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April 4, 2011

by Patrick J. Buchanan (04/01/11)
Now that Benghazi has been spared a massacre by Gaddafi’s army, why are the U.S. Air Force, Navy, CIA and Special Forces still attacking in Libya?

Do Republicans Want the White House?
Lee Cary
We Americans live in a political era when it’s reasonable, perhaps even prudent, to consider the unthinkable. More

Are Obama’s Mortgages Underwater?
Richard Henry Lee
With the recent decline in housing prices, the Obamas’ Chicago mansion could be worth less than the value of their mortgages. More

The Perils of a Birth Certificate
Steve McCann
Take my birth certificate for example. It is a fake, but a legal fake. It was created out of whole cloth some 8 (plus or minus) years after I was born. More

Hey, Whoopi: It’s Not About Skin Color
Monte Kuligowski
Even Obama, at least when he’s disconnected from his own secrecy, agrees that “[t]he only people who don’t want to disclose the truth are people with something to hide.” More

Ryan Budget: A Huge Opportunity to Improve Health Care
Michael F. Cannon on KaiserHealthNews.org.


Winning Whose Future?
Edward H. Crane in the Washington Times.

Rethinking the End Game
Lori Lowenthal Marcus and Asaf Romirowsky
The time has come to press “delete” on the endless replay of failure, and progress to a new formulation. More

April 4, 2011

Evaluating Paul Ryan’s Budget Proposal

On Tuesday, House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan is expected to put out his 2012 proposed budget resolution. Ryan’s plan reportedly will propose overhauling Medicare and Medicaid and rolling back discretionary spending to 2006 levels. Cato scholar Daniel J. Mitchell is encouraged by what he’s heard: “Ryan’s proposals would simultaneously address the long-run threat of bloated government and put in place tax policies that will boost growth and improve competitiveness.”

Libya: Compounding Our Power Problem

When the U.S. military is assigned a mission intended to serve national security, the right to intervene inheres in the U.S.’s responsibility to defend this country, our people and our way of life. But Washington has adopted too loose a definition of national interest. And as Christopher A. Preble points out, “By launching a war of choice against Libya, President Barack Obama perpetuates the unrealistic expectation that U.S. troops will be deployed on missions that have no plausible connection to national security interests.”

Obama’s Fork In The Road
Roger D. Luchs
One suspects President Obama has been guided of late by Yogi Berra’s famous remark, “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.” More

Perceptions of America
David P. McGinley
One of President Obama’s goals when taking office was to change the world’s perception of America. How’s he done? More

Goldstone is gone — but NY Times steps into the anti-Israel breach
April 04, 2011
Hammering away at the victim of a blood libel even after the libeler has retracted his gross lies, More

Another Ethics Problem?
April 04, 2011
“Another Obama appointee with ethics problem” screams the headline. Missed it? So did I. Actually, the headline buried on A14 of my Sunday paper is far more sedate More

It’s Not Terry Jones’ “Fault”

Diana West

The media seems to blame Terry Jones for the recent deaths in Afghanistan. Burning a book is one thing – murder is entirely different, and the murderers should take all the blame.




1. Amazing Videos: Safe and hound: Tsunami dog found alive and well in Japan after THREE WEEKS adrift at sea on a floating house
2. Video: Entertainment Reporter Concedes ‘Kennedys’ Movie Was Pulled Because of Conservative Producer
3. Video: Former White House adviser says coalition can’t leave Libya until Gadhafi’s out
4. Video: Geraldo Rivera & Crew Are Caught in Fire Fight in Libya
5. Video: Rep. McCotter (R): I Will Not Pave the Fiscal Road to Hell With Your Money
6. Video: Liberal Krugman warns not to celebrate last week’s unemployment data: ‘It’s still terrible’
7. Video: Chris Matthews Wonders Why Conservatives Distrust The ‘Mainstream Media’
8. Video: Congressman Paul Ryan (R) previews FY2012 budget
9. Video: NY Mag Reporter: Current Team Thinks President Has More Talent In Little Finger Than All Conservative Candidates

