U.S. still unprepared for threats, 9-11 panel chiefs say , # Alaska lawmaker’s Sharia law proposal called divisive, # Who Are the Libyan Rebels?, # This Is Leadership?

March 31, 2011

1    Who





by Michael J. Totten

2   Are the Libyan rebels democrats? Tribal leaders? Islamists? Or all of the above? Michael Totten has questions, Susanne Tarkowski Tempelhof has answers.

Flags at half-mast after 9/11

Chuck Kennedy / MCT

Can we prevent another attack?


3    U.S. still unprepared for threats, 9-11 panel chiefs say

By William Douglas | McClatchy Newspapers

Major recommendations by a bipartisan commission that investigated the 9/11 terrorist attacks remain unfulfilled nearly 10 years after the attacks, the commission chairmen told the Senate Homeland Security Committee on Wednesday. » read more

4    Germany vs. the Jews — Again

by P. David Hornik

The bottom line is that Israel can hardly count on Germany as a friend. It’s been behaving recently more like an enemy.

5    This Is Leadership?

With this year’s federal deficit at $1.65 trillion and Congressional leaders proposing a paltry $61 billion in spending cuts, the Cato Institute has placed an ad in major newspapers that spells out immediate cuts that can be made to restore our country’s fiscal sanity and economic stability. Running in the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Politico, Roll Call, The Hill, and Examiner, the ad is the culmination of Cato’s item by item review of the federal budget, provided online at DownsizingGovernment.org.

Conservatives Pine for a Champion
Michael D. Tanner on National Review (Online)

6   Libya: What Now?

No clear plan guides the foreign military intervention in Libya. There is instead a coalition in service of a hazy United Nations authorization of a tactic: a no-fly zone and air strikes on military targets. The goal is vague. And as Christopher A. Preble points out, “President Obama’s decision to launch a series of military strikes against Libya raises a host of questions, many more than can be answered in his much-belated address… At a minimum, the President must clarify the purpose and scope of the mission.”

7    Libya: Wrong Men Armed

by Richard Fernandez

Now that Obama has proclaimed himself open to arming the rebels, the equation on the ground may change.

8    Don’t Let Syria Play Out Like 2009 Iran

by Ryan Mauro

The West has an opportunity to cause Assad enormous stress, or even to topple him. (Also see today’s Tatler coverage on Syria.)

9     McConnell leads fight against Obama’s environmental policy

In Kentucky, where coal mining has been the lifeblood of many rural communities, miners and the lawmakers who represent them say the Obama administration’s push for regulations that cap greenhouse gases and toughen mine permitting requirements feels like an assault. » read more

10     Alaska lawmaker’s Sharia law proposal called divisive

Palmer Republican Rep. Carl Gatto has set off a political firestorm with a bill aimed at stopping what he deems as the potential of Islamic religious law — Sharia — trumping the U.S. Constitution in Alaska courts. Gatto doesn’t have examples of Alaska courts imposing Islamic Sharia law but said his bill is determined to make sure that it doesn’t happen. » read more

11     Gates: U.S. participation in Libya operation being scaled back

By Jonathan S. Landay | McClatchy Newspapers

The United States is scaling back its role in the international military operation against Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi and will not be sending U.S. troops into the war-stricken North African nation “as long as I’m in this job,” Defense Secretary Robert Gates asserted Thursday. » read more

12    Independent probe of troubled military crime lab sought

A U.S. senator has called for an independent investigation of the military’s premier crime lab to ensure that innocent people weren’t wrongfully convicted based on work by a discredited analyst. » read more

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