OPINIONS: How the West Is Being Turned into a Version of the Middle East, # EGYPT: Coptic Christians more in peril now than ever before, # Why Isn’t Obama Talking About the Human Skulls?, # Trump Smells a Rat. Williams Smells a Racist (I smell a useful idiot!), # Obama’s shrinking Mideast influence gives way to Iran’s growing clout, #

April 29, 2011


Obama Lie That Drove the Birther Movement
Jack Cashill
Newly released documents from Barack Obama Sr.’s immigration file, obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, justify “birther” doubts about the nativity story on which Barack Obama based his presidential campaign. More

Just in Time, Obama Changes the Subject
James G. Wiles
President Obama just did something only presidents can do: he changed the subject of our nation’s political conversation. To his advantage, he and his handlers hope. More

Obama’s Brand of ‘Greatness’ for America
Kevin Jackson
The budget is out of control because of the thing that Obama says makes America great: entitlements. Who knew that giving money to the shiftless and lazy is the way we are supposed to measure ourselves? More

EGYPT: Coptic Christians more in peril now than ever before

Posted: April 28, 2011 | Author: barenakedislam | Filed under: Persecution of Christians | 15 Comments »

It’s no longer just Muslim haters attacking the Copts, now police and military are going against them. Many may be forced to leave Egypt. We should be bringing the Coptic Christians here instead of the Muslim garbage from Somalia that Barack Obama is importing to the U.S. at taxpayer expense.














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Why Isn’t Obama Talking About the Human Skulls?
Leo W. Banks
I’m betting that when President Obama met with his open borders supporters at the White House last week, he didn’t mention the human skulls. More

Birther Movement

Obama’s birth certificate: A win for Donald Trump?

The blustering real estate tycoon immediately declared victory after the president released his long-form birth certificate. Does Trump deserve credit?

Best opinion:Taylor Marsh, NY Daily News, Huff. Post

Arab Revolts  

In her first interview since her attack in Cairo, CBS News correspondent Lara Logan says she thought she was going to die at the hands of an angry mob.


Lara Logan’s ‘torturous’ sexual assault in Egypt

April 28, 2011, at 6:35 PMThe CBS News correspondent speaks publicly for the first time since being sexually assaulted while covering Egypt’s revolt



A 2004 Walmart gun display: After limiting its sales of firearms to a third of its outlets, the super chain is bringing back shotguns, hunting rifles, and bullets to 500 more stores.


Why are more Walmart stores selling guns again?

April 28, 2011, at 6:05 PMThe struggling retailer is reintroducing firearms and ammunition at hundreds of its locations. What’s behind the decision?

2012 Presidential Race  

Robert Shrum


The economy trumps Trump

April 28, 2011, at 5:55 PMObama has deflected the birthers. The real danger for the president now is the GOP’s political ploy to dead-end the economy


U.S. Opinion  

The funnel of a tornado on the outskirts of a University of Alabama parking lot: Hundreds have died in a series of devastating tornadoes.


The ‘terrifyingly clear’ videos of the Tuscaloosa tornado

April 28, 2011, at 4:19 PMA powerful twister rips through Tuscaloosa, Ala., killing dozens of people and uprooting hundreds of buildings



Steve Carrell may be leaving the show Thursday night, but "The Office" has found strength in its ensemble, and will survive without him, says Robert Lloyd in the Los Angeles Times.


Why ‘The Office’ doesn’t need Steve Carell

April 28, 2011, at 3:58 PMThe hit show will go on even after Carell’s final episode Thursday, thanks to a very strong ensemble cast, says Robert Lloyd in the Los Angeles Times


How Not to Defend Yourself as a Jew at Yale »

by David Horowitz

Even sugarcoating your enemy’s venom is an insufficient gesture of submission….

April 29 2011 / Comments (2) / Read More »

Terrorist Unity and the Push for Statehood »

by P. David Hornik

Why the accord between Hamas and Fatah now? …

April 29 2011 / Comments (0) / Read More »

Purdue College Republicans Stand Up For Israel »

by Frontpagemag.com

The Freedom Center’s Wall of Lies is made accessible to campus students. …

April 29 2011 / Comments (2) / Read More »

United Nations MIA on Syria »

by Joseph Klein

With the right friends, you get not only a pass on your human rights violations, but a UN seat of honor. …

April 29 2011 / Comments (0) / Read More »

What MacArthur’s Farewell Teaches Us Today »

by Alan W. Dowd

How to wage an effective war….