Warning! Just About Everything Will Kill You

Alan Caruba

Every part of your home is lethal, according to one new book. But don’t worry, one Dutch study suggests that if we all ate insects, we would reduce our carbon output…


Al-Qaeda Seizes Town in Teetering Yemen »

by Ryan Mauro

But was it handed over by the government? …

April 4 2011 / Comments (5) / Read More »

“Boots on the Ground” in Libya? »

by Stephen Brown

600 Royal British Marines on standby for Libya intervention….

April 4 2011 / Comments (4) / Read More »

The Goldstone Recantation »

by Phyllis Chesler

The anti-Israel jurist retracts his lies about the Jewish State, but is it too late to undo the damage? …

April 4 2011 / Comments (18) / Read More »

Economic Terrorism’s Big Comeback »

by Matthew Vadum

Radicals conspire to create another banking crisis and spread economic despair. …

April 4 2011 / Comments (13) / Read More »

Glenn Beck: I Stand Tonight With Israel »

by Frontpagemag.com

Glenn Beck asks why our administration sides with all those who stand against the Jewish state….

April 4 2011 / Comments (24) / Read More »

Obama’s Support Among Latinos Shaken »

by Tait Trussell

The president needs more Hispanic enthusiasm to stand a chance at re-election. …

April 4 2011 / Comments (8) / Read More »

Where’s the Party in the Muslim World? »

by Frontpagemag.com

Robert Spencer joins Jamie Glazov’s video series to discuss night-club life, sports and entertainment under Islam….

April 4 2011 / Comments (4) / Read More »

Arab Kingdoms Try to Appease Protesters

Jim Kouri, CPP

With threats of more riots and unrest, Arab leaders are trying to achieve peace by promising social reforms and concessions.

Money First, Human Rights Last

Bruce Kesler

The global communities who gain the most from Western governments’ military support are usually those who have assets that can be used for profit.

Power for the People

Paul Driessen

Anti-energy activists who continue to oppose hydrocarbon, nuclear and hydroelectric power generation, in favor of wind and solar systems, only perpetuate poverty in Africa.

What The Census Does And Doesn’t Do to Politics

Salena Zito

In politics, census numbers matter. Yet they are a measure of demographics that changed in the previous 10 years, not numbers that change demographics.

Today’s Hot Topics

We choose, you peruse.


  1. Japan nuclear crisis: workers using newspaper and sawdust to block pipes (TELEGRAPH)

  2. ***Ratings For Administration’s NATIONAL SECURITY PERFORMANCE Fall to New Low (RASMUSSEN)

  3. The Goal Of Some Libyan Fighters In Battling Col. Gadhafi Is To Propagate Islamist Extremism (WSJ)

  4. Obama may announce re-election bid as early as Monday (CNN)

  5. Wisconsin Unions Get Ugly: Now they’re threatening businesses that stay neutral in the state’s budget battle. (WSJ)

  6. Unions, Health Insurance Companies Biggest Beneficiaries of Obamacare Waivers (CNS)

  7. U.S. Congress Members Ask For Troops To Remain At Border (WT)

  8. Tea Party, Labor Spend Big in Wisconsin High Court Race (AP)

  9. Administration’s Justice Department Appeals U.S. Judge’s Health Care Ruling (FORBES)

  10. U.S. General Petraeus Says Quran Burning Endangers War Effort (WSJ)

  11. France Sends In Soldiers to Ivory Coast (BBC)



Meltdown in Your Backyard?

Chet Nagle

The nuclear disaster at Fukushima in Japan is not so far away. Almost a quarter of American nuclear reactors are similar, and some could be at risk from earthquakes.

“The Three Stooges Of Evil” – Coming Soon to a Theater Near You!

Lt. Colonel James Zumwalt, USMC (ret)

The regime in Iran is promoting a movie about how it is spearheading the advent of Armageddon, where Iran invades Mecca and paves the way for the “Mahdi” to return.

I Knew I Should Have Made That Left Turn at Albuquerque

Gadi Adelman

Three Middle Eastern men make hateful comments and terroristic threats towards Marines before driving onto Camp Pendleton without authorization. They claim they were just lost…

It’s Not Terry Jones’ “Fault”

Diana West

The media seems to blame Terry Jones for the recent deaths in Afghanistan. Burning a book is one thing – murder is entirely different, and the murderers should take all the blame.

