OPINIONS: Who’s to blame for the looming government shutdown?, # Has the Muslim Brotherhood hijacked Egypt’s revolution?

March 29, 2011

Hillary’s War
Victor Sharpe
Oh, what noxious weeds has Hillary Clinton sown! More

Assassinating Gaddafi
Paul Kengor
Now the story can be told. More


  • Radioactive rain from Japan: Is Boston in danger?

    The Week – Tue Mar 29, 7:38 am ET

    New York – Small amounts of radiation are found in rainwater from California to Massachusetts. Does it pose a health threat? Full Story »

  • New York – The 77-year-old music legend (and pothead) is offered a plea deal that involves just one C-note… and an actual melody Full Story »

  • Obama’s Libya speech: 6 takeaways

    The Week – Tue Mar 29, 6:18 am ET

    New York – In a primetime television address, the president lays out his rationale for intervening in Libya. Here, a concise summary of the ways his speech succeeded — and failed Full Story »

  • How Awful Is GE?

    Mona Charen – Tue Mar 29, 3:00 am ET

    Creators Syndicate – April 18 looms like a specter at this time of year, casting a pall over the forsythia and daffodils that coax us to be cheerful. Like a sick child who longs to play outside on a sunny day but must remain confined, we itemizers are chained to desks or dining-room tables littered with receipts, calendars, checkbook registers, and credit card statements for the annual spring ordeal. Full Story »

  • Obama’s War

    Pat Buchanan – Tue Mar 29, 3:00 am ET

    Creators Syndicate – In ordering air and naval strikes on a country that neither threatened nor attacked the United States, did President Obama commit an impeachable act? Full Story »

  • Can virtual reality convince Americans to save for retirement?

    The Week – Tue Mar 29, 2:20 am ET

    New York – Stanford researchers have created old-age avatars for the young, in an effort to encourage them to prepare for their financial future. Their research has found that simply showing people a retirement-age version of themselves made them say they were likely to save 30 percent more money than the control group, whose avatars were not aged. Now, asset management and investment groups say they plan to put the technology to work for their clients. Here’s a brief guide: Full Story »

  • Obama Tries, Without Success, to Explain an Undeclared War

    The Nation – Mon Mar 28, 10:51 pm ET

    The Nation — President Obama finally got around to speaking to the American people about the fact that he has led the country into a third war. Full Story »

  • The Devil We Know

    The Weekly Standard – Mon Mar 28, 3:45 pm ET

    Washington (The Weekly Standard) Vol. 016, Issue 28 – 04/04/2011 – Critics of America’s intervention in Libya have wondered how much we really know about the antigovernment opposition. This is a legitimate line of inquiry. We should be thinking about the devil we may not know. But in Libya today there is also a devil we do know. His name is Muammar Qaddafi. Full Story »

  • It’s Voucher Time

    The Weekly Standard – Mon Mar 28, 3:45 pm ET

    Washington (The Weekly Standard) Vol. 016, Issue 28 – 04/04/2011 – Social Security’s looming deficit can be handled, for the time being, by adjusting benefits a tad downward. Medicaid’s runaway spending can be restrained by giving state governors more flexibility in administering the program. These are modest solutions. Medicare is different. It needs a big solution. Full Story »

  • Give War a Chance

    The Weekly Standard – Mon Mar 28, 3:43 pm ET

    Washington (The Weekly Standard) Vol. 016, Issue 28 – 04/04/2011 – It’s not war but a “time-limited, scope-limited military action.” The United States has been in the lead, but will be stepping back, ASAP, in favor of command (supposedly) by a squabbling coalition of the not-so-willing. Full Story »

Budget Battles

Who’s to blame for the looming government shutdown?

Budget talks between Republicans and Democrats have devolved into a finger-pointing stalemate. A deal by the April 8 deadline looks increasingly unlikely. Whose fault is that?

Best opinion:Lonely Conservative, Wash. Post, Daily Kos…

Why Not Syria and Iran? Hell, Why Not North Korea?

by Michael Ledeen

It’s not that the Libyan thing is a bad thing. It’s that it’s not the main thing. We still are not even beginning to talk about the main thing.

