OPINIONS: Obama has shut down access to one third of America’s oil supply (HE IS DOING THINGS TO DESTROY AMERICA. WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO STOP HIM?)

February 28, 2011

Two Solutions to the Wisconsin Stalemate
Cliff Thier
The Republican majority of the Wisconsin State Senate has at hand the tools to end its stalemate now. More

The Geraldo Rivera of Presidents
Betsy M. Galliher
If Kennedy was the “King of Camelot,” and Reagan, ‘the Teflon President,’ Barack Obama is the “Geraldo Rivera President.” More

Obama Nixes Safe Drilling
Jeffrey Folks
By refusing to grant a single deep-water permit in the Gulf, Obama has shut down access to one third of America’s oil supply. More

We Must Not Fear the Tyrants of Tripoli
Joel B. Pollak
The idea that America ought to fear the reaction of an embattled dictator is so feeble, and so contrary to 200 years of U.S. military tradition, that one wonders whether Obama believes it. More

The Entitled Party
Karin McQuillan
President Obama and the left wing of the Democratic Party think they are entitled to win. From our narcissistic President to screaming union organizers, they are puffed up with self-righteous zeal. More

Sharpton and Obama Ignore Planned Parenthood’s Racist Underbelly
M. Catharine Evans
Reverend Al Sharpton called a press conference this past week to denounce an anti-abortion billboard, buying into Planned Parenthood’s targeting blacks for abortion. More

Bury Keynesianism, not Cash in Coal Mines
Peter Wilson
John Maynard Keynes once suggested that the government could create jobs by burying bottles full of money in coal mines, covering them with trash, and encouraging people to dig them up. More

Libyan rebels gaining strength – and defectors
February 28, 2011
Gaddafi’s downfall cannot come soon enough. More

NY Times finds Islamophobia in Malmo, but blind to rampant Jew-hatred in Sweden’s anti-semitic capital
February 28, 2011
When it comes to the plight of Jews in Malmo, the New York Times goes AWOL. More

The UN, Obama Finally Act Against Qaddafi »

by Joseph Klein

The administration lags embarrassingly behind the United Nations — and abandons leadership….

February 28 2011 / Comments (7) / Read More »

The Battle of Wisconsin Rages On »

by Rich Trzupek

Labor leader Richard Trumka gives the nod of approval to the violent, hateful rhetoric in Madison. …

February 28 2011 / Comments (7) / Read More »

Media favoring ‘self-interested creatures’

video icon buttonA conservative media watchdog says the major television networks are once again demonstrating a blatant double standard, this time in their coverage of the recent protests in Wisconsin.

Comprehensive sex-ed – here it comes

Helena, Montana’s school district has decided to ignore public outcry and proceed with its plans to teach sex education to young students. But parents and state lawmakers are still fighting the initiative.

‘New day’ calls for fiscal conservatism

A financial expert, author and radio host does not think congressional Republicans and conservatives should worry about proposed budget cuts costing them their re-election bids.

Tea Party summit: ‘We deserve better’

PHOENIX – The 2,400 delegates attending the last night of the Tea Party Patriot American Policy Summit cheered on speakers who promised to keep pushing until constitutional government was restored in America.

Politics + unions = poverty

A California lawmaker has proposed a measure that would ban Wal-Mart and similar retailers from the state. But a former congressional hopeful thinks it is just a way to protect unions.

Climate ‘science’ grant = ‘recruiting tool’

The publisher of a website that advances the arguments of climate skeptics is criticizing a new grant that will allow schools to teach climate change.

6-year-old’s psych ward visit sparks outrage

In response to a Los Angeles school sending a six-year-old boy to a psychiatric ward against his mother’s wishes, parental rights advocates are suggesting that a constitutional amendment be adopted to protect parents’ liberties.

Sailors belong at sea

The former commander of the USS Cole says it is inappropriate for U.S. Navy sailors to join Army units to perform ground missions in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Public dollars funding ‘private’ choice

As legislators haggle over whether they should defund Planned Parenthood, one California lawmaker has contributed a personal story to the debate.

