Sci/Tech/Psy: Obama Keeps Attacking the American Identity Through Executive Order

May 9, 2011

1.  Obama Keeps Attacking the American Identity Through Executive Order

White House Plans to Sign an Executive Order Compelling US military and Space Industry to Comply with European Union Code of Conduct    In the name of better managing the celestial environment, the Obama administration seems to be on the verge of imposing new international constraints on the American space establishment, without consultation with the Senate. Sources in the arms-control community inform me that, as part of its National Security Space StrategyCode of Conduct” for space activities. The proposed code is partly a response to the Chinese test of an anti-satellite weapon in early 2007, which created a huge mess in low earth orbit. Such concern was further heightened by the accidental collision between an Iridium communications satellite and a derelict Russian satellite a little over two years ago. released a couple months ago, the White House plans to sign an executive order soon that will compel both the U.S. military and commercial space industry to comply with the European Union “


Activision reports higher 1Q earnings, revenue

AP – 1 hr 6 mins ago NEW YORK – Activision Blizzard Inc. said Monday that its first-quarter net income and revenue grew, helped by strong demand for digital offerings such as downloadable content for the popular “Call of Duty” games. Full Story »

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  • Just before sunrise on the morning of Tuesday, May 10, you’ll want to look due east low on the horizon to see Mars, Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury all grouped up in tight formation. Although they’ll be visible like this for … Full Story »

  • Apple overtakes Google to become world’s most valuable brand

    Yahoo! News – Mon May 9, 1:55 pm ET

    Apple has been hitting home runs with its product lines this past year, seeing huge sales numbers for both its updated iPad 2 tablet, as well as the iPhone 4, which finally broke free of AT&T exclusivity. The company is … Full Story »

  • Fifty years ago today, on May 9, 1961, U.S. Federal Communications Commission Chairman Newton N. Minow gave a speech at the National Association of Broadcasters where he referred to the television landscape as a “vast wasteland.” The speech, titled “Television and the Public Interest,” is frequently cited as one of the best American speeches in the 20th century. In 2007, the speech was named number 22 in “The Best of Vital Speeches of the Day: 25 Speeches That Changed Our World.” [PDF] Full Story »

  • WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. legislation that would allow Internet users to opt out of having personal data collected has again been introduced on Capitol Hill, becoming at least the fourth bill to focus on consumers’ online privacy. Full Story »

  • SAN FRANCISCO (AFP) – YouTube on Monday added 3,000 new movies for “rent” online in the United States as it continued an evolution aimed at wooing viewers away from television. Full Story »

  • W3C to develop peer-to-peer tech for browsers

    Digital Trends – 2 hrs 14 mins ago

    Peer-to-peer technology may be best known as the bane of the music and movie industries on the Internet, but P2P tech has a number of uses that don’t involve infringing on copyright or risking a lawsuit from the RIAA—think about Skype, which relies on P2P communication, or BitTorrent’s above-board media distribution business. Another interesting aspect of peer-to-peer technology is that its decentralized nature can make it difficult for government authorities, regulators, and censors to shut down—and that may be one of the reasons why the World Wide Web Consortium—responsible for developing standards like HTML and HTTP that drive the Web—has set up a new working group that, among other things, will be looking to develop a standard for peer-to-peer communications between browsers. The technology would enable P2P applications to run inside a Web browser without plug-ins or additional downloads, and would be able to traverse hurdles like firewalls and NAT gateways. Full Story »

  • NEW YORK – If you’re willing to pay a $35 fee to overdraw your checking account, just text your approval to the bank. Full Story »

  • NEW YORK (Reuters) – Zynga Inc is hiring two key developers of cocos2d, a popular game engine that powers top grossing iPhone apps such as “Tap Pet Hotel” and “Tap Zoo” in a move that will help the social games company boost its presence on smartphone and tablets. Full Story »

  • HP unleashed a wave of laptop upgrades, new business laptops, and even prepaid 3G data on Monday in an effort to woo both consumers and mobile professionals. Full Story »

  • Google I/O. Two days of geekery in San Francisco on May 10-11 where developers can get together and focus on building the next generation of web, mobile and enterprise applications and services. We’re already aware that this year is mainly going to focus on Chrome OS, and we’ll probably learn a thing or two about the next Android update (called Ice Cream), but let’s get hypothetical here and talk about what Android users would really like to see. Full Story »

  • Nvidia to buy phone chipmaker Icera for $367 million

    Reuters – Mon May 9, 1:29 pm ET

    NEW YORK (Reuters) – Nvidia Corp plans to buy privately held cellphone chipmaker Icera for $367 million in cash, stepping up competition against Qualcomm Inc and Intel Corp in the smartphone chip market. Full Story »

  • YouTube adds 3,000 movies for rental debut

    Reuters – 56 mins ago

    NEW YORK (Reuters) – YouTube is adding more than 3,000 movies for its users to rent starting on Monday, along with the millions of free user-created videos the popular website is best known for. Full Story »

