June 9, 2011


EXPOSED: How Kosovo CHRISTIAN Serbs were butchered by Muslims for their organs

Torreon: 11 youths executed in drug rehab center.


NATO discusses Afghanistan ahead of US drawdown

30 minutes ago


(AP) NATO defense ministers are discussing the future of their mission in Afghanistan ahead of a decision by the Obama administration on how many of the 100,000 American troops to pull out of the war in July.Gen. David Petraeus, the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan, is briefing the ministers from NATO …

Afghan governance lagging gains on battlefield

31 minutes ago


(AP) "Looks like this was a bust," Lt. Col. William Chlebowski said when local leaders didn’t show up for a meeting in this dusty village in eastern Afghanistan.It wouldn’t have been so disappointing if the meeting in Logar province hadn’t been arranged by the Afghans themselves. Officials in the provincial capital, …


China: No enforced disappearances of Tibetan monks

31 minutes ago


(AP) China has rejected a request from a U.N. human rights panel asking it to disclose the fate of more than 300 Tibetan monks whose whereabouts it said are unknown since they were allegedly arrested in April.Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said Thursday that there had been "no such thing as …


Dejan woman’s head against a restaurant in Monterrey

Wednesday June 8, 2011 | Comments: 616 Comments  

Day macabre findings for Nuevo Leon has proved this Wednesday as the morning were hanged two men in a vehicular bridge, and at the same place a young man had been shot after trying to avoid being hung, and for the evening another violent act would cause intense mobilization in the city of Monterrey.

Minutes before 20:00 hours, an unknown group reached the restaurant called the Great Shepherd, located on the busy Avenida Gonzalitos, strangers stopped in front of the business head human .

Clients restaurant panic on observing the action, away elements of the State Agency of Investigation were present and guarded the area.


Narcococina military are in Nuevo Leon

Wednesday June 8, 2011 | Comments: 583 Comments  

The Mexican Army discovered a narcococina in the municipality of Salinas Victoria, Nuevo Leon, where at least they found the remains of 30 people.

Just at kilometer 110 of the Highway to Colombia , Near the Rancho Las Abejas, the military could find at least 20 drums of fuel used, among them there were human remains and clothing.

Instruments could also be found that the gunmen used to torture their victims before cooking.

At the site there was also a narcofosa, where it buried offenders parties of execution that could not cook.


Hitmen attack police in Chihuahua control

Wednesday June 8, 2011 | Comments: 172 Comments  

During the morning there was an attack on Oscar Guillermo Prieto, who is deputy director of the Municipal Police Force of Chihuahua. The facts were with the College of Bachelors 3, located at the intersection of Ortiz Mena, and Francisco Villa.

The gunmen traveling in a van Honda CRV gray, when they fired the police chief’s vehicle, but the bodyguards were able to repel the aggression itself.

The bodyguards were attacked, one of them gave his life to save his boss, who ran the place, for several minutes was found missing after authorities were able to locate it and is in good health.


Hung men in broad daylight in Monterrey

Wednesday June 8, 2011 | Comments: 1997 Comments  

During the day again
was sown terror in Nuevo Leon, again a criminal group made moves to daylight, of which many were witnesses.




Shortly after 10:00 pm, armed men were present at the Bridge Vehicle Revolution and Chapultepec Avenue, located in Monterrey, it is extremely crowded. Strangers performed an action that lasted about eight minutes, with hundreds of witnesses. Dropped to three male persons in a vehicle, at first glance they were tortured, taken to one of them with his hands tied and hung from the bridge, followed with another, mie nAfter the third to see what they were doing, ran, escaped from the gunmen, but the bullets hit him and was killed in open track, it was a young person aged between 12 and 13.

When they were hanged the two young men, the gunmen fired their weapons against them, did not care that people were watching, of course, the situation caused panic, thereupon withdrew from the place without hurry.

Armed group ambushed a police made in Guerrero

Wednesday June 8, 2011 | Comments: 58 Comments  

Monday afternoon, members of the Municipal Police Cocula, Guerrero, received a distress call because somebody reported that a clash was occurring at the exit of the county seat, was so the soldiers answered the call and came to the place they mentioned.

Upon arrival to attend the report , The soldiers were greeted with bullets by men who were traveling in four late-model pickup trucks, all with AK-47 rifles. On the day the two officers were executed, one was wounded.

