OPINIONS: The moment Has Come For Mr. Holder To End His Investigation Of The CIA’s Interrogators Of Terrorist Detainees., # Who Will Answer the Jobs Question?

May 5, 2011


Anti-Bullying Angle: ‘Social Justice’ Helps Bullies Get in Touch with Feelings
May 05, 2011
It will come as a surprise to most people that stopping bullies is a matter of administering “social justice.” More

Not a Paper Tiger…but maybe a Cardboard Cowboy?
May 05, 2011
Times have changed. More

by Patrick J. Buchanan (04/26/11)
One month before the invasion of Iraq, a Palestinian and the Anglican bishop of Jerusalem at the time, warned Tony Blair, “You will be responsible for emptying Iraq, the homeland of Abraham, of Christians.”
by Patrick J. Buchanan (04/22/11)
The probability of a financial crisis increased this week after President Obama trashed Rep. Paul Ryan’s deficit reduction plan.

First Lady Loves Risqué Beyonce
May 05, 2011
In her zeal to promote the anti-obesity Let’s Move campaign Michelle Obama has teamed up with Beyonce to promote a dance video. Maybe Michelle should have vetted the singer before she joined forces with her. More

Real estate magnate and television personality Trump speaks to a group of Republican organisations in Las Vegas, Nevada Reuters

Bin Laden’s death: A ‘wake-up call’ for the GOP to get serious?

The Week – Wed May 4, 9:59 am ET New York – President Obama’s focus on big-stakes challenges — such as the killing of al Qaeda’s leader — might just force the Right to drop birtherism and other fringe issues Full Story »

With bin Laden dead, should we leave Afghanistan?

The Week – Wed May 4, 6:32 am ET

Obama’s big approval bump: Will it last?

The Week – Wed May 4, 5:58 am ET

  • Bin Laden’s Death Latest Milestone for Generation Born into War on Terror

    ContributorNetwork – Wed May 4, 4:42 pm ET

    COMMENTARY | President George W. Bush was in Florida at an education event in 2001, reading a story to a second grade class, when he received the first word of 9/11. As the 10-year anniversary draws nigh, some of those kids, now in high school, speak out. Full Story »

  • Pakistan’s K Street Connections

    The Nation – Wed May 4, 3:34 pm ET

    The Nation — The $1.5 billion Pakistan receives in US aid per year has helped the country become well-connected inside the corridors of power in Washington, DC. Full Story »

  • On Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda, US and Pakistan really are on the same team

    The Christian Science Monitor – Wed May 4, 3:15 pm ET

    Washington – The recent killing of Osama bin Laden has engendered speculation about the possible complicity of the Pakistani state in harboring Mr. bin Laden. But that speculation is misplaced and harmful to our future counterterrorism cooperation with Pakistan, making us less safe. Full Story »

  • Obama withholds bin Laden photos: A ‘serious mistake’?

    The Week – Wed May 4, 1:55 pm ET

    New York – Citing national security concerns, the president decides not to release “graphic” images of Osama bin Laden’s corpse. Cue the conspiracy theorists? Full Story »

  • Why I watched Trump and the birthers instead of PBS News Hour

    The Christian Science Monitor – Wed May 4, 1:54 pm ET

    Northfield, Minn. – “Idiots – the media are a bunch of idiots,” I bellowed to my wife tuning in to the tail end of Donald Trump’s response to President Obama’s release of his birth certificate. I continued, “Why do they continue to give oxygen to this publicity golem?” The answer: people like me – and, who knows, maybe you. Full Story »

  • The killing of Osama bin Laden: Was capture really an option?

