — taken Qur’an verses out of context in his film Fitna. So during my address that night I took the Tafsir al-Jalalayn, a mainstream Muslim commentary on the Qur’an, and showed that Wilders’ explanation of the verses was entirely correct and in accord with mainstream Islamic understandings.

Perhaps still smarting from that very public debunking, Muslims For America included a gratuitous ad hominem attack against me, as well as Pamela Geller and Frank Gaffney, in this year’s flier about taqiyya. More importantly, like Qasim Rashid in the Washington Post a couple of weeks ago, they’re lying about lying in Islam. Did some marching orders go out from somewhere telling Islamic spokesmen in the West to start blowing out billows of fog about divinely-sanctioned deception in Islam?

In any case, the Muslims For America flier asserts:

TAQIYYA is a concept being heard frequently today, the idea that Muslims have a universal practice of “Taqiyya” that allows them to conceal their faith of Islam or lie to non-Muslims, for the sake of expanding the Islamic religion – a practice that commentators like Frank Gaffney, Pamela Geller, and Robert Spencer have purported to be highly practiced, with such practice particularly hinted against American Muslims, who are currently ascending our political stratospheres.The Truth on Taqiyya?

The word “Taqiyya” does not exist in the Quran. In addition, there is no Islamic code of law that universally recognizes “Taqiyya” or encourages its practice.

The origin of Taqiyya, as discussed by scholars like John Esposito and Shafique Virani, is mentioned as an offshoot practice of some Shia Muslim populations, in which, Shia Imams like Muhammad Al-Baqir, of around 1256 CE, seem to have encouraged their congregations to conceal their Shia backgrounds, out of fear of mass-killing deliberately aimed against Shias. Of note, many Shia Muslims have lived as a minority and documentation of the unfortunate and sad persecution against them is well noted.

In turn, Muhammad Al-Baqir is one of thousands of Imams to have preached his interpretation of the Quran, just as any Minister would preach his understanding of our good Bible towards his congregation.

Yes – Islam does allow Imams to preach their understandings of the Quran, but such preaching is never recognized as Islamic Code, rather, it is simply the musings of one Muslim practitioner, not God.

For commentators to stretch the words of a handful of Imams, like Muhammad Al-Baqir, and pass it off as universally-practiced Islamic code, is the height of intellectual dishonesty and lie.

Nothing works against Muslims For America and our efforts to get Muslims united against thugs like Al-Quaida, more than political commentators who question our good deeds in making sure that America wins the War on Terror.

This all sounds great. And certainly taqiyya as a specific concept was indeed elaborated by Shias who were under threat from Sunnis. But the concept itself is rooted in the Qur’an, and consequently is found among both Sunnis and Shi’ites.

Qur’an 3:28 warns believers not to take unbelievers as “friends or helpers” (َأَوْلِيَا — a word that means more than casual friendship, but something like alliance), “unless (it be) that ye but guard yourselves against them.” This is a foundation of the idea that believers may legitimately deceive unbelievers when under pressure. The word used for “guard” in the Arabic is tuqātan (تُقَاةً), the verbal noun from taqiyyatan — hence the increasingly familiar term taqiyya.

Ibn Kathir says that the phrase Pickthall renders as “unless (it be) that ye but guard yourselves against them” means that “believers who in some areas or times fear for their safety from the disbelievers” may “show friendship to the disbelievers outwardly, but never inwardly. For instance, Al-Bukhari recorded that Abu Ad-Darda’ said, ‘We smile in the face of some people although our hearts curse them.’ Al-Bukhari said that Al-Hasan said, ‘The Tuqyah [taqiyya] is allowed until the Day of Resurrection.” While many Muslim spokesmen today maintain that taqiyya is solely a Shi’ite doctrine, shunned by Sunnis, the great Islamic scholar Ignaz Goldziher points out that while it was formulated by Shi’ites, “it is accepted as legitimate by other Muslims as well, on the authority of Qur’an 3:28.” The Sunnis of Al-Qaeda practice it today.

Also, there is Muhammad’s statement, “war is deceit.” He also allowed for lying in battle and between a husband and wife. And when he gave permission to one of his followers, Muhammad bin Maslama, to murder one of his critics, Ka’b bin al-Ashraf, he also gave Muhammad bin Maslama permission to lie to Ka’b in order to lure him close enough to be killed.

And Muhammad is the “excellent example of conduct” for Muslims (Qur’an 33:21).

So why is Muslims For America lying about lying in Islam? And why did CPAC give them a platform?

Pamela Geller has another angle on this story here.

Posted by Robert on February 14, 2011 2:36 PM | 25 Comments
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“Pam Geller, Robert Spencer — they’re not part of the conservative movement. Everywhere they turn, the conservative movement is turning their back on them.” — Muslim Brotherhood-linked “conservative” Suhail Khan at CPAC 2011


Tonight I’m scheduled to be on the Hannity Show sometime after 9PM Eastern, debating the situation in Egypt with Mike Ghouse of the World Muslim Congress. I’ve tangled with Ghouse before; above is video of our exchange on the Hannity Show last August over the Ground Zero Mosque.

At the same time, Pamela Geller will be appearing on Fox Business, discussing the now-shelved mandatory Arabic program in some Texas public schools.

