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February 14, 2011








by Michael Ledeen

Let’s hope.

February 14, 2011

The Budget: Where to Cut, and Why

The Obama administration on Monday released its budget proposal for fiscal year 2012. The plan offers cuts in many government programs but, as in years past, ignores the largest drivers of the country’s long-term debt: entitlements. With various other budget proposals expected out in the coming days and weeks, the Cato Institute offers a wide array of resources for finding savings on the federal balance sheet.

Federal Aid Undermines Freedom

The number of federal aid programs for state and local governments totaled 1,122 in 2010, or more than triple the number 25 years ago. Some of the most expensive federal aid programs are in the areas of education, housing, health care, and transportation. In a new Tax & Budget Bulletin, Cato scholar Chris Edwards argues that the $646 billion aid system should be cut. “Federal lawmakers,” says Edwards, “would better serve the nation by focusing on national issues rather than trying to fix potholes and run the schools.”

What Is Next for Egypt?

Though the spectacular events in Cairo have ended with Hosni Mubarak stepping down, pundits on both the left and the right increasingly chide the Obama administration for not being more supportive of popular movements challenging authoritarian regimes in the Middle East. However, Cato scholar Ted Galen Carpenter warns that the U.S needs to be cautious: “Embracing secular factions could easily backfire,” says Carpenter in USA Today. “Like it or not, the United States needs to adopt a low-profile role during these turbulent days.”

High-Speed Pork
Randal O’Toole on the Obama administration’s high-speed-rail proposal.

Terror in Sinai »

by Frank Crimi

The Muslim Brotherhood casts its net of terror into the Sinai Peninsula. …

February 14 2011 / Comments (22) / Read More »

The Muslim Brotherhood and the Fellow Traveling Left at Slate »

by David Horowitz

Progressives rise to the defense of a modern-day Alger Hiss….

February 14 2011 / Comments (6) / Read More »

Anti-Israel Marxist Jews at Tel Aviv University »

by Steven Plaut

Welcome to the world of tenured academic extremism….

February 14 2011 / Comments (11) / Read More »

Dark Forebodings for Egypt »

by Frontpagemag.com

Nonie Darwish joins Jamie Glazov’s video series to voice her concern for her homeland….

February 14 2011 / Comments (3) / Read More »

When Terrorists Become State Leaders, Part II »

by Anna Geifman

Soviet Russia’s “Red Terror” has much to teach us about the current crisis in Egypt….

February 14 2011 / Comments (3) / Read More »

Hating Valentine’s »

by Jamie Glazov

Why Islamists and the radical Left loathe the day of love….

February 14 2011 / Comments (13) / Read More »

The Muslim Brotherhood Inside the Conservative Movement »

by David Horowitz

Suhail Khan’s troubling Muslim Brotherhood allegiances and agendas….

February 13 2011 / Comments (40) / Read More »

Mubarak Departs »

by Ryan Mauro

The fate of the Middle East hangs in the balance….

February 11 2011 / Comments (56) / Read More »

Leftist Dupes: From the Communist Brotherhood to the Muslim Brotherhood »

by Paul Kengor

Recalling the Left’s support for the most vicious revolutionary monsters of the past 100 years. …

February 11 2011 / Comments (30) / Read More »

Symposium: The Shadow of the KGB »

by Jamie Glazov

A distinguished panel battles it out over the nature of Putin’s criminal regime — and its true roots….

February 11 2011 / Comments (13) / Read More »

Islamist Professor Teaches Lesson in Violence »

by Joe Kaufman

Florida Atlantic University continues to harbor terrorist-associated criminal, Bassem Alhalabi….

February 11 2011 / Comments (14) / Read More »

Assad Avoids Unrest »

by Ryan Mauro

Syrian dictator prevents uprising — but for how long?…

February 11 2011 / Comments (5) / Read More »

Why James Clapper Must Resign »

by Rick Moran

The National Intelligence Director reveals a disturbing cluelessness about the Muslim Brotherhood. …

February 11 2011 / Comments (48) / Read More »

Egypt AP Photo/Ben Curtis

After Mubarak: Egypt’s revolution was one of identity

The Christian Science Monitor – Fri Feb 11, 12:27 pm ET For 18 days, millions of Egyptians of all stripes – from feminists to Islamists, rich to poor, Google execs to illiterate farmers, old to young – gathered around Cairo’s Tahrir Square. They set aside differences that would have once kept them from barely talking or even acknowledging each other on the street. In this giant melting pot, personal divisions by class, age, education, religion, or income disappeared. Full Story »

Problems With Obama’s Plan to Get 98% of Americans Wireless

The Atlantic Wire – Fri Feb 11, 8:30 am ET

Facebook: How young is too young?