    The Christian Science Monitor – Wed May 4, 1:27 pm ET

    America might have raised its moral standing in the Muslim world if it had been able to capture Osama bin Laden instead of killing him – or even made more of an effort to capture him. Full Story »

  • After Osama bin Laden’s Death, an End to ‘Bad Guys’

    The Nation – Wed May 4, 1:21 pm ET

    The Nation — “A major victory has been scored by the good guys against the baddest of the bad guys.”    —Geraldo Rivera on Fox News, announcing Osama bin Laden’s death   In the wake of 9/11, the phrase “bad guys” infiltrated our national conversation, and its continued prevalence serves as a testament to the ways the trauma has warped our national character. Full Story »

The European Media Reacts to Death of Osama Bin Laden

by Soeren Kern

European journalists have focused on whether the killing was permissible under international law; some are now calling for an international commission to investigate the American action.

The Mosab Yousef Saga: Did Hamas ‘Defector’ Dupe All of Us?

by Walid Shoebat

Listen to what the former Israeli spy and Son of Hamas author says when he speaks Arabic: it’s clear he’s more double agent than turncoat.

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Now Shovel Ready: the Blackwater Criminal Prosecution

by Dan Miller

The Court of Appeals is unfazed by prosecutorial misconduct.

What if the Killing of Bin Laden Is the Beginning of The Great American Retreat?

by Michael Ledeen

“I’m saying that Osama was betrayed. Somebody who knew the details—or maybe several somebodies—delivered him to us. So the question is, who betrayed him? And why?”

Who Will Answer the Jobs Question?
Public opinion polls show that all the Republican presidential hopefuls are clustered in single- or teen-digit approval ratings. It should be no mystery why no one is breaking out of the pack: no one has answered the number-one political question. 5-06-11

The Patent Bill is Unconstitutional
The biggest issue for many new Members of Congress and TEA Partiers is trying to hold the federal government within its constitutional limits. Unfortunately, the House now seems poised to pass a law in direct violation of the Constitution. 4-29-11

What We’ve Learned from Budget Debate
Barack Obama’s runaway spending is the top issue with grassroots Americans. The problem is a long way from solved, but we’ve learned a lot from the budget debate. 4-22-11

Obama and Mexican Trucks
Barack Obama’s deal with the president of Mexico to allow Mexican trucks to carry their loads onto U.S. highways and roads is new evidence of his high-handed solo behavior that has become Standard Operating Procedure in the Administration. Here are ten reasons why Obama’s plan is dangerous and must be stopped by Congress and public protest. 4-15-11

What Students Learn and Don’t Learn
If you are attending college to get teacher certification, you will probably be required to attend classes on “multicultural education.” This is supposed to bring diversity to the classroom and prepare teachers to teach pupils of various ethnic or national backgrounds. 4-08-11

A Better Life: Hangin’ with the Homeboys

by Roger L Simon

Homeboys Industries that is, which aides formerly gang-involved L.A. youth. It was at their annual awards dinner where the makers of A Better Life, the latest film written by Roger, were honored.

The Muslim Brotherhood Reveals Its Islamist Vision of Democracy

by Sami al-Abasi

In an Arabic editorial, they openly plan to dominate politics in Egypt and beyond.

Obama, Osama, and What’s Next in Pakistan

by N.M. Guariglia

When it comes to Islamabad, it’s time to take off the kid gloves.

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Don’t Worry: Osama Was Shot in Accordance with Islamic Tradition

by Frank J. Fleming

Frank J. Fleming knows the very first thing that went through your mind when you heard of bin Laden’s death: were all the religious niceties observed?

Caption Contest: Situation Room Reaction Shot

by Zombie

What was on their minds as they watched the OBL mission unfold from the White House?

On Bin Laden, Muslim Brotherhood Makes Different Statements in English and in Arabic

by Sami al-Abasi

In Arabic, they honor bin Laden as a “sheikh” and call for terrorism against American forces in Muslim lands.

Bin Laden Is Dead and His Cause Goes Marching On

by Barry Rubin

Thinking that OBL is the main problem and his death is the solution is very dangerous indeed and might well intensify the policies that have been leading toward the victory of his cause.