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We Must Support Gaddafi’s Enemies

by Steven Simpson

The alternative is a more dangerous Gaddafi than ever.

R2PAQ (‘Responsibility to Protect Al-Qaeda’)

by John Rosenthal

The supposed “responsibility to protect” has taken America into a war on the side of the ultimate killers of innocents: al-Qaeda. (See also “Rebel Libya: ‘Brothers who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan, now is the time to defend your land!” on the Tatler.)

The Coming, and Why the Left Doesn’t Understand Iran

by Roger L Simon

The Iranian version of The Triumph of the Will, or in this case, the triumph of the Twelfth Imam, now playing at PJTV. (Click here to watch. Also, Reza Kahlili and Michael Ledeen will be giving a press conference on the video Tuesday at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies in DC.)

Remembering the Triangle Shirtwaist Company Fire of 1911

by Ron Radosh

2011 is far away from 1911, but that hasn’t stopped the MSM from attempting to triangulate the plight of pre-WWI factory workers toiling in Dickensian-conditions with 21st century government employees, who in comparison, live (and earn) like potentates.

Why Marco Rubio Should Resist 2012 Temptations

by Myra Adams

Candidates who are chosen for high office largely based on their gender, ethnicity, age, or race (GEAR) usually ruin their careers.

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Understanding Radiation

by Charlie Martin

A primer on how radiation exposure is actually measured so that you can judge for yourself whether the figures coming from Fukushima are worrisome or not.

Obama’s Faith-Building Exercise: Energy and the Middle East

by Mary Claire Kendall

Our Sphinx-like president is now faced with a riddle: how to maintain stability in the Middle East, in the midst of, ironically enough given his campaign slogan, tectonic change.

European Dis-Union in Libya

by Soeren Kern

In the absence of American leadership in Libya, Europeans are looking more and more like the Keystone Kops. It would be funny if it were not so serious.

We are the Scholars of Newspeak We’ve Been Waiting For

by Roger Kimball

“Kinetic military action” and “overseas contingency operations,” indeed: future historians, looking back on this era, will marvel at its capacity for linguistic evasion.

Obama of Arabia

by Richard Fernandez

The Syrian town of Deraa was once the site of a key battle against the Ottoman Empire led by the famed Lawrence of Arabia. Today we are even luckier to be led, not simply by the competent and daring, but by leaders who understand the true battlefield potential of postmodern linguistics. (For more on Syria, don’t miss Michael Ledeen and Anne Bayefsky at the Tatler.)

California Lawsuit Alleges FBI Violation of Muslim Rights

by Elise Cooper

The usual suspects — CAIR and the ACLU — are suing the Bureau for infiltrating mosques in Orange County.

My Suggestion to Replace Katie Couric

by Roger L Simon

With Katie Couric apparently leaving in June, it’s time for CBS to shake things up aesthetically and ideologically. Why not Megyn Kelly as anchorwoman?

The Origins of Postmodernitis

by David Solway

Cultural relativity: How did we get from there to here?

Is Libya Mess the Work of NSC Chief Tom Donilon?

by Richard Pollock

Insiders tell PJM that the unfocused, poorly led campaign sounds like the Donilon they know.

The Crazy Never Stops: Anti-War Protest in L.A.

by Zombie

Any visit to an “anti-war” rally will reveal that it’s not war the far-left opposes, but rather any action that promotes America’s interests. As photographs found by Zombie graphically illustrate, this past Saturday’s protest in L.A. was no exception.

Impounds and Illegals

by Jack Dunphy

LAPD officers manning sobriety checkpoints will no longer impound cars discovered to be driven by unlicensed illegal immigrants. Yes, you read that correctly.


by AWR Hawkins

What would Palin do?

Late Congressman Lantos Praised Libya’s ‘Major Gesture for Peace’

by John Rosenthal

Leaked State Department cables detail American-Libyan cooperation and friendly visits of congressman and senators.