The Week – Fri Feb 11, 11:04 am ET

George Soros, Nazi Obsessive

by Kyle-Anne Shiver

Beneath his public outrage lies an outrageous lack of conscience.

Egypt is an Opportunity
Herbert E. Meyer
Egypt’s had half a revolution, which means the country’s future is in play. We have suddenly entered one of those rare moments in history when the world is about to be remade. More

Democratic, Oligarchic or Islamic Revolution in Egypt?
LTC Joseph C. Myers
The Egyptian military leadership is an oligarchy, and how much they will allow constitutional changes for greater democratic space is yet to be seen. More


1. Video: Rep. Allen West at CPAC 2011
2. Child abuse in Britain’s Islamic schools
3. Video: Ann Coulter at CPAC 2011
4. Video: Israel shuts embassy in Cairo
5. Video: Herman Cain at CPAC 2011
6. Video: Chris Matthews on Egypt: “I’m Jubilant, a little frisky …It Took Obama to Have This Happen.”
7. Video: David Horowitz speaks at CPAC 2011
8. The Interrogation of Rumsfeld
9. Girl Scouts Back Away From Pledge Committing to Lobby for Global Warming Legislation
10. Video: Trailer: ‘Atlas Shrugged’

Eighteen Days That Shook the World

Peter Probst

In the Middle East we are witnessing a seismic shift in the geopolitical balance of power, with the contagion ultimately spreading well beyond the region and reaching our shores.

Children with Matches

G. Murphy Donovan

The immaturity of the White House in handling domestic issues is now manifest in its foreign affairs…

The ‘Secular’ Muslim Brotherhood

Andrew McCarthy

The Obama administration is preparing the political ground for failure in Egypt.

Multicultural Suicide

Alan Caruba

Multiculturalism was extolled as state policy in European nations, but they have now rejected it as a failure. So why is it being promoted here?

Curse of the Mummy

Amir Taheri

When a mummy encounters life, it disintegrates. This is what happened when President Hosni Mubarak fell apart in the face of an Egyptian people full of life and youth.

Egypt: People Power Perhaps, But Democracy It Ain’t

The Editor

Let us not make the mistake of thinking that toppling a dictatorial president is an example of democracy in action.

Contributing Editors’ Thoughts on Egypt

FSM National Security Team

Alan Caruba, Laina Farhat-Holzman, Daniel Greenfield, Ruth King, Jim Kouri, Chet Nagle and Frank Salvato give their views about the Egyptian revolution and its possible ramifications.

C-PAC and the “Trojan” Brotherhood

Diana West

Does The American Conservative Union have an Islamist cuckoo in its nest?

Mubarak Out, Brotherhood Remains Primed

Steve Emerson

With the resignation yesterday of Egypt’s President Mubarak, the Muslim Brotherhood are hovering in the wings, waiting to seize their moment…

What Works At Job Interviews Works in Life

Gabriel Garnica, Esq.

If one treats interviews as a discussion, the job seeker should come as prepared to ask intelligent and relevant questions as he or she is to answer them.

Our New Jeffersonian Era

Salena Zito

America always has been at odds with the philosophies of Founders Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson over where the nation’s exceptionalism would be found.

Arabic: “The Language Of The Future”?

Gadi Adelman

In some American schools, Arabic is going to be taught because federal authorities see it as “the language of the future.” And in some schools, learning Arabic will be compulsory.

Is “Islamofascism” a Slur?

Amil Imani

In August 2006, George W. Bush spoke of Islamic fascism, after a plot was discovered to blow up U.S.-bound airplanes. Is “Islamofascism” a valid expression to describe Islam?