Good Morning, Pakistan; Hamas Hearts Bin Laden

by Roger L Simon

Regarding the death of bin Laden, Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh can’t keep his mouth shut: “We condemn the assassination and the killing of an Arab holy warrior,” he said.

A Letter to Pajamas Media from the Reform Party of Syria

by The Editors

The Reform Party of Syria “would like to thank the management of Pajamas Media for choosing these difficult times to provide us with a platform to expose the atrocities committed against our people.”

Osama Bin Laden Is Dead. I Blame Bush.

by Bryan Preston

The 43rd president made difficult decisions that led directly to the 44th president’s decision to get bin Laden.

Bin Laden’s Dead, But It Ain’t Over

by Claudia Rosett

This is a long war, and al-Qaeda is just one part of it.

OK, Let’s Decline

by Victor Davis Hanson

Why does Mr. Obama see us in decline? Is it a wish rather than a descriptive assessment?

Flying in the Wake of Bin Laden

by Roger L Simon

One of many horrors we all owe to the now deceased monster Osama bin Laden is that he ruined the experience of flying for the rest of our lives and no doubt beyond. (Also read “OBL’s corpse gets treated according to ‘Islamic tradition’” and “Did Gitmo terrorists provide the crucial leads to bin Laden?” at the Tatler.)

Osama Bin Laden Dead

by The Editors

Click here for initial reaction, and check PJM throughout the day for the latest updates.

1. President Barack Obama to Visit Ground Zero – First time since he was a Senator in 2008
2. Video: Attny Gen. Holder (D) tells Senate that Captured Terrorists Get Presumption Of Trial In our U.S. Civilian Courts
3. Nancy Pelosi (D) 2006: Capturing Bin Laden Won’t Make Us Any Safer
4. Video: WH Press Secretary Has Cantankerous Exchange With Reporter: ‘You Can Ask’ But I’m Not Giving More Details
5. Video: Rudy Giuliani (R) – President (D) Should Release Photos – “The pictures will eventually get out…”
6. Video: Gov. Scott Walker(R) Discusses Recall Efforts Against State Senators
7. Video: Bin Laden Had $740 and 2 Phone Numbers Sewn Into His Clothes
8. Video: Arrogant Senate Leader (D): Marco Rubio ‘Has to Understand Who He Is and Who He Represents’
9. Video: Mubarak faces possible execution, Egyptian official says

Orwellian Doublethink and Controlled Insanity

Ronald Cherry, MD

In order to control millions of people totalitarian governments find it necessary to somehow prod their subjects into accepting that which is not true.

Double-Dealing Allies Start to Show Their True Mentality

Amir Taheri

It is hard to believe that Osama bin Laden lived near Pakistan’s main military academy for at least six years with no-one knowing. Welcome to the double-dealing nation of Pakistan.

Comcast Reaffirms Opposition to Bin Laden’s Favorite TV Channel

Cliff Kincaid

Comcast’s Vice President for Content Acquisition has reaffirmed that the cable giant is not negotiating to carry the late Osama bin Laden’s favorite TV channel: Al-Jazeera

Today’s Hot Topics

We choose, you peruse.



  1. The moment Has Come For Mr. Holder To End His Investigation Of The CIA’s Interrogators Of Terrorist Detainees. (WSJ)

  2. CIA Director Panetta: There Was No Live Video of OBL Raid (TELEGRAPH)

  3. Congress to Examine “Inappropriate” and “Devastating” Use of “Geronimo” Codename in bin Laden Mission (ABC)

  4. Debt-Ceiling Brinksmanship: Treasury Will Hit Legal Limit When It Borrows $13.86 Billion More (CNS)

  5. Libyan rebels fear Gadhafi is preparing mustard gas (WT)

  6. Security Checkpoints Near Soft Targets May Soon Become The Norm (CBS)

  7. Senator Scott Brown (R) duped by fake bin Laden photos (THE HILL)

  8. ObamaCare repeal on the ballot in Florida (MIAMI HERALD)

  9. About 1 in 7 in U.S. Receive Food Stamps (WSJ)

  10. House Passes Law Against Abortion Funding; ‘Taking of Innocent Life is Not Health Care,’ Says Congressman (CNS)















Major New Weapon for the Freedom Fighter’s Arsenal

Tom DeWeese

Politicians at all levels have found a way to ignore the American people while accomplishing the greatest transformation in American history. A new book shows how to counter this.