  • Best iPhone games of 2011 so far

    at Appolicious – 2 hrs 28 mins ago

    As we approach the midpoint of 2011, in many ways little has changed about iOS gaming. Angry Birds is still the top dog, veterans like Words With Friends, Fruit Ninja and Doodle God continue to gain fans, and free apps like Tap Zoo and Zynga Poker continue to make big bucks through in-app purchases. But that’s not to say there haven’t been some refreshing additions to the App Store, from the big thing in casual gaming to the revival of an arcade classic and much, much more. So at the halfway mark of this year, here’s the newest and best iOS gaming has to offer. Full Story »

  • Android Passes RIM To Lead U.S. Smartphone Market

    NewsFactor – Mon May 9, 2:07 pm ET

    In the horse race that is the smartphone market, Google’s Android operating system has nosed into the lead. According to a report Friday by market researcher comScore, Android has 34.7 percent of wireless subscribers in the U.S., compared to 27.1 percent for Research In Motion’s BlackBerry. Full Story »

NASA expects shuttle Endeavour to launch May 16 AFP/File

NASA: Next-to-last shuttle launch set for May 16

AP – 11 mins ago CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. – NASA will try again next Monday to launch Endeavour on the next-to-last space shuttle flight, after replacing a switch box and plugging in new electrical wiring Full Story »

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NASA floats Titan boat concept

21:56 09 May 2011

The first extraterrestrial boat could sail on one of Titan’s hydrocarbon lakes, searching for signs of life on the Saturn moon

Heat up tumours to back up cancer therapy

20:00 09 May 2011

Elevating body temperature prevents tumour DNA from repairing after cancer drugs take action

Cellphone motion projector throws gaming onto the wall

19:17 09 May 2011

The MotionBeam project uses a hand-held projector connected to an iPhone to let users interact and control projected characters in games

Autism prevalence may be higher than previously thought

18:02 09 May 2011

A new method to identify autism suggests 2.6 per cent of South Koreans have an autism spectrum disorder – more than double the current US estimate

Today on New Scientist: 9 May 2011

18:00 09 May 2011

All today’s stories on, including: Roboethics, the limits of knowledge, and a translator that will let you chat to dolphins

Unnatural selection: Wily weeds outwit herbicides

17:15 09 May 2011

Weeds are changing everything from leaf shape or waxiness to protein structure to defend themselves against us, says Michael Le Page

Japan closes ‘kamikaze’ coastal nuclear plant

16:20 09 May 2011

The Hamaoka plant, considered one of the world’s most perilous, has been closed while a sea wall is built to protect it

Fear dulls our awareness of the nuances of sound

16:37 09 May 2011

The need to react to sounds linked to danger rather than analysing their qualities could help explain the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder

Talk with a dolphin via underwater translation machine

NEWS:  16:03 09 May 2011

A computer system that divers can wear may bridge the language barrier between us and dolphins

Five roboethical principles – for humans

THE BIG IDEA:  15:11 09 May 2011

Science fiction primes us to expect robots to run amok. But as they go mainstream, it’s still us that need policing, argues Alan Winfield

Experimenting with people and space

15:02 09 May 2011

An exhibition of photographs highlights the way our environment can shape our behaviour

Turning crowds into computers

15:00 09 May 2011

Humans are good at lots of tasks that computers aren’t. Could “human computers” be the next big thing for the internet?

Drone’s 2D photos converted to make 3D models

14:38 09 May 2011

New mapping software creates complex 3D models of landscapes by stitching together thousands of 2D photos, all in 30 minutes

Wild tiger cubs front campaign against deforestation

12:40 09 May 2011

The WWF is urging a ban on deforestation plans in Indonesia as rare footage shows tiger cubs playing in areas under threat of forest clearance

Exploring animals’ emotional experiences

12:22 09 May 2011

Jonathan Balcombe’s The Exultant Ark is an exploration of the nascent research into animal pleasure, replete with emotive photographs

What killed Charles Darwin?

11:58 09 May 2011

Researchers met last week to discuss the evidence and provide a modern day diagnosis for the famous naturalist’s death

Unnatural selection: Mutant mosquitoes take the subway

10:58 09 May 2011

Hundreds of organisms have taken to living with or near humans, from mutant mosquitoes to heavy-seeded weeds, says Michael Le Page

The limits of knowledge: Things we’ll never understand

COVER STORY:  10:24 09 May 2011  | 14 comments

From the machinery of life to the fate of the cosmos, is there anything science can’t explain? Yes, says Michael Brooks

Early marsupials were gregarious

18:00 08 May 2011

A cache of 35 skeletons found in Bolivia are the earliest evidence of gregarious behaviour in marsupials, just after the death of the dinosaurs

Saturn moon’s atmosphere forged by comet impacts

18:00 08 May 2011

Titan is the only moon in the solar system with much of an atmosphere, but the origin of its nitrogen-rich air has been a puzzle

Unnatural selection: Fish growing up fast

15:00 08 May 2011

As we vacuum up stupendous numbers of fish, the nature of the ones that get away is changing at an astonishing rate, says Michael Le Page

Heart attacks are more dangerous in the morning

IN BRIEF:  10:00 08 May 2011

Heart attacks between 6 am and noon seem to be more dangerous than those in the afternoon, possibly due to fluctuating levels of protective proteins

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