POLITICS: Obama’s Monetary Policy: Stick It to the Middle Class, # One battle in Arizona immigration war

March 26, 2011






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Attacks Continue in Libya 

Associated Press

With uprisings continuing in North Africa and the Middle East and NATO taking command of the no-fly zone over Libya, C‑SPAN provided comprehensive coverage of events surrounding the situation in that region.


Today, the Washington Journal continued its look at the situation in Libya with Paul Sullivan, a security studies adjunct professor at Georgetown University. More »

  • President Obama’s health care law, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, reached its first anniversary this week. After a year, Congress and and the states continue to debate its merits.

    The GOP majority in the U.S. House has passed resolutions to repeal the law, but those measures were defeated in the U.S. Senate. Of the four cases challenging the health care law, two federal courts have struck down parts or all of the law as unconstitutional. More »

  • Canada to Hold New Elections May 2

    Gov’t falls after no confidence vote

    Canadian Prime Minister Harper’s party held a minority of seats in the Parliament and the opposition parties, led by the Liberals, on Friday called for a no confidence vote, stating that the Government was in contempt of Parliament. That measure passed by a vote of 156-145.

    This morning, Harper dissolved Parliament and called for new elections on May 2nd. The formal announcement was held after he visited with the Governor General of Canada..  More »

GOP Presidential in Iowa for Conservative Conference

Gingrich, Bachmann, Barbour among speakers

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GOP Presidential in Iowa for Conservative Conference

Several possible 2012 Republican Presidential candidates were in Des Moines, Iowa, to speak at the Conservatives Principles Political Action Committee (PAC) day-long conference. Notably, Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, former Godfather Pizza CEO Herman Cain and Minnesota Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann addressed the group about the issues important in the upcoming presidential campaign.. More »

Getty Images

On the heels of ‘ObamaCare’ conservatives target ‘ObamaRail’

Keith Laing - 03/26/11 04:32 PM ET
High-speed rail is becoming a focal point of criticism for the president’s opponents just as the healthcare law did.…

Homeschoolers boot creationist


poll vote button 2Ken Ham, the founder of the apologetics ministry Answers in Genesis, has been kicked out of two home-school conferences. He says he was confronting “liberal theology” — conference organizers say he was “mean-spirited.”

Apple’s action stems from ‘homo-facism’


Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality says a movement that was once widely regarded as “a taboo, a sin, and a perversion” is now dictating to the rest of the culture what should and should not be allowed.

Opposition topples Canadian gov’t


Opposition parties toppled Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government in a no confidence vote, triggering Canada’s fourth election in seven years.

Target sues San Diego homosexual group


Target Corp. is suing a San Diego pro-homosexual group to get it to stop canvassing outside its San Diego County stores, alleging its activists are driving away customers.

Legitimizing sharia law in U.S.?


A bestselling author and terrorism expert says a Florida judge has set a very bad precedent in ruling that a dispute between two Muslim parties can be settled under sharia law.

Women in combat = more suicides


Pentagon advisor Bob Maginnis isn’t surprised by the results of a recent study that showed the suicide rate for female soldiers triples when they go to war.

Pro-life billboard controversy


Controversy is stirring over a proposed billboard ad in Flint, Michigan, which quotes Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood.

Love has already won


Michael Youseff smallWhat Rob Bell and the emerging-church movement is preaching imposes a brand of socialism on the Bible — and in so doing, they twist every text to make it fit their theory.

GOP struggles over first ‘gay’ official


The California Republican Party has elected its first openly homosexual board member. One incumbent is hopeful the action will not further enforce a “gay” agenda on citizens of The Golden State.

The Weiner waiver wormhole


Michelle Malkin smallIn a typical Democratic two-step, Rep. Anthony Weiner defends ObamaCare — then pushes for a healthcare exemption for his congressional district.

Suspension for oregano a no-go


The Rutherford Institute says officials at a Virginia middle school have rescinded the 10-day suspension of a student for possessing a plastic bag of oregano at school.

Pro-life cause targeted in NYC


New York City faces a federal lawsuit over its recently passed ordinance dealing with the free-speech rights of pro-life pregnancy centers.