April 29 2011 / Comments (0) / Read More »

NATO Fumbles in Libya »

by Ryan Mauro

The alliance’s ineffectiveness and confusion on full display….

April 29 2011 / Comments (1) / Read More »

The Royal Wedding  

Kate Middleton may pull off the pristine princess-to-be look, but at least one writer is convinced her inner, rebellious feminist is ready to let loose.


Royal wedding: 4 rogue theories

April 28, 2011, at 3:41 PMIt’s not all frothy excitement over floral arrangements and Kate’s dress. Plenty of commentators have some rather controversial thoughts on the royal wedding

Mysteries of Space  

The SETI institute has shut down its Allen Telescope Array, named after Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, who originally funded the search for intelligent life project.


Is the U.S. too broke to search for aliens?

April 28, 2011, at 3:15 PMShort on funds, the SETI Institute temporarily shuts down its Allen Telescope Array, which had been used to hunt for alien life forms

2012 Presidential Race  

When Donald Trump says Chinese products just fall apart, he's presumably not talking about his own made-in-China clothing line, otherwise known as the "pinnacle of style and sophistication."


Irony alert: China-bashing Trump has a made-in-China clothing line

April 28, 2011, at 2:55 PMThe presidential hopeful urges Americans to buy American products. So why is the Donald J. Trump Signature Collection manufactured in China?


World Opinion  

British Prime David Cameron's "calm down, Dear" comment to a female member of Parliament may have gotten a laugh initially, but the Labor Party is crying sexism.


David Cameron’s ‘Calm down, dear’: Sexist?

April 28, 2011, at 2:28 PMThe British prime minister faces accusations of chauvinism for the way he spoke to a female rival in Parliament

China Rising  

China's Tiangong space station will reportedly look a lot like NASA's International Space Station (pictured).


China’s ‘heavenly palace’ space station

April 28, 2011, at 1:52 PMWith the U.S. scaling back NASA’s efforts, is China’s plan to build its own ambitious space station just one more sign of the Asian nation’s ascendancy?


Paul Simon's music is too intellectualized, detached, and edge-less to connect with the younger generation, says Jim Fusilli at The Wall Street Journal.

How Not to Defend Yourself as a Jew at Yale »

by David Horowitz

Even sugarcoating your enemy’s venom is an insufficient gesture of submission….

April 29 2011 / Comments (2) / Read More »

Terrorist Unity and the Push for Statehood »

by P. David Hornik

Why the accord between Hamas and Fatah now? …

April 29 2011 / Comments (0) / Read More »

Purdue College Republicans Stand Up For Israel »

by Frontpagemag.com

The Freedom Center’s Wall of Lies is made accessible to campus students. …

April 29 2011 / Comments (2) / Read More »

United Nations MIA on Syria »

by Joseph Klein

With the right friends, you get not only a pass on your human rights violations, but a UN seat of honor. …

April 29 2011 / Comments (0) / Read More »

What MacArthur’s Farewell Teaches Us Today »

by Alan W. Dowd

How to wage an effective war….

April 29 2011 / Comments (0) / Read More »

NATO Fumbles in Libya »

by Ryan Mauro

The alliance’s ineffectiveness and confusion on full display….

April 29 2011 / Comments (1) / Read More »

Obama’s Amnesty Monologue »

by J.D. Hayworth

The administration’s false claims on border security….

April 29 2011 / Comments (1) / Read More »

Elian Gonzalez: When Eric Holder Earned His Spurs »

by Humberto Fontova

Remembering how Clinton’s INS forcibly returned a Cuban slave when Castro clapped his hands….

April 29 2011 / Comments (3) / Read More »

Why hipsters worship Bob Dylan but not Paul Simon

April 28, 2011, at 1:39 PMSimon is one of his era’s most acclaimed musicians, says Jim Fusilli at The Wall Street Journal. So why don’t young people give him any respect?


