TODAY IN POLITICS: Push to de-fund Planned Parenthood gaining momentum, Activist: Another abortion clinic ignoring law, Obama’s ‘anti-energy’ agenda challenged

February 11, 2011

Military to Run the Country

Mubarak Steps Down as President of Egypt

Leaves Cairo for resort town

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Egyptians Protesters celebration Mubarak  Resignation

Egyptians Protesters celebration Mubarak Resignation

The Vice President of Egypt has just announced on Egyptian State run television that Hosni Mubarak has resigned as President of Egypt. Earlier today he and his family left Cairo for a palace outside of the city. It is reported that the military has taken over running the country.

Large rallies have continued in cities all around Egypt.

President Obama will address the situation in Egypt at the White House at 3pm ET today followed by the daily White House Briefing. More »

  • The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) moves onto day two where high profile politicians and possible 2012 presidential candidates meetr to discuss the conservative political agenda.

    The annual three-day meeting aims to promote the conservative movement and advocate for domestic policies. Today’s speakers include Former Governors Tim Pawlenty (R-MN) and Mitt Romney (R-MA), Senator John Thune (R-SD) and Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX). Later tonight, Governor Mitch Daniels (R-IN) will speak during a banquet paying tribute to former President Ronald Reagan. More »

  • Gibbs Last Day as Press Secretary

    Jay Carney takes over Monday

    Updated 16 min. ago

    White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs wraps up his tenure as President Obama’s spokesman today. His successor, Vice President Biden’s communication director Jay Carney, takes over the podium next week. More »

Experts Analyze Future of Mortgage Market

Updated 27 min. agoC-SPAN

The Obama Administration delivered a report to Congress today that aims to reform America’s housing finance market.  This morning, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner unveiled the plan to wind down Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and shrink the government’s current footprint in housing finance on a responsible timeline at a forum hosted by the Brookings Institution today.

More »

BREAKING NEWS: Mubarak resigns, hands power to military

video icon buttonEgypt’s Hosni Mubarak resigned as president and handed control to the military on Friday after 29 years in power, bowing to a historic 18-day wave of pro-democracy demonstrations by hundreds of thousands.

Related article: ‘Fox inside the hen house’

‘Gender identity’ triumphs in KS

A long, drawn-out debate over a homosexual discrimination ordinance in a Kansas college town has culminated with a victory for ”gender identity.”

Controversy as CPAC kicks off

The Conservative Political Action Conference has betrayed conservative principles. That’s the message coming from several former supporters of the annual gathering that starts this week.

Conservatives urged not to ignore moral issues

Two black ministers and a former senator have urged thousands of conservative activists not to abandon moral principles to focus solely on economic issues.

Nat’l security trumps ‘feelings’

Senator Roger Wicker, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, says in light of the recent report on the 2009 Fort Hood massacre, the national security establishment needs a different mindset.

A ‘moderate’ Muslim group the West should embrace

Libya is home to an Islamic group that truly deserves to be labeled “moderate,” says an Australian political and defense analyst.

‘Mushroomed’ opposition to Islamic fundraiser

Hundreds of protestors are expected to show their opposition to an upcoming fundraiser hosted by an Islamic organization that holds ideals similar to those of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Planned Parenthood’s ‘smear campaign’

As Planned Parenthood bears the brunt of more undercover probes, it has launched a personal attack against Lila Rose of Live Action.

Push to de-fund Planned Parenthood gaining momentum

poll vote button 2Congressman Mike Pence says efforts to defund Planned Parenthood “once and for all” may be within reach.

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Perspective: De-fund the predatory Planned Parenthood

Michelle Malkin smallThose who dismiss the current Planned Parenthood scandal as an anomaly are either in denial or abjectly ignorant.

Unions advised to heed ObamaCare

Though labor unions are strong supporters of ObamaCare, a new article suggests that many union members will actually lose their healthcare plans under the law.

Med. legislation ‘not the answer’

Three U.S. representatives are joining forces to fight against the epidemic of prescription drug abuse.