Why Are Pacifist Europeans Declaring War on Libya?

by Soeren Kern

An unintended but highly illuminating irony of the military intervention in Libya is that it has exposed the duplicity behind European pacifism.

The Wimp Goes to War

by Michael Ledeen

Obama, now that your brackets have been busted, it’s time to play in the big leagues: go for the big win, go for victory in the big war, the real war. The little places will become oh so much easier.

Our Blood and Treasure, for Britain and France

by Abraham H. Miller

They have strategic interests and defined objectives in Libya. We do not.

The Times’ Pinch of a Paywall

by Bruce Bawer

On March 28, that sound you hear will be the influence of the New York Times dropping like a rock.

Sarah Palin: America’s Sweetheart No More?

by Carey Roberts

Even Republicans have started to sour on the superstar.

Rove: Don’t Worry, 2012 GOP Candidates Busy with Strategy. Country: Duh — That’s Why We’re Worried

by David Steinberg

The prospective GOP candidates are behaving like Ruling Class. Did they learn anything from 2010?

(PJM Exclusive) Iran Orders Attacks on Saudi Interests Worldwide

by ‘Reza Kahlili’

Furious over Bahrain, Iranian leaders are openly recruiting suicide bombers to strike at the kingdom.

EPA’s Greenhouse Power Grab: Baucus’s Revenge, Democracy’s Peril

by Marlo Lewis

Adopting the Baucus amendment would put Congress’s legislative stamp of approval on EPA’s end-run around the legislative process.

Budget Nuclear Option: Shut Down Obama Until the Election

by Peter Ferrara

It’s time for Republicans to go on the offensive.

Obama Punked by the Arab League on Libya

by Patrick Poole

Welcome to Barack Obama’s AWOL presidency.

Don’t Let Syria Play Out Like 2009 Iran

by Ryan Mauro

The West has an opportunity to cause Assad enormous stress, or even to topple him. (Also see today’s Tatler coverage on Syria.)

Social Security: Obama and the Democrats Dodge Their Debris

by Tom Blumer

President Obama is hoping to ride a cynical wave of ginned-up opposition to any and all entitlement reform to victory in 2012.

It’s Official: Egypt Will Hold Parliamentary Elections in September

by Barry Rubin

Rather than spending the next five months complaining, those who aren’t supporting the Muslim Brotherhood better get started actually working and organizing.

Thrilled by the ‘Arab Spring’? You’re Delusional

by Fred Grandy

I’m flabbergasted to hear people I normally agree with be so optimistic about the current upheaval.

These Days, It Isn’t Just Americans Suffering from Obama’s Failure

by Chris Salcedo

A huge swath of the world is now struggling with his nonsensical leadership.

Drunkblogging Obama’s Libya Speech

by Stephen Green

A time-limited, vermouth-limited overserved kinetic martini-action cocktail operation. (And don’t miss the “Ten missing elements from Obama’s speech.”)

Iranian Rulers, Believing Pre-Messianic Destruction Is Imminent, Make Film To Prepare Muslims

by ‘Reza Kahlili’

We can’t overstate the importance of the English translation of this film: the Iranian leaders are telling the Muslim world to prepare for the annihilation of Israel and the fall of the West. (Watch it exclusively at PJTV.)

Can One Wrong Death Bring Down Corrupt Las Vegas?

by Mike McDaniel

A concealed carry killing raises dangerous questions.

President Obama’s Ten Libyan Paradoxes

by Victor Davis Hanson

There are existential problems with Libya that will have to be addressed, whether Obama chooses to or not.

London Pride — Not!

by Bruce Bawer

British gays need to understand that there’s no place for them in the sharia-run Britain to which millions of Muslims openly aspire. (Also read J. Christian Adams at the Tatler: “Wild animals on the loose in London.”)

Obama’s Monetary Policy: Stick It to the Middle Class

by Kyle-Anne Shiver

Inflated federal egos drive real-world inflation ever higher.

Worry Over Islam Like Hitler’s Hatred of Jews?

by Til Biermann and Clemens Heni

Yes, says Germany’s leading historian of anti-Semitism.