Caption Contest: May 5 – 10, 2011

Caption Contest

Can you come up with the funniest photo caption?

Pakistan: Public Enemy Number One

Spies, Lies and Terrorists In (Not Much) Disguise

Ralph Peters

America has given untold aid to Pakistan, yet as a nation, it has been a center and a haven for terrorists, most notably Osama bin Laden. Why continue this charade of alliance?

Even in Victory, this Administration Makes Errors

Annemarie McAvoy

The killing of bin Laden could have shown the world that America is still on top, but the administration squandered this golden opportunity.

Special Operations/Covert Operations to the Rescue

Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely, US Army (Ret)

The successful Bin Laden mission shows how the war against global terrorism can best be fought by relying on special covert operators instead of huge conventional armies.

Our National Day of Prayer

Alan Caruba

Today is America’s National Day of Prayer, a day which was signed into law this year. The administration may downplay traditional religion, but it is still important to America

Bin Laden Burial Account Requires Better Explanation

Trevor Westra

The strange manner of burying bin Laden at sea within less than a day of his killing, and then providing no visible proof that he was dead, raises many questions.

‘Funny’ Anti-Gaddafi Cartoons Reveal Rebel Racism, Anti-Semitism

by John Rosenthal

Gaddafi’s eastern Libyan opponents have been flaunting their prejudice in full view of the world’s media with little to no response.

Jimmy Carter’s Mystery Gift for Kim Jong Il

by Claudia Rosett

What did Jimmy tote along to North Korea last week as his latest tribute to the Dear Leader? (And don’t miss “Carter bombs in Pyongyang”at the Tatler.)

Obama Administration: Eager to Save Syria’s Anti-American Dictator

by Barry Rubin

Obama is wrong to believe that Assad is better for American interests than Mubarak. There is a risk of an Islamist takeover in Syria, but it is certainly lower than it was in Egypt. (And don’t miss: Stop Assad of Syria — a petition.)

In the LAPD, the Cream Rarely Rises to the Top

by Jack Dunphy

To Deflect and to Swerve: Inside the not-so-elite ranks of the LAPD’s Officers Club.

The Case for Releasing the Photo of a Dead Osama »

by Frontpagemag.com

Are we sure that American policies should be dictated by the emotional state of jihadists? …

May 5 2011 / Comments (12) / Read More »

Leftist Tears For Bin Laden »

by Daniel Flynn

The progressive faith’s hatred is on full display. …

May 5 2011 / Comments (8) / Read More »

The Mystery of Bin Laden’s Compound »

by Ryan Mauro

Why didn’t the U.S. detect it years ago?…

May 5 2011 / Comments (4) / Read More »

The New Egypt: A Gateway for Terror? »

by Arnold Ahlert

What happens if the new rulers unseal the border to the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip? …

May 5 2011 / Comments (8) / Read More »

Union Dough and Bribery »

by Ben Shapiro

Why soft bribery remains the rule rather than the exception. …

May 5 2011 / Comments (1) / Read More »

Pushing ‘Islamophobia’ at UCLA »

by Judith Greblya

Prof. Khaled Abou El Fadl pinpoints what’s really wrong with Sharia: the people who oppose it. …

May 5 2011 / Comments (2) / Read More »

WikiLeaks Exposes Pakistan’s Blatant Betrayal of America »

by Stephen Brown

Pakistani security forces protected bin Laden for years to keep American dollars flowing….

