NEWS PARADE: Yes, Violence Can be the Answer, # ‘Americans Stole Our Land’ – AZ Senator Reads Shocking Letter from Teacher

March 23, 2011

1. Clinton Official Involved in Controversies Stemming From 9/11 and Subprime Loan Crisis Reportedly Shortlisted to Run FBI

2.  There’s A Right Way To Answer The Question “Where Will You Be In Five Years?”

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3.  7 Ways To Hire People With Awesome Personalities

4.  Donald Trump keynote speaker at Iowa GOP event

5.  Egypt Stock Market Opens, Plunges, Triggers Circuit Breakers, Closes

6.  The Bullies’ Many Pulpits

7.  CBO: Obama to Push Public Debt above $20 Trillion by 2021

8.  Yes, Violence Can be the Answer
Selwyn Duke
It was the body slam heard around the world. When some Australian schoolboys decided to videotape themselves bullying 15-year old Casey Heynes, one of them got more than he bargained for. More

9.  Sudanese president denies supporting armed militias in south Sudan

People’s Daily – Tue Mar 22, 9:37 pm ETSudanese President Omar al- Bashir on Tuesday refuted south Sudan government’s accusations that Khartoum supported armed militias that threaten the stability of the south which is to be officially declared independent on July 9 this year, reported official SUNA news agency.

10.  After Giffords shooting, Stupak’s fears linger: ‘I’m the face of healthcare’

Jason Millman - 03/23/11 06:00 AM ET

After surviving a “living hell” during healthcare negotiations, ex-Rep. Stupak finds it hard to distance himself from his pivotal role.…
Watchdog groups pressure ethics panel to move forward with Waters probe

Jordy Yager - 03/23/11 01:01 PM ET

Coalition said that the extended delays in the investigation of Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) are “unfair” to everyone involved.…
Cantor hits administration’s handling of Israel after Jerusalem bomb attack

Jordan Fabian - 03/23/11 12:19 PM ET

The No. 2 House Republican accused the administration of being too tough with Israel and demanding “sweeping concessions.”…
Obama administration struggles to define American mission in Libya

Sam Youngman, John T. Bennett and Russell Berman - 03/22/11 08:07 PM ET

The White House scrambled to define the U.S. mission in Libya Tuesday amid congressional criticism from both sides…

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11.  .  Obama, the Left, and War
Jack Kerwick
Obama is no appeaser. He, and the left to which he belongs, embrace violence when it suits their purposes. More

13   Drilling Ken Salazar »

by Michelle Malkin

How much longer can Obama’s oil czar get away with withholding jobs from thousands of Americans? …

March 23 2011 / Comments (2) / Read More »

14   Why Israelis Hate the Left »

by P. David Hornik

Leftist media in the Jewish State seems to be having the same problems as leftist media in the U.S. …

March 23 2011 / Comments (14) / Read More »


16   Commuters tackle man trying to kidnap girl on L.A. rail platform


17    Drill, Bebê, Drill…
March 23, 2011
What’s good enough for Brazil, is not good enough for America. More

Fall leaves blow past an empty home seen in a well kept neighborhood... Reuters

DETROIT (Reuters) – Detroit’s population dropped 25 percent over the last decade to its lowest level in a century, according to Census figures released on Tuesday. Full Story »

19    Congress and its war powers
March 23, 2011
The legislature has been co-opted by the executive when it comes to the power to make war. More

20   Pelosi: Bush needs approval to invade Iran

21    America at the service of the UN
March 23, 2011
How do voters feel about Congress being sidelined to serve the interests of the Arab League? More

22  Chavez foes jostle ahead of Venezuela vote, move left

Reuters – 2 hours 56 minutes agoCriss-crossing Venezuela armed with promises of change, opposition leaders are jostling for position to run against President Hugo Chavez, convinced they can end his long rule with a mix of center-left policies.

23    Gingrich chides House GOP in budget fight: Be willing to ‘take risks’

Michael O’Brien

03/23/11 08:57 AM ET

“I don’t understand the fear that’s involved,” Gingrich said of Republican leaders’ insistence they’ll avoid a government shutdown.…

24       The Power of Samantha Power
March 23, 2011
Working with Barack Obama to weaken the concept of American sovereignty and empower the international community at the expense of American independence More

Posted: 9:47 am EDT March 23, 2011Updated: 10:47 am EDT March 23, 2011

26     More Global Muslim Brotherhood Updates

The Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Report

Islamism on the rise in Egypt, Brotherhood influence in Libya, and in Sudan and Turkey the movement is showing its presence.

27    In Treating UN Approval as the Supreme Test of a Just War

we are contracting out our moral judgment to Hu Jintao and Vladimir Putin

Daniel Hannan

A British conservative argues that if the approval of the Security Council is the supreme test of whether armed intervention is justified, we are in effect contracting out foreign policy to two autocracies: Russia and China.

28      DOJ Memo Confirms Terrorists Have Crossed the Border (PAJAMAS)

  • 29     Clinton Official Embroiled in 9/11 Controversy, Subprime Crisis Now Reportedly Shortlisted to Run FBI (CNS)

  • 30     Costs of Libya Operation Already Piling Up (NATIONAL JOURNAL)

  • 31     Oklahoma tries again to outlaw Sharia (JIHAD WATCH)


    • China has a 115 record number of billionaires on the 2011 Forbes Billionaires List, compared with just 64 last year. Internet-related members such as Robin Li at Baidu and William Ding at Netease are still in the prime of their careers.  Sportswear supplier Ding Shizhong’s Anta Sports Products has managed to find room to compete in China against global industry heavyweight Nike, and apparel …
    • 34        China, predictably, denies Google’s accusations of Gmail tampering

      Engadget – Wed Mar 23, 10:19 am ETOn Monday, Google expressed its belief that its email users in China were experiencing ” a government blockage carefully designed to look like the problem is with Gmail.” Now, as is par for this thorny course, the Chinese state has come out with a terse rebuttal, saying simply that “this is an unacceptable accusation.” The retort was, says the BBC , part of a regular news conference on Tuesday …

    • 35     China: New generation of internet activists targeted

      Amnesty International – 47 minutes ago

    36    Zimbabwe, China Sign $585 Million in Deals

    Industry Week – 2 hours 12 minutes ago

    37   Race or faith — which comes first?

    38   Terrorist attack in Jerusalem


    video icon buttonIsraeli police are blaming Palestinian terrorists for a bomb attack at a crowded bus stop in central Jerusalem.  At least one person is dead.


    Conservative black commentator Ron Miller says of African-American Christians who continue to support Barack Obama: “Whether they admit it or not, they place their blackness ahead of Christ.”


    39   (PJM Exclusive) DOJ Memo Confirms Terrorists Have Crossed the Border

    by Patrick Poole

    PJM reveals a court filing showing that federal prosecutors have admitted a terror threat involving an Al-Shabaab human smuggler who claimed asylum.

    40    Was It Something We Said?

    by Fred and Catherine Grandy

    Former Congressman and talk show host Fred Grandy and his wife Catherine were taken off the air when they refused a request from station management to “tone down” their criticism of Islam.

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