It’s wall-to-wall AFDI on Fox! I will post video of both as soon as they are available.

Posted by Robert on February 14, 2011 1:59 PM | 22 Comments
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Unless they’re converts to Islam listed under their original names, there seem to be some useful idiots involved here. “U.S. charges 7 men in Taliban drug, missile sting,” from Reuters, February 14 (thanks to Block Ness):

NEW YORK (Reuters) – U.S. prosecutors on Monday accused seven men of trying to sell weapons and smuggle drugs to people they believed were Taliban militants.In meetings in Benin, Romania, Ghana and Ukraine, the men agreed to transport and sell heroin for informants posing as Taliban, and to sell them surface-to-air missiles for use in Afghanistan, authorities said….

Maroun Saade, 58, Walid Nasr, 37, Corneille Dato, 48, Martin Raouf Bouraima, 40, and Francis Sourou Ahissou, 45, face charges of conspiracy to engage in narco-terrorism and other drug charges.

Saade and Nasr are Lebanese, Bouraima and Dato are from Benin, and Ahissou is Togolese, prosecutors said.

Two naturalized U.S. citizens — Oded Orbach, 52, and Alwar Pouryan, 36 — were arrested in Romania and await extradition.

Orbach, Saade, Nasr and Pouryan also face charges of providing material support to the Taliban, which is deemed a terrorist group by the United States….

Posted by Robert on February 14, 2011 12:17 PM | 6 Comments
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Jihadis are hoping to pull off a nuclear 9/11, and this revelation suggests that they may be closer to realizing their dream than most people know. “‘A weapon of mass destruction was found in the U.S.’: Shock confession of Customs officer,” by David Gardner in the Daily Mail, February 14 (thanks to Pamela Geller, who has much more here):

A port official has admitted that a ‘weapon of mass effect’ has been found by ‘partner agencies’ in the U.S., raising major questions over a possible government cover-up.The disturbing revelation came in an interview with San Diego’s assistant port director screened by a television channel in the city.

The Customs and Border Protection Department tried to dampen speculation over his remarks, but doubts remained over whether he had inadvertently revealed a dirty bomb plot to attack the U.S. mainland.

Concern over a secret WMD bust came after U.S. cables made public by the Wikileaks whistleblower website revealed terror groups were plotting a ‘nuclear 911.’

In the interview screened by San Diego’s 10News, Al Hallor, assistant San Diego port director, said ‘weapons of mass effect’ had been found, although he did not specify exactly where or what they were.

Reporter Mitch Blacher asked Mr Hallor: ‘Do you ever find things that are dangerous like a chemical agent or a weaponised device?’

‘At the airport, seaport, at our port of entry we have not this past fiscal year, but our partner agencies have found those things,’ the customs official replied.

‘So, specifically, you’re looking for the dirty bomb? You’re looking for the nuclear device?’ asked Mr Blacher.

‘Correct. Weapons of mass effect,’ said Mr Hallor.

‘You ever found one?’ asked Mr Blacher.

‘Not at this location,’ Mr Hallor said.

‘But they have found them?’ asked Mr Blacher.

‘Yes,’ said Mr Hallor.

‘You never found one in San Diego though?’ Mr Blacher asked.

‘I would say at the port of San Diego we have not,’ Mr Hallor said.

‘Have you found one in San Diego?’ Mr Blacher asked.

The interview was then interrupted and cut short by a public relations official before Mr Hallor was able to answer the question….

Posted by Robert on February 14, 2011 11:43 AM | 11 Comments
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And yet no one in the mosque seems to have stopped him and told him that his understanding of the Religion of Peace™ was all wrong, wrong, wrong.

“7/7 inquests: gang ringleader tried to convert schoolboy to Islam,” by Duncan Gardham in the Telegraph, February 14:

The leader of the July 7 bombers tried to convert a boy under his care to Islam, the inquest into the bombings has heard.Mohammed Sidique Khan was working as a learning mentor in a primary school in Beeston, Leeds when he took the pupil under his wing.

The inquest was told about the background of the bombers and how they became radicalised for the first time, starting with Sidique Khan.

He was said to be well liked at Hillside Primary School by parents, staff and pupils and was described as “almost like a father” to those from broken homes.

“One pupil became quite close to him and Khan would take him around to his associates and try to interest him in the Muslim faith,” Hugo Keith QC, counsel for the inquest said.

Acting Det Insp Peter Sparks explained how the young man was taken to the Iqra bookshop in Beeston, which Sidique Khan and others used as somewhere to sell Islamic literature, use computers and talk about Islam.

“Khan had tried to persuade [the pupil] on numerous occasions to convert to Islam,” DI Sparks said.

The inquest heard later that the child was as young as 11 or 12 when he was told “people will pay for what has been done to Pakistan” along with comments about September 11 during a conversation in Sidique Khan’s car[.]…

On another occasion Sidique Khan was asked if he could arrange a speaker for the school to talk about the Koran, but the man talked with such “fervour” that the other staff became concerned.

He was brought up as a Muslim by his father but “turned out to be more religious” than his siblings, according to statements by the family to police.

At Hardy Street mosque, attended by his family, he organised trips for local children and set up activities in the countryside, the inquest heard.