Also a civilian unconnected with the facts that he was at the site also was injured, being transferred to medical care.

US, allies eye post-Gadhafi Libya

58 minutes ago


(AP) The coalition backing NATO’s military mission in Libya is beginning to prepare for a post-Moammar Gadhafi (MOO’-ah-mar gah-DAH’-fee) era in the country.Even as Gadhafi defies intensified diplomatic, economic and military pressure to step down, senior representatives from the U.S. and more than 30 other countries and groups are meeting Thursday …


Europe and Russia

UN rights chief deplores crackdown on Syria town

1 hour, 1 minute ago


(AP) The U.N.’s top human rights official has accused Syria of trying to "bludgeon its population into submission" by attacking anti-government protesters with snipers, tanks and artillery.U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay says her office has received reports that over 1,100 men, women and children have been killed since …

AP Exclusive: Hamas considers hands-off approach

1 hour, 29 minutes ago


(AP) After four years of turbulent rule in the Gaza Strip, the Islamic militant group Hamas is weighing a new strategy of not directly participating in future governments even if it wins elections _ an approach aimed at avoiding isolation by the world community and allowing for continued economic aid.Hamas officials …

Official: India test-fires nuclear-capable missile

3 hours, 43 minutes ago


(AP) India successfully test-fired a short-range nuclear-capable missile Thursday, a defense ministry official said.The surface-to-surface Prithvi missile was fired from India’s missile-testing range in Chandipur in the eastern state of Orissa, the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the media.India’s missiles are …

Europe and Russia

Former Polish president Lech Walesa hospitalized

3 hours, 9 minutes ago


(AP) Lech Walesa, the anti-communist dissident who founded Solidarity in Poland, has been hospitalized in his hometown of Gdansk, officials said Thursday.The former Polish president was taken to the hospital at about noon on Wednesday, his office told The Associated Press. The reason for the unplanned visit was not given.Lawmaker Jerzy …

Recent Zeta arrests in Nuevo Leon

Thursday, June 9, 2011 | Borderland Beat Reporter Gerardo

Colonia Villa Mitras, Monterrey. Tuesday June 7, 2011

Six suspects that authorities identified as Zetas were arrested Tuesday evening after a shootout and pursuit in the Villa Mitras area of Monterrey.

The five men and one women were captured after their vehicle collided with another civilian vehicle.

This is the same area where the two “zetacuaches” males were killed and hung from a pedestrian bridge Sunday morning.

Among the items seized from the suspects was a t-shirt with the Zeta logo and the now dreaded baseball bat.

Colonia Alfonso Martinez Dominguez, Montemorelos. Thursday June 2, 2011

Two males and three females that authorities state are part of a Zeta cell operating in the municipality of Montemorelos were arrested by Army troops in a safehouse last Thursday morning.

According to some of the media covering this arrest, one of the suspects, Joe Moreira Torres age 27, confessed to authorities that he is a U.S. citizen from Laredo. Texas.

This cell is accused of murdering an 18 year old student, Joselin Perez, who was attending the Universidad de Montemorelos, a Seventh Day Adventist college.

Among the weapons and ammunition seized were three baseball caps with the Zeta logo. Two of the caps read: G.O.F.E.Z. #11 and #12. GOFEZ are the initials for Grupo Operativo de Fuerzas Especiales Zetas (special forces operations group Zeta).Share it:


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Feds arrest 16 in cocaine trafficking, money laundering bust

Wednesday, June 8, 2011 | Borderland Beat Reporter Gerardo

By Christopher Seward
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Federal authorities say they have arrested 16 suspects and dismantled a major Mexican drug trafficking ring operating out of metro Atlanta.

U.S. Attorney Sally Quillian Yates said alleged drug traffickers and money launderers were arrested early Wednesday as part of the Drug Enforcement Administration’s three-year “Operation G-60″ investigation. She said more than $7 million worth of cocaine and more than $ 1 million in “dirty drug money” was confiscated.

“Operation G-60 has dealt a severe blow to the Mexican drug cartels operating in the metro Atlanta area,” Yates said.

“These traffickers were clearly working under the direction of Mexican drug cartel leadership,” said John S. Comer, acting special agent in charge of the DEA Atlanta Field Division. ” The substances that they distributed clearly destroyed lives.”