The U.S. Recovery  

Federal Reserve Chairmen Ben Bernanke held a historic first press conference Wednesday, and though he was vague on details, some commentators say it was good PR for the central bank.


Did Bernanke’s press conference accomplish anything?

April 28, 2011, at 1:04 PMThe Federal Reserve chairman goes on a historic first date with the media. But will Bernanke’s willingness to take questions help the economy?


Real Clear Politics Thursday

Early Morning Update

Obama’s 2012 Paradox – Ronald Brownstein, National Journal
The Keystone to Obama’s Re-election – Tom Bevan, RealClearPolitics
What’s Wrong With America’s Economy? – The Economist
A Better Alternative to ObamaCare – Levin & Ponnuru, National Review
In Bernanke We Trust? – Zachary Karabell, Time
Obama’s Silence on Boeing Is Unacceptable – Gov. Nikki Haley, WSJ
The Economy Trumps Trump – Robert Shrum, The Week
The Campaign Waiting for Mitch Daniels – Erin McPike, RealClearPolitics

RCP Afternoon Edition

Sorry to Be Rude, But the Economy Sucks – Henry Blodget, Business Insider
Dems’ Debt Third Rails: Defense Cuts, Tax Hikes – David Paul Kuhn, RCP
Trump’s Birtherism and Race-Baiting – David Remnick, The New Yorker
The Story is the Corrupt Media, Not Obama’s Birth – Andy McCarthy, NRO
WH Move Was Nothing Short of Brilliant – Markos Moulitsas, Daily Kos
Obama’s White House Looks Like the ’62 Mets – John Podhoretz, NY Post
Reid to Put Senate GOP on the Spot – Steve Benen, Washington Monthly
The Libyan Boomerang – Victor Davis Hanson, National Review
Obama’s National Security Reshuffling Makes Sense – Fred Kaplan, Slate
Patience and Pakistan: Both Lost – Jed Babbin, RealClearPolitics
FOX News: Romney 19, Huckabee 17, Palin 9, Trump 8, Gingrich 7

RCP Morning Edition

Too Early for Clues to GOP 2012 Nominee – Michael Barone, DC Examiner
What Can Obama Do About Gas Prices? – Bradford Plumer, New Republic
Gold Slams Bernanke – Larry Kudlow, Investor’s Business Daily
The Real Budget Battle to Watch – Doyle McManus, Los Angeles Times
The President Needs a Reset – Walter Russell Mead, The American Interest
Why Obama Released His Birth Certificate – David Corn, Mother Jones
Obama’s Birther Day – Dana Milbank, Washington Post
What Obama Doesn’t Want to Talk About – John Hayward, Human Events
Pentagon, CIA Picks Show Shift in How US Fights – Mazzetti & Schmitt, NYT
Blurring Line Between Military & Intelligence – Max Fisher, The Atlantic
Daniels for President? – Katrina Trinko, National Review
Exit Haley Barbour – Ross Douthat, New York Times
Does Obama Want to Bolster Donald Trump? – James Carville, CNN
UK Still Panders to Islamic Extremism – Andrew Gilligan, Daily Telegraph
Conditions Ripe for Mideast Summer War – Victor Kotsev, Asia Times
China’s Great Leap Backward – Nicholas Kristof, New York Times
Cynic in Chief – Mark Salter, RealClearPolitics

Rifts in Iran’s Leadership. Plus: Secret Meetings with Obama Admin?

by ‘Reza Kahlili’

Recent events in Iran have exposed serious rifts between Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Plus, reports claim the U.S. is, inexplicably, still trying to talk the Iranians back from the nuclear brink.

Born To Be Mild

by Richard Fernandez

For the New Yorker, which defines Obama as a non-ideological leader, having the president “Leading From Behind” in Libya is a feature, not a bug.

