TODAY IN POLITICS: Boehner promises Obama GOP cover on entitlement reform, # Trump: Ready for Iowa hand-shaking, # Republicans ramp up push to block EPA climate regulations

March 4, 2011

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  • Associated Press

    Associated Press

    The Congressionally appointed panel overseeing the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) holds its final hearing this morning to look at the impact of the TARP program on financial stability.

    Witnesses will include the Treasury Department official in charge of financial stability, Timothy Massad, as well several Federal regulators who worked on the government’s response to the 2008 financial crisis. The panel will also hear testimony from noted economists, including a Nobel Prize winner Joseph E. Stiglitz along with former chief economist at the International Monetary Fund, Simon H. Johnson. More »

    • TARP Hearing: C‑SPAN at 10am ET
  • President Obama Calls on Gadhafi to Step Down

    U.S. still monitoring violence in Libya

    Updated Thursday at 7:24pm (ET)

    (Associated Press/Charles Dharapak)

    (Associated Press/Charles Dharapak)

    Yesterday President Obama called on Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi to step down from power. In a joint news conference with Mexican President Felipe Calderon, he said that U.S. military aircraft would fly Egyptians leaving Libya back home to Egypt from makeshift camps in Tunisia.  He also said the U.S. military should be prepared to act if a humanitarian crisis develops in Libya.  More »

Presidential resumé

Michael Youseff smallWhat do Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama have in common? None of them understands the true nature of Islam.

Michelle Malkin smallIf public school teachers spent more time teaching in classrooms and less time community-organizing in political war rooms, maybe taxpayers wouldn’t feel as ripped off as they do.

Robert Knight smallBarack Obama is pouring gasoline on a bonfire that is destroying the legal protections of marriage — and civilization itself.

movieboard tinyThe Grace Card illustrates forgiveness and grace as it traces tragedy, bitterness, a vengeful spirit, racism, prejudice and finally, victory.

book review tinyA Cord of Three Strands is a portrait of strength, courage, forgiveness and God’s grace all wrapped up in the faith journeys of three women.


Patience not a homosexual virtue

Opponents of California’s Proposition 8 — radical homosexual activists and their supporters — obviously aren’t content to let the traditionally long judicial process play out.

Testimony from the womb

video icon buttonThanks to untrasound technology, an Ohio House committee has received testimony from the youngest people ever to do so.

Huckabee’s timing good for 2012

poll vote button 2Conservative political scientist Charles Dunn is pleased former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee appears ready for a 2012 presidential run.

‘Small window of opportunity’ to get involved

An advocate for America’s fighting men and women says Congress can still intervene and prevent implementation of the radical LGBT agenda in America’s military — if it acts soon.

School challenged on religious sticker prohibition

A Christian legal group has come to the aid of some high school students in Virginia who had the Ten Commandments removed from their lockers by the school administration.

TN’s anti-sharia debate heats up

video icon buttonA radical Islamic group is pressuring Tennessee lawmakers to drop legislation aimed at keeping sharia law out of The Volunteer State.

NYC pregnancy centers ready to go to court

Pro-life pregnancy clinics in New York City are gearing up for a court battle after the city council passed an ordinance regulating speech in the centers.

Proposed law would protect mothers, babies

Indiana’s legislature is considering improvements to its informed consent law for abortions.

Ruling avoids ‘domino effect’ on 1st Amendment rights

video icon buttonA Christian attorney says Wednesday’s Supreme Court decision to uphold the right of a Kansas church to protest at military funerals was the right ruling, despite the insensitivity of those protests.

Regulation of abortuaries on front burner

Laws regulating abortion clinics in Louisiana and Virginia are advancing.

Afghan Christian sentenced to hang, released from prison

An Afghan Christian who was incarcerated for his faith has been released after pressure from the U.S. Embassy forced a response.

Obama’s views on Islam affect energy policy

A bestselling author and critic of Islam says President Barack Obama seems to have such a “warm and benign positive view” of Islam that he doesn’t think it’s necessary for the U.S. to free itself from its dependency on oil from Islamic nations.

