OPINION: Obama, Donald Trump, the Collective Unconscious, # Are the Fukushima 50 doomed to death?, # Gaddafi GIVES Farrakhan $8 million, # Courage in Missouri, # IMAM ORDERS 14 YEAR OLD GIRL LASHED TO DEATH

April 1, 2011

Obama, Donald Trump, and the Collective Unconscious
Robin of Berkeley
Although there are valid questions about the mysterious Mr. O, until lately, it’s been impossible to get the average American to listen. This is because the left is so much better at controlling what enters the collective unconscious. More

April Will Make or Break Obama’s Presidency – Bob Shrum, The Week
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The Washington/Wall Street Axis Hasn’t Changed – William Cohan, NYT
‘Dumb Wars’ Were So 2002 – John Kass, Chicago Tribune
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U.S. Military Not Happy Over Libya – Leslie Gelb, The Daily Beast
Why Is WH Nice to Our Enemies? – Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post
We’ve Become a Nation of Takers, Not Makers – Stephen Moore, WSJ
Mellon Doctrine Gives Me a Headache – Paul Krugman, New York Times
History’s Lessons on Economic Recovery – John Taylor, National Affairs
Making ‘Impossible’ Cuts – Rich Lowry, New York Post

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