The federal charges carry a maximum sentence of life in prison and a fine of up to $4 million.

Agents seized 312 kilograms of cocaine, about 1,525 kilograms of marijuana and more than $1.5 million in drug money. Wednesday’s arrests were part of a criminal indictment handed down by a federal grand jury on May 11 in which 32 individuals were charged for their participation in various drug-related criminal offenses, including conspiring and possessing with intent to distribute at least 5 kilograms of cocaine and at least 1,000 kilograms of marijuana, as well as related money laundering charges.

Yates said the trafficking ring consisted of several “cells” in the Atlanta area. Some of those arrested allegedly were responsible for transporting drugs and drug money, and maintaining “stash houses” and vehicles used by the organization in metro Atlanta.

The suspects arrested included Marvin Edleman Rodas-Perez, 39 of Norcross; Fatima Vasquez, 24, of Lawrenceville; Jose Valencia, 34, of Stockbridge; Martin Ayala-Casteneda, 34, of College Park; Jose Vargas, 29, of Morrow; Jose Sanchez-Valencia, 22, of Stockbridge; Geovany Martinez-Vargas, 23, of Stockbridge; Sonia Sanchez, 34, of Atlanta; Carmen Barbosa Mendoza, 33, of Gwinnett County; Tomar Shaw, 32, of Fairburn; David Sanchez, 31, of Johns Creek; Juan Castinanda, 25, of Johns Creek; Rudy Valencia, 27, of Johns Creek; Roberto Lopez-Martinez, 28, of Atlanta; Wilson Tejada, 30, of New York, NY; and Maria Del Rosario Diaz-Garcia, 28. No city was given for Diaz-Garcia.Share it:


Two men hung from bridge in Monterrey, one survives.

| Borderland Beat Reporter Gerardo

Gunmen identifying themselves as CDG (Gulf cartel) hang two men from an overpass Wednesday morning in Monterrey in full view of hundreds of witnesses.

Gunmen identifying themselves as CDG (Gulf cartel) hang two men from an overpass Wednesday morning in Monterrey in full view of hundreds of witnesses.

At approximately 10:00am this morning in Monterrey a group of gunmen travelling in a van stopped at an overpass on the intersection of Avenida Revolucion and Chapultepec in heavy traffic and over a span of 10 minutes committted an act of brutality before an audience of hundreds of terrified witnesses.

Three badly beaten males were removed from the parked vehicle and while two of the men were tied by their hands to ropes attached to the railing and thrown over to hang over a crowded main thoroughfare the third attempted to flee but was shot and killed by his captors.

While hundreds of pedestrians and motorists looked on the gunmen then shot both men hanging from the overpass, which led to a panic at the scene. The gunmen then quickly fled the area.

One of the men left hanging survived the shooting and was rescued by authorities who arrived minutes after the gunmen had left. As hundreds of people had witnessed the incident, many calls were sent out to the police.

The survivor was taken aboard a state police vehicle to an ambulance, where he received medical attention.

A narco banner hung at the scene was signed by the Gulf cartel and contained a message that this would happen to people that supported Los Zetas, especially “halcones” (lookouts/informants) and “tenderos” (shopkeepers, or those who sell drugs from houses called “narcotienditas”).

Both men left hanging from the overpass had communication devices taped to their hands which symbolize that the men were “halcones.

After the arrival of police and the military shots rang out several blocks away where a kindergarden, elementary and middle school are located but no further injuries or deaths were reported.

Authorities theorize that a criminal group may have tried to drive them away in order to retrive the bodies.


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More than 1,000 Syrians enter Turkey: agency

Reuters – 2 hrs 16 mins ago ISTANBUL (Reuters) – A total of 1,050 people have crossed the border from Syria to Turkey in the last 24 hours, state-run Anatolian news agency said on Thursday, marking a sharp acceleration in numbers fleeing unrest in Syria. Full Story »

World Slideshows

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Bin Laden’s No. 2: Muslims will destroy America

AP – Wed Jun 8, 9:12 pm ET

CAIRO – Osama bin Laden’s deputy warned Wednesday that America faces not individual terrorists or groups but an international community of Muslims that seek to destroy it and its allies. He was delivering a 28-minute videotaped eulogy to slain al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden.