Pushing the Pence Amendment

Pro-life group Susan B. Anthony List is on the road again, arguing against funding of the biggest abortion provider and referral service in the country — Planned Parenthood.

Seahawk bankruptcy shows flaws in gov’t policies

While Americans bemoan the nation’s reliance upon foreign oil, a government-imposed moratorium on drilling in the Gulf of Mexico is the primary reason for the bankruptcy of Houston, Texas-based Seahawk Drilling, according to one energy policy expert.

Led by a Follower: The Danger of a Weak President

by Chris Salcedo

Obama defers to the tyrants and the UN, and the world is more dangerous because of it.

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Obama and the Tea Party — the Race Card Keeps on Turning

by Roger L Simon

The left keeps accusing the right of racism and the right keeps denying it, demanding evidence, which is never forthcoming. Not once. But that doesn’t stop the left. They continue the accusations — and President Obama believes them.

The Iranian Civil War

by Michael Ledeen

You know that famous satellite photo of the Korean peninsula, the one where the south is all aglitter with lights and the north is virtually all dark? The mullahs want to turn off all the cultural and informational lights except for a few that they control. Fortunately though, it’s too late for that.

PJM Exclusive: Congress Questions SEC Chief’s Involvement in New Madoff Scandal

by Richard Pollock

SEC Chairwoman Mary Schapiro’s general counsel personally profited from Bernard Madoff, which Schapiro knew about. Today, Rep. Darrell Issa and Rep. Charles Grassley asked her for answers.

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Frankfurt shooting update: Gunman shouted ‘Allahu akbar’ before opening fire (UPDATED)

by Bryan Preston

Today’s shooting in Germany left two U.S. Air Force airmen dead and two others wounded. (UPDATE: “Thoughts on the Frankfurt attack.”)

Skipping the Light Transgressive, Pratt Institute Edition

by Roger Kimball

Free speech, diversity, and the consequences of challenging The Narrative at the famous New York school of art.

The PalinTracker: Media Binges as Milbank Goes Cold Turkey

by Barbara Curtis

Your loyal PalinTracker boils down six weeks of coverage and thousands of headlines.

PJ Tatler Exclusive: Was the U.S. a Victim of an Economic 9/11 in 2008?

by Patrick Poole

An unclassified Defense Department report we’re making available exclusively at the PJ Tatler makes a case for financial terrorism being suspected in the ’08 economic crash.

Freedom on the March? No Thanks to the American Left

by R. Dozier Gray

Cozy with dictators and critical of the U.S., will they change their tune now?

Holy Russian Empire, Batman!

by Kim Zigfeld

His earthly power faltering, Putin turns to the church.

Democracy or Jew-Hatred? The Libyan Edition

by John Rosenthal

In Libya now, just as in Egypt one month ago, protesters are using the Star of David as a symbol of hatred and contempt.

Cheap Spirits and the Spirit of Freedom

by Bruce Bawer

When I learned that liquor can be sold in Louisiana all day and night, I was stunned. But then, I’ve lived in Norway so long that I’ve forgotten what it’s like to live like an adult.

Video: Roger L. Simon talks Hollywood and Politics on Fox & Friends

by The Tatler

PJM’s CEO, Roger L. Simon, appeared on Fox & Friends Sunday morning to talk about his new book, Turning Right at Hollywood and Vine: The Perils of Coming out Conservative in Tinseltown.

J Street Day 2: A Continuing Anti-Israel Tirade

by Ron Radosh

If anything, given their position on the recent UN resolution, J Street is worse on its position towards Israel than the Obama administration itself. (And if you missed Ron’s take on the first session of J. Street’s 2nd National Conference, click here.) UPDATE: No Kosher food at Jewish J Street conference!

Breaking: Iran Has Several Military Bases in Libya

by ‘Reza Kahlili’

According to an inside source, the military collaborations between Iran’s Revolutionary Guards and the Gaddafi government date back to 2006.

Iranian Regime Kidnaps Mousavi and Karroubi

by Michael Ledeen

The attacks on the two top leaders of the Green Movement prove the gravity of the Iranian crisis and the panic at the highest levels of the Islamic Republic.