Syria on the Boil

Unrest is Growing

Amir Taheri

President Assad wanted Syrians to wait a further three weeks for a debate on reforms. The people are not prepared to wait a day longer.

Can Murder Ever be an Acceptable Response to Book Burning?

A True Test for Moderate Muslims

The Editor

When will “moderate” Muslims and “advocacy groups” declare that the life of a human being, irrespective of religion, should always be worth more than a mass-produced book?

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Big Budget Fight Threatens a Government Shut-Down

Peter Huessy

The lack of an agreed budget could cause a shut-down of almost all the major branches of government. Peter Huessy analyzes the motives of the conflicting parties.

Transparent Administration, Transparent Debate on Libyan War?

Andrew McCarthy

The most transparent administration in American history had a transparent congressional; debate about war in Libya – What? You Missed it?

Iranian Weapons Seized in Turkey

Trevor Westra

Though the media concentrated more on Libya, a shipment of Iranian weapons, bound for Syria, was found at a Turkish airport.

Democrats Counting on Media in Fiscal Showdown

Roger Aronoff

As a deadline approaches that could mean shutting down the non-essential operations of the federal government, both sides are weighing the potential impact on their political fortunes.

American Jewry’s Fight

Caroline Glick

American Jewish opponents of Israel sought to intimidate and demoralize Israelis by saying American Jews would only support them if they capitulated to all the Arabs’ demands.

The Big BPA Lie – The BPA File, Part Three

Alan Caruba

In the third part of his series, Alan Caruba explains why hysteria has replaced scientific evidence in campaigns to ban the chemical Bisphenol-A.

Sharia Compliant Finance Slips Past Libya Sanctions

Gary H. Johnson, Jr.

The United Nations, the European Union, and the United States are consciously allowing Sharia Compliant Finance to evade the sanctions regime imposed upon Libya.

What Really Threatens Our Future?

Willie Soon, Barun Mitra

Beware of anti-energy policies claiming to prevent climate change, warn two scientists…

Libyan Rebels Have Questionable History, Says Intelligence Source

Jim Kouri, CPP

The forces of rebellion in Libya are not all peace-loving democrats…

Stop ATF’s Anti-Gun Zealots

Michelle Malkin

The nominee tipped to head the corruption-plagued Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is someone who seems to blame legitimate gun shops for gangs’ illicit weapons.

Koran-inspired Libyan rebels ‘as likely to attack the CIA as Qaddafi’
April 04, 2011
Realism from a veteran CIA operative with extensive experience in Libya, More

Vanity Fair Test Marketing the Obama 2012 Campaign Themes
April 04, 2011
The old enemies list is partially resurrected. The drug companies and the rich are demonized just in time for the Democratic Party Campaign Season ritual bashing. More

Flip Flop: Now Obama wants Yemeni leader out
April 04, 2011
Stay tuned – if it’s change in foreign policy you want, just wait a few days and you’ll get it. More

Will the senate stand up for the First Amendment?
April 04, 2011
Not with casual authoritarians like Harry Reid in charge. More

Prosser vs. Kloppenburg: Wisconsin Supreme Court battle royale
April 04, 2011
They don’t get much bigger. More

Liberals proved spectacularly wrong about traffic deaths
April 04, 2011
They promised a huge increase in traffic deaths because of the increase in the speed limit. So where are they? More

Rep. Paul Ryan speaks during the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington Reuters

Paul Ryan’s ‘controversial’ $4 trillion in cuts: The next big budget fight

The Week – Mon Apr 4, 8:45 am ET New York – Lawmakers are still locked in talks over federal spending for the next six months, but the GOP is ready to unveil a 2012 budget proposal that slashes Medicare and Medicaid Full Story »

Should the U.N. recognize a Palestinian nation?

