What Does Charles Krauthammer Have in Common With Neville Chamberlain? Objectivity?

February 23, 2011

Joshua Pitts


On Bill O’Reilly last night, Charles Krauthammer did a good impression of Neville Chamberlain (the traitor of Great Britain).

Suggesting that referring to Obama directing the Unions from the White House as conspiratorial, Krauthammer shut down O’Reilly’s legitimate question:  “WAS OBAMA DIRECTING UNION EFFORTS in Wisconsin”?

I find Krauthhammer’s response to O’Reilly baffling.

On a nightly basis Krauthhammer describes Obama radicalism. Krauthhammer wrote an article entitled: “Does he Lie?”, referring to Obama.

What is conspiratorial about telling the American People that Obama, the community organizer, is directing the unions?

If the evidence suggests that Obama is Socialist, then we are forced to suspend disbelief and accept that Obama will behave as socialists do.

Is it possible that  Obama is a socialist and will thus act the way socialists act?

David Solway writes in Pajamamedia: “Again, Kloppenberg writes that Obama is acquainted “with the venerable tradition of American democracy,” but his actions — e.g., the appointment of “czars” to circumvent Congress, the dropping of the New Black Panther case and using his appointment powers to frustrate the investigation of the travesty, the refusal to police rampant voter fraud, the takeover of much of the auto industry and banking sector, the gross violation of investment protocol in the Chrysler affair at the expense of legally secured bondholders, the forcing of an unread health care bill into law in the dead of night and against the wishes of the majority of Americans, the dispatching of his political operation, Organizing for America, to agitate on the side of the unions against the Wisconsin state government’s legitimate effort to put its financial house in order, the friendly relation with the Muslim Brotherhood — prove decisively otherwise. As Barry Rubin comments in a review of Reading Obama, “The professors in too many cases have become the village idiots of America, as much out of touch with their own country and reality as the French aristocracy was at the time of the revolution there.” Amen. Meanwhile, the urge to combat the groveling follies of the Kloppenbergs of the liberal peloton tends to keep me in the race.”

If the evidence suggests that Obama could be a socialist ( because Obama is a liar and will never tell us what he is), then what do socialists do?

Socialist leaders around the world absolutely use unions to help them achieve power in the midst of democracies. Look at Evo Morales of Bolivia who used the Coca union to achieve dictatorial control in democratic Bolivia.  Hugo Chavez used government unions to gain dictatorial control in democratic Venezuela.  Robert Mugabe used teacher unions to gain dictatorial control in democratic Zimbabwe.

What is truly conspiratorial is how objective conservatives try to be, while real enemies literally drive planes into our buildings and then accuse us of abusive retention facilities.

Our effeminate desire to see all points of view is being constantly used against conservatives.

I am sick of objective conservatives: Charles Krauthammer and George Will.  You two are the token conservatives on liberal talk shows.  Objectivity does not equate to playing dumb so that you won’t appear conspiratorial.

The best  times of my life have been had when I have had an opinion and held it  against overwhelming odds.

The objective prism that has imprisoned the voice of the majority of this nation for the past 60 years has resulted in national failure.

We need men with strong opinions.

We need Churchills not Chamberlains.

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