Blaming Israel, Ignoring Radical Islam at J Street’s National Conference

by Ron Radosh

Hardly a surprise, since the left-wing group’s own statement of principles says it opposes “efforts to demean and fan fears of Islam or of Muslims.”

WikiLeaks Cables Reveal Muslim Brotherhood Ties to Iran

by Brian Fairchild

Despite evidence from our own State Department to the contrary, why does Obama think that this organization would be a positive player in forming the new Egyptian government?

How About Adding a North Korea Crisis to the Mix?

by Dan Miller

Things on the peninsula are getting ever more dire, and we know the president won’t act with any urgency.

How to Insure Americans with Pre-Existing Conditions

by Brian T. Schwartz

Like a hammer that sees every problem as a nail, many politicians think the solution to every problem is legislation that erodes our liberties.

Put the REINS on EPA

by Marlo Lewis

The “Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny” Act could put the kibosh on the EPA’s greenhouse regulatory surge.

Iran’s Africa Fiasco

by Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi

It hasn’t made much noise worldwide, but Iran’s rapidly deteriorating relationships with several African countries is huge news across the continent.

Wisconsin and the Rise of the Adolescent Mind

by Victor Davis Hanson

We want what we have not earned. We demand the world be the way that it cannot; and we don’t wish to hear “unfair” arguments from “bad” and “mean” people. (And don’t miss: “Unions-vs.-Tea-Party showdown spreads to Denver”)

Will TSA Unionization Jeopardize Air Safety?

by Matt Patterson

From FDR to Reagan, history suggests the answer is yes.

Second Letter from a Fearfully Concerned Muslim to an American-Jewish Friend

by Salim Mansur

We are creatures of history even as we make history. (Click here for Roger L. Simon’s reply to Salim’s original letter.)

J Street’s Swan Song?

by Ron Radosh

The left-wing Jewish group will feature several Kadima Knesset members at their annual confab while the party back in Israel criticizes their participation.

‘Never Again for Anyone’: the Latest Anti-Semitic Campaign

by Clemens Heni

Fueled by propaganda, the campus push is pernicious, contagious, and wrong.

Truman, Reagan, and Bush Were Right

by Peter Berkowitz

In the face of Gaddafi’s war against the Libyan people, Obama should align himself with a proud American foreign policy tradition, with both progressive and conservative roots. (Update: Obama finally breaks his silence on Libya.

The Petulant Child Form of Democracy

by Roger Kimball

As recent events in Wisconsin and Indiana have shown, when an election doesn’t go their way, the response of the Democrats is to do everything possible to avoid the consequences of the election.

Can the U.S. Intervene in Libya? Should It?

by Richard Fernandez

The answer to the first question is yes and the answer to the second is: why? (Also read Michael Totten:“Libya’s Legacy”)

Saving Our Nation from Debt: An Open Letter from Rep. Jim Jordan

by Jim Jordan

We still have a chance to kick the spending addiction and keep the American Dream alive.

Chavez Caught Red-Handed Sending Gasoline to Iran

by Josh Shahryar

Documents made available to Pajamas Media prove that the Venezuelan strongman has been selling reformate to Iran.

How the Left Sees the Union Crisis in Madison

by Ron Radosh

Liberals see the conflict as a battle for power, not income. (And at PJTV, don’t miss: AlfonZo Rachel Reports From Wisconsin.)

The Episcopal Church Wages Jihad against Eight Virginia Churches

by Bryan Preston

Will George Washington’s historic church end up as a saloon, or a mosque? If the Episcopal Church prevails in court, either outcome is a disturbing possibility.

First, They Came for the Labor Leaders in Cuba

by Humberto Fontova

A union protestor in Wisconsin was caught on camera saying he wants to vote for Castro and his clone, Che Guevara. Of course, there’s no kerfuffle from the MSM or Democratic Party.

The Facts on Wisconsin: What the Unions Want, and Why It’s Insane

by Gary Wickert

Only thirty states have such collective bargaining agreements. These are privileges, not rights, and can be taken away.