<script language=”javascript” type=”text/javascript” src=”http://adserver.adtechus.com/addyn/3.0/5235/1131619/0/170/ADTECH;loc=700;cookie=info;target=_blank;key=key1+key2+key3+key4;grp=[group]“></script><noscript><a href=”http://adserver.adtechus.com/adlink/3.0/5235/1131619/0/170/ADTECH;loc=300;key=key1+key2+key3+key4;grp=[group]” target=”_blank”><img src=”http://adserver.adtechus.com/adserv/3.0/5235/1131619/0/170/ADTECH;loc=300;key=key1+key2+key3+key4;grp=[group]” border=”0″ width=”300″ height=”250″ alt=”" /></a></noscript>

(PJM Exclusive) Holder’s DOJ Scuttled More Terror-Related Prosecutions

by Patrick Poole

Congressional sources disclose further revelations. Is more Bush blame and media blackout on the way?

Crappy Days Are Here Again

by Stephen Green

Some think that five dollar gas and five dollar bread will ruin Obama’s election chances. I’m worried that five billion dollar gas and breadlines will ruin this country. (In a related post, don’t miss Ed Driscoll on “The 44th President and his Multiple Catch-22s.”)

Diagnosing ObamaCare

by Dr. Peter Weiss

The president’s cousin passes his considered judgment in First Do No Harm.

The Fatah-Hamas Agreement: The Failure of Obama’s Middle East Policy, and the End of the ‘Peace Process’

by Ron Radosh

This new development makes it even more than likely that with Assad in power in Syria, and Hamas in both Gaza and now the West Bank, a new Middle East war is likely to break out.

Christians Mock Gays at Shocking Easter Service

by Zombie

This is a (possibly not safe for work) Test of the Emergency Double-Standard System.

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The Wild Hunt

by David Solway

Obama and his merry band are starring in their own movie.

Who Is Fighting Libya’s Civil War?

by Khaled Nasir

Beneath Gaddafi’s theatrics, Libya struggles in a tangle of loyalties.

NASA Over a Russian Barrel

by Rand Simberg

The Russians are asking exorbitant fees to transport our astronauts to the space station while preventing American private companies from doing the job.

How the West Is Being Turned into a Version of the Middle East

by Barry Rubin

The Anti-Democratic Super-Weapon is stifling free speech, using racism, sexism, and Islamophobia as political attacks.

Thanks to Obama, Gas Jumps in a Flash

by Will Collier

Thanks to the left, prices will keep on rising, too. (Update: Ed Driscoll adds, “CNN Neuters Obama” and the presidential impact on gas prices.)

President Trump Would Be an Entertaining Disappointment

by Bryan Preston

The Donald has been in the public eye for decades, but what do we really know about his political instincts?

Must-See Film on Ground Zero Mosque Controversy

by Elise Cooper

An interview with one of the producers of The Ground Zero Mosque: Second Wave of 9/11 Attacks.

How the Obama Administration Is Using Executive Power to Support Union Goals

by Ron Radosh

The National Labor Relations Board filed a complaint seeking to force Boeing to stop building a new airplane plant near Charleston, South Carolina — a “right to work state” — and to expand their current heavily unionized plant in Washington state.

Atlas Shrugged: B-Movie Production Values, Big Ideas Just Underneath

by Ed Driscoll

A warning for the rest of us; a user manual for the Obama administration.

PJM Exclusive: More Video from Syria’s ‘Great Friday Uprising’ (Content Warning)

by Farid Ghadry

(UPDATED Monday 1:24 p.m. EDT) Horror: Five-year-old girl Israh’ Youssef shot in the eye. (Don’t miss Farid Ghadry’s previous video roundup, here.)

Dr. Assad Meet Dr. Mengele

by Roger L Simon

The horrific videos on PJM today show conclusively that Syria’s president is as much a reformer as the Nazi doctor Josef Mengele.

John McCain Has a Lot To Answer For on Libya

by John Rosenthal

McCain calls the Libyan rebels his “heroes.” A year and a half earlier, in Tripoli, he described Gaddafi as America’s friend.

PJM Exclusive: Video from Syria’s ‘Great Friday Uprising’ (Content Warning, Continually Updated)

by Farid Ghadry

“As an American with Syrian roots, I want the American people to witness the horror of the Assad regime.” UPDATE: Additional videos added Sunday, 8:15 a.m. EDT, including Assad’s men trying to hide bodies. We will continually update as videos arrive. Don’t miss Roger L. Simon: “Syria: What PJM Is Doing”.