High-powered ammo destined for Mexico found in San Juan, Texas

| Borderland Beat Reporter Gerardo

The Monitor
Naxiely Lopez
06/07/2011 11:36 PM

SAN JUAN — Police found more than 1,700 rounds of military-grade ammunition, commonly used by U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, during a Monday evening traffic stop.

Investigators believe the load was headed to Mexico.

San Juan police stopped the driver of a Ford F-150 pickup near the intersection of “I” Road and Business 83 about 7:30 p.m. after an officer noticed the vehicle had a broken tail light, Sgt. Rolando Garcia said.

The driver, later identified in a federal court document as 34-year-old Miguel Angel Avendano-Reyna, drove into the parking lot of an H-E-B near the area before he and his passenger tried to flee on foot, police said. But two officers at the scene, including Garcia, were able to apprehend both of them after a short pursuit.

A search of the vehicle led to the discovery of 16 boxes and a black duffle bag under the truck’s back seat, Garcia said. Each container was filled with at least 100 rounds of .50-caliber ammunition.

The suspects had apparently picked up the load from an undisclosed residence in San Juan, and they had agreed to drop it off to an unidentified person in Hidalgo County for a payment of $250, officials said.

“This is something different for us. We usually get marijuana or other narcotics, but this type of seizure is big, especially with this type of ammunition,” Garcia said. The bullets were attached to a belt used for automatic weapons. “These have had confirmed kills in the military from as far as 3 miles away and it’s very destructive. It’s a very deadly round.”

The bullets are so powerful that they will go through bullet-proof vests and even armored vehicles and tanks, Garcia said.

San Juan police teamed up with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to continue investigating, Garcia said.

Avendano-Reyna and his passenger Jose Resendez-Olivares, 37, both are illegal immigrants who previously were deported a few months ago, according to federal court documents.

Avendano-Reyna, who admitted to authorities he knowingly possessed the rounds, was deported in September, while Resendez-Olivares, who claimed he helped load the boxes but didn’t know what was in them, was removed from the U.S. in November, documents show.

Both suspects made initial appearances in federal court on Monday, where they faced federal charges of illegal entry and illegal alien in possession of ammunition.

source: it:


China navy to stage drills in western Pacific

AFP – 1 hour 41 minutes agoChina said Thursday it would conduct naval training drills in the western Pacific later this month, state media reported, amid lingering fears among Beijing’s neighbours about its military ambitions.


Los Zetas Hang Zetacuaches

| Borderland Beat Reporter Buggs

By: Manuel Garza

The beat up and dead men found hanging in plain view are part of the previously mentioned smoldering war between the Zetas and Zetacuaches, this last group part of petty punk criminals who they say belong to the “letter,” but they do not.

The Zetas who have been displaced and are now starting to look for turf in places where they were once powerful, but now those places are full of Zetacuaches, who have no discipline, they fight for now and end up dead, although they have manage to give two or three blows recently.

Killing them and hanging them in pubic is a way for the Zeats to mark their territory.

This is what they are saying, “We’re back”, so that perhaps Los Zetacuaches will submit and want to be part of a cell with the “big boys.”

But so far there are no signs that Zetacuaches want to submit, and it doesn’t seem like they will anytime soon.

Furthermore, they are even turning in the Zetas so they can be taken away by the federal forces.

I am going to repeat it, right now, these places are at high risk, because in these places, the war between Los Zetas and Los Zetacuaches worsens.

Heed precaution, although the patrol of my general Castañeda should yield some results.

The point one of high risk is the region in Valle Soleado.

Fortunately, there is plenty of patrolling being done on the side of the apodaquense and the rats don’t dare jump … but they are going to hit each other hard there.

Point number two is located in Eloy Cavazos, in San Roque.

In San Nicolás in the area of Mezquital it is starting to see a lot of activity.

Towards the zone in Cumbres, there are zones of confluence with Valle Verde, where one can see renounce work, but mostly in part ”Los Cleaners,” who go there to pay the “halconcitos” in the region.

For sure, it is clear for example the habit in the eastern region of San Nicolas, there by the warehouses in La Fe, it is definitely operated by active police officers.