On Government Spending: More Party of ‘No,’ Please

by Chris Salcedo

President Obama’s offensive budget was just a bargaining position, callously introduced while the country is in peril. Will enough congressmen say “no”?

In the Land of the Brother Leader

by Michael J. Totten

Now that Qaddafi is in the fight of his life, it’s a good time to take another look at just how awful he is.

The End of the Drilling Permitorium? Guess Again

by Jazz Shaw

The first permit issued for drilling in the Gulf since the Obama administration declared a moratorium is … not for a new well at all.

A Toxic Consensus on Toxic Substances?

by Angela Logomasini

Brace yourself for another round of bureaucracy.

Washington’s Most Corrupt List, 2010

by Stephanie Maier

CREW’s “most corrupt” list of 2010 reveals the sad truth of what we already know — if you’re a politician, you’ll probably get away with it.

How Must the West Guide the New Middle East?

by Moshe Dann

Islamists can’t compete with what the West can offer, if presented carefully and correctly.

Mosques Flourish in America; Churches Perish in Muslim World

by Raymond Ibrahim

As mosques, some of which breed radicalization and serve as terrorist bases, start dotting America’s landscape, churches are on their way to becoming extinct in the Middle East, the cradle of Christianity.

Dar Al-Hijrah: D.C.’s Own Terror Factory

by Patrick Poole

For his congressional hearings on Islamic radicalization, Rep. Peter King doesn’t need to look far for examples.

Talking to Rumsfeld

by Glenn Reynolds

Donald Rumsfeld analyzes the challenges we face and the future of our military.

This Week in Anti-Semitic Rants

by Zombie

From John Galliano to Charlie Sheen to Louis Farrakhan and more, Zombie brings you up to speed with the worst of this week’s two-minute hate.

A Formal Apology

by Ed Driscoll

Shariah group “calls for Burkha on Statue of Liberty?” What hath Pajamas wrought?!

Drill We Must — and Right on Dry Land

by Roger L Simon

Middle East madness makes energy a winning issue for the Republicans.

More reports of persecution in Afghanistan, Pakistan

An Afghan Christian who has been imprisoned for his faith may face the death sentence for apostasy.

Pump more oil, cut into deficit

Christian financial expert Dan Celia is offering ideas on how the federal government can make money and ease energy prices.

Unions, liberals have it backwards

With protests and rallies going on around the world calling for less government intrusion, one U.S. congressman says some Americans seem to be calling for the exact opposite.

Special-interest lobbying – a necessary evil?

A fiscal conservative in The Golden State says while special-interest lobbying is admittedly a “disgusting” part of government these days, that’s just the way it is.

Transplant preferences under consideration

A new proposal is being mulled over by the nation’s organ transplant network that would give preference for the best kidneys to people who are younger and healthier over those who are older and ailing.

Potential ballot issue – more gov’t control?

The “City by the Bay” is considering a ballot proposition that would place a ban on circumcision.

Pastor: Obama’s actions ‘delusional’ and tyrannical

Conservative pastor Ken Hutcherson is calling for the church and church leadership to rise up and fight against the Obama administration’s decision to no longer defend the Defense of Marriage Act in court.

Story contains results from Wednesday’s poll

The Playboy, the Cowboy, and the Wonder Boy

Michael Youseff smallWhat do Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama have in common? None of them understands the true nature of Islam.

Muslims to rally for U.S. Islamic state

A bestselling author and critic of Islam doesn’t think much can be done to prevent an extreme Muslim cleric from holding a rally in front of the White House to call for an Islamic revolution in the U.S.

Front-line diversity training ‘absurd’

An advocate for America’s fighting men and women says it’s ridiculous for the Department of Defense to indoctrinate U.S. service members on the battlefield about the military’s new acceptance of homosexuals.

ObamaCare more costly than projected

According to one researcher, the new report that shows the cost of ObamaCare has increased substantially also shows the disconnect between the federal government and the states.

County clerk taking a stand for marriage

A California-based law group is coming to the defense of a county clerk who wants to insert himself in the state’s marriage battle.