Anti-American, Foreign Donors Are Paying Off Our Profs. Shouldn’t We Address This?

by Clarice Feldman

Adversaries have been buying sway in Congress and the public eye by funding American professors who advocate for them, to the tune of $600M.

Rebel Commander in Libya Fought Against U.S. in Afghanistan

by John Rosenthal

On his own admission, rebel leader Abdul-Hakim al-Hasadi fought American troops in Afghanistan and recruited Libyans to fight American troops in Iraq. (And don’t miss Rosenthal on “Gaddafi and Corruption: WikiLeaks vs. WikiLeaks” at the PJM Tatler.)

Why Anti-Israel Incitement and Terrorism from the PA, PLO, and Fatah Continues

by Moshe Dann

They are fully committed to violence, and with international money flowing in, they have no incentive to change.

J Street’s Jeremy Ben-Ami: No Zionist Hero

by Sol Stern

It takes considerable conceit to compare J Street’s political movement of today and Jeremy’s father’s struggles in the 1940s to alert Americans to the ongoing destruction of European Jewry.

Sucker Punch: An Interesting Failure

by John Boot

“You will be unprepared,” says the advertising tagline for Sucker Punch. That’s true, unless you’re prepared to be disappointed.

Pete Seeger’s Latest Shame

by Ron Radosh

Having recently joined the BDS movement to delegitimize Israel (Boycott, Disinvest and Sanctions), at 91, the former Stalin supporter has finally jeopardized any claim he might have had to be known as supporting tolerance and peace.

Did Islamism Win Egypt’s Revolution?

by Barry Rubin

It’s not all Facebook and flowers.

What Would We Do Without the Arab League?

by Claudia Rosett

Now that it’s time to actually use military force and resources, this collection of dictators has ducked out.

Why Are Americans Making Such a Fuss About the Royal Wedding?

by Rick Moran

What is it about royalty, especially British royalty, that causes otherwise rational Americans to get all mushy-headed and weepy?

Obama Abdicates Commander-in-Chief Authority, Germans Pull Forces Out of NATO Ops in the Med

by Bryan Preston

The president says our military has been “volunteered by others” for the action in Libya. What does that mean?

Was It Something We Said?

by Fred and Catherine Grandy

Former Congressman and talk show host Fred Grandy and his wife Catherine were taken off the air when they refused a request from station management to “tone down” their criticism of Islam.

(PJM Exclusive) DOJ Memo Confirms Terrorists Have Crossed the Border

by Patrick Poole

PJM reveals a court filing showing that federal prosecutors have admitted a terror threat involving an Al-Shabaab human smuggler who claimed asylum.

Cleopatra Dies as the World Goes Crazy

by Roger L Simon

The death of Elizabeth Taylor, “The Last Movie Star,” seems somehow bleakly ironic.

America’s Education Challenge  

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was heralded on the Right for slashing his state's schools budget. But that move may have violated New Jersey's constitution.


Can Chris Christie bounce back after being smacked down on schools?

March 29, 2011, at 2:15 PMA New Jersey judge says the Republican governor’s slashing of school budgets hurts kids — and violates the law

Mad Men  

What would Don Draper do? In a plot twist befitting the series itself, "Mad Men" will be delayed until 2012 because of product placement disputes between the network and the hit show's creator.


Irony Alert: ‘Mad Men’ delayed until 2012… over advertising dispute

March 29, 2011, at 1:50 PMA disagreement over advertising is one of the main sticking points holding up the fifth season of the acclaimed AMC show that’s set in an ad agency

Future of the GOP  

Women shop at a farmers market outside a Latino church in Union City, N.J.: America's growing Latino population may be an electoral obstacle for the Republican Party.


Will America’s growing Latino population doom the GOP?

March 29, 2011, at 1:25 PMRepublicans will have to woo the nation’s fastest-growing minority group to ward off future electoral failure, some commentators warn


Pediatricians warn that the barrage of Facebook status updates and photo sharing can cause some teens to feel isolated and, may lead to depression.