Planned Parenthood sets new record

According to the latest figures from a notorious abortion provider, business is still booming.

Will E-15 distribution end before it begins?

A program to fund a higher blend of ethanol may not live to see the light of day.

Did Gadhafi order Pan Am bombing?

An Australian political and defense analyst does not believe a recent report about Libyan strongman Moammar Gadhafi’s responsibility in the 1988 Lockerbie bombing is completely accurate.

Mourning the unborn

Several black pro-life groups are joining together today to recognize the National Day of Mourning for the Unborn.

ADF defending Carleton pro-lifers

The Alliance Defense Fund has sued a university in Canada for blocking pro-life expression on campus, even though the handbook claims the school protects its students’ freedom of speech.

Proposed envoy would promote religious freedom

In light of the turmoil currently plaguing the Middle East, one California-based advocacy group says Christians in that region need special help.

Tea Party summit: A 40-year plan to take America back

PHOENIX – Nearly 2,400 delegates from across the U.S. attended the Tea Party Patriot American Policy Summit to hear ideas about restoring America’s greatness.

Tax porn? Not an effective deterrent

A congressman wants to take a small step to reduce child access to pornography — but a major assault against illegal porn is what’s needed, says one family advocate.

Tea Party summit: Speakers electrify delegates

PHOENIX – A “banner of bold colors” was unfurled on the opening night of the Tea Party Patriots American Policy Summit in Phoenix, Arizona. The phrase is from a Ronald Reagan speech encouraging conservatives not to settle for watered-down ideas of pastel, but to boldly put forth the principles that can lead the U.S. back to greatness.

Recent poll results (Feb. 21-25, 2011)

J Street Day 2: A Continuing Anti-Israel Tirade

by Ron Radosh

If anything, given their position on the recent UN resolution, J Street is worse on its position towards Israel than the Obama administration itself. (And if you missed Ron’s take on the first session of J. Street’s 2nd National Conference, click here.) UPDATE: No Kosher food at Jewish J Street conference!

<script language=”javascript” type=”text/javascript” src=”http://adserver.adtechus.com/addyn/3.0/5235/1131619/0/170/ADTECH;loc=700;cookie=info;target=_blank;key=key1+key2+key3+key4;grp=[group]“></script><noscript><a href=”http://adserver.adtechus.com/adlink/3.0/5235/1131619/0/170/ADTECH;loc=300;key=key1+key2+key3+key4;grp=[group]” target=”_blank”><img src=”http://adserver.adtechus.com/adserv/3.0/5235/1131619/0/170/ADTECH;loc=300;key=key1+key2+key3+key4;grp=[group]” border=”0″ width=”300″ height=”250″ alt=”" /></a></noscript>

Breaking: Iran Has Several Military Bases in Libya

by ‘Reza Kahlili’

According to an inside source, the military collaborations between Iran’s Revolutionary Guards and the Gaddafi government date back to 2006.

Iranian Regime Kidnaps Mousavi and Karroubi

by Michael Ledeen

The attacks on the two top leaders of the Green Movement prove the gravity of the Iranian crisis and the panic at the highest levels of the Islamic Republic.

Blaming Israel, Ignoring Radical Islam at J Street’s National Conference

by Ron Radosh

Hardly a surprise, since the left-wing group’s own statement of principles says it opposes “efforts to demean and fan fears of Islam or of Muslims.”

WikiLeaks Cables Reveal Muslim Brotherhood Ties to Iran

by Brian Fairchild

Despite evidence from our own State Department to the contrary, why does Obama think that this organization would be a positive player in forming the new Egyptian government?

How About Adding a North Korea Crisis to the Mix?

by Dan Miller

Things on the peninsula are getting ever more dire, and we know the president won’t act with any urgency.

How to Insure Americans with Pre-Existing Conditions

by Brian T. Schwartz

Like a hammer that sees every problem as a nail, many politicians think the solution to every problem is legislation that erodes our liberties.