A magazine for tea partiers

The tea party movement’s first national magazine will be unveiled at this week’s Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, DC.

Missionary’s conviction appealed

An appeal has been filed in the case of a young woman who was arrested for filming other missionaries at an Arab festival in Dearborn, Michigan, last summer.

The (heart)beat goes on…

Republican legislators in Ohio are submitting a proposal that would prevent abortionists from stopping a beating heart.

Activist: Another abortion clinic ignoring law

Following a recently discovered trend, an abortion clinic in Illinois is involved with providing abortions for underage children.

Obama’s ‘anti-energy’ agenda challenged

A week following a federal judge’s decision to hold the Interior Department in contempt for ignoring a ruling to stop the drilling moratorium in the Gulf of Mexico, an expert at The Heritage Foundation looks at what lies ahead.

Political corruption and greed

Candidates running for office in a California city that has become infamous for corruption and greed are promising honesty to their constituents as they seek to win over a skeptical electorate.

GOP in 2012 – might it be Mitt?

An author and former member of the Reagan administration is worried that former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney could be the GOP nominee in the 2012 presidential race.

  • 2012 LIVE

    T-Paw to Tallahassee

    Florida Republicans are getting a visit next week from presidential hopeful Tim Pawlenty.

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Rudderless in the White House

by Stephen Green

Mubarak has stepped down, and no doubt the White House will claim this is a great victory for its Egypt policy. But which Egypt policy? (Also see “Video: Gov. Tim Pawlenty addresses the unrest in Egypt” at the Tatler.)

Ouch! More Smart Diplomacy

by Roger Kimball

I have come to cherish the phrase “U.S. intelligence indicates … ”

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The Spooks’ Black Thursday

by Michael Ledeen

James Clapper’s astonishing declarations concerning the Muslim Brotherhood are yet another reminder that our “intelligence” experts are blinded by some amazingly politically correct and demonstrably false stereotypes. (Also read Patrick Poole at the Tatler: “Obama’s worst day.”)

Bombshell: Justice Department Only Selectively Complies with Freedom of Information Act (PJM Exclusive)

by J. Christian Adams

According to documents PJM has obtained, FOIA requests from liberals or politically connected civil rights groups are often given same day turn-around by the DOJ. But requests from conservatives or Republicans face long delays, if fulfilled at all. (And don’t miss J. Christian Adams’ PJTV interview here.)

Can American Values Radicalize Muslims Both Here and Abroad?

by Raymond Ibrahim

Far from eliminating radicalization, there is reason to believe that Western values can actually exacerbate Islamist tendencies.

Signs of the Times

by Victor Davis Hanson

Poseurs of the Arena. Plus, VDH answers questions from readers.

They All Call Her ‘Gabby’

by Elise Cooper

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was wounded last month in Tucson. Her friends, neighbors, and constituents tell Pajamas Media about the woman they know as “Gabby.”

What, Never? W.S. Gilbert on the Muslim Brotherhood

by Roger Kimball

I have a sneaking suspicion Geert Wilders was right when he said that there may well be such a thing as moderate Muslim but, alas, there is not such thing as moderate Islam.

‘Green’ Lobbyist Who Shaped Energy Dept. Policy Hired by Bailed Out Bank. Hmmm.

by Christopher Horner

At what point does this sort of admission warrant investigation by Congress?

Los Angeles Times Spreading Disinformation on LAPD Turmoil

by Jack Dunphy

The Times shows its naivete regarding the work of police gang units and why they are balking at financial disclosure regulations.

Weimar? Because We Reich You!

by Ed Driscoll

Tiny Current TV may lack for viewers, but between Al Gore and Keith Olbermann, it now has more argumentum ad Hitlerum than any other cable TV channel.

The New Apologists for the Muslim Brotherhood Intensify Their Whitewash

by Ron Radosh

Only the defeat of the Muslim Brotherhood will help to ensure a successful Democratic transition in Egypt. But that doesn’t stop its Western apologists from continuing to airbrush its reputation.