‘Facebook depression’: The new childhood threat

March 29, 2011, at 12:51 PMPediatricians warn that kids barraged with friends’ happy Facebook posts and photos can wind up feeling left out. Is there truth to their claims?

Oprah Winfrey  

Oprah Winfrey during a taping this month: The media tycoon announced she will end her much-loved show earlier than planned to focus on her network, OWN.


Oprah’s last show: Will planet Earth survive?

March 29, 2011, at 12:30 PMThe media’s most powerful woman will wrap up her talk show in May — and bloggers are already relishing the finale’s over-the-top flourishes

The Libyan Muddle »

by Jacob Laksin

Obama’s confused speech sheds little light on America’s incoherent intervention….

March 29 2011 / Comments (24) / Read More »

A Speech and Obfuscations »

by Joseph Klein

The president sidesteps the nation’s questions with predictable untruths. …

March 29 2011 / Comments (14) / Read More »

Iran’s End Times Documentary »

by Ryan Mauro

A regime video celebrates that “the final chapter has begun.” …

March 29 2011 / Comments (21) / Read More »

Teachers Union Unrest in Michigan »

by Tait Trussell

Union bosses push for a Wisconsin-like strike….

March 29 2011 / Comments (8) / Read More »

The Grand Marching Song of the Crusaders Against Israeli Apartheid »

by Steven Plaut

Set to John Philip Sousa music. All together now:…

March 29 2011 / Comments (10) / Read More »

Maher, Palin and NOW »

by Rich Trzupek

Why are some victims of sexual degradation more worthy than others? …

March 29 2011 / Comments (23) / Read More »

Libya and the Soros Doctrine »

by Rick Moran

The dark philosophy shaping Obama’s foreign policy. …

March 28 2011 / Comments (55) / Read More »

Arming the Enemy in Libya »

by Arnold Ahlert

The rebel forces’ ties to al-Qaeda….

March 28 2011 / Comments (4) / Read More »

The Left’s March on London »

by Rich Trzupek

Protesters wreak havoc in the heart of the United Kingdom….

March 28 2011 / Comments (8) / Read More »

Libyan Stalemate? »

by Stephen Brown

Gaddafi’s tricks are on full display as his forces retreat into Tripoli….

March 28 2011 / Comments (0) / Read More »

The Assad Regime Trembles »

by Ryan Mauro

Uprising in Syria gains strength. …

March 28 2011 / Comments (6) / Read More »

Understanding the Third Terror War »

by Caroline Glick

The ominous meaning behind no one taking credit for last Wednesday’s bombing in Jerusalem….

Vin’s Notes on Islamism: Part Five

Vin Ienco

Koran-Burning and fatwas in America, Australia labeled as “Islamophobic” and attacks upon Christians and Jews: Islamism marches on…



1. Videos: Herman Cain: “No, I Would Not” Appoint A Muslim In My Administration
2. Video: Donald Trump Steps Up Calls for President to Release Birth Certificate
3. Video: Reporter Forced to Remain In Closet During Biden Fundraiser
4. Draconian EU Plan to cut CO2 Emissions – EU to ban cars from cities by 2050
5. Video: AP‘s ‘Fact Check‘ Thrashes President’s Speech
6. Video: Iranian Video Says Mahdi is ‘Near’ – or Islamic messiah–is about to appear.
7. Video: President Obama’s Speech on Libya
8. Video: The Most Dramatic Japanese Tsunami Footage Yet – The Ocean wipes out a city…
9. Nanny State: Delaware Gov. Officials Tear Down Residential Homeowners’ Basketball Hoops
10. Video: More than a month later, Indiana Liberal flee baggers finally come home
11. Video: Cherry Blossoms Bloom in Washington DC

Durbin Launches the ‘Anti-Pete King Hearing’

Frank Gaffney, Jr.

The hearings today, led by Dick Durbin, are intended to examine hate-crimes against Muslims, and can be seen as a retaliation for the recent hearings on homegrown Muslim extremism.