“He was providing mentoring really for the youngsters coming into the mosque,” DI Sparks told the hearing. “He was very much looked up to.”…

Posted by Robert on February 14, 2011 10:46 AM | 6 Comments
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Shameful. Free Speech Death Watch and Eurabia Alerts: “Judges Rule Case Against Dutch Anti-Islam MP To Continue,” by Lauren Comiteau for the Voice of America, February 14:

A court in Amsterdam on Monday has ruled that the hate speech trial of Dutch anti-Islam MP Geert Wilders will go on, with new judges listening to the defense’s preliminary objections to the case. Those objections were already heard by a different panel of judges last year, but a retrial was ordered because of possible judicial bias against Wilders. The populist politician is charged with inciting hatred and discrimination against Muslims and other non-Western groups.If judges accept Mr. Wilders’ objections to the proceedings to be argued at a later date, then his case will be dismissed. If not, the trial will continue with Geert Wilders being allowed to question only some of the witnesses he wanted to call in his defense.

He told judges last week that he wanted to question radical Islamists, what this court referred to as Islamic experts by experience, including convicted murderer Mohammed Bouyeri, who killed filmmaker Theo van Gogh seven years ago. Wilders argues that Bouyeri is living proof that Islam leads to violence.

But judges said the court already knows there’s a violent strain in some Islamic corners and limited Wilders’ witness list to a few Islamic experts and a controversial judge who the politician believes biased his case.

Wilders maintains it’s not Muslims but the Islamic religion and the Koran he’s taken on — something allowed under Dutch regulations concerning freedom of speech….

Posted by Robert on February 14, 2011 9:39 AM | 18 Comments
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If this trial were to result in an honest and open examination of why Abu Bakar Bashir thinks his actions inciting violence and terror are in accord with Islamic teaching, that would be all to the good. But it probably won’t.

“Terrorism charges denied: ‘I was only defending Islam,’” by Karlis Salna for AP, February 15 (thanks to David):

JAKARTA: The Indonesian Muslim cleric Abu Bakar Bashir yesterday denied being the leader of a terrorist network found training in Aceh, and said a string of fresh charges against him had been fabricated and that he was simply defending Islam….Hundreds of vocal supporters were at the court, but were outnumbered by heavily armed police. Police said 2000 officers had been deployed to the area.

Commenting from his cell before the hearing, Bashir rejected the allegations, saying they were ”all made up”.

”I did nothing. I was only defending Islam,” he said.

The most serious charges include planning and/or inciting a terrorist act, and trafficking in weapons and explosives for the purpose of conducting terrorism, both of which carry a maximum penalty of death.

However, it is the charge of supplying funds for terrorism, which carries a jail term of between three and 15 years, for which it appears the prosecution has the strongest evidence, including statements from a number of Bashir’s associates from Jemaah Ansharut Tauhid (JAT)….

He later said that the charges were the result of pressure from the United States. ”It’s wrong, it’s what America wants. I am feared by America. I am considered as al-Qaeda here,” he said while being escorted back to his cell at police headquarters in Jakarta.

Prosecutors allege the Aceh terrorist network planned to assassinate President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, as well as attack foreign interests, specifically US citizens and Jews.

Posted by Robert on February 14, 2011 6:41 AM | 51 Comments
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Apparently the dhimmi Left is in favor of rampant voter fraud, as long as Muslims are accommodated. “Immigration minister supports ban on veiled voting,” by Carmen Chai for Postmedia News, February 13 (thanks to Karl):

OTTAWA — Immigration Minister Jason Kenney called a new private member’s bill that would force Canadians to show their faces before they vote a “reasonable” measure, although critics say the proposal is an attempt to divide the country.Last Friday, Quebec Conservative MP Steven Blaney introduced the new bill that has created controversy as opposition parties suggest the regulation evokes anti-Muslim sentiments.

During an interview with CTV’s Question Period on Sunday, Mr. Kenney said he supported the bill, although he noted that he doesn’t believe the government should tell people what they are allowed to wear in public.

“I don’t think we should be adopting the French idea of banning, telling people what they can and cannot wear,” Mr. Kenney said, referring to a law passed in France last year that bans women from wearing the burka and other full-face Islamic coverings in public.

“I believe in personal liberty, even if I find some expressions of personal liberty a bit peculiar. I don’t think we should be regulating what people wear but when a citizen comes to deal with the government, particularly to exercise their right to vote, I think it’s entirely reasonable that we say we need to confirm who you are and a facial identification is a reasonable way of doing that,” Mr. Kenney said, siding with his Tory colleague.

The bill does not forbid women from wearing face coverings in public, Mr. Kenney noted as he defended Mr. Blaney’s proposal.

Mr. Blaney did not mention Islamic head coverings when he introduced the bill at a news conference last week and referred to Halloween and ski masks as examples of what Canadians have worn in the past while attempting to vote.

He said the bill was not created to discriminate against any religious groups, and was meant to create transparency but Liberal critics have disagreed….

Shock horror!

Posted by Robert on February 14, 2011 6:32 AM | 27 Comments
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AP says he killed the “apostate” in accord with “his interpretation of Islamic law,” but actually there is no traditional or mainstream formulation of Islamic law that does not call for the killing of apostates.