At Some Colleges, Students Must Keep Their Pro-Life Opinions to Themselves

by Robert Shibley

Two egregious examples of anti-abortion literature being censored because school authorities disagree with the message.

The Truth About Iran’s Support of Arab Terrorists

by Brian Fairchild

When it comes to Shia and Sunni, Islamism knows no sect.

Jurassic President

by Sarah Hoyt

Obama’s preserved in the amber of an echo chamber where the romanticized version of the 1930s, seen through the new-age gauze of the 1970s, is paradise.

New Poll Brings Bad News for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt

by Ryan Mauro

Secularist parties have a clear majority of support, but the Brotherhood might still have significant sway over the government.

Debate of the Century: Obama vs. Trump

by Myra Adams

An imagined contest between the president and The Donald.

Obama’s $3 Million S.F. Fundraiser — the Complete Guest List

by Zombie

Craig is on the list. Find out who else can afford a cool $35k to hobnob with The One.

Obama’s Energy Lunacy

by Mike McDaniel

Will consumers revolt against the Volt?

Francisco Silva: A Real Clown for President

by Dan Miller

If we’re gonna have a clown, we deserve a real one.

Please, Not Another Jimmy Carter Jaunt to North Korea

by Claudia Rosett

The eternal quest to live out that second presidential term which American voters in their belated wisdom snatched from him in 1980 continues.

CAIR’s Strong-Arm Tactics in the Cradle of Liberty

by Hillel Zaremba

The latest victim of the Council on American-Islamic Relations is a Philadelphia-based libertarian writer who fears for his life.

Police, Apple Watching, Logging, and Downloading Every Move You Make

by Bryan Preston

Michigan State Police are demanding and getting cell phone data at routine traffic stops. And from people who happen to be carrying iPhones, the police can learn quite a lot.

History Rhymes at the San Francisco Chronicle

by Ed Driscoll

Yesterday, the Obama Administration punished a reporter from the same paper where he once cheerfully gave his quotes on bankrupting the coal industry and causing skyrocketing energy prices in early 2008.

America’s Fiscal High Noon

by Mary Claire Kendall

Beyond today’s myriad fiscal woes, we’re just months away from a potential economic Pearl Harbor, and yet all we hear from President Barack Obama and company is happy talk.

Six Reasons Why Latinos May Stay Home on Election Day

by Ruben Navarrette Jr.

The Latino community’s disgust for Obama has turned into contempt for the man and his policies.

Issa Demands Justice Dept. Answer Project Gunrunner Subpoenas

by Patrick Richardson

Said Issa: “If you made a decision this felony stupid you shouldn’t be making decisions any longer on behalf of the American people.”

Al-Qaeda ‘Emirates’ in Eastern Libya?

by John Rosenthal

An al-Qaeda spokesman cited in an Arabic-language daily appeared to confirm the terror group’s presence in the eastern Libyan rebellion — until the spokesman denied he ever said it.

PJM Exclusive: A Massacre in Syria (Content Warning)

by Farid Ghadry

April 27, Hawleh: Video of Assad’s forces spraying bullets at a crowd.

The New Defense Team Confirmed and Understood by the Greatest (Dead) Expert…

by Michael Ledeen

General Petraeus to the CIA? Michael Ledeen, with a ouija board-powered assist from his late friend, James Jesus Angleton, says, “See, I told you so.”

The Birth Certificate

by Richard Fernandez

The birth certificate issue will not die because most documentary proof is really based on trust. And that was the problem to start with.

Jimmy Carter, Guest-Blogging for Pyongyang

by Claudia Rosett

Now on his third pilgrimage to the Kim dynasty’s totalitarian state, the ex-president calls the visit “a privilege.”

Meet the ‘New Cuba,’ Same as the Old Cuba

by Jaime Daremblum

Take a bow for the new revolution: for all the naive optimism of some foreign observers, Cuba hasn’t really changed.

The Equal Earth Amendment

by Jazz Shaw

If this proposal is to have any teeth, we need to ensure that a new seat specifically for Mother Earth is added to the hallowed hall of the UN.