Obama’s Monetary Policy: Stick It to the Middle Class

by Kyle-Anne Shiver

Inflated federal egos drive real-world inflation ever higher.

Worry Over Islam Like Hitler’s Hatred of Jews?

by Til Biermann and Clemens Heni

Yes, says Germany’s leading historian of anti-Semitism.

Why Anti-Israel Incitement and Terrorism from the PA, PLO, and Fatah Continues

by Moshe Dann

They are fully committed to violence, and with international money flowing in, they have no incentive to change.

Anti-American, Foreign Donors Are Paying Off Our Profs. Shouldn’t We Address This?

by Clarice Feldman

Adversaries have been buying sway in Congress and the public eye by funding American professors who advocate for them, to the tune of $600M.

Rebel Commander in Libya Fought Against U.S. in Afghanistan

by John Rosenthal

On his own admission, rebel leader Abdul-Hakim al-Hasadi fought American troops in Afghanistan and recruited Libyans to fight American troops in Iraq. (And don’t miss Rosenthal on “Gaddafi and Corruption: WikiLeaks vs. WikiLeaks” at the PJM Tatler.)

The clock is ticking for Huckabee, Palin to join the race in Iowa

Shane D’Aprile - 03/26/11 05:55 AM ET

With Pawlenty in the race and Bachmann getting national attention, the pressure is on the other possible GOP candidates.…

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Among the 61 Democratic targets in 2012: GOP panel chairmen

Molly K. Hooper - 03/26/11 09:07 AM ET

Democrats hope that Republican chairmen who investigate President Obama will be vulnerable in their reelection races.…
Back and forth escalates over state of budget negotiations

Erik Wasson and Jamie Klatell - 03/26/11 10:31 AM ET

Republicans and Democrats debate if there’s “progress,” then lay blame for lack of it at each other’s feet.…

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Gadhafi paid US PR firm for 2009 UN visit

Kevin Bogardus - 03/26/11 03:18 PM ET

Under fire now, the Libyan leader was trying to mend fences with the international community in New York.…
Peter King will support more funds for military operations in Libya

Jordy Yager - 03/26/11 11:49 AM ET

Ranking Republican on homeland security issues wants to “take out Gadhafi” but wants to hear more from Obama.…
Geithner to visit China next week

Peter Schroeder - 03/25/11 03:36 PM ET

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner will visit China at the end of March, the department announced Friday.…
New report presents alternatives to health reform’s individual mandate

Julian Pecquet - 03/25/11 04:22 PM ET

Healthcare experts propose alternatives to the reform law’s individual mandate in case it gets repealed or struck down…
House armed services panel unveils earmark-free legislative process

John T. Bennett - 03/25/11 01:28 PM ET

The House Armed Services Committee chairman introduced a process to keep earmarks out of defense authorization legislation…
Geraldine Ferraro, first female vice presidential candidate, dies

Gautham Nagesh

03/26/11 06:07 PM ET

Trail-blazing New York Democrat succumbs to cancer at age 75, her family says.…
Obama: ‘We’re succeeding’ in Libya

Sam Youngman

03/26/11 06:00 AM ET

The president’s weekly address seeks to clarify the White House’s plan for acting against Gadhafi.…

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McDonnell: Healthcare law an unconstitutional budget buster

Gautham Nagesh

03/26/11 06:00 AM ET

Republican address takes an economic approach in it’s anti-healthcare law message.…

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Conyers calls for inquiry of treatment of Muslim Americans

Jordy Yager

03/26/11 01:23 PM ET

Michigan Democrat will pursue CAIR allegations that U.S. agents harassed Muslim citizens coming back from Canada.…
Sunday’s talk show lineup: Selling Libya

Jamie Klatell

03/26/11 07:00 AM ET

A look at who’s talking this weekend and where you can see them.…
Freshman Republican: Obama’s timing on Libya ‘intentional’

Russell Berman

03/25/11 04:22 PM ET

Freshman Rep. Austin Scott believes Obama intentionally waited to attack Libya until after Congress left Washington. …
McCain: Violence at Mexican border still ‘incredibly high’

Josiah Ryan

03/25/11 12:49 PM ET

The U.S. is still not doing enough to safeguard its border with Mexico, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) told reporters Thursday.…

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