Tiny Minority of Extremists™ Update: “Admitted Pakistani assassin gets Valentine’s love,” by Asif Shahzad for Associated Press, February 14 (thanks to David):

ISLAMABAD – The confessed killer of a liberal Pakistani governor pleaded guilty to murder Monday, telling a judge he had no regrets because he killed “an apostate” as required under his interpretation of Islamic law, lawyers said.Mumtaz Qadri shot dead Punjab province Gov. Salman Taseer in January while serving as a bodyguard. Qadri has told authorities he killed Taseer because the governor spoke out against harsh Pakistani blasphemy laws that impose the death sentence for insulting Islam….

Qadri was indicted Monday on a murder charge by an anti-terrorism court in the city of Rawalpindi.

Outside the court, dozens of Islamic activists carried banners saluting Qadri and demanded his immediate release. A small group of college students gave police flowers and a Valentine’s Day card they wanted delivered to the defendant.

“Happy Valentine!” read one of the banners….

When the judge asked Mumtaz Qadri if he’d intentionally killed Taseer, the 26-year-old said he didn’t consider his actions illegal, said defense lawyer Shuja-ur-Rehman Raja.

The lawyer quoted his client as saying he dealt with “an apostate” as required under Quranic and Islamic laws….

No one has been put to death for blasphemy because courts typically throw out the cases or commute the sentences. Still, some who are released are later killed by extremists or must go into hiding. Others accused of blasphemy spend long periods in prison while waiting for their cases to wind through the courts.

Taseer, a prominent member of the ruling Pakistan People’s Party, campaigned for a reform of the laws after a Christian woman, Asia Bibi, was sentenced to death last year for allegedly insulting Islam’s prophet, Muhammad.

But in a sign of how scared the largely secular ruling party is of Islamist street power, party leaders didn’t support Taseer’s move and, since his killing, have said they would not touch the existing laws.

Posted by Robert on February 14, 2011 6:08 AM | 14 Comments
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Transcript beginning at 7:40:

We are also faced both at home and abroad with an existential enemy in political Islam. Political Islam is a totalitarian movement that seeks to impose Islamic law on the entire world through the seizure of states by stealth and electoral means insofar as possible, and by terror where necessary, and sometimes by a combination of the two. There are hundreds of millions of believers in political Islam, and it is growing force within the Islamic world itself.In Egypt, 85% of the population is on record approving of the death penalty for apostates who leave Islam. The same people also believe that the death penalty for defectors from the faith is a form of democracy and religious freedom. There is nothing new in this apparent contradiction. Communist totalitarians also worked through the electoral process wherever possible and through violence when necessary. They called the police states and gulags they created “people’s democracies.” The Soviet Constitution was described by its creators and by the progressive movements that defended it as “the most democratic in the world.”

The Muslim Brotherhood, which is the fountainhead of political Islam and has spawned 12 terrorist armies including al-Qaeda and Hamas is a political force in Egypt that is also willing to participate in elections and in the civil institutions of society. The Holy Land Foundation, a creation of the Muslim Brotherhood was the largest Islamic charity in America until it was raided by the FBI and put on trial in Texas for funding Hamas. One of the documents seized in a concealed basement at the Foundation headquarters and put into evidence by the FBI was the Muslim Brotherhood’s plan for America. The stated goal of this plan was to “destroy the American civilization.”

The plan called for building a secret leadership in America and for the creation of a series of Brotherhood front groups that would appear to be participants in America’s democracy until the time came when and where force would be necessary to accomplish the Brotherhood’s goals.

When I read the document, it reminded me of the Communists in America who were on trial for conspiring to overthrow the government, which they surely were, but who described themselves as Jeffersonian democrats. I knew several of them personally, including one who went underground to prosecute the violent revolution. Thanks to the imprudent tolerance of our courts, their convictions were all overturned.

The front groups that the Muslim Brotherhood set up were identified in the captured document. Among them were the Muslim Students Association, the Islamic Society of North America, the Muslim American Society, and the Council on American Islamic Relations or CAIR. The latter was set up to be a so-called civil rights organization whose purpose was to use the American Constitution to advance the Brotherhood’s aims. The Communist Party had several similar fronts, including the Emergency Civil Liberties Committee and the Committee for the Protection of the Foreign Born as well.

The late Mahboob Khan was an American Muslim, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and one of the founders of the Muslim Students Association. He was also instrumental in creating the Islamic Society of North America. Mahboob Khan’s widow today sits on the board of one of the regional organizations of the Muslim Brotherhood front CAIR.

Mahboob Khan also founded three mosques in California, which preach the totalitarian doctrines of the Brotherhood. In 1993 Mahboob Khan and one of his mosques hosted the “Blind Sheik” Abdul Rahman just two months before the Sheik’s terrorist group blew up the World Trade Center, killing six people and wounding more than a thousand. In 1995 Mahboob Khan and his mosque in Santa Clara, California hosted and held a fund-raiser for Ayaman al-Zawahiri, a member of the Brotherhood and the number two man in al-Qaeda after Osama bin Laden.

The Muslim Brotherhood has been wildly successful in its plan to become part of America’s civil culture and to infiltrate the institutions of America’s civil government, including the White House and both political parties, and the conservative movement as well. Suhail Khan is the proud son of Mahboob Khan and his protégé, as he is also the protégé of the convicted terrorist Abdurahman Alamoudi.