Put the REINS on EPA

by Marlo Lewis

The “Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny” Act could put the kibosh on the EPA’s greenhouse regulatory surge.

Iran’s Africa Fiasco

by Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi

It hasn’t made much noise worldwide, but Iran’s rapidly deteriorating relationships with several African countries is huge news across the continent.

Wisconsin and the Rise of the Adolescent Mind

by Victor Davis Hanson

We want what we have not earned. We demand the world be the way that it cannot; and we don’t wish to hear “unfair” arguments from “bad” and “mean” people. (And don’t miss: “Unions-vs.-Tea-Party showdown spreads to Denver”)

Will TSA Unionization Jeopardize Air Safety?

by Matt Patterson

From FDR to Reagan, history suggests the answer is yes.

Arab Revolts

Arab uprisings: Is Saudi Arabia next?

King Abdullah is showering his people with cash and releasing political prisoners to stave off protests. What if it doesn’t work?

Best opinion:Wash. Post, Guardian, Independent

2011 Oscar Race

The young Oscar hosts' personalities didn't quite mesh: While Anne Hathaway was a ball of eager energy, commentators found James Franco flat and disconnected.

Oscars recap: 5 things people are talking about

February 28, 2011, at 12:23 PMSome say last night’s listless ceremony was the “worst Oscars ever.” But that’s not all they’re saying…

2012 Presidential Race

It's rumored that Republican Newt Gingrich will announce the formation of a presidential exploratory committee by March 8th.

Does Newt Gingrich have a real shot at the presidency?

February 28, 2011, at 11:32 AMThe former Speaker of the House is on the brink of forming an exploratory committee to run for president. Can he overcome his baggage to nab the GOP nomination?

Arab Revolts

Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi's defiant speech gets an Auto-Tune makeover and becomes a YouTube hit.

‘Zenga-Zenga’: Gadhafi’s rant as hip-hop hit

February 28, 2011, at 11:06 AMAn Israeli musician sets Libyan strongman Moammar Gadhafi’s televised rant to a hip-hop beat, and it becomes a viral sensation… in the Arab world

Fox News

Fox News chief Roger Ailes may be indicted for allegedly urging an employee to lie to federal prosecutors about an affair, according to one report.

Will Roger Ailes be indicted?

February 28, 2011, at 10:52 AMSpeculation is rampant that the Fox News chief is about to get the book thrown at him for allegedly telling a former employee to lie to the feds

Cable News Wars

Kathleen Parker bids adieu Friday night to CNN's sinking ship, "Parker Spizer." Eliot Spitzer remains on as the show goes in a "new direction."

‘Parker Spitzer’ boots Parker: Unfair?

February 28, 2011, at 10:41 AMKathleen Parker gets dumped from the CNN show she co-hosted. Was she responsible for the show’s low ratings or is she just taking the fall?

Arab Revolts

Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah has promised Saudis a hefty benefits package in an apparent attempt to stave off unrest.

Arab uprisings: Is Saudi Arabia next?

February 28, 2011, at 10:12 AMKing Abdullah is showering his people with cash and releasing political prisoners to stave off protests. What if it doesn’t work?

Arab Revolts

Can the U.S. do more to push Moammar Gadhafi out of Libya?

Libya: Are we doing enough?

February 28, 2011, at 9:53 AMThe United Nations is imposing sanctions on Moammar Gadhafi’s government. But should the U.S. and its allies do more to end the bloodshed and chaos?

Smartphone Wars

Arm your iPhone: Hackers have reportedly shifted from computer to smartphone devices.

Has your smartphone been hacked?

February 28, 2011, at 7:30 AMHackers are shifting their focus to the mobile computer in your pocket. Are you at risk?


Possible diva contenders for Whitney Houston's role in the upcoming "The Bodyguard" remake include Rihanna (left) and Beyonce (right).

Remaking ‘The Bodyguard’: Who will replace Whitney Houston?