U.S. Strategy – Or the Lack Thereof

Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely, US Army (Ret)

To date, government policy elitists in the United States have demonstrated an almost complete ignorance of history in matters of forward strategic planning.

It’s Not That Qaddafi Was Right,

It’s That We Knew He Was Right

Andrew McCarthy

Qaddafi warned that there were al Qaeda Islamist rebels in his country, and the U.S. took him seriously, but now we know that these are with the Libyan rebels, this fact is ignored…

Bigotry Hearing Relies Upon Flawed Statistics

Steve Emerson

Today, a hearing will be held to investigate abuses against Muslims’ civil rights. However, evidence for the hearing will come from tainted sources.

Quote of the Day – March 29, 2011

FSM: Quote of the Day

On the subject of Libya, the White House speech writers have been busy…

Middle East Policy: Muddled Thinking, Muddled Outcome

Presidential Policy: Does It Make the Grade?, James Carafano, PhD

The current crises in the Middle East are not being addressed properly while the administration chooses to consider only one crisis at a time…

Between Caesar, God and Allah

Edward Cline

Separation of mosque and state cannot happen while Islam does not allow its followers to enjoy political or religious freedom of choice and freedom of thought.

The Syrian Spring

Caroline Glick

Anti-regime protests in Syria are a welcome departure from the grim choices posed by Egypt and Libya, because supporting protesters there is actually a good idea.

Vin’s Notes on Islamism: Part Five

Documenting Islamist incursions around the globe.

Vin Ienco

Koran-Burning and fatwas in America, Australia labeled as “Islamophobic” and attacks upon Christians and Jews: Islamism marches on…

A Warning to Proponents of Interfaith Dialogue

Caveat Emptor – Buyers be aware – What you hear is NOT what you get

Rachel Lipsky

Interfaith dialogue tends to be a one-way street, where Muslims present to non-Muslims a glossed-over and neutered version of Islam that is rarely challenged.

2012 Presidential Race  

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) attends a March GOP fundraiser in New Hampshire: The presidential hopeful has her sights set on another key early voting state, Iowa.


Could Michele Bachmann win Iowa?

March 29, 2011, at 12:12 PMThe Minnesota congresswoman sets her sights on the key first-in-the-nation caucus — and some say social conservatives could carry her to a surprise victory

The Groupon Phenomenon  

The Groupon headquarters in Chicago: The daily deal site's revenue was reportedly down 30 percent in February and 32 percent in March.


Groupon’s risky future

March 29, 2011, at 11:57 AMStiff competition, staff turnover, and a dip in revenue have some wondering if tech’s latest darling has already seen its best days. Has Groupon already peaked?

Disaster in Japan  

The city of Boston covered by an early spring fog: Very low levels of radiation have been detected in samples of rainwater in Boston.


Radioactive rain from Japan: Is Boston in danger?

March 29, 2011, at 11:38 AMSmall amounts of radiation are found in rainwater from California to Massachusetts. Does it pose a health threat?

Arab Revolts  

Mohammed Badie, leader of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, speaks during a post-revolution celebration: The Muslim Brotherhood has emerged as a powerful force in Egyptian politics since the uprisings.


Has the Muslim Brotherhood hijacked Egypt’s revolution?

March 29, 2011, at 11:25 AMThough it stayed on the sidelines during the protests that ousted Hosni Mubarak, the Islamist group is flexing its muscles now

Marijuana in America  

Willie Nelson could save himself from a marijuana charge and jail time with a private courtroom concert for a big fan: His prosecutor.


Only in America: Can Willie Nelson evade pot charges with a song?

March 29, 2011, at 10:52 AMThe 77-year-old music legend (and pothead) is offered a plea deal that involves just one C-note… and an actual melody

Budget Battles  

Everyone from John Boehner (R-Ohio) and the Tea Partiers to Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and the media is being blamed for the budget stalemate.


Who’s to blame for the looming government shutdown?

March 29, 2011, at 10:35 AMBudget talks between Republicans and Democrats have devolved into a finger-pointing stalemate. A deal by the April 8 deadline looks increasingly unlikely. Whose fault is that?