A Cell Within a Cell

Patrick Dunleavy

Putting terrorists in prison does not automatically stop them from coordinating terrorist activities from within their cells…

Chavez Funding American Group That Assists Illegal Migrants

Peter Huessy

Casa de Maryland is a U.S. group that supports illegal immigrants. Why is it accepting money from Hugo Chávez, the terror-supporting socialist dictator who is an enemy of America?

Egyptian Military Vital to Crafting Democratic Order

William R. Hawkins

The Egyptian military needs to remain in charge through the transition and beyond. America’s first president was a retired general, who provided stability and confidence.

The Proverbial Coin is Twirling in the Air

Contributing Editors’ Thoughts on Egypt

Frank Salvato

We are starring down the barrel of a regional Islamist Caliphate and a direct threat to Israel’s existence.

The Middle East Potato

Contributing Editors’ Thoughts on Egypt

Chet Nagle

Instead of basing his foreign policy on such politically-correct, multicultural, and relativistic notions, America’s president should listen to the Prime Minister of Turkey.

U.S. Government Ineptitude

Contributing Editors’ Thoughts on Egypt

Jim Kouri, CPP

The days of unrest and uncertainty in Egypt said more about U.S. government ineptitude than it did about the key players in the Egyptian drama.

Where is The Political Infrastructure to Pave the Way for Elections?

Contributing Editors’ Thoughts on Egypt

Ruth King

The military own and control most of Egypt’s economy. Will they encourage reforms and restructure an economy that has bred poverty, repression and resentment?

Two Options for Egypt, But Neither Option Looks Good

Contributing Editors’ Thoughts on Egypt

Daniel Greenfield

Egypt’s future after Mubarak’s exit will be either as a military dictatorship or an Islamic state.

Instant Democracy?

Contributing Editors’ Thoughts on Egypt

Dr. Laina Farhat-Holzman

The people’s revolution in Egypt has been heartening–but we must know it is not over yet. We have yet to see what the army will do.

None of this Bodes Well for America

Contributing Editors’ Thoughts on Egypt

Alan Caruba

We are watching another stage in the unfortunate rise of fanatical Islam of the same order as occurred in Iran in 1979.

As The Lies Come Crashing Down

Caroline Glick

While the U.S. supports the Egyptian revolution which is unlikely to benefit Israel, the unstable nation of Pakistan has quietly doubled its nuclear arsenal…

Who Is Raymond Davis, And Why Is He So Important?

Scott McKay

An American diplomat in Pakistan shot two men on a motorbike who pointed guns at him. He is in jail, fanatical Pakistanis are baying for his blood, and a diplomatic crisis could be brewing…

The Spooks’ Black Thursday

Dr. Michael Ledeen

Our “intelligence” experts are operating on the basis of some amazingly politically correct and demonstrably false stereotypes that have very little to do with the real world.

‘Obamacare’Law is in Limbo:

Supreme Court Action is Needed Now

Dr Paula D. Gordon

The Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) has constitutional and practical problems that leave health providers and insurers in such uncertainty, it needs Supreme Court clarification.

What Would Jeane J. Kirkpatrick Think of the Egyptian Situation?

Peter Huessy

A hypothetical conversation with the late Jeane J. Kirkpatrick, former adviser and ambassador under the Reagan administration, based upon her previously published comments.

Interview with Dr. Robert Goldberg on the Dangers of “Tabloid Medicine”

Roger Aronoff

The Internet has become the repository for a dangerous mix of tabloid journalism and vital medical information, claims Dr. Robert Goldberg in his book “Tabloid Medicine.”

Today’s Hot Topics

We choose, you peruse.