May 4 2011 / Comments (42) / Read More »

Why Aren’t Democrats Angry that Obama Got the Wrong Guy? »

by Daniel Flynn

How quickly we forget what half of Obama’s party once believed about the 9/11 attacks….

May 4 2011 / Comments (93) / Read More »

Osama Dead and Targeted Killing Vindicated »

by Alan M. Dershowitz

The international community’s anti-Israel double standard on targeted killing is now exposed. …

May 4 2011 / Comments (22) / Read More »

Bush Led, Bin Laden Dead — Where’s the Credit? »

by Larry Elder

Suddenly, the Bush-Cheney “assassination ring” is not so bad. …

May 4 2011 / Comments (0) / Read More »

Let’s Blame Speculators »

by Walter Williams

What exactly goes into determining the cost of oil? …

May 4 2011 / Comments (0) / Read More »

Fatah Mourns Bin Laden »

by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik

And these are the people the world demands Israel embrace….

May 4 2011 / Comments (7) / Read More »

Osama vs. Yassin »

by Manfred Gerstenfeld

The world that slammed killing of Hamas’ Yassin now lauds bin Laden hit….

May 4 2011 / Comments (5) / Read More »

Governments Rot When Their Citizens Let Them (Part I)

by Dan Miller

We get the worst government we’re prepared to tolerate.

In the UK, Racial Grievances Occur as Fast as Lightning

by Roger Kimball

A police spokesman tells the press, “If a victim believes that an alleged crime is racially aggravated, the police will treat it seriously. Investigations into this incident are continuing.” The incident in question? A pub singer belting out the once-innocuous ’70s hit, “Kung Fu Fighting.”

U.S. Gov’t, Media Completely Wrong on Egypt, Now Advising on Peace Process

by Barry Rubin

No apology for being wrong about the nature of the Egypt protests. Do we really want their two cents on Abbas and Hamas now?

History Rhymes at the San Francisco Chronicle

by Ed Driscoll

Yesterday, the Obama Administration punished a reporter from the same paper where he once cheerfully gave his quotes on bankrupting the coal industry and causing skyrocketing energy prices in early 2008.

Born To Be Mild

by Richard Fernandez

For the New Yorker, which defines Obama as a non-ideological leader, having the president “Leading From Behind” in Libya is a feature, not a bug.

(PJM Exclusive) Holder’s DOJ Scuttled More Terror-Related Prosecutions

by Patrick Poole

Congressional sources disclose further revelations. Is more Bush blame and media blackout on the way?

Crappy Days Are Here Again

by Stephen Green

Some think that five dollar gas and five dollar bread will ruin Obama’s election chances. I’m worried that five billion dollar gas and breadlines will ruin this country. (In a related post, don’t miss Ed Driscoll on “The 44th President and his Multiple Catch-22s.”)

Diagnosing ObamaCare

by Dr. Peter Weiss

The president’s cousin passes his considered judgment in First Do No Harm.

The Fatah-Hamas Agreement: The Failure of Obama’s Middle East Policy, and the End of the ‘Peace Process’

by Ron Radosh

This new development makes it even more than likely that with Assad in power in Syria, and Hamas in both Gaza and now the West Bank, a new Middle East war is likely to break out.

Bin Laden Is History — Debt Is the Real Threat

by Matt Patterson

Is there still time to stave off collapse?

Hamas-Fatah Unity vs. U.S. Policy

by P. David Hornik

The deal may not last, but the response of both Fatah and Hamas to the death of bin Laden shows precious little difference in ideology between the two.

Iran’s Defense Minister Doubts Osama’s Death

by ‘Reza Kahlili’

The mullahs’ regime can’t miss an opportunity to denigrate the U.S.

Don’t Underestimate the Fog of War

by Bob Owens

Studies show a combatant may not fully remember an incident until two sleep periods afterward.