They bring young ones in SUVs… some boys barely 14, 16 years of age, armed with AK-47s that get together in some deserted warehouses, places where they discipline, beat, cane and torture.

The boys are not really prepared and they are just meat for the cannon.

In this sector, the federal forces are increasingly closer to deliver another good blow “fregadazo,” and it better be soon, because there been already too many abusive incidents.

The little petty criminals are becoming less skilled, less and less tactical … and increasingly more desperate.

The operation to exterminate has resumed, according to the intelligence reports.Share it:

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Police officers direct traffic as local residents evacuate from the Wallow Wildfire in Springerville, Arizona Reuters

Arizona wildfire threatens several towns

Reuters – 1 hr 43 mins ago PHOENIX (Reuters) – A wildfire believed sparked by inattentive campers blazed unchecked for an 11th day in eastern Arizona on Wednesday, engulfing a deserted town, forcing thousands of people in nearby towns to flee and leaving 600 square miles (1,550 square km) of pine forest blackened. Full Story


Torreon: 11 youths executed in drug rehab center.

| Borderland Beat Reporter Gerardo


A group of gunmen traveling in five vehicles entered the “La Victoria” alcohol and drug rehabilitation center in the city of Torreon, Coahuila, and opened fire one the patients and staff of the facility, killing eleven and wounding several others, at least two seriously.

The incident took place around 5:30pm Tuesday. The center is located on Avenida Guerrero and Calle Juan Pablos. The motive for the attack is unknown but it is not uncommon for these centers to become recruitment sites for gangs and then become targets for retaliation by rival groups.

Police spokesmen reported that dead bodies were found on both floors of the two story facility, in the bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen and food pantry. The gunmen entered on the ground floor and shot their victims as they moved up to the second floor.

Release of the names and sex of the victims is pending.

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The Afghan Women’s Soccer team, still facing death threats for playing the sport they love

Posted: June 9, 2011 | Author: | Filed under: Women | 1 Comment »

For many Afghans, women just aren’t meant to play sports at all. Khalida Popal, captain of the women’s soccer team, receives threatening text messages from those who say she must stop shaming her society. But she’s persevered, in the face of her family telling her to stop playing for her own safety. (In other words, you will be ‘honor’ killed if you continue)

CNNIt is rare that you see a football match interrupted by a military helicopter landing. But that is what the Afghan women’s football team, a group of remarkably hardened and brave soccer enthusiasts, regularly face. That’s after the death threats, the parental disapproval and the ostracizing. This fight – to play the game she loves – has been incredibly tough for Khalida. When her parents told her to stop, she could no longer see the point of living. ”When my family stopped me to play football, when they said, ‘No, just stop playing football,’ I tried suicide.” But she survived.



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CANADIANS planning to participate in the so-called ‘freedom’ flotilla to Gaza will find themselves in hot water

Posted: June 9, 2011 | Author: | Filed under: Islam and the Jews | 4 Comments »

Go ahead, terrorist enablers, try to board that boat to Gaza later this month. The Harper government will hit you with lawsuits and criminal charges for aiding and abetting a designated terrorist group – Hamas.

Uh oh, looks like these Muslim sympathizers had better find themselves a good Jewish loiyah.

Brian Lilley interviews one of the Muslim invaders who lies about there being a humanitarian crisis in Gaza, home of the third most obese women in the world.















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More than 1,000 Syrians enter Turkey: agency

Reuters – 2 hrs 16 mins ago ISTANBUL (Reuters) – A total of 1,050 people have crossed the border from Syria to Turkey in the last 24 hours, state-run Anatolian news agency said on Thursday, marking a sharp acceleration in numbers fleeing unrest in Syria. Full Story »

”Mecca Suicide Bomber” comedienne forced to bow down to offended muslims

Posted: June 8, 2011 | Author: | Filed under: Laughing at Islam | 14 Comments »

But despite her nauseating display of groveling to the always sickening and self-aggrandizing muslim oversensitivities, a campaign group is urging members of the muslim community to lobby the BBC over a comment made on the channel.