‘Moral compass’ best standard

Christian educator Finn Laursen says parents’ committing residential fraud in order to get their children into better school districts is becoming more widespread nationally.

  • 2012 LIVE

    Oscar sinner

    Mike Huckabee rips unmarried Best Actress winner Natalie Portman for getting pregnant.

  • 44
Greg Nash

Obama, GOP start $50B apart

Erik Wasson - 03/03/11 07:29 PM ET
There were no signs of progress at the initial budget meeting between Vice President Biden and congressional leaders.…


Related Story: Dems to GOP: We’ve already met you halfway
Dodd: Now I might be a lobbyist

Gautham Nagesh - 03/04/11 06:07 AM ET

Ex-Sen. Christopher Dodd won’t rule out lobbying as head of Hollywood’s Washington trade group, despite pledging not to last year.…
GOP has uphill fight for Hawaii seat

Shane D’Aprile - 03/04/11 06:12 AM ET

With Obama heading the ticket in the Democratic-leaning state, Republicans acknowledge it’ll be tough to win retiring Sen. Akaka’s seat.…
Lawmakers, administration officials press for free trade agreements

Vicki Needham - 03/03/11 08:46 PM ET

Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) stressed the need for prompt approval following a phone call with Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos.…
Panel OKs federal abortion funding bill

Molly K. Hooper - 03/03/11 07:49 PM ET

After a highly charged mark-up, the House Judiciary Committee approved a bill Thursday that would deny federal funding for abortions.…
Lobbying battle on tap over proposed changes to workplace-safety rules

Kevin Bogardus - 03/04/11 06:29 AM ET

A fight’s expected over a new rule that could profoundly change how health and safety are handled in the workplace. …
Boeing, EADS upped lobby spending

John T. Bennett - 03/04/11 06:48 AM ET

The firms battling for a lucrative tanker contract nearly doubled their spending around the time the competition went south.…
Ohio senator: GOP tries to take down unions, and so did Hitler and Stalin

Jordan Fabian - 03/03/11 02:00 PM ET

Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) said “some of the worst governments we’ve ever had … went after the trade unions.”…
Sens. Lieberman and McCain push for an economic assistance plan for Egypt

John T. Bennett

 - 03/03/11 04:18 PM ET

The U.S. should prepare a comprehensive assistance package for the new Egypt, according to two top senators…
Boehner promises Obama GOP cover on entitlement reform

Alexander Bolton

03/03/11 08:40 PM ET

Boehner has personally promised Obama that he will stand side-by-side with him to weather the strong political backlash expected.…
Calls for new VAT tax prove unpopular with both Dems, GOP

Bernie Becker

03/04/11 06:23 AM ET

A range of economists are singing the praises of a value-added tax, but their song is falling on deaf ears. …
Republicans ramp up push to block EPA climate regulations

Andrew Restuccia and Ben Geman

03/03/11 04:07 PM ET

The bill picked up the backing of two senior House Democrats after a weeks-long lobbying effort by Republicans.…

Related Story: Dem senator signs on to GOP bill to block EPA rules

House appropriator: We know how to get around earmark ban

Daniel Strauss

03/03/11 02:31 PM ET

A House Democrat indicated Thursday that lawmakers are convincing Obama administration officials to fund their pet projects.…
Cantor: House will cut $2 billion a week until Senate’s plan clear

Pete Kasperowicz

03/03/11 02:56 PM ET

The House GOP plans to lop spending in $4 billion bi-weekly sums until the Senate has a 2011 budget proposal…
Libya: Obama orders humanitarian aid, says Gadhafi ‘must leave’

Sam Youngman

03/03/11 01:36 PM ET

President Obama on Thursday repeated his declaration that Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi is no longer a legitimate leader.…

Related Story: McCain: Setting up no-fly zone in Libya ‘not hard to do’

U.S., Mexico close to resolution on truck access dispute

Erik Wasson

03/03/11 01:38 PM ET

The U.S. and Mexico are close to settling a dispute over access to U.S. roads, according to the White House…

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