Just Move the UN Human Rights Council to Syria

by Claudia Rosett

With the Assad regime murdering hundreds of protesters, it’s patently grotesque that Syria might get a seat on the United Nations Human Rights Council. (And don’t miss Richard Perle on “The UN Human Rights Charade.”)

The Birth Certificate — A Teaching Moment

by Roger L Simon

The president finally releases his long form birth certificate. What we can learn from the years-long episode, and the questions we must continue to pursue. Also read: “Donald Trump is proud of himself,” at the Tatler.

Liberal Rot, Al-Qaeda Terrorists, and the BBC

by Bryan Preston

WikiLeaks backfires on the Beeb, an organization whose very liberalism undermines the nation it is supposed to serve and inform. Also read about the American law firm that defends terrorists, but drops the U.S. House, at the Tatler.

See Trump Run (Run, Trump, Run!)

by Matt Patterson

The Donald quenches the deep and abiding thirst of countless Americans who have longed to hear unashamed sentiments from our politicians.

The Hidden Tax: Regulation

by Michael Swartz

Compliance fees have surpassed — surpassed! — the deficit.

Is the ‘Age of America’ Really at an End?

by Stephen Green

By some reports, China’s economy will surpass the U.S. in “purchasing parity” by 2016. Does this mean that the U.S. is on the way out as a superpower?

Maxed Out America: Coming Sooner Than You Think

by Tom Blumer

The U.S. will hit the borrowing danger zone in far less time than we’ve been led to believe. This is why the “Maxed Out America” initiative of the PJ Institute demands the immediate attention of the political class and the American people.

Palestinians in Shooting Spree U.S.-Trained

by P. David Hornik

In the aftermath of yesterday’s attack at Joseph’s Tomb, Israeli MK Danny Danon calls on the U.S. to stop funding and training the PA security forces.

A Field Guide to Scandinavian Literary Birdbrains

by Bruce Bawer

If you’re looking for a place with a high concentration of literary eminences who can be counted on to spout incredibly fatuous political clichés in a consistently self-regarding tone, pack your mukluks and set sail for the frozen North.

Living the Obama Dream

by Victor Davis Hanson

One that about 45% of the population more or less embraces.

Abandon the Olive Tree Initiative Before It’s Too Late

by Debra Glazer

The program sends students to Palestinian territories without much thought to safety or its own liability.

Obama Visits the S(lush) F(und) Bay Area

by Zombie

Locals have started referring to San Francisco as “the president’s ATM.” Zombie covers each stop on Obama’s most recent visit to the Progressive Piggy Bank.

The Liberal Way of War

by Mike McNally

The intervention in Libya is the half-blood child of multilateralism, an intervention driven in part by genuine


Typewriters may have long outgrown their usefulness, but that doesn't stop collectors and fans from waxing nostalgic over the archaic technology.


Not dead yet: A visual history of the typewriter

April 28, 2011, at 12:32 PMEarlier this week, the reported closure of the world’s last typewriter factory caused a panic. Thankfully, for traditionalist fans, the news wasn’t true

Parenting Controversies  

A new study claims that self-absorbed lyrics in songs like Beyonce's chart-topping hits has encouraged a "me"-centric attitude in the younger generation.


Is Beyoncé making kids narcissistic?

April 28, 2011, at 11:59 AMA new analysis of pop music suggests that egotism-promoting tunes are turning kids into full-blown egomaniacs


Trump takes presidential tease tour to New Hampshire Reuters

Obama’s birth certificate: A win for Donald Trump?

The Week – Thu Apr 28, 7:49 am ET New York – The blustering real estate tycoon immediately declared victory after the president released his long-form birth certificate. Does Trump deserve credit? Full Story »

Did Bernanke’s press conference accomplish anything?

The Week – Thu Apr 28, 9:04 am ET

Is Beyoncé making kids narcissistic?