Mr. Dithers

by Richard Fernandez

Obama is the picture of a man who could not choose between chocolate or vanilla and is simply waiting for the soda jerk to make the decision for him.

Soaring Oil Price Threatens U.S. Economy

by Robert Zubrin

As chaos spreads through the Arab world, here’s one way we can protect ourselves.

Democracy or Jew-Hatred? More Evidence of Anti-Semitism at the Egypt Protests

by John Rosenthal

There is massive evidence to be found in the Western media of anti-Semitism and “anti-Zionism” at the Egypt protests. But images in the flickr streams of amateur local photographers are even more shocking and unambiguous.

Clueless on Cairo

by Victor Davis Hanson

I think it would be fair to say that the Obama administration has been caught entirely surprised by the crisis in Egypt.

Reagan’s Foreign Policy Legacy

by John Heubusch

Few presidents have altered the trajectory of world affairs as dramatically as Ronald Reagan. (Also read Richard Pollock at the Tatler: Happy Birthday, Ronnie…but you wouldn’t know it at D.C.’s Reagan Building )

America’s Other Drug Problem

by Paul Hsieh

The government’s set to worsen our shortage of life-saving medications.

Did the National Rifle Association Buy Congress?

by Howard Nemerov

It’s often said that the NRA’s political influence stems from outspending gun control supporters. That’s a myth.

The Manic-Depressive MSM

by Ed Driscoll

The MSM descends from the heights of an imagined forty year Democratic reign that began on January 20, 2009, to Paradise Lost, just two years later.

UN and U.S. Double Standards: Egypt vs. Iran

by Claudia Rosett

Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon said nothing to the Iranian government when the demonstrators in Iran were bleeding in the streets, but wants Mubarak to go “now”?

On Energy, Obama’s Full of Hot Air

by Dr. Jack Rafuse

The president’s unrealistic energy generation goals and detrimental new energy taxes must be rejected.

The Middle East and the Multicultural Nightmare

by Victor Davis Hanson

To the degree Obama feels comfortable “imposing our values” and taking a stand, it will only be in a context where there is an authoritarian figure who can be seen as culpably right-wing or an American puppet.

Senator Corker: Put a ‘Straightjacket’ on Federal Spending (PJM Exclusive)

by Stephen Green

Vodkapundit interviews the Tennessee senator regarding his proposed Commitment to Prosperity Act.

Egypt: Reasons for Abject Despair and Pessimism

by Bryan Preston

Recent history should sober up the idealists among us. But it probably won’t. (For a different take on the crisis in Egypt, read Raymond Ibrahim at the Tatler: “Why the Egyptian Revolution Can Be the Best – or Worst – Thing to Happen”)

Anti-Semitic Imagery at Egypt Protests Draws Yawns from Western Media

by John Rosenthal

Whether or not it represents the advent of freedom for Egyptians, the current protest movement clearly represents the advent of the total banalization of anti-Semitism in the Western media. (Also read Bruce Bawer at the Tatler: “CNN: See no evil”)

Egypt: No-Holes-Barred Diplomacy

by Richard Fernandez

The time is fast approaching when President Obama will have to throw in behind one faction or the other in Egypt. Signaling doesn’t always stop a runaway train. (Also read Jerusalem Post: Machine gun fire in Tahrir Square” at the Tatler)

Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah, Here I Am at Camp Guevara

by Ron Radosh

It’s the 21st century, and Communist summer camps still exist.

ObamaCare Held Unconstitutional: The Brilliant Decision

by Dan Miller

Only one who simply doesn’t care about individual rights could read Judge Vinson’s decision and still believe the individual mandate is constitutional. (Also read: “McConnell to attach ObamaCare repeal to FAA bill today”)

Washington Is Clueless; Mubarak Is Not

by Richard Fernandez

Does Barack Obama have any cards left to play? Or is he left crossing his fingers that the crisis in Egypt will end OK? (And at the Tatler: “Obama addresses Egypt unrest”)

Politicized Science: The ‘Erin Brockovich Chemical’

by Angela Logomasini

Senate hearings on chromium-6 in our drinking water will feature a lot of smoke and mirrors about “dangerous” levels of the chemical, but not much real science.