Osama Bin Laden and Dangerous Double Games

by Frank J. Gaffney, Jr.

Abraham Lincoln famously observed that “a house divided cannot stand.” The same can be said of a government or nation that seeks simultaneously to defeat an enemy and assist it.

Forget the Bin Laden Pics: There’s No Time To Lose with Egypt and Iran

by Fred Grandy

Remember, this is a 1400-year war. Dar-al-Islam is gaining ground elsewhere, and we have to shift focus.

Show the Bin Laden Corpse Photos (Update: Obama says no)

by Ryan Mauro

The U.S. shouldn’t worry about Muslim backlash. UPDATE: President says no, he will not release the photos.

A Proposal to End the Practice of Gerrymandering

by Robert Zubrin

Using a precise mathematical formula, it is possible to redraw district lines fairly and bring competitiveness back to congressional races.

The Left and the Liberals’ Hypocrisy over the Death of Osama Bin Laden

by Ron Radosh

We are faced with liberals getting praised for precisely what would be condemned if a Republican and conservative had been Commander-in-Chief. Such are the times in which we live.

Do Not Go Back to Sleep, America

by Sarah Hoyt

We’ve heard over and over from the left that the only thing we should have done these past ten years is capture bin Laden. This group now actually believes the war is over.

Is This a Great Country or What?

by Tom Blumer

1,500 miles and 30 hours of American free enterprise.

Is the ISI Al-Qaeda?

by Richard Fernandez

Many questions about Pakistan remain after the killing of Osama bin Laden. (Also read “More on bin Laden, Pakistan, etc.’” at the Tatler.)

How the Israeli Political Left Aids Palestinians

by Joseph Puder

Deep in denial, they declare for statehood.

Bin Laden’s Burial at Sea: Are We Undermining ‘Moderate’ Muslims?

by Rand Simberg

CAIR and other “moderates” continually remind us that Osama bin Laden was not what Islam is all about. Then why bury him as a devout Muslim?

Raise Tax Revenues, Not the Tax Rates

The Two Faces of Pakistan – Michael Hirsh, National Journal
Now Is Time for U.S. to Leave Afghanistan – Larry Kudlow, National Review
Study Captures Electorate Beyond ‘Red vs. Blue’ – David Paul Kuhn, RCP
A Chance for Obama to Be Bold – Matt Miller, Washington Post
Will Obama Reinstate Harsh Interrogations? – Michael Barone, Examiner
Dubious Justifications for Torture – Glenn Greenwald, Salon
Eric Holder’s Bin Laden Moment – Daniel Henninger, Wall Street Journal
Huckabee’s Ready-Made 2012 Campaign – Erin McPike, RealClearPolitics
How Bin Laden Healed Democrats’ Rift – Patricia Murphy, The Daily Beast
2012 Electoral Math Looks Good for GOP – Karl Rove, Wall Street Journal
The GOP’s Near-Empty Debate Stage – Karen Tumulty, Washington Post
Mitch Daniels: Education Reformer – Ryan Streeter, Weekly Standard
Raise Tax Revenues, Not the Tax Rates – Martin Feldstein, New York Times
Why Obama Nixed Photo Release – Ambinder & Cooper, National Journal
White House Takes Victory Lap in Clown Car – Jim Treacher, Daily Caller
Who Is Obama? Now We Know – E.J. Dionne, Washington Post
Inside SEAL Team Six – Howard Wasdin & Stephen Templin, Vanity Fair
Video Highlights: Obama | Panetta | Rumsfeld | Alter | Coulter | Carney


Yes, We Should Spike the Football – Boston Herald
Betrayed by Pakistan – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Taking Local Pride in SEALs’ Stunning Feat – San Diego Union-Tribune
Bin Laden’s Front Yard – The Economist