  1. Egypt: Hosni Mubarak used last 18 days in power to secure his fortune (TELEGRAPH)

  2. Egypt’s Military Rulers Dissolve Parliament, Suspend Constitution (AP)

  3. Quarter of RAF trainee pilots to be sacked in defence spending cull (TELEGRAPH)

  4. Egyptian army takes charge (WT)

  5. Top of the list to replace Mubarak — candidate who is anti US, Israel (YAHOO)

  6. Gaddafi tells Palestinians: revolt against Israel (REUTERS)

  7. Iran bans production of Valentine’s Day gifts (YAHOO)

  8. Obama budget falls far short of debt commission savings plan (THE HILL)

  9. Mubarak resignation throws into question U.S.-Egyptian counterterrorism work (WA PO)

  10. Joint Chiefs chairman to reassure Jordan, Israel (AP)

The Coming Battle for Egypt
Steve McCann
While there is never an ideal time for an overthrow, there are factors at play that will make peaceful transition to a true democracy exceedingly difficult and open the door for the radical Islamists. More

Obama, Now — and Then
Betsy M. Galliher
Obama on political change, in his own words. More

Why Worship Democracy?
Bruce Walker
What will happen in Egypt? Democracy will prevail. Why are we so happy about that? More

A Tipping Point Is Nearing
Jeff T. Allen
We are facing a tipping point. There will soon be a crisis affecting US citizens beyond any experienced since the Great Depression. More

The Polygamists Make Their Move
Peter Heck
Once the trail has been forged by homosexuality activists, polygamy is nothing but the next logical step. More

Middle East Uprisings: What Did We Expect?

by Josh Shahryar

The West needs to realize its mistakes and act quickly before any more surprises in the Middle East start to pose threats. (Also read Michael Totten: “North African Dominoes?”)

Video: ACU’s Suhail Khan declares that there is no Muslim Brotherhood in the United States

by Bryan Preston

CPAC erupted into controversy this week over the presence of ACU board of directors member Suhail Khan. He didn’t help the matter by saying something that is provably false.

The Department of Homeland Security Wants to Friend You?

by Annie Jacobsen

Facebook and Twitter alerts are to replace the color-coded terror alerts. Friend DHS at your own risk.

Joe Biden on the Wrong Side of Middle East History

by Richard Grenell

Like it or not, George W. Bush was right and Joe Biden was wrong.

After Mubarak

by Richard Fernandez

One way to tell whether a regime has lost power is when its major symbols are overrun. Think Berlin Wall smashed, or Saddam’s statue toppled. But in the case of Mubarak’s resignation, the singer is gone, but the song remains. (Also read “Obama v. Mubarak” at the Tatler.)

GOProud Party Breitbart’s Proudest Hour

by Roger L Simon

The party staged by Andrew Breitbart for the gay Republican group was as close to a game changer as things get and the most interesting event at CPAC by far, at least to this point.

The Spooks’ Black Thursday

by Michael Ledeen

James Clapper’s astonishing declarations concerning the Muslim Brotherhood are yet another reminder that our “intelligence” experts are blinded by some amazingly politically correct and demonstrably false stereotypes. (Also read Patrick Poole at the Tatler: “Obama’s worst day.”)

Rudderless in the White House

by Stephen Green

Mubarak has stepped down, and no doubt the White House will claim this is a great victory for its Egypt policy. But which Egypt policy? (Also see “Video: Gov. Tim Pawlenty addresses the unrest in Egypt” at the Tatler.)

Bombshell: Justice Department Only Selectively Complies with Freedom of Information Act (PJM Exclusive)

by J. Christian Adams

According to documents PJM has obtained, FOIA requests from liberals or politically connected civil rights groups are often given same day turn-around by the DOJ. But requests from conservatives or Republicans face long delays, if fulfilled at all. (And don’t miss J. Christian Adams’ PJTV interview here.)

Can American Values Radicalize Muslims Both Here and Abroad?

by Raymond Ibrahim

Far from eliminating radicalization, there is reason to believe that Western values can actually exacerbate Islamist tendencies.

Signs of the Times

by Victor Davis Hanson

Poseurs of the Arena. Plus, VDH answers questions from readers.

They All Call Her ‘Gabby’

by Elise Cooper

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was wounded last month in Tucson. Her friends, neighbors, and constituents tell Pajamas Media about the woman they know as “Gabby.”

What, Never? W.S. Gilbert on the Muslim Brotherhood

by Roger Kimball

I have a sneaking suspicion Geert Wilders was right when he said that there may well be such a thing as moderate Muslim but, alas, there is not such thing as moderate Islam.