See the video of her hilarious remarks here: muslims-outraged-over-mecca-suicide-bomber-humor

Asian Image - The remark was made on the ‘Have I got News For You’ show last Friday when host Sharon Horgan said: ‘The Independent described the Dostoevsky metro station… as the Mecca for suicides. Not to be confused with the Mecca of suicide bombers – which is Mecca.’ Campaign group The Muslim Public Affairs Committee said: “This offhand comment does nothing except reinforce the message that Islam has something within its fundamental beliefs that makes it a threat to civil society. (It IS a threat!) Allowing this comment to go unchecked justifies the statement and condones such demonisation, as the comment implicitly implies that all Muslims are terrorists and all terrorists are Muslims.’ (But virtually all terrorists ARE Muslims) The group is urging readers of it’s website to complain to the BBC over the remark.

However, Sharon Horgan has apologised for any offence caused and said she was not prejudice in any way. She tweeted, “I am anti any prejudice of any kind. And particularly the generally lazy media portrayal of Muslims or any blanket negativity towards Islam.” But HIGNFY 9 -Have I got News For you) is a political SATIRE show. POLITICAL SATIRE. Its job is to hold a mirror up to most media prejudice. It deals in irony and in that sense it does the OPPOSITE of what it’s actually saying.”

“Any of the comments on here, which are suggesting I am racist or in any way anti-Muslim are a load of nonsense. HIGNFY, like all good satire plays on prejudices and that’s exactly what we were doing with this joke. Really hope that people understand this and stop threatening me. “But if anyone misunderstood the intention of the joke – for it was a joke – then I apologise for any offence caused.”

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Support the Olympic Committee’s decision to BAN Muslim women in headbags

Posted: June 8, 2011 | Author: | Filed under: CAIR Nazis, Women | 21 Comments »

Because Terrorist Front Group CAIR is asking for people to write to the Olympic Committee to Support Hijab (Headbag) Rights for Banned Muslim Woman Weightlifter.

CAIR - (WASHINGTON, D.C., 6/8/11) — CAIR is calling on American Muslims and other people of conscience dhimmitude to ask the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) to intervene in the case of a Muslim weightlifter in Georgia who is being banned from tournaments because she wishes to compete wearing modest OPPRESSIVE Islamic attire (hijab).

Request that the Muslim athlete, 35-year-old Kulsoom Abdullah of Atlanta, Ga., be allowed to compete in the USA Weightlifting Senior Nationals to be held this July in Council Bluffs, Iowa, pending the outcome of a formal hearing on her request for reasonable religious accommodation.

CAIR is also requesting that both the USOC and USA Weightlifting advocate on her behalf — and on behalf of women of all faiths who wish to compete while wearing modest OPPRESSIVE attire — with the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) and the International Olympic Committee (IOC). (USA Weightlifting is a United States Olympic Committee National Governing Body (NGB).)

Abdullah, who competes in the 48kg and 53kg weight class in the women’s senior division, reported to CAIR that USA Weightlifting prevented her from participating in the American Open in December 2010 due to her desire to wear modest Islamic attire covering her hair and body with the exception of her face, hands and feet.

The ban on Abdullah’s competition has been maintained despite her requests for accommodation and her willingness to work with USA Weightlifting officials on a solution to the issue of attire that will satisfy the legitimate requirements of all parties.

Iran women’s Olympic dream crushed by dress code ruling.

Reuters-  Iran’s dream of competing in the London 2012 Olympic women’s soccer tournament have been crushed by an unexpected ruling that their Islamic dress broke FIFA rules, a football federation official in Tehran said on Monday. Iran is complaining to the world soccer body after its women were banned from playing, moments before an Olympic qualifier against Jordan last week, due to their full-body strip that includes a head scarf.

FIFA’s rules for the 2012 Olympics state that: “Players and officials shall not display political, religious, commercial or personal messages or slogans in any language or form on their playing or team kits.“In order to comply with the Islamic dress code which is mandatory in the Islamic Republic, Iran’s women footballers play in full tracksuits and headcoverings that conceal their hair.

In a letter sent today to USOC Chief Executive Officer Scott Blackmun, CAIR National Executive Director Nihad Awad wrote in part:

“USA Weightlifting has apparently rejected Ms. Abdullah’s repeated requests for accommodation of her sincere religious beliefs and practices. Officials of USA Weightlifting cite International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) rules in rejecting any accommodation and in refusing to discuss a mutually-agreeable solution that would allow Ms. Abdullah to compete while maintaining her religious principles and without giving her an advantage over other competitors.