February 28, 2011, at 7:00 AMA remake of the ’90s box office smash is in the works, and the search is on for the right singer-turned-actress to play the lead


U.S. Opinion

Libyans carry the bodies of three more victims killed during the anti-government protests this week, while leader Moammar Gadhafi refused to step down.

Weekend talking points: 5 top stories

February 25, 2011, at 5:45 PMWhat happened this week? While protests raged in Libya, union showdowns escalated in the Midwest. And the threat of a government shutdown loomed

Animal Kingdom

Turbo the Doberman, with his owner, might have drowned in a canal had persistent dolphins not splashed loudly enough to alert neighbors.

The dolphins that helped save a lost Doberman

February 25, 2011, at 5:21 PMIn a remarkable case of cross-species compassion, a group of the marine mammals came to the aid of a dog stranded in a Florida canal

U.S. Opinion

Space shuttle Discovery lifts off Thursday on its final mission. The shuttle's retirement marks the beginning of the end for NASA's 30-year-old shuttle program.

Looking back at the space shuttle Discovery: A timeline

February 25, 2011, at 5:12 PMThe oldest of NASA’s remaining shuttles is making its final voyage. A tour through the history Discovery has made

Arab Revolts

Rebels (pictured) have gained control of much of Eastern Libya, and the U.S. is reportedly concerned that Moammar Gadhafi would deploy chemical weapons on them before letting Tripoli fall.

Would Gadhafi use mustard gas on his own people?

February 25, 2011, at 5:00 PMRebels are closing in on Moammar Gadhafi in Libya. How far will he go to keep them out?

Barack Obama

According to some accounts, Rep. Paul Brown (R-Ga.) laughed off a Town Hall attendee's question about assassinating the president.

The ‘Who’s going to shoot Obama?’ incident: Rep. Broun’s controversial response

February 25, 2011, at 4:12 PMSome say the Republican congressman should have condemned a supporter who questioned him about assassinating the president


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8


Is the U.S. doing enough to discourage Gadhafi from sowing death and chaos?

The Week Newsletter

Brad DeLong

Brad DeLong

Washington’s deficit-hawk pretenders

Even if the GOP’s spending cuts are larger than Obama’s, they would fritter away the proceeds on tax cuts and repealing health-care reform

Robert Shrum

Robert Shrum

The end of the New Deal?

The GOP’s economic program is an effort to destroy the architecture of social justice and corporate responsibility in America

David Frum

David Frum

The budget battles ahead

The war in Wisconsin is about to spread to your state, too

Edward Morrissey

Edward Morrissey

The real threat to democracy in Wisconsin

Fleeing Democrats have stolen the will of the public and their right to self-governance

Francis Wilkinson

Francis Wilkinson

Play ball

Cutting budgets for school sports can hurt even kids who don’t play sports, says Francis Wilkinson in this edition of The Week’s Editor’s Letter

Second Letter from a Fearfully Concerned Muslim to an American-Jewish Friend

by Salim Mansur

We are creatures of history even as we make history. (Click here for Roger L. Simon’s reply to Salim’s original letter.)

J Street’s Swan Song?

by Ron Radosh

The left-wing Jewish group will feature several Kadima Knesset members at their annual confab while the party back in Israel criticizes their participation.

‘Never Again for Anyone’: the Latest Anti-Semitic Campaign

by Clemens Heni

Fueled by propaganda, the campus push is pernicious, contagious, and wrong.

Truman, Reagan, and Bush Were Right

by Peter Berkowitz

In the face of Gaddafi’s war against the Libyan people, Obama should align himself with a proud American foreign policy tradition, with both progressive and conservative roots. (Update: Obama finally breaks his silence on Libya.

The Petulant Child Form of Democracy

by Roger Kimball

As recent events in Wisconsin and Indiana have shown, when an election doesn’t go their way, the response of the Democrats is to do everything possible to avoid the consequences of the election.