Sponsored by his longtime patron Grover Norquist, who has been a pillar of the conservative movement, Suhail Khan was given a White House appointment in the Bush Administration and facilitated Alamoudi’s access to the president. Suhail then became an Undersecretary of Transportation where he received a top security clearance. With Grover’s support Suhail has also been made a board member of the American Conservative Union and was the moderator of a panel on Religious Liberty yesterday at this event.

Suhail Khan used his offices in the Bush White House with Grover’s connivance to carry water for the terrorist Sami al-Arian in an attempt to ban the use of secret evidence in terrorist trials – a proposal that thanks to Grover’s immense political influence was actually endorsed by President Bush and was only thwarted by the 9/11 terror attacks.

Over the last ten years the influence of the Brotherhood has spread throughout our government. There is nothing new in this sad reality. In 1938 Whittaker Chambers attempted to warn President Roosevelt that one of his White House advisers, Alger Hiss, was a Soviet agent. When Roosevelt was given Chambers’ information, he laughed and disregarded it. Alger Hiss remained as the president’s adviser until the House Un-American Activities Committee flushed him out.

In the midst of the current crisis in Egypt, our biggest ally in the Middle East, both Secretary of State Clinton and the present director of national intelligence have given the Muslim Brotherhood an imprimatur as a peaceful, moderate and democratic organization. FBI directors appear at the annual dinners of CAIR, and the president has appointed members of the Islamic Society of North America to top positions in the Department of Homeland Security.

Frank Gaffney has been the courageous bringer of the bad news about Grover Norquist and Suhail Khan to the board of the American Conservative Union. Many good conservatives on the board have refused to believe the evidence of Suhail Khan’s Brotherhood allegiances and agendas. They are of the opinion that Suhail’s public appearances with Alamoudi and the Muslim Brotherhood fronts took place a decade ago, and that he doesn’t promote violent agendas. I understand this. My parents were Communists in the heyday of Stalin. The Party’s slogan was not “Bring on the dictatorship of the Proletariat” or “Revolution Now.” But that is what they believed. The slogan of the Communist Party was “Peace, Jobs and Democracy.”

As for the question of whether Suhail Khan believes now what he openly said then, my answer is this. When an honest person has been a member of a destructive movement and leaves it, he will feel compelled to repudiate it publicly and to warn others of the dangers it poses. This is a sure test of whether someone has left the Muslim Brotherhood or not.

I urge conservatives to school themselves in the nature of the Muslim Brotherhood and the networks it has spawned. And to be vigilant against its spread into the ranks of the conservative movement and the government of the country they love.

Horowitz responds to Suhail Khan’s rebuttal here.

Video and transcript thanks to Pamela Geller, who has much more here.

Posted by Robert on February 14, 2011 5:59 AM | 18 Comments
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He also blames America for the rise of Islamic jihad activity in recent years, which puts him in agreement with Barack Obama. “UPDATE 1-Gaddafi tells Palestinians: revolt against Israel,” by Ali Shuaib and Salah Sarrar for Reuters, February 13 (thanks to Ken):

TRIPOLI, Feb 13 (Reuters) – Palestinian refugees should capitalise on the wave of popular revolts in the Middle East by massing peacefully on the borders of Israel until it gives in to their demands, Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi said on Sunday….”Fleets of boats should take Palestinians … and wait by the Palestinian shores until the problem is resolved,” Gaddafi was shown saying on state television. “This is a time of popular revolutions.”

“We need to create a problem for the world. This is not a declaration of war. This is a call for peace,” he said in a speech given to mark the birthday of the Prophet Mohamed, a holy day in the Islamic calendar.

He also said: “All Arab states which have relations with Israel are cowardly regimes.”…

Gaddafi also issued a call to Muslim countries to join forces against Western powers. He said the world was divided into white, denoting the United States, Europe and their allies, and green for the Muslim world.

“The white colour has decided to get rid of the green colour,” Gaddafi said. “These countries should be united against the white colour because all of these white countries are the enemies of Islam.”

He said violent acts committed by Osama Bin Laden’s al Qaeda network went against Islam because they killed innocent people. But he said there was a political explanation for the emergence of militant Islamists.

“Why did this movement emerge? Regardless of its behaviour, in my analysis this movement appeared in response to the American arrogance towards the Islamic nation and in response to its hegemony of the Islamic world,” Gaddafi said.

“It was a response to … the submission of rulers in the Islamic world, the subservience of rulers in the Islamic world to this arrogance from Europe and the United States,” he said….

Posted by Robert on February 14, 2011 5:31 AM | 43 Comments
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This just in from the stalker. I left CPAC on Saturday. This would, however, be a good time for D.C. police to be on the lookout, and I am sure they are doing a bangup job:

Subject: Finally At CPACMessage: Finally at CPAC
Finally at CPACFinally at CPACFinally at CPACFinally at CPACFinally at
CPACFinally at CPACFinally at CPACFinally at CPACFinally at
CPACFinally at CPACFinally at CPAC


wait me there by today at 4: 50 PM

Spencer this is a good chance that we debate..