The Week – Mon Apr 4, 7:01 am ET

Libya’s rebels: Train them, don’t arm them

The Week – Mon Apr 4, 6:44 am ET

  • The Arabs’ Spring—and Ours

    The Weekly Standard – 38 mins ago

    Washington (The Weekly Standard) Vol. 016, Issue 29 – 04/11/2011 – Spring isn’t what it used to be. Here, for example, is Robert Browning in 1841: Full Story »

  • Gmail Motion: Not So Far-Fetched

    ContributorNetwork – 2 hrs 21 mins ago

    Whether it is Rick-Rolling millions of YouTube users or changing the company name, Google has always been an avid prankster on April Fools’ Day. This year is no different, as Google introduced a new motion-sensing program to be used with users’ Gmail account called Gmail Motion. The farce program was supposed to make ” for much more efficient human computer interaction,” according to the Google website. Full Story »

  • China stamps out the Jasmine Revolution: A return to 1989?

    The Week – Mon Apr 4, 10:45 am ET

    New York – Officials detain a prominent Chinese artist and activist, drawing comparisons to the brutal aftermath of the Tiananmen Square protests Full Story »

  • Can an NFL video game teach kids about concussions?

    The Week – Mon Apr 4, 10:24 am ET

    New York – In the latest version of “Madden NFL,” football players who take one violent hit too many will be benched… just like in real life Full Story »

  • Arizona’s ‘cruel and regressive’ fat tax

    The Week – Mon Apr 4, 9:07 am ET

    New York – The state is considering a $50 annual fee for Medicaid patients who are obese or smoke. Is that fair? Full Story »

  • Remembering Martin Luther King

    The Nation – Mon Apr 4, 8:26 am ET

    The Nation — The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated forty-three years ago today. Full Story »

  • Wisconsin, round 2: The Supreme Court battle

    The Week – Mon Apr 4, 8:19 am ET

    New York – Suddenly, the union-busting efforts of Badger State Republicans hinge on Tuesday’s re-election vote for a lone state Supreme Court justice Full Story »

  • Charlie Sheen bombs in Detroit: The best of the worst reviews

    The Week – Mon Apr 4, 7:47 am ET

    New York – The troubled star may have turned things around Sunday in Chicago, but Sheen’s inaugural show in the Motor City reveived a critical drubbing. Here, a sampling Full Story »

  • Afghanistan massacre: Is Terry Jones to blame?

    The Week – Mon Apr 4, 6:35 am ET

    New York – At least 22 people were killed by a mob in Mazar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan, on Friday and Saturday, including seven United Nations workers and four guards. The murderous rioting was tied to Florida pastor Terry Jones, who made international news last fall by threatening to burn a Koran on September 11. This March 20, he made good on his threat and, though the event was sparsely attended and ignored by the U.S. media, video of the Koran burning slowly gained an audience in Afghanistan and other Muslim countries. Jones has said the killings aren’t his fault. But can he wash his hands so easily? Full Story »

Budget Battles

Paul Ryan’s ‘controversial’ $4 trillion in cuts: The next big budget fight

Lawmakers are still locked in talks over federal spending for the next six months, but the GOP is ready to unveil a 2012 budget proposal that slashes Medicare and Medicaid

Best opinion:Firedoglake, New Republic, National Review…

U.S. Opinion

One stretch of New York City's 670 miles of bike lanes, which, as P.J. O'Rourke argues in the Wall Street Journal, pose a clear and present danger to all things American.

How bike lanes threaten democracy

April 4, 2011, at 3:13 PMNot only is urban cycling “insane,” argues P.J. O’Rourke in The Wall Street Journal — it’s also just downright un-American

Parenting Controversies

Meet Jeremiah, one of the Breast Milk Baby dolls for toddlers who want to practice nursing early.

7 creepy, controversial dolls: A slideshow

April 4, 2011, at 2:59 PMThough these toys are meant for lighthearted child’s play, some see more sinister dimensions in them

China Rising

Renowned Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei has reportedly been apprehended by the government, along with 50 others, in a state crackdown aimed at quelling unrest.

China stamps out the Jasmine Revolution: A return to 1989?

April 4, 2011, at 2:45 PMOfficials detain a prominent Chinese artist and activist, drawing comparisons to the brutal aftermath of the Tiananmen Square protests


"Madden NFL 12" has worked in a concussion teaching tool, whereby virtual players who are hit violently during a play will be forced to sit out the rest of the game.