  • COMMENTARY | In the aftermath of the death of Osama Bin Laden, serious questions are arising regarding the sincerity of Pakistan’s adherence to its promise to find the terrorist leader. As speculation that Pakistan may have been harboring the terrorist leader mounts, the country’s former intelligence chief, retired Lt. Gen. Hamid Gul, warns that making inferences of Pakistan’s foreknowledge or collusion is dangerous. Full Story »

  • GOP on the Brink of Weakening Flight Safety Rules

    The Nation – Wed May 4, 10:31 am ET

    The Nation — In March, Rep. Bill Shuster (R-PA) introduced a brief amendment to an aviation bill that will fund the Federal Aviation Administration for the next several years. Shuster’s seemingly innocuous amendment called on the FAA to draw up separate flight safety rules for commercial, charter, and cargo airlines, and imposed several procedures the agency must follow in crafting those rules.  Full Story »

  • The Nation — Early on in a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing about Afghanistan today, Medea Benjamin of Code Pink interrupted a discussion about whether the United States should maintain current troop levels or draw down to a smaller force focused on counter-terrorism operations. “There is another opinion—just leave,” she said. Full Story »

Mitt’s top NH supporter deserts
May 05, 2011
Not the first defection. More

The Muslim Brotherhood and Spring Time for Sharia in Araby
May 05, 2011
It is important to recognize why the Muslim Brotherhood certainly does represent the apotheosis of the so-called “Arab Spring” or more aptly, “Spring Time for Sharia in Araby.” More

No child is too young to be a pawn of the left
May 04, 2011
Shameless More

‘Responsibility to Protect’…. Everyone except Texans
May 04, 2011
Today, President Obama declined Gov. Perry’s request for emergency funds for Texas, to cope with a 2.2 million acre fire. More

Obama, We Hardly Knew Ye
May 04, 2011
Obama’s media sychophants are getting carried away More

The Obama Admin post-OBL bungling continues
May 04, 2011
The whole world is watching the pathetic vacillation on releasing the OBL death photos. The decision (today) is that the photos won’t be released. More

After Osama…
May 04, 2011
While America rejoices, we should understand the potential consequences and ask ourselves: do we have the leadership at the helm that can successfully navigate the violent seas upon which the country finds itself? More

Obama waffled on the OBL mission?
May 04, 2011
He Couldn’t Say “Yes” He Couldn’t Say “No.” Leading from behind indeed. More

Palestinians once again prove they are not interested in peace
May 04, 2011
The reactions of Palestinians to bin Laden’s death tell us a great deal about their true feelings. More

President Obama and the Masked Face of Justice
Lee Cary
President Obama, who aims to avoid offending the Arab Street by withholding the photo of a dead Osama bin Laden, seems to care little about offending the American Street. More

Why Obama’s Polling Bounce is So Anemic
J.R. Dunn
It’s not likely to get any better for him, and here’s a short checklist as to the reasons why. More

The Sacrificial Presidency of George W. Bush
Paul Kengor
Will the left credit Bush? Will there be a public confession or apology or commendation for this man they pilloried, who helped make possible the triumph enjoyed by the president they revere? Don’t hold your breath. More

The Next Election and Race
Jack Kerwick
There can be no doubt that the presidential campaign of 2012 is underway, for Barack Obama’s supporters have begun to accelerate the rate at which they charge the president’s critics with “racism.” More

The Killing of Osama Bin Laden Unlikely to Achieve Much
Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi
The death of OBL is unlikely to translate to anything significant in the fight against Al-Qa’ida and other like-minded Islamist militant groups. More

Michelle O’s Porked-Up Food Folly
Rosslyn Smith
The idea that residents of rural America need an initiative planned by Michelle and her merry band of academic experts to be run by Washington based bureaucrats to help us put nutritious food on our tables is ludicrous. More

Pelosi and Progressive Neo-Leninism
Marvin Folkertsma
Call it progressive neo-Leninism: the political left naturally uses victories at the polls when they temporarily grant political ascendancy and disparages electoral results when they do not. More

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