Finally at CPACFinally at CPACFinally at CPACFinally at CPACFinally at
CPACFinally at CPACFinally at CPACFinally at CPACFinally at
CPACFinally at CPACFinally at CPAC

This is, of course, from the same guy who has been saying he was coming to kill me in daily messages recently — the one who wrote just hours ago, “Mr Spencer I am the one Who will end your operations. I will Slaughter you like a HEN,” and has written much in a similar vein over the last few days.

UPDATE 5:42AM: I just got a call from the FBI, and thank them for their interest in this matter.

Posted by Robert on February 14, 2011 5:10 AM | 57 Comments
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February 13, 2011

But will Ankara become a new Tehran, and if it does, whither Egypt? “Despite West’s paranoia, new regime will be closer to Ankara than Tehran,” by Patrick Smyth in the Irish Times, February 12 (thanks to Joshua):

WORLD VIEW: THERE’S A nice, ironic symmetry to the discomfort of the Iranian regime at the Egyptian contagion and the continuing ambivalence of western leaders to it because of fears it will be “hijacked” by Islamists.The spectre of the Iranian revolution in 1979 haunts both: the fear of Islamism coming to power; and precisely that Islamism may also yet be hoist on its own petard, displaced by a similar uprising in Tehran.

Iranian opposition leaders are calling the mullahs’ bluff, testing their disingenuous enthusiasm for Egypt’s “Muslim” revolution, by challenging them to a allow a solidarity march on Monday.

President Hosni Mubarak has played the Islamist-threat card masterfully for years, as the US-allied regimes in Saudi, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates and Israel continued to do in recent days, urging Washington not to demand his departure.

But necessity is forcing a reappraisal of the real nature of this threat. Are Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood (MB) and regional sister organisations really stalking horses for al-Qaeda? In truth the crude caricaturing of Islamism as a monolithic form of jihadism, incapable of coexisting with secular democracy, bent on exporting mayhem, reflects both a dangerous western paranoia and a real weakness of its intelligence….

By most estimates the MB enjoys support of only about 20 per cent, although electoral fraud by the regime makes the picture unclear.

And yet a Pew Research Center survey conducted in Egypt in Spring 2010 found that 85% of Egyptians had a positive view of Islam in politics. But of course the new regime will be secular. Or if it isn’t, Sharia isn’t all that bad, anyway. So what are a few stonings and amputations, and the muzzling of the freedom of speech? What are you, some kind of Islamophobe?

Posted by Robert on February 13, 2011 10:25 PM | 22 Comments
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“”There were some statements that were inflammatory, and were considered just talk, but now we realize that talk can be taken seriously and acted upon in a violent radical way,’ said Mr. Al-Awlaki, who at 30 is held up as a new generation of Muslim leader capable of merging East and West.” — Laurie Goodstein, “A Nation Challenged: The American Muslims; Influential American Muslims Temper Their Tone,” New York Times, October 19, 2001

“Yemen cleric criticizes Yemen for helping US,” from The Associated Press, February 13 (thanks to Block Ness):

A U.S.-born radical Yemeni cleric with links to al-Qaida slammed the Yemeni government for cooperating with the U.S. in strikes on locals in an audio message posted on Sunday.According to the translation by the U.S.-based SITE Intelligence Group which monitors radical websites, Ayman al-Awlaki said it was a crime that the Yemeni government was helping the U.S. to bomb the people of Yemen….

Al-Awlaki, thought to be hiding in Yemen, is believed to have inspired and even plotted or helped coordinate some of the recent attacks on the U.S. That includes the failed Christmas Day 2009 bombing of an airliner heading for Detroit, Michigan, and the also unsuccessful plot to send mail bombs on planes from Yemen to the United States in October….

Posted by Robert on February 13, 2011 10:09 PM | 2 Comments
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Here’s the latest from my would-be murderer. Everyone dies, you know. Those who fear to stand up for the truth and for justice in order to buy a few more years die twice.

Still no interest in any of this, incidentally, from anyone in law enforcement.

Subject: They Cannot Stop Me…..Message: Wether you call the FBI or the law enforcement They will not be able to stop me. 1) they know that you are a Bigot and hatemonger and 2) They cant do that to me.

Don’t cry Mr Spencer I am the one Who will end your operations. I will Slaughter you like a HEN….

I am not joking………….and No body Only GOD can prevent that.

I am on my way to you Just it is a matter of time and tacing you. I live in New Jersey and It is a mtter of coming your location. If I meet you I am sure If I will spend next 200 years in Prison I will not Miss you and I know how coward you are.

Posted by Robert on February 13, 2011 9:52 PM | 51 Comments
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They say Mohammed Junaid Babar has agreed to become an informant. “Jihadi who helped train 7/7 bomber freed by US after just five years,” by Shiv Malik in The Guardian, February 13 (thanks to Block Ness):

An American jihadist who set up the terrorist training camp where the leader of the 2005 London suicide bombers learned how to manufacture explosives, has been quietly released after serving only four and a half years of a possible 70-year sentence, a Guardian investigation has learned.The unreported sentencing of Mohammed Junaid Babar to “time served” because of what a New York judge described as “exceptional co-operation” that began even before his arrest has raised questions over whether Babar was a US informer at the time he was helping to train the ringleader of the 7 July tube and bus bombings.