Can the U.S. Intervene in Libya? Should It?

by Richard Fernandez

The answer to the first question is yes and the answer to the second is: why? (Also read Michael Totten:“Libya’s Legacy”)

Saving Our Nation from Debt: An Open Letter from Rep. Jim Jordan

by Jim Jordan

We still have a chance to kick the spending addiction and keep the American Dream alive.

Chavez Caught Red-Handed Sending Gasoline to Iran

by Josh Shahryar

Documents made available to Pajamas Media prove that the Venezuelan strongman has been selling reformate to Iran.

How the Left Sees the Union Crisis in Madison

by Ron Radosh

Liberals see the conflict as a battle for power, not income. (And at PJTV, don’t miss: AlfonZo Rachel Reports From Wisconsin.)

The Episcopal Church Wages Jihad against Eight Virginia Churches

by Bryan Preston

Will George Washington’s historic church end up as a saloon, or a mosque? If the Episcopal Church prevails in court, either outcome is a disturbing possibility.

First, They Came for the Labor Leaders in Cuba

by Humberto Fontova

A union protestor in Wisconsin was caught on camera saying he wants to vote for Castro and his clone, Che Guevara. Of course, there’s no kerfuffle from the MSM or Democratic Party.

Unions AP Photo/Mel Evans

Big Labor’s Last Stand

RealClearPolitics.com – Sun Feb 27, 1:00 am ET The term “big labor” is becoming a vestige of a bygone era. Union ranks have not been this thin for 75 years, when the Wagner Act catalyzed the modern labor movement. Labor is today defending its last bulwark, civil service unions. Napoleon once said that an army marches on its stomach. Today’s union battle ultimately concerns how unions feed, or fund, their army–that is, what remains of it. Labor is standing before the breach. Full Story »

Cure for Middle East oil shock? A higher US gasoline tax

The Christian Science Monitor – Fri Feb 25, 3:58 pm ET

  • Ailes Indictment Rumor Started by Random Guy at Airport

    The Atlantic Wire – 1 hr 12 mins ago

    WASHINGTON, DC – Are you ready for some SKETCHY NEWS? Last week, The New York Times reported that Roger Ailes, president of Fox News Channel, may have encouraged an employee to lie to federal investigators. Then, over the weekend, blogger Barry Ritholtz updated the Ailes story with a breaking development. A source–Ritholtz identified him only as “someone I spoke with”–claimed that Ailes was going to be indicted, maybe as early as this week. Full Story »

  • Madoff’s Most Astounding Rationalizations

    The Atlantic Wire – 1 hr 20 mins ago

  • The Nation — Last week National Journal asked Democratic and Republicans “insiders” in Washington whether a government shutdown would be in their party’s best interest politically. Fifty-six percent of Democrats said yes, while 65 percent of Republicans said no. Full Story »

  • Protests Spread to Oman, Turn Violent

    The Atlantic Wire – 1 hr 35 mins ago

    WASHINGTON, DC – Protesters in Oman have set cars, homes, a police station, and a supermarket on fire in a third day of protests. Sultan Qaboos bin Said, ruler since 1970, has tried to mollify demonstrators–who are demanding more jobs–by hiring 50,000 new government employees and offering $390 a month in unemployment insurance. Qaboos has also fired six members of his cabinet, but protesters aren’t satisfied and want more power in parliament, the Christian Science Monitor’s Tom A. Peter reports. Full Story »

  • How the Libyan Revolution Could Play Out

    The Atlantic Wire – 1 hr 56 mins ago

    WASHINGTON, DC – The latest reports from Libya suggest that the country’s ruler, Muammar Qaddafi, is striking back violently against protesters in western cities near the capital of Tripoli, as military defections continue (even Qaddafi’s nurse has left him) and international pressure on Qaddafi mounts. On Monday, opposition forces shot down a military aircraft and captured the crew as the government sought to wrest back control of Misrata, the country’s third-largest city. The U.N. Security Council, meanwhile, has agreed to sanctions on Qaddafi and other Libyan authorities, imposed an arms embargo, and frozen Libyan assets, while NATO allies consider instituting a no-fly zone over Libya and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says the Obama administration is ready to offer assistance to rebel groups. Full Story »