Can an NFL video game teach kids about concussions?

April 4, 2011, at 2:24 PMIn the latest version of “Madden NFL,” football players who take one violent hit too many will be benched… just like in real life

War on Obesity

On a Twinkies-focused convenience store diet, a Kansas-based nutritionist dropped weight, body fat and even lowered his "bad" cholesterol.

The all-Twinkie diet and 9 more single-item weight-loss plans

April 4, 2011, at 1:40 PMAn Iowa journalist reveals that an all-beer diet helped him lose 15 pounds. Here, a look at the various one-food or drink diets that show unusually good results

War on Obesity

A "fat fee" initiated by Gov. Jan Brewer (R-Ariz.) would tax obese Medicaid patients in Arizona if they don't follow a doctor-ordered plan to slim down.

Arizona’s ‘cruel and regressive’ fat tax

April 4, 2011, at 1:07 PMThe state is considering a $50 annual fee for Medicaid patients who are obese or smoke. Is that fair?

Budget Battles

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) will present a 2012 budget proposal that would slash Medicaid and Medicare spending, and is already drawing harsh criticism from the Left.

Paul Ryan’s ‘controversial’ $4 trillion in cuts: The next big budget fight

April 4, 2011, at 12:45 PMLawmakers are still locked in talks over federal spending for the next six months, but the GOP is ready to unveil a 2012 budget proposal that slashes Medicare and Medicaid

Union Showdowns

Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser (left) faces liberal challenger JoAnne Kloppenburg (right) in a once-under-the-radar judicial race that has become another state battle over union power.

Wisconsin, round 2: The Supreme Court battle

April 4, 2011, at 12:19 PMSuddenly, the union-busting efforts of Badger State Republicans hinge on Tuesday’s re-election vote for a lone state Supreme Court justice

Driving in America

The Ferrari FF is slick, speedy and, for the first time, family-friendly, with four seats and four-wheel drive.

‘The coolest Ferrari’ ever… and it’s a family car

April 4, 2011, at 11:57 AMThe Italian automaker promotes a new supercar — and it’s got plenty of room for the kids

Charlie Sheen’s Meltdown

Charlie Sheen opened his Detroit show with a rambling faux-presidential address that quickly turned the sold-out audience against him.

Charlie Sheen bombs in Detroit: The best of the worst reviews

April 4, 2011, at 11:47 AMThe troubled star may have turned things around Sunday in Chicago, but Sheen’s inaugural show in the Motor City reveived a critical drubbing. Here, a sampling

Israel vs. The Palestinians

Palestinians rally for unity in Gaza last month: The U.N. may formally recognize the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and East Jerusalem as a Palestinian state this fall, drawing Israel's ire.

Should the U.N. recognize a Palestinian nation?

April 4, 2011, at 11:01 AMMomentum is building for the United Nations to formally recognize a Palestinian state, which would likely enrage Israel. Can anyone save the Mideast peace process?

War in Libya

The Libyan rebels don't need weapons from the U.S. to oust Moammar Gadhafi, says Robert Haddick at Foreign Policy. They need months (if not years) of military training.

Libya’s rebels: Train them, don’t arm them

April 4, 2011, at 10:44 AMThe White House is debating whether to send weapons to the struggling anti-Gadhafi rebels, says Robert Haddick in Foreign Policy. What they really need is boot camp

Afghanistan War

The U.S. media largely ignored controversial Florida pastor Terry Jones when he burned a copy of the Koran on March 20, but his actions may have ignited a deadly protest in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan massacre: Is Terry Jones to blame?

April 4, 2011, at 10:35 AMSeven U.N. workers in Afghanistan were killed by a mob protesting Terry Jones’ Koran burning. Does the controversial Florida pastor have blood on his hands?


War in Libya

Saif al-Islam Gadhafi and his brother have reportedly offered to push their father, Moammer Gadhafi, aside and direct Libya into a constitutional democracy themselves.

Would Gadhafi’s son be any better than his father?