‘Green’ Lobbyist Who Shaped Energy Dept. Policy Hired by Bailed Out Bank. Hmmm.

by Christopher Horner

At what point does this sort of admission warrant investigation by Congress?

Los Angeles Times Spreading Disinformation on LAPD Turmoil

by Jack Dunphy

The Times shows its naivete regarding the work of police gang units and why they are balking at financial disclosure regulations.

Weimar? Because We Reich You!

by Ed Driscoll

Tiny Current TV may lack for viewers, but between Al Gore and Keith Olbermann, it now has more argumentum ad Hitlerum than any other cable TV channel.

The New Apologists for the Muslim Brotherhood Intensify Their Whitewash

by Ron Radosh

Only the defeat of the Muslim Brotherhood will help to ensure a successful Democratic transition in Egypt. But that doesn’t stop its Western apologists from continuing to airbrush its reputation.

Mr. Dithers

by Richard Fernandez

Obama is the picture of a man who could not choose between chocolate or vanilla and is simply waiting for the soda jerk to make the decision for him.

Soaring Oil Price Threatens U.S. Economy

by Robert Zubrin

As chaos spreads through the Arab world, here’s one way we can protect ourselves.

Democracy or Jew-Hatred? More Evidence of Anti-Semitism at the Egypt Protests

by John Rosenthal

There is massive evidence to be found in the Western media of anti-Semitism and “anti-Zionism” at the Egypt protests. But images in the flickr streams of amateur local photographers are even more shocking and unambiguous.

Clueless on Cairo

by Victor Davis Hanson

I think it would be fair to say that the Obama administration has been caught entirely surprised by the crisis in Egypt.

Spider-Man: The Musical

In the SNL skit, Bono, played by Andy Samberg, says his "reputation was irreparably damaged" by the "Spider-Man" musical.

SNL’s fake law firm for ‘Spider-Man’ injuries

February 14, 2011, at 11:47 AM”Saturday Night Live” takes aim at the embattled musical once again, with an ad that invites injured audience members to sue the show

Sex and Relationships

While more than 75 percent of women prefer a handwritten note on Valentines Day, according to one study, 20 percent of men will text their V-Day message.

Valentine’s Day: 7 facts we’ve learned about romance

February 14, 2011, at 11:30 AMWhat can researchers tell us about the thrills and heartaches of Valentine’s Day? More than you might think

Arab Revolts

Hosni Mubarak and his family could reportedly be worth as much as $70 billion, more than Microsoft tycoon Bill Gates.

Hosni Mubarak’s ‘stolen’ $70 billion fortune

February 14, 2011, at 11:05 AMNow that Egypt’s longtime president has stepped down, attention turns to the wealth he allegedly piled up over three decades in power

Drinking in America

The men in beer commercials have gradually involved into louts, an "adolescent parody of manhood," says Neal Gabler.

Beer’s new pitchman: The loutish man-child

February 14, 2011, at 10:41 AMWhy are beer marketers replacing manly men with “unsophisticated, lazy, misogynist males,” asks Neal Gabler in the Los Angeles Times

Arab Revolts

Egyptian demonstrators successfully deposed President Hosni Mubarak -- proving the "power of peaceful protest."

Post-Mubarak Egypt: Winners and losers

February 14, 2011, at 10:25 AMEgypt rejoiced after the ouster of its 30-year strongman, but his departure also leaves a void. Who benefits now that Mubarak is gone?

Sarah Palin’s presidential bid?

Sarah Palin may have skipped CPAC, but plenty of presidential paraphernalia bearing her likeness was on hand at the conference.

Sarah Palin: ‘Getting serious’ about 2012?

February 14, 2011, at 10:12 AMThe Alaskan star has hired veteran political operative Michael Glassner as her chief of staff. Is this proof she’s gearing up for a presidential bid?

Arab Revolts

Mubarak is out. What happens next with Egypt and the rest of the world?

After Egypt, who should the U.S. back?

February 14, 2011, at 9:12 AMHosni Mubarak’s fall has opened up a huge opportunity for the Arab world, and huge risks for despots, protesters, and the U.S.

The Abortion Battle

Supporters of a woman's right to choose abortion stand in silent protest during a "No Taxpayer Funding For Abortion Act" hearing Tuesday.