War in Libya  

Obama attempts to quell his critics Monday night with a speech on the U.S.'s intervention in Libya.


Obama’s Libya speech: 6 takeaways

March 29, 2011, at 10:18 AMIn a primetime television address, the president lays out his rationale for intervening in Libya. Here, a concise summary of the ways his speech succeeded — and failed


A Walmart protester in 2003: Female Walmart employees are paid less than their male colleagues, claim the plaintiffs in the biggest class-action discrimination case ever.


Did Walmart discriminate against 2 million women?

March 29, 2011, at 6:45 AMThe Supreme Court hears arguments in a massive class-action discrimination suit against the retail giant

The Retirement Crisis  

An avatar in the virtual world computer game Second Life in front of an ATM: Researchers are testing out the effects of virtual reality on Americans' ability to save for retirement.


Can virtual reality convince Americans to save for retirement?

March 29, 2011, at 6:20 AMBy showing people old-age versions of themselves, researchers hope to encourage long-term planning

Bachmann AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall 

Could Michele Bachmann win Iowa?

The Week – Tue Mar 29, 8:12 am ET New York – The Minnesota congresswoman sets her sights on the key first-in-the-nation caucus — and some say social conservatives could carry her to a surprise victory Full Story »

Who’s to blame for the looming government shutdown?

The Week – Tue Mar 29, 6:35 am ET

Groupon’s risky future

The Week – Tue Mar 29, 7:57 am ET

Obama’s Scary Discomfort with American Power
Seth Forman
President Obama’s conviction that American power must be harnessed to the predilections of other countries continues to be his predominant presidential trait. More

An Unnatural Love Affair
Stephen Mauzy
If one anthropomorphizes a rock, one is a nut job. If one anthropomorphizes billions of rocks, one is an environmentalist. More

Obama’s High Food Price Policy Stealing Milk from Babies
Jeffrey Folks
The first time in American history when an administration is deliberately forcing food prices higher in order to increase dependency and extend government control over the economy. More

Our New-Age Saboteurs
John Pechette
Progluddite Definition: a misinformed, misguided political ideologue who believes that technological regression will force humanity to build a New Age Utopia. More

Another Fine Pension Mess
Gary Jason
If you liked paying for the UAW retirement benefits that drove GM and Chrysler into bankruptcy, you’re going to love paying for the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation’s liabilities. More

Biden’s Journalist-in-the-Closet Caper Is a Big Bleeping Deal
Kyle-Anne Shiver
The “most transparent” administration in the history of the world locks a reporter in a closet to keep him from mingling with Party fat-cats More

Educating Bill O’Reilly on the ‘Rape Factor’ in Islam
March 29, 2011
Fox News bigfoot gets an on-air lesson in shari’a More 

Syrian cabinet resigns amid massive unrest
March 29, 2011
The illusion of change. More

How big is the federal budget disaster?
March 29, 2011
Stunning perspective More

Obama’s speech a mix of lies and wishful thinking
March 29, 2011
A long way to go before NATO “takes command” of the mission. More

Pakistan depends more on China for arms than US
March 29, 2011
We need them more than they need us. More

Tim Wu: The Man Who is Destroying the Tech Industry
March 29, 2011
An advisor to the FTC wants to punish companies for their success. More

Hugo Parrots Michelle
March 29, 2011
Counting calories with Chavez and Michelle. More

Obama’s selective compassion
March 29, 2011
Images of slaughter and mass graves. More

Israel’s Knesset Debate and J Street’s Agenda
March 29, 2011
The Soros-funded group under scrutiny in Israel More

Want to live forever? Raise the price of gasoline!
March 29, 2011
“Every $1 uptick in gas prices saves 11,000 lives and $11 billion in health-care costs annually.” More

American Indians Putting Faith in Government ‘Help’?
March 29, 2011
Magnanimous intent appears poised to lull New Mexico’s Indians into yet another round of false hope. More

Panic sets in on the left
March 28, 2011
Two recent headline stories reveal the depth of panic. More


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