April 4, 2011, at 10:12 AMSaif Gadhafi is reportedly shopping a peace deal that would see him replace his dad, Moammar Gadhafi, and then bring democracy to Libya. Could that really work?

  • Is Snooki worth more than a Nobel Prize-winning author?

    The Week – Mon Apr 4, 2:45 am ET

    New York – At Rutgers University, the orange-hued Jersey Shore star bags a bigger speaking fee than Beloved author Toni Morrison. Oh, the humanity Full Story »

  • The Great Wells of Manning Marable

    The Nation – Sun Apr 3, 12:45 pm ET

    The Nation — We have suffered a great loss in the passing of Professor Manning Marable. As my Nation colleague John Nichols wrote yesterday, the coming weeks will be filled with tributes to Manning’s life and work. He was, as John says, “one of America’s truest public intellectuals.” Full Story »

  • 2011 Budget Cuts: A Matter of Life and Death

    The Nation – Sat Apr 2, 8:46 am ET

    The Nation — Proposed budget cuts have spurred widespread national resistance in the form of protests, and in some cases, hunger strikes. Yesterday, several leaders of progressive organizations, including executives of MoveOn.org, SEIU, the Center for Community Change and ColorOfChange.org, announced that they too will be joining the group of 6,000 participants in a fast to oppose austerity. Full Story »

Dems Fear Tea Party
April 04, 2011
Mocking ordinary Americans who are tired of government overspending won’t make the tea party go away. More

Special thanks to Kenosha’s public sector union protesters
April 04, 2011
Things were pretty dull until the protesters showed up. More

Islamists on Welfare: Paid to Plot the West’s Demise

by Kathy Shaidle

Their parasitical behavior obliges governments, through taxpayers, to subsidize their adopted country’s own destruction.

<script language=”javascript” type=”text/javascript” src=”http://adserver.adtechus.com/addyn/3.0/5235/1131619/0/170/ADTECH;loc=700;cookie=info;target=_blank;key=key1+key2+key3+key4;grp=[group]“></script><noscript><a href=”http://adserver.adtechus.com/adlink/3.0/5235/1131619/0/170/ADTECH;loc=300;key=key1+key2+key3+key4;grp=[group]” target=”_blank”><img src=”http://adserver.adtechus.com/adserv/3.0/5235/1131619/0/170/ADTECH;loc=300;key=key1+key2+key3+key4;grp=[group]” border=”0″ width=”300″ height=”250″ alt=”" /></a></noscript>

Enough Already: Are Israeli Settlements Actually ‘Illegal’?

by Moshe Dann

The question brings us to an examination of the Fourth Geneva Convention and the Red Cross, and reveals an uphill battle against law and reason for those who want the settlements gone.

The Roots of America’s Marxist Media

by David B. Jenkins

For them, truth doesn’t work like it does for you and me.

Smothering Medical Innovation

by James V. DeLong

If we want to maintain our innovative mojo, the one thing we cannot do is continue down the road we are on of socializing the whole system.

Judge Richard Goldstone’s Stunning Re-evaluation of His Own Report

by Ron Radosh

A partial apologia, but one that comes at the right time!

UN Ignores Its Own Data to Promote Gun Ban

by Howard Nemerov

If the United Nations consulted their own research, they wouldn’t be promoting their global civilian disarmament agenda.

<script language=”javascript” src=”http://adserver.adtechus.com/addyn/3.0/5235/1836208/0/170/ADTECH;loc=700;target=_blank”></script><noscript><a href=”http://adserver.adtechus.com/adlink/3.0/5235/1836208/0/170/ADTECH;loc=300″ target=”_blank”><img src=”http://adserver.adtechus.com/adserv/3.0/5235/1836208/0/170/ADTECH;loc=300″ border=”0″ width=”300″ height=”250″></a></noscript>

Do Challenges to Wisconsin Labor Bill Have Merit? No.

by Gary Wickert

A close look at Wisconsin law shows that Judge Sumi is wrong and the suits are simply buying time, hoping the state senate flips next election cycle.

From Ancient Appeasement to Modern Dhimmitude

by Andrew G. Bostom

A review of Bruce Thornton’s The Wages of Appeasement. A timely and necessary book, as we flounder in Libya.