Lawyers representing the families of victims and survivors of the attacks have compared the lenient treatment of Babar to the controversial release of the Lockerbie bomber, Abdelbaset al-Megrahi.

Babar was imprisoned in 2004 – although final sentencing was deferred – after pleading guilty in a New York court to five counts of terrorism. He set up the training camp in Pakistan where Mohammad Sidique Khan and several other British terrorists learned about bomb-making and how to use combat weapons.

Babar admitted to being a dangerous terrorist who consorted with some of the highest-ranking members of al-Qaida, providing senior members with money and equipment, running weapons, and planning two attempts to assassinate the former president of Pakistan, General Pervez Musharraf.

But in a deal with prosecutors for the US attorney’s office, Babar agreed to plead guilty and become a government supergrass in return for a drastically reduced sentence….

Posted by Robert on February 13, 2011 4:59 PM | 11 Comments
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They must have seen how well it worked in Egypt. Islamic supremacists were denied the fruits of an election victory some years ago in Algeria; now is their chance again. “Algeria shuts down internet and Facebook as protest mounts,” by Nabila Ramdani in the Telegraph, February 12 (thanks to Block Ness):

Internet providers were shut down and Facebook accounts deleted across Algeria on Saturday as thousands of pro-democracy demonstrators were arrested in violent street demonstrations.Plastic bullets and tear gas were used to try and disperse large crowds in major cities and towns, with 30,000 riot police taking to the streets in Algiers alone.

There were also reports of journalists being targeted by state-sponsored thugs to stop reports of the disturbances being broadcast to the outside world.

But it was the government attack on the internet which was of particular significance to those calling for an end to President Abdelaziz Boutifleka’s repressive regime….

Posted by Robert on February 13, 2011 4:55 PM | 7 Comments
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I have enjoyed my stint so far as a daily columnist for Jihadwatch, and been impressed by the vast majority of the commentors who have joined in the discussion of my columns. The pieces I’ve posted have had their share of resonance outside the site: One of them, the scripturally-inspired “If Thy Cojones Cause Thee to Sin,” ended up in the email blast the brave Rep. Tom Tancredo sent out to his supporters, and earned a denunciation in the radical-leftist American Independent, and winning a link from My ruminations on the Islamicization of Spiderman (is it time for a new SIOA-style group to protect Gotham City?) were picked up in USA Today. There has been plenty of hand-wringing on pro-Islamic sites about my (fruitless) call for Egypt to keep the Tsar in power, lest the Bolsheviks of the Muslim Brotherhood seize control of the best-armed Arab nation and persecute its millions of Christians. Not bad for two months on the job.

Given the fact that I’m joining the struggle against a billion-man world religion, and doing so from the point of view of a pro-Israel, American Catholic paleocon, I expected disagreement, even hostility. What I didn’t guess would happen was that my work would be attributed to someone else–much less to our fearless leader, Robert Spencer. One of the parasitical sites managed by stealth jihadists, who spend all their time reading Jihadwatch, then posting snarky, misleading commentary, has called me out as follows:

Lately, Spencer has posted articles by the mysterious Roland Shirk, someone we know nothing about, probably because he is another one of Spencer’s pen-names (like Hugh Fitzgerald). Apparently, Mr. Shirk is a mouthpiece for JihadWatch’s more belligerent attacks on the constitutional freedoms of indigenous law-abiding Muslims.

Okay, we’re busted. “Roland Shirk” really is just another name used by Robert Spencer. Ditto “Hugh Fitzgerald.” I’m stunned at the perspicacity of the Muslim supremacists who were able to smoke us out. After all, it can’t be easy to spot the similarities of style between the sort of prose Robert employs under his own name, and those of his pseudonyms.
Here’s a passage written by Spencer under the pen name “Hugh Fitzgerald“:

And The New York Times continues, in ways little and big, to ignore the reality of Islam. It is a case of individual folly and mediocrity – the egregious Tom Friedman comes immediately to mind, and so too does Nicholas Kristof. But then there are the reporters. There are those who report from Pakistan on various rapes and murders of Christians but are careful never to dwell on, and sometimes fail to mention altogether, the religious prompting of such atrocities by Muslims. See, for example, the report recently of Sabrina Tavernise on the young girl murdered by her Muslim employer, a leader of the Lahore bar, and how little she explained, and how much that was relevant she left out. See how other reporters, in Iraq, for example, have by ignoring Islam never asked the most obvious of questions: how is it that the goal, under Bush, or under Obama, of leaving Iraq unified and prosperous, will somehow contribute to our own defense, the Defense of the West, against the worldwide Jihad that is merely the sum of all the local Jihads? And the same question should be asked of Afghanistan. But while the editors of the New York Times so clearly did not support Bush, and are vaguely unhappy with the transfer of the “center of the war on terrorism” to Afghanistan by the Obama Administration, they lack the ability or willingness to discuss Islam, the ideology of Islam, and hence even to begin to think in terms of the threat to Western Europe through such instruments of Jihad as deployment of the Money Weapon, campaigns of Da’wa, and demographic conquest.