  • Budget Bickering Continues After Deal to Stall Shutdown

    The Atlantic Wire – 2 hrs 22 mins ago

    WASHINGTON, DC – The House will begin debating today a deal that would prevent a shutdown of the government for an extra two weeks. If Republicans and Democrats can’t agree by Friday, many federal employees will be furloughed March 5. But the short-term deal could make a long-term one more difficult, The Wall Street Journal’s Naftali Bendavid reports. That’s because Republicans are only proposing spending cuts the Democrats feel they can live with in the two-week settlement. But the GOP also wants much broader cuts in funding the government till September 30, the end of the fiscal year and, as Bendavid puts it, going only for the “palatable” cuts in the two-week affair “will make it more difficult to reach a bipartisan agreement on additional cuts when the two sides begin negotiations on a spending measure to fund the government until Sept. 30.” Full Story »

  • How the Arab world can prevent another Qaddafi: share a regional bill of rights

    The Christian Science Monitor – Mon Feb 28, 9:05 am ET

    Evanston, Ill. – The world has watched and cheered at the peaceful revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt. But observers in the West have expressed fears that future autocrats might steal their victories. And citizens in Tunisia and Egypt can still be legitimately concerned about the possibility of an Iranian scenario. Will a populist government ignore the rule of law, steal future elections, and develop an adventurous nuclear program? Full Story »

  • Does Newt Gingrich have a real shot at the presidency?

    The Week – Mon Feb 28, 6:32 am ET

    New York – The former Speaker of the House is on the brink of forming an exploratory committee to run for president. Can he overcome his baggage to nab the GOP nomination? Full Story »

  • ‘Parker Spitzer’ boots Parker: Unfair?

    The Week – Mon Feb 28, 5:41 am ET

    New York – Kathleen Parker gets dumped from the CNN show she co-hosted. Was she responsible for the show’s low ratings or is she just taking the fall? Full Story »

  • The Oscars: the Red Carpet

    The Atlantic Wire – Sun Feb 27, 10:21 pm ET

More Yahoo! News

Top Stories

The West moved to send its first concrete aid to Libya’s rebellion in the east of the country, hoping to give it the momentum to oust Moammar Gadhafi. But the Libyan leader’s regime clamped down in its stronghold in the capital, quashing an attempt Monday to hold new protests as residents reported skyrocketing food prices from the crisis. Full Story »

World News

Foreign powers accelerated efforts to help oust Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi on Monday as rebels fought government forces trying to take back strategic coastal cities on either side of the capital Tripoli. Full Story »

Business News

Wall Street higher after bullish Bullard comments

Reuters – 1 hr 20 mins ago

Stocks rose on Monday after bullish comments from a Federal Reserve official eased concerns that high oil prices could hurt economic activity. Full Story »

The Facts on Wisconsin: What the Unions Want, and Why It’s Insane

by Gary Wickert

Only thirty states have such collective bargaining agreements. These are privileges, not rights, and can be taken away.

On Government Spending: More Party of ‘No,’ Please

by Chris Salcedo

President Obama’s offensive budget was just a bargaining position, callously introduced while the country is in peril. Will enough congressmen say “no”?