The Week – Thu Apr 28, 7:59 am ET

  • Hate Speech Makes a Comeback

    Pat Buchanan – Fri Apr 29, 3:00 am ET

    Creators Syndicate – Well, it sure didn’t take long for the Tucson Truce to collapse. Full Story »

  • Democrats’ Hispanic Problem

    Linda Chavez – Fri Apr 29, 3:00 am ET

    Creators Syndicate – Among the challenges facing the Democrats in the 2012 election is the prospect that President Barack Obama will not be able to re-energize his base — which included record numbers of Hispanic voters in 2008. Hispanics gave Obama 67 percent of their votes, but just as importantly, Hispanic turnout was higher than usual. More than 10 million Hispanics cast 9 percent of the total vote, the largest ever. Full Story »

  • A Wedding: Not Just for Royals

    Mona Charen – Fri Apr 29, 3:00 am ET

    Creators Syndicate – By the time you read this, Prince William and his bride, Catherine Middleton (who, depending upon the distribution of titles, may henceforth be known officially by the odd formulation “Her Royal Highness Princess William of Wales”), will have exchanged vows. Full Story »


    Georgie Anne Geyer – Thu Apr 28, 8:03 pm ET

    WASHINGTON — Many Americans will doubtless read of the fracas over the unhappy blogger suing the very happy Ariana Huffington for $105 million. He is claiming that approximately 9,000 bloggers should be paid by The Huffington Post for their work — particularly since the site recently sold for more than $300 million. Full Story »


    Ann Coulter – Thu Apr 28, 5:15 pm ET

    In a priceless formulation in his budget speech two weeks ago, Obama said that Americans look at the poor and say, “There but for the grace of God go I.” And so, in the president’s words, “we contribute to programs like Medicare and Social Security.” Full Story »

  • British Cops Give In to Politically Correct Hysteria

    ContributorNetwork – Thu Apr 28, 4:38 pm ET

    COMMENTARY | Apparently it is against the law in Great Britain to play “Kung Fu Fighting” in a public house when Chinese people hear it and decide they are offended. This is what singer Simon Ledger learned when he was popped by the peelers for doing just that. Full Story »

  • Why are more Walmart stores selling guns again?

    The Week – Thu Apr 28, 2:05 pm ET

    New York – The struggling retailer is reintroducing firearms and ammunition at hundreds of its locations. What’s behind the decision? Full Story »

  • The economy trumps Trump

    The Week – Thu Apr 28, 1:55 pm ET

    New York – Obama has deflected the birthers. The real danger for the president now is the GOP’s political ploy to dead-end the economy Full Story »

  • Alabama tornado outbreak: preparedness and response

    The Christian Science Monitor – Thu Apr 28, 1:48 pm ET

    On the phone with reporters this morning, Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley responded to questions about preparedness for the tornadoes that hit his state on Wednesday, killing at least 162 people. Full Story »

  • Royal wedding: 4 rogue theories

    The Week – Thu Apr 28, 11:41 am ET

    New York – It’s not all frothy excitement over floral arrangements and Kate’s dress. Plenty of commentators have some rather controversial thoughts on the royal wedding Full Story »


1. Video: President George W. Bush (R) to ABC News: Just Because You’re Reporting it Doesn’t Make it True
2. Video: Lawrence O’Donnell Goes Ballistic On BC Guest, Cuts Off Her Camera
3. Video: Donald Trump (R): ‘I’ve done a great service to the American people’
4. Video: Rep. Giffords (D) Seen Climbing Steps To Plane
5. 1 in 4 U.S. Kids Raised by Single Parent
6. Video: Eight U.S. Service Members Killed in Kabul; Deadliest Day in Three Years
7. Video: Whoopi Goldberg: It’s time to play the race card on Trump (R)
8. Video: Palin’s (R) Parting Shot For Katie Couric
9. Video: Oprah to the President: What Took You So Long?
10. Video: Chairman of the Federal Reserve faces the press

Government’s Own Statistics Show Claims of Limited Moratorium Impact Are Lies

Scott McKay

Claims were made that the moratorium on deep-sea oil drilling in the Gulf had minimal impact on jobs and the economy. Once again, the administration’s supporters were lying.

The Wisconsin Witch Hunt Goes National

Michelle Malkin

On May 1, left-wing vigilantes will target companies across the country that have committed a mortal sin: sending donations to GOP Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin.