Source Code: Strangeness on a Train

by John Boot

The new film rethinks Groundhog Day as a thriller, posing the question: what if, instead of covering a lame news story, Bill Murray had to stop a terrorist strike?

The Media Double Standard on Hispanic Political Loyalties

by Ruben Navarrette Jr.

If Hispanics don’t vote for the GOP, it’s Republicans’ fault. But if they don’t vote for Democrats, they’re “fickle.”

What Should Asma al-Assad Wear to the Syrian Revolution?

by Claudia Rosett

The Syrian first lady’s haute couture fashion notwithstanding, given a choice between Imelda Marcos and Asma al-Assad, I’d take Imelda any day. Bad as it was, the Marcos dictatorship was a puny affair compared to the 40-year totalitarian depravities of Syria’s terror-sponsoring Assads.

Our Libyan War: What Position Should Skeptical Conservatives Take?

by Ron Radosh

As with the reasons given by the administration to go into Libya, the response from the right has been all over the board as well. Let’s try to separate the flak from the chaff.

Not a Superior Type of Judge

by Hans A. von Spakovsky

Should a lawyer who has participated in unprofessional conduct be awarded with a judgeship? Consider the nomination of Justice Department official Donna Murphy to be a superior court judge in the District of Columbia.

Israel’s Public Relations Problem

by Joseph Puder

What we have here is a failure to communicate.

U.S. Libya Policy Ping-Pongs Over the Abyss

by Bryan Preston

Gaddafi and the rebels trade territory while Americans wonder: Where is this all going?

Germany vs. the Jews — Again

by P. David Hornik

The bottom line is that Israel can hardly count on Germany as a friend. It’s been behaving recently more like an enemy.

Libya: Wrong Men Armed

by Richard Fernandez

Now that Obama has proclaimed himself open to arming the rebels, the equation on the ground may change.

Don’t Let Syria Play Out Like 2009 Iran

by Ryan Mauro

The West has an opportunity to cause Assad enormous stress, or even to topple him. (Also see today’s Tatler coverage on Syria.)

Newsweek’s Deep Dish Chicago-Style Depression Lust

by Ed Driscoll

Chicago’s African-Americans face 21.4% unemployment. Newsweek notes that “the city has lost 200,000 inhabitants in the past decade.” So other than Rahm Emanuel and other Obama cronies now running the show, what is it about this failed city that the magazine considers “finally hip”?

We Must Support Gaddafi’s Enemies

by Steven Simpson

The alternative is a more dangerous Gaddafi than ever.

R2PAQ (‘Responsibility to Protect Al-Qaeda’)

by John Rosenthal

The supposed “responsibility to protect” has taken America into a war on the side of the ultimate killers of innocents: al-Qaeda. (See also “Rebel Libya: ‘Brothers who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan, now is the time to defend your land!” on the Tatler.)

The Coming, and Why the Left Doesn’t Understand Iran

by Roger L Simon

The Iranian version of The Triumph of the Will, or in this case, the triumph of the Twelfth Imam, now playing at PJTV. (Click here to watch. Also, Reza Kahlili and Michael Ledeen will be giving a press conference on the video Tuesday at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies in DC.)

Remembering the Triangle Shirtwaist Company Fire of 1911

by Ron Radosh

2011 is far away from 1911, but that hasn’t stopped the MSM from attempting to triangulate the plight of pre-WWI factory workers toiling in Dickensian-conditions with 21st century government employees, who in comparison, live (and earn) like potentates.

Why Marco Rubio Should Resist 2012 Temptations

by Myra Adams

Candidates who are chosen for high office largely based on their gender, ethnicity, age, or race (GEAR) usually ruin their careers.

Understanding Radiation

by Charlie Martin

A primer on how radiation exposure is actually measured so that you can judge for yourself whether the figures coming from Fukushima are worrisome or not.

Obama’s Faith-Building Exercise: Energy and the Middle East

by Mary Claire Kendall

Our Sphinx-like president is now faced with a riddle: how to maintain stability in the Middle East, in the midst of, ironically enough given his campaign slogan, tectonic change.