Restricting abortion: 5 most controversial debates

February 14, 2011, at 8:00 AMRepublican leaders at both the state and federal levels are making limiting abortion a big priority

U.S. Opinion

RoboCop saved a fictionalized, crime-ridden Detroit in the 1987 eponymous movie, so why can't a statue of the hero robot help the troubled city today?

Could RoboCop save Detroit?

February 14, 2011, at 7:25 AMBeleaguered Michiganders are demanding a statue of the ’80s movie hero. Might they actually get their way?

U.S. Opinion

A woman in Tahrir Square celebrates with the crowd after Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak finally gives up power Friday.

Weekend talking points: 5 top stories

February 11, 2011, at 5:30 PMWhat happened this week? Egypt’s president finally resigned, a “sexy” photo wrecked a congressman’s career, and Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’ miraculous recovery continued

Arab Revolts

Egypt needs to trim back "the power and privileges of the military" in order to ensure a more "open and political system," says Ellis Goldberg in Foreign Affairs.

Military rule: The biggest threat to Egyptian democracy

February 11, 2011, at 5:17 PMThe West is worried about the Muslim Brotherhood, but it should be just as concerned about Egypt’s armed forces taking power, says Ellis Goldberg in Foreign Affairs


Reagan’s Foreign Policy Legacy

by John Heubusch

Few presidents have altered the trajectory of world affairs as dramatically as Ronald Reagan. (Also read Richard Pollock at the Tatler: Happy Birthday, Ronnie…but you wouldn’t know it at D.C.’s Reagan Building )

America’s Other Drug Problem

by Paul Hsieh

The government’s set to worsen our shortage of life-saving medications.

Did the National Rifle Association Buy Congress?

by Howard Nemerov

It’s often said that the NRA’s political influence stems from outspending gun control supporters. That’s a myth.

The Manic-Depressive MSM

by Ed Driscoll

The MSM descends from the heights of an imagined forty year Democratic reign that began on January 20, 2009, to Paradise Lost, just two years later.

Not Just Egypt’s Moment, Obama’s Too – Peter Beinart, The Daily Beast
A Colossal Failure for Obama’s Foreign Policy – Niall Ferguson, Newsweek
The U.S. Can Overcome 9/11 Through 2/11 – Roger Cohen, New York Times
After Egypt, What Should U.S. Allies Conclude? – Mark Steyn, SteynOnline
Obama, GOP in Different Galaxy on Budget – E.J. Dionne, Washington Post
Government Gone Wrong – Robert Samuelson, Newsweek
Debt Is the New “Red Menace” – Gov. Mitch Daniels, CPAC
How Timothy Geithner Survived – Noam Scheiber, The New Republic
Death of Ireland’s Crony Insiders – Christopher Caldwell, Weekly Standard
There Is No Life in Our Jobs Market – Mort Zuckerman, US News & WR
Public-Worker Unions Steel for Budget Fights – Melanie Trottman, WSJ
Ideology Shadows Fight to Rule New Egypt – Oren Dorell, USA Today
The West Loses Its Favorite Tyrant – Gathmann, Putz & Weiland, Der Spiegel
Behind Team Obama’s Egypt Gaffes – Michael Walsh, New York Post
The Future of Telecom is Now – Sen. John Kerry, Politico
Crisis Mode Persists for Detroit Schools – Matthew Dolan, Wall St. Journal
Charlie Sheen’s Search for God – Father Raymond de Souza, National Post
Sunday Video Highlights: Ryan | Lew | Boehner | FNS, MTP, TW Panels


The Special Interest Driving Spending? Big Labor – Washington Examiner
House GOP Tries to Skewer the EPA – Las Vegas Sun
Egypt Shockwaves Being Felt Throughout Mideast – The Guardian
Obama Botched Egypt — Here’s How To Fix It – Investor’s Business Daily

UN and U.S. Double Standards: Egypt vs. Iran

by Claudia Rosett

Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon said nothing to the Iranian government when the demonstrators in Iran were bleeding in the streets, but wants Mubarak to go “now”?

On Energy, Obama’s Full of Hot Air

by Dr. Jack Rafuse

The president’s unrealistic energy generation goals and detrimental new energy taxes must be rejected.