Compare this to Spencer inhabiting the alternative personality “Roland Shirk“:

George Orwell must be collaborating with Evelyn Waugh, controlling events from Heaven. I’ve often had dark thoughts of the sort, while skimming world events–particularly Third World events. Living on New York’s Second Avenue back in the 90s, I got in the habit of listening to the BBC as I slept, to drown out the sound of 18-wheelers ba-da-BOOM-ing over potholes covered with iron plates. The habit stuck, and ever since I have periodically had my dreams invaded by prim-sounding reports of native uprisings, tribal massacres, Afro-socialist and multiculturalist rants, and elaborate rationalizations of how this year’s corrupt election, cholera epidemic, or jihadist attack can be traced back and blamed on colonial oppression. My subconscious gave events an even more lurid twist, and the dream-narratives that resulted invariably seemed like discarded drafts for Waugh’ Black Mischief or Scoop. All terribly incorrect.

Now here’s a sample of naked, full-frontal Spencer:

Sun Ra was born on the planet Saturn some time ago. The best accounts agree that he emerged on Earth as Herman “Sunny” Blount, born in Birmingham, Alabama in 1914, although Sun Ra himself always denied that Blount was his surname. He returned to Saturn in 1993 after creating a stunningly variegated and beautiful assemblage of earthly and interplanetary music, most notably with his fervently loyal Arkestra. (Many great musicians passed through the Arkestra over the years, including reedman Pharoah Sanders, trombonist Julian Priester, and violinist Billy Bang. Most notable and long-tenured were the criminally underrated John Gilmore on tenor sax and Marshall Allen on alto). Mr. Blount, or Mr. Ra, or Mr. Mystery (as he was sometimes styled in later years) first appeared on the scene as a pianist with Fletcher Henderson’s band, and to the end of his life Ra retained an affinity, respect, and genius for big band music in the style of Henderson and his contemporaries, with Sun’s own extra-galactic twists.

Because he insisted that he was a Saturnian, and developed an elaborate cosmology and myth-system with considerable spiritual and political implications, Sun Ra was often dismissed as a clown. For some listeners it was enough to see him decked out in his extraterrestrial regalia to call him a con man and move on. Even the most cursory hearing of the music demonstrates that such dismissals were and are patently unfair. Behind Ra’s mythology were a good number of sound and sensible ideas; more importantly, he was a master musician who left a magnificent body of work. His influence as an arranger and a leader cannot be underestimated, and is ignored by musicians only at their peril.

Frankly, I’m taken aback that people credulous enough to believe in the djinn, and accept the story of Muhammad riding a genetically-modified donkey into heaven, had the sharp critical faculties needed to detect the common threads connecting Spencer’s many stylistic diguises. But now they’re onto us, so we might as well ‘fess up. I would like to make the point, however, that none of Spencer’s impersonations arose from timidity. (When you’re already on Al-Qaeda’s hitlist, you really have no motivation to hide behind pen-names in order to slam the New York Times; it’s not like they were planning to review your books, anyway.) No, the reason Robert Spencer invented me, and Hugh Fitzgerald, was simple modesty. He didn’t want to make a vulgar display of versatility, to show off the way Rahsaan Roland Kirk (the source of my pseudonym!) used to when he’d play three saxophones at once. Our parent personality, Robert, is just too self-effacing for that sort of thing–which may explain why he never hit the pop charts in his first career as an itinerant saxophone player in Eastern Europe. Those Slavs want somebody willing to put on a show, and do an endzone dance. (Though there is somewhere online a grainy video of Robert playing Charlie Parker after setting his saxophone on fire.)
But the stealth jihadists shouldn’t spend too much time congratulating themselves. They have only uncovered two of the many, many alternate personalities and literary voices Robert Spencer has developed–essentially cloning himself like Agent Smith in Matrix 2: Reloaded. Yes, Robert Spencer is Roland Shirk and Hugh Fitzgerald. What his enemies do not know is that Robert is also Ibn Warraq, Stephen Emerson, Bat Ye’or, and (in his spare time) Ayaan Hirsi Ali. And those are just the names we’ve decided to cop to at this time. There are more–oh, so many more–avatars of Robert Spencer, appearing all over the Internet, in guises too multifarious for our enemies to uncover. At least three major jazz critics writing remotely for major music magazines, one biographer of Bob Dylan, and a major importer of hummus to southern California, are also secretly Spencer.

In fact, to discourage assassins, Spencer no longer appears in public under his real name. That avuncular, slimmed-down fellow recently seen at CPAC is actually actor Tony Shalhoub, who has donned a false beard to portray Spencer on television and at major speaking events for the past seven years. (Has no one ever noticed that “Spencer’s” speaking schedule is eerily incompatible with the shooting schedule of “Monk”? Our enemies are so foolish, so blind….) There are three other “stunt-Spencers” who show up for less important events, like college talks and debates with Dinesh D’Souza, where their answers are fed to them through sophisticated Bluetooth devices purchased second-hand from Shin Bet. Hundreds of “Spencer’s helpers” are now in training at the Jihadwatch Ranch (formerly Neverland), for release throughout the country in 2012. It is our aim to make Robert Spencer as ubiquitous each Eid as Santa Claus is at Christmastime–so that one day, every little girl and boy in America can sit on “his” lap at department stores, and tell him the gift they really want: “Freedom.”

Posted by Roland Shirk on February 13, 2011 11:08 AM | 131 Comments
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