European Dis-Union in Libya

by Soeren Kern

In the absence of American leadership in Libya, Europeans are looking more and more like the Keystone Kops. It would be funny if it were not so serious.

We are the Scholars of Newspeak We’ve Been Waiting For

by Roger Kimball

“Kinetic military action” and “overseas contingency operations,” indeed: future historians, looking back on this era, will marvel at its capacity for linguistic evasion.

Obama of Arabia

by Richard Fernandez

The Syrian town of Deraa was once the site of a key battle against the Ottoman Empire led by the famed Lawrence of Arabia. Today we are even luckier to be led, not simply by the competent and daring, but by leaders who understand the true battlefield potential of postmodern linguistics. (For more on Syria, don’t miss Michael Ledeen and Anne Bayefsky at the Tatler.)

WHO Study Used to Justify ObamaCare a Scientific Fraud

by Rich Baehr

Findings were skewed to show better performance from countries with socialized health care systems.

Tea in the Sahara

by Roger Kimball

In 2010 the tea party had its hands full with various domestic issues. Those haven’t gone away, but I reckon we’ll be hearing a lot about our North African adventures in 2012.

The Stifling Effect of Muhammed’s Life and Teachings on Muslim Society

by Hege Storhaug

We need a constructive and fact-based debate about Muhammed’s life and his meaning for society today.

Kingdom of Lies

by Victor Davis Hanson

I am a subject in a kingdom of lies. At age 57, I have grown up with decades of untruth — advanced for the purposes of purported social unity, the noble aim of egalitarianism, and the advancement of a cognitive elite in government, journalism, the arts, and the universities.

Pessimistic about 2012? Please.

by Kyle-Anne Shiver

The only thing weird here is the lingering admiration for the president.

The Cause Of All Discrimination? Me.

by William M. Briggs

One man makes a shocking confession.

What the West Can Do in Egypt to Stymie the Muslim Brotherhood

by Michael Armanious

Western leaders must invest not in military hardware, but in Egypt’s nascent civil society, which is clearly under threat.

Richard Goldstone’s Mea Culpa

by Ed Lasky

Sadly, it may be too little and too late. (And don’t miss Roger L. Simon at the Tatler: “Will Goldstone’s semi-apology be a wake up call?”)

The Senate and the No-Fly Zone: The Legend Begins

by Claudia Rosett

The Obama administration is now conjuring the narrative that Congress actually did approve a Libyan no-fly zone before the president signed onto the project with the United Nations.

How to Win Friends and Influence Terrorists

by Robert Latona

Documents show that Spanish police tipped ETA terrorists to a raid while also apologizing for the “accident.”

Our Principles? The Libyan Insurrection and the Mohammed Cartoons

by John Rosenthal

A look back at the origins of the Libyan insurrection shows that a victory by the rebels could be a victory for Islamist-inspired blasphemy laws and a defeat for freedom of expression. (Also read: Endgame? Libyan Rebels Call for Ceasefire at the Tatler.)

Dems Go to Extremes in Budget Battle

by Peter Roff

But will political embarrassment cause them to cave?

A Different Kind of Life

by Michael S. Malone

Paul Baran helped invent the Internet; but in the end, he also taught us how to live our own lives, from beginning to end, in the Internet Age.

Arab Revolts Improve Al-Qaeda’s Strategic Position

by Brian Fairchild

The terrorists are reaping the benefits from the chaos.

Fires, Cars: More Deadly Than Nuclear Power!

by Dan Miller

We must stop using them lest intelligent life on Earth be further endangered!

Libya: The Genesis of a Bad Idea

by Victor Davis Hanson

After almost two weeks, the questions about our mission in Libya still have not been asked much less answered — and there are lots of questions.

Can Israel’s ‘Iron Dome’ Blunt Hamas Rockets?

by Allison Kaplan Sommer

The cutting-edge weapon faces trial by fire.

Another day, several more Obamacare waivers
April 04, 2011
Over 1100 and climbing. More

Stamp of approval?
April 04, 2011
If a country has lost its collective memory, it cannot know what it was that made it once great. Have you looked at U.S. postage stamps recently? More

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