Eric Holder Defends Decision to Not Prosecute CAIR Leader

The Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Report

The Attorney General says of his decision not to prosecute CAIR co-founder Omar Ahmad for supporting Hamas that it was not “necessarily about CAIR.”

Today’s Hot Topics

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  1. Security Team Shuffle Suggests Cautious Period Ahead (NPR)

  2. Economic recovery stumbles (CNN)

  3. Is the next immigration fight over ‘anchor babies’? (CNN)

  4. Amid Syrian Crackdown, U.N. Considering $38 Million Aid Plan for Government (FOX)

  5. People on the FBI terrorist watch list were unhampered in buying guns in U.S. (THE HILL)

  6. Administration punishes reporter for using multimedia (SF GATE)

  7. Did White House use birth certificate to distract press? (DC)

  8. Terrorists discover uses for Twitter (WT)

  9. Calls for Obama’s academic records blasted as ‘nonsense’(CNN)

  10. President’s Approval Remains at All-Time Low for Second Week in Row, Says Gallup (CNS)



Environmentalism as a Surrogate Religion

Dr. Thomas P. Sheahen

It may be “secular,” but environmentalism makes “Mother Earth” its object of special devotion.

Quote of the Day – April 29, 2011

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A pressing question of identity…

Not So Fast, Mr. Obama: Trust but Verify

Carol Taber

The famous long form birth certificate has now been displayed to the public, but more questions remain unanswered.

The Dearborn Islamist Political Machine and Pastor Terry Jones

Alan Kornman

Terry Jones’ trial in Dearborn illustrates how the Dearborn Islamist community tried to blame Terry Jones for their illegal threats and potentially violent behavior.

Arrogance and Narcissism Reign in King Barack’s Court
Anthony W. Hager
President Obama is a walking contradiction. Acts he once considered an abuse of authority are but policy recalculations when he exercises them personally. More

Obama’s Immigration Reform Bluff
David P. McGinley
Obama and the Democrats do not want a “solution” to this issue, they just want to create animosity. Here’s how to call their bluff. More

Canadian Showdown
Bruce Walker
Next Monday, May 2nd, Canadians are going to the polls for their third general election in five years. The results matter a lot to Americans, and they could bring a surprise. More

Court Orders New Sentencing Hearing for Cop-Killer
April 29, 2011
On Tuesday the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals told prosecutors to conduct a new sentencing hearing for the former Black Panther Mumia Abu Jamal within six months or agree to a life sentence for the infamous killer. More 

Scott Brown Urges Racial Gerrymandering
April 29, 2011
Conservatives have been disappointed by many of Scott Brown’s votes, and this won’t help. More

Public schools, health insurance costs and OPM
April 29, 2011
It’s easy to spend other people’s money, until they go broke. More

Uncertainty in Canada as election approaches
April 29, 2011
Conservatives in the lead but can they win a majority of seats? More

Don’t insult your dog by calling him a ‘pet’
April 29, 2011
How dare you hurt the feelings of your dog or cat. More

Trump Smells a Rat. Williams Smells a Racist
April 28, 2011
Juan Williams says that it is hard not to see a pattern in the questions Trump raises about Obama. More

2009 Report: Hawaii Health Department went paperless, discarded documents
April 28, 2011
In the words of Lewis Carroll, it gets curioser and curiouser. More

Bernanke: What, me worry?
April 28, 2011
While everyone’s attention was focused on the release of Obama’s birth certificate, another historic event took place Wednesday in Washington D.C. More

Obama’s shrinking Mideast influence gives way to Iran’s growing clout
April 28, 2011
Possibly the most diplomatically inept president ever, Obama has created a legacy int he Middle East that will haunt America for years to come. More

President Obama has a bad habit of avoiding the straight, simple truth
April 28, 2011
President Obama has a bad habit of avoiding the straight, simple truth – even when telling the truth would work to his advantage. More

Growth slows to 1.8% in first quarter
April 28, 2011
Meanwhile, first time unemployment filings jumped “unexpectedly” by 25,000. More

Graph for the Day for April 28, 2011
April 28, 2011
“Stuck in the same old pattern of heated political rhetoric.” More

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