End the Privileged Class – Mark McKinnon, The Daily Beast
Unions Are Worth Fighting For – Ezra Klein, Newsweek
Why Middle America Is Rejecting Big Gov’t – Michael Barone, DC Examiner
Hezbollah Is Watching, and Waiting – David Ignatius, Washington Post
Un-American Revolutions – Niall Ferguson, Newsweek
2050: Will ‘Chindia’ Rule, or US? – Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, The Telegraph
A Bull Market in Risk Continues to Rage – Bill Fleckenstein, MSN Money
New Battle: Gov’t Workers vs. Taxpayers – Whoriskey & Gardner, Wash Post
Big Labor’s Dilemma – Robert Samuelson, Newsweek
Wisconsin Already Rifled the Deep Pockets – Patrick McIlheran, RCP
Fight Over Unions Is a Power Grab – E.J. Dionne, Washington Post
The Left’s Unhealthy Koch Habit – John Hinderaker, AOL News
America’s Unions Are Not Working – Christopher Caldwell, Financial Times
For Boehner, Dance Won’t Be Getting Easier – John Harwood, NY Times
A Life Transformed by Truth – Robert George, Witherspoon Institute
The Madoff Tapes: “Am I a Sociopath?” – Steve Fishman, New York Magazine
Squashing Small Business Without Trying – Bill Frezza, RealClearMarkets


Ease Restrictions on Domestic Oil Drilling – Detroit News
Obama’s A-List Team Is Tackling Unemployment – Las Vegas Sun
Borrowed Jobs: A Stimulus Update – New Hampshire Union Leader
Same-Sex Weddings, Now – Los Angeles Times

In the Land of the Brother Leader

by Michael J. Totten

Now that Qaddafi is in the fight of his life, it’s a good time to take another look at just how awful he is.

Wisconsin: What’s the Right Analogy?

by Rand Simberg

Forget comparing what’s happening in Madison right now to Greece, Egypt, Guernica, or Jutland. Think Gettysburg.

Medical fraud in Wisconsin

by Charlie Martin

The government unions’ corrosive behavior now taints Wisconsin’s medical profession. Also read Charlie’s follow-up post, Naming Names, at the Tatler.

Why Palin Should Announce First

by Myra Adams

In or out, it’s all about the Power of Now.

Fired Journalist Has a History of Anti-American Slanders

by Neo-Neocon

It’s not surprising that Nir Rosen felt he could get away with making offensive remarks about Lara Logan’s attack in Egypt. This time, though, he happened to have hit on a subject that was offensive to leftist sensibilities.

Wisconsin Madness as Seen by the ‘Little People’

by Phil Boehmke

No longer basking in the glow of the Green Bay Packers Super Bowl victory, my friends on the other side of the Illinois/Wisconsin border are positively beside themselves at the insane behavior of their public servants.

Happy Birthday, Dear Leader Kim Jong-Il

by Dan Miller

The synchronized dancing and swimming demonstrations were remarkable as was the evident rapture of the appreciative spectators.

Congress to NASA: Study Space! (Not Climate. That’s Not Space.)

by Art Horn

The budget battle has come to NASA, where a massive amount of money is being spent on something that has nothing to do with NASA’s mission.

The UN and the Obama Administration on the Wrong Side of History

by Anne Bayefsky

Serving up Israel when the going gets tough is what Arab dictators and demagogues do at regular intervals. The United States should not join them. (Update: US vetoes resolution condemning settlements.)

Cheap Spirits and the Spirit of Freedom

by Bruce Bawer

When I learned that liquor can be sold in Louisiana all day and night, I was stunned. But then, I’ve lived in Norway so long that I’ve forgotten what it’s like to live like an adult.

See the results from last week’s poll questions.


1. Video: Farewell to Frank Buckles, last surviving U.S. World War I veteran
2. Video: O’Reilly Factor “Why the President Hasn’t Gone to Wisconsin ”
3. Video: Rep. Paul Ryan: ‘I Didn’t Like ObamaCare, But I Didn’t Walk Out’
4. President G.W. Bush Refuses Invitation That Also Went to WikiLeaks Founder
5. Video: Amanpour Interviews Gadhafi’s Son
6. Video: Union Thugs: Chris Christie is ‘Terrorist’ Who Would Shoot Workers
7. Video: News Reporter Attacked at Wis. Protest During Live Broadcast
8. Video: Heritage and Reason deflate myths in Public Employees Unions debate
9. Video: Courageous Clarence Thomas Criticizes Critics for ‘Undermining’ High Court

Where Heroes Are Not Welcome

Lt. Colonel James Zumwalt, USMC (ret)

The culture of contempt for America’s brave defenders is so embedded that a wounded veteran was jeered at Columbia, the same university that hosted Iran’s war-mongering president.