The Middle East and the Multicultural Nightmare

by Victor Davis Hanson

To the degree Obama feels comfortable “imposing our values” and taking a stand, it will only be in a context where there is an authoritarian figure who can be seen as culpably right-wing or an American puppet.

Senator Corker: Put a ‘Straightjacket’ on Federal Spending (PJM Exclusive)

by Stephen Green

Vodkapundit interviews the Tennessee senator regarding his proposed Commitment to Prosperity Act.

Egypt: Reasons for Abject Despair and Pessimism

by Bryan Preston

Recent history should sober up the idealists among us. But it probably won’t. (For a different take on the crisis in Egypt, read Raymond Ibrahim at the Tatler: “Why the Egyptian Revolution Can Be the Best – or Worst – Thing to Happen”)

Anti-Semitic Imagery at Egypt Protests Draws Yawns from Western Media

by John Rosenthal

Whether or not it represents the advent of freedom for Egyptians, the current protest movement clearly represents the advent of the total banalization of anti-Semitism in the Western media. (Also read Bruce Bawer at the Tatler: “CNN: See no evil”)

Egypt: No-Holes-Barred Diplomacy

by Richard Fernandez

The time is fast approaching when President Obama will have to throw in behind one faction or the other in Egypt. Signaling doesn’t always stop a runaway train. (Also read Jerusalem Post: Machine gun fire in Tahrir Square” at the Tatler)

Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah, Here I Am at Camp Guevara

by Ron Radosh

It’s the 21st century, and Communist summer camps still exist.

ObamaCare Held Unconstitutional: The Brilliant Decision

by Dan Miller

Only one who simply doesn’t care about individual rights could read Judge Vinson’s decision and still believe the individual mandate is constitutional. (Also read: “McConnell to attach ObamaCare repeal to FAA bill today”)

Washington Is Clueless; Mubarak Is Not

by Richard Fernandez

Does Barack Obama have any cards left to play? Or is he left crossing his fingers that the crisis in Egypt will end OK? (And at the Tatler: “Obama addresses Egypt unrest”)

Politicized Science: The ‘Erin Brockovich Chemical’

by Angela Logomasini

Senate hearings on chromium-6 in our drinking water will feature a lot of smoke and mirrors about “dangerous” levels of the chemical, but not much real science.

The Egyptian Crisis Continues

by Josh Shahryar

Protesters refuse to stop. Mubarak shows no intention of stepping down.

BREAKING: Federal Judge in Fla declares ObamaCare void and unconstitutional

by Roger L Simon

Initial link at the Tatler. Much more to follow as story develops.

Goodbye to All That — 2004-2007

by Victor Davis Hanson

Remember when Guantanamo was a gulag, renditions were the stuff of Hollywood movies, and Bush and Cheney were deemed veritable war criminals? Was it all a dream, those nightmare years of 2004-7?

In Libya, Gaddafi Sounds Scared

by Claudia Rosett

Libyans have even more reasons to hate their tyrant than the Egyptians had to hate Hosni Mubarak.

Who Keeps You Safe? You Do

by AWR Hawkins

For free citizens like us, self-preservation is a duty.

Mubarak and Anti-Semitism: A Boomerang Effect?

by John Rosenthal

American pundits say that the deposed Egyptian president fomented anti-Semitism in Egyptian society. But on closer examination, the charges again reveal the anti-Semitism of the opposition that toppled him.

Apocalypse Imminent

by Mark Tapson

With the world focused on Egypt and the possible rise to power of the Muslim Brotherhood there, the new documentary Iranium is a disturbing reminder that Iran remains the truly imminent and terrifying threat to American interests and world peace.

Quantum Computing and Counterintelligence

by N.M. Guariglia

This century, less will be more for the CIA.

Never Mind Egypt. What Would We Do without the UN?

by Claudia Rosett

You might expect that Obama’s ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, would be working overtime to enhance the chances that Egypt’s uprising will become a portal to democracy, rather than a replay of Iran. You’d be wrong.

The identity of the bomber who killed 36 people at Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport has been named, and his relatives are arrested. Chechen “emir” claims responsibility for the blast.

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