“As you know, the Ted Stevens Olympic and Amateur Sports Act requires that USA Weightlifting not discriminate based on ‘race, color, religion, sex, age, or national origin’ in order to maintain its status as a national governing body …

“No athlete should be forced to choose between faith and sport. Muslim women seek to participate in all aspects of American society, including sporting activities, and should not face artificial and arbitrary barriers to that participation.”

Awad added that this case is not occurring in isolation. Earlier this month, an Iranian women’s soccer team was barred from an Olympic qualifying match in Jordan because of the athletes’ modest attire.


Contact the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) and USA Weightlifting to request that Kulsoom Abdullah NOT be allowed to compete in the USA Weightlifting Senior Nationals to be held this July in Council Bluffs, Iowa, pending the outcome of a formal hearing on her request for UNreasonable religious accommodation.

Also request that both the USOC and USA Weightlifting DO NOT advocate on her behalf — and NOT on behalf of women of all faiths who wish to compete while wearing modest OPPRESSIVE RELIGIOUS attire — with the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) and the International Olympic Committee (IOC). (USA Weightlifting is a United States Olympic Committee National Governing Body (NGB).)


Mr. Scott Blackmun
Chief Executive Officer
United States Olympic Committee
27 South Tejon Street
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

TEL: 719-866-4529

Copy to:,,,,,,,

Mr. John Duff
USA Weightlifting
1 Olympic Plaza
Colorado Springs, CO 80909

TEL: 719-866-3383

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Police hunt for Texas tipster with story about bodies

Reuters – Wed Jun 8, 7:37 pm ET

HOUSTON (Reuters) – Law enforcement officials in Liberty County, Texas, were hunting on Wednesday for a tipster who claimed to have psychic knowledge of a mass grave containing up to 30 bodies in a rural area. Full Story »

Oh, BOO HOO! Indonesians cry that Australia’s ban on cattle exports for halal slaughter is ‘discrimination’ (WARNING: Disturbing Video Footage)

Posted: June 8, 2011 | Author: | Filed under: Religion of Hate | 22 Comments »

Australia has banned the export of cattle to several HALAL slaughter houses in Indonesia because of the excessive torture and suffering that Halal slaughter causes the animals. Indonesia is threatening to refer Australia’s ban on live cattle exports to the World Trade Organization, arguing it may be discriminatory. (Who cares?)

The Australian - (H/T Peter S) - Agriculture Minister Joe Ludwig’s announcement of a ban of up to six

Never too young to learn how to slit a throat 

months headed off mounting criticism from the Labor left, crossbench MPs and animals rights groups following ABC TV’s screening of footage showing mistreatment of animals in Indonesian abattoirs.

However as well as angering many cattle producers, the ban was greeted with disappointment in Jakarta, where officials insisted it would only be temporary. Indonesia’s Deputy Agriculture Minister, Bayu Krisnamurthi, questioned whether the ban was discriminatory, saying other nations Australia exported to also had issues in relation to animal welfare. (Yes, all Muslim nations) “We hope this is not mainly a special policy for Indonesia,” he told reporters. “If applied only to Indonesia, this is discriminative and we will submit (a complaint) to the WTO.

“We need to establish sufficient safeguards to ensure exporters provide verifiable transpirable supply chain assurance up to and including the point of slaughter for every head of cattle that leaves Australia,” Senator Ludwig said.

Animals Australia campaigner Lyn White said she thought it would be unlikely all slaughter houses in Indonesia that import Australian cattle would be up to standard within that timeframe. “I would suggest that it is highly unlikely, considering that animals are distributed right across Java and Sumatra at the moment to local slaughterhouses and local markets,” she said.

Ms White said while she welcomed the minister’s announcement today, she would not stop until all live exports were banned completely. “This is an unacceptable trade and we need to keep going to see a complete ban,” she said.

Julia Gillard later rejected criticism of the government’s handling of the live exports issue. “We have acted quickly and appropriately to respond to the appalling footage and acts of cruelty that we saw on Australian television,” the Prime Minister said during a visit to Nhulunbuy, in the Northern Territory.

