THE WEAKER WE ACT, THE WORSE IT WILL GET NEWS: ‘Gunwalker’ Scandal and the Case for Impeaching Holder

June 28, 2011



and the Case for Impeaching Holder

by Howard Nemerov

While Holder didn’t pull any triggers, the Department of Justice was involved in Gunwalker from the beginning.


Operation Fast and Furious — How the Obama Administration Conned the Washington Post

by Hans A. von Spakovsky

Selling arms to Mexican drug cartels? Misleading the Washington Post? It’s all in a day’s work for Obama’s heavily politicized ATF. Update: The ATF responds to Issa’s warning…by firing a whistle-blower.


Pravda on the Potomac: Washington Post Again Covers for Gov’t on Gunwalker

by Bob Owens

The increasingly shameless Post runs an editorial trying to shift the blame for Gunwalker to … the National Rifle Association.

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Iran Threatens Turkey, Reveals Missile Silos

by ‘Reza Kahlili’

Soon those silos will contain nuclear-tipped missiles.

‘Gunrunner’ Whistleblower Vince Cefalu Speaks (PJM Exclusive)

by Patrick Richardson

Just a day after Rep. Issa warned the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms to not touch the whistleblowers, they present termination papers to Agent Cefalu — a 30-year veteran of the ATF. (PJM will be posting Cefalu’s termination papers shortly.)


Look Who Wants to Lead the Middle East!

by Barry Rubin

Iran, Turkey, Syria, and Egypt are all squabbling about who gets to devour what as the U.S. exits the region.

What the Murder of Iraqi Jews in 1941 Tells us About the Middle East Today

by Alex Joffe

The pogrom known as the Farhud contained many elements that we can recognize in the Arab world in the 21st century.

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