Oh My Allah, They Killed Kenny!

Gadi Adelman

Zachary Chesser, the man who threatened South Park’s creators, was sentenced to 25 years in federal prison Thursday. Was all this really about a cartoon?

Declaration of Independence as Law

Ronald R. Cherry, MD

While our Constitution and Bill of Rights are the greatest secular laws ever written – it must be acknowledged that our secular Constitution has a sacred mandate – The Declaration of Independence.

The Obama Administration’s Criminally Negligent Foreign Policy

Manda Zand-Ervin

Is the administration’s failure to practically support calls for freedom in Iran and Libya a sign of hypocrisy, or is America now Europe’s simpering poodle?

Jawohl, Mein Professor

Bruce Kesler

The American Association of University Professors has gone abroad to authoritarian regimes and overboard to try to suck the air out of critiques of academia. And on Israel? Well…

Israeli Muslim Brotherhood Leader Arrested On Arson Charges

The Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Report

The Muslim Brotherhood continues its machinations with acts of arson in Israel, forcible gender segregation in Gaza and setting up a political party in Egypt…

The Global Caliphate and the Universal Delusion

Diana West

Is it really delusional to argue that American democratic precepts have a natural place as “universal principles” in a culture grounded in Shariah principles?

Playing Israel’s Good Hand

Caroline Glick

While excoriating Obama and the US, the Palestinian Authority (PA) is actively wooing Hamas. On Wednesday, the PA accepted the legitimacy of Hamas control over Gaza.

The Mad Dog of Tripoli

And The Emperor’s New Clothes Syndrome

Nancy Kobrin, PhD, Joan Lachkar, PhD

How is the madness of Libya’s Colonel Gaddafi different from the madness of other dictators?

Islamist Rally Calling For Sharia Law in U.S. Must Go Forward

Chris Carter

British fanatic Anjem Choudary and his Islamist buddies want to demonstrate outside the White House to call for the overthrow of democracy and for America to be ruled by Sharia.

‘On Wisconsin!’ Public Servanthood and PATCO

Frank Hill

The uprisings in Wisconsin and now Indiana and Illinois bring to the forefront what a ‘public servant’ really is. Elected leaders are ‘cowards’ for running away from the debate…

America: Break the Silence on Islam

Amil Imani

A former Muslim argues that the American people must hear the truth about Islam continually until they are completely aware of its dangers.

Today’s Hot Topics

We choose, you peruse.

  1. Libyan Leaders Defiant as U.N. Security Council Clamps Down, U.S. Calls for Qaddafi’s Exit (FOX)

  2. Police Allow Protesters to Stay in Wisconsin Capitol (NYT)

  3. Libya towns fall to rebel as world moves to isolate Gaddafi (TELEGRAPH)

  4. Ruthless new breed of Somali pirates craves riches, not revenge (WT)

  5. Extremist British Muslim planning rally in front of White House is a ‘publicity whore,’ critics say (DC CALLER)

  6. Somali pirates seize cargo ship with 23 crew (AP)

  7. More Civilians Killed Last Year in One Mexican Border Town Than All Afghanistan (CNS)

  8. Tea party members vow to hold GOP accountable (AP)

  9. Debunking the myths of Desert Storm (ARTHUR HERMAN)

  10. How Chris Christie Did His Homework (NYT)

Return of the (Genocidal) Native »

by P. David Hornik

Hitler is one “infidel” Egypt’s Qaradawi applauds….

February 28 2011 / Comments (4) / Read More »

Alleged Saudi Jihadi Nailed For Attempted Use Of WMD in Texas

Jim Kouri, CPP

According to USDOJ, the alleged would-be terrorist was in America on a student’s visa, planned to make a bomb and seems to have wanted to kill George W. Bush.

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