The Egyptian Crisis Continues

by Josh Shahryar

Protesters refuse to stop. Mubarak shows no intention of stepping down.

BREAKING: Federal Judge in Fla declares ObamaCare void and unconstitutional

by Roger L Simon

Initial link at the Tatler. Much more to follow as story develops.

GOProud Party Breitbart’s Proudest Hour

by Roger L Simon

The party staged by Andrew Breitbart for the gay Republican group was as close to a game changer as things get and the most interesting event at CPAC by far, at least to this point.

Putin Makes Solzhenitsyn Required Reading

by Jeff Durstewitz

If the Russians get the truth about Stalin, why not us?

Busing Redux: Misunderstanding Brown v. Board

by John Rosenberg

Diversity worship turns the landmark ruling on its head.


by Richard Fernandez

With Mubarak thumbing his nose at the U.S. by refusing to step down, the Obama administration may manage to achieve what only few governments in history have done: alienate their enemies as well as their friends. (Update: At the Tatler, Egypt’s ambassador to the U.S. tells CNN that Egyptian Vice President Suleiman is now that nation’s “de facto” president.)

Director of National Intelligence Clapper Comes A-Cropper of His Own Ignorance

by Brian Fairchild

James Clapper told a congressional committee that the Muslim Brotherhood is ‘largely secular” and has “eschewed violence.” (Also read Michael Ledeen’s “Claptrap from Clapper” and Ron Radosh’s “James Clapper’s Stunning Assessment: We Must Demand He Be Fired” at the Tatler.)

Criticizing Elites, Cultivating Excellence

by Peter Berkowitz

From the perspective of our founding fathers, our elites deserve rigorous criticism. But we mustn’t stop there.

CPAC Boycott by Social Cons Uncovers the Right’s ‘Gay Problem’

by Rick Moran

The gay conservative group GOProud deserves a place at the table. (And don’t miss live CPAC coverage, streaming on PJTV.)

‘Unlike European Cities, No Bombs Fell on this American City’

by Ed Driscoll

Mark Steyn reminds a Detroit talk radio host that the Motor City’s near-fatal injuries were entirely made in America.

Are Two Constitutional Crises on the Way?

by Dan Miller

I don’t know how we avoid them if the administration does not change its approach to court rulings on both ObamaCare and Gulf oil drilling.

Obama Must Go

by David Solway

The worst possible president at the worst possible time.

Does the HuffPo Sale Mean Obama Is Over?

by Roger L Simon

Arianna has read the tea leaves: progressivism is no longer good business.

Anti-Semitism and Israel Bashing? Must Be a European Parliament Paper

by Stefan Frank

Yet another “fact-finding” mission to Gaza (complete with posh hotel stay) results in double-standards for the Jews. Not surprising, considering the communists, socialists, and greens on the committee.

Huffington’s Heist

by Tom Blumer

Hundreds of millions, on the backs of free help. Imagine the outcry if a conservative site did that.

The Neocons’ Egypt Dilemma

by Neo-Neocon

Why are some who criticized Obama’s 2009 failure to support the pro-democracy forces in Iran now advocating going slowly in Egypt? (Also read Michael Ledeen at the Tatler: “Conservatives’ Fight over Egypt”)

Lieberman’s Legacy: Good Man, Terrible Climate Policy

by Art Horn

Let’s recall just how close Lieberman and McCain were to passing a useless bill that would be crushing our economy right now.

On His 100th Birthday, Reagan Stands Alone

by Michael Swartz

A president like this comes along once a century.

Much to Savor in The Collected Writings of Sarah Rose Horowitz

by David Forsmark

A self-portrait of the indomitable character of a woman struck down before her time.

Governor Christie’s Islamist Problem

by Ryan Mauro

The New Jersey governor’s stardom has just hit a bump, as he is under fire for embracing Muslims with Islamist ties.

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