This is the shocking full length version of the video showing barbaric Muslim halal slaughter as practiced in Indonesia and other Muslim countries:

Other stories/videos/photos of HALAL SLAUGHTER

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  • Residents flee as major Alaska wildfire grows

    Reuters – Wed Jun 8, 9:17 pm ET

    ANCHORAGE, Alaska (Reuters) – All residents near an expanding wildfire near Fairbanks have fled, making way for firefighters to combat the blaze, officials said on Wednesday. Full Story »

  • Mexican official challenges Texas travel warnings

    Reuters – Wed Jun 8, 8:53 pm ET

    AUSTIN, Texas (Reuters) – Texas state government warnings to Americans about travel to Mexico are “ludicrous,” “misinformed,” and may damage the country’s safest tourist destinations, Mexico’s tourism chief told Reuters on Wednesday. Full Story »

  • Killer heat wave enters third day

    Reuters – Wed Jun 8, 3:46 pm ET

    A child plays under a water feature in Lower Manhattan on a day... Reuters

    CHICAGO/BOSTON (Reuters) – The heat wave baking the country’s mid-section entered its third day on Wednesday with high temperatures taking a deadly toll from Milwaukee to Memphis. Full Story »

CALIFORNIA Muslim woman says, “Unfaithful wives should be put to death by stoning”

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Terrorist Front Group CAIR spokeslyingbitch, Christina Abraham (a pseudonym if ever there was one), defends shari’a law but denies statistics that confirm that a majority of Muslims in this country support it.

She starts with the big Muslim lie: ”First of all I think that we need to understand that Sharia is just religious law; to the extent that people use religious law, or Islamic law, to inform the way they get married, the way they write a will, the way they enter into business transactions.” (Intentionally leaving out what shari’a law is really all about)

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EXPOSED: How Kosovo Serbs were butchered by Muslims for their organs

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Former Chief Prosecutor at the International Court of Justice in the Hague, Carla Del Ponte, has given details of atrocities by ethnic Albanians in Kosovo in 1999. Kidnapped Serbs were given a medical test. Those who passed were treated well, fed and looked after until they were brought under the surgeon’s knife. From several concentration camps in Kosovo, they were then transferred to cities in the north of Albania. Their body parts were later flown to Europe.

Russia Today - General Mamir Stayanovich was head of the intelligence service of the Serbian army during the war. He has no

Serbian father and son, after the 1999 NATO invasion. NATO-backed KLA “freedom fighters” took the baby by the legs and smashed hin into a brick wall headfirst. 

doubt that the claims in Del Ponte’s book will sooner or later be proven. The places she mentions as hidden operation rooms are in exactly the same location as the camps Albanians used for training soldiers.

“In these hospitals they decided amongst themsemselves what each commander of the KLA would have after victory. They decided who would make his money from drug dealing, who from weapons, and who from selling body parts. Hashim Thaci, the prime minister, was among them,” General Stayanovich claims.

Kosovo, summer 1998: “The woman in the picture was five months pregnant; the Islamist Nazi Albanians (KLA-UCK) after raping her, literally cut the baby (fetus) out of her womb with a butcher-knife. The man in the right hand corner (her husband) had his legs chopped off with an axe at his knees, so before he died he was helplessly watching what the Albanian KLA Islamist Nazi savages were doing to his wife.” 

There are more than 2,000 names on the list of missing Serbs. Sima Spasich is the leader of an organisation trying to discover their fate. He showed the pictures of body parts he filmed in 2003.

“Right after the war, when we understood that too many people had disappeared, I went to the K-For commanders and asked them where were the people, and they just shrugged their shoulders. Only after they saw Serbian people demonstrating and were afraid of their anger, they took me to some place,” Spasich said.

“I cannot explain what I saw there. It was a small mountain of pieces of bodies and the first thing I saw was a baby who’d been taken from his mother’s stomach, lying there. It was impossible to look. It was a massive grave they’d dug before. Today I know in this massive grave ”were 26 Serb bodies – also there was my brother Milosh,” Spasich added.

“After NATO forces entered Kosovo, this entire Serbian family was butchered, men were shot and decapitated. Women and children were raped and tortured. This ten-year-old girl (in the center) was raped by 20 Albanian Islamist Nazi KLA animals, her genitalia were mutilated with a wooden pole, then she was killed with an axe blow to the head. 

Families who once had a small glimmer of hope of finding their loved ones are now planning to sue Del Ponte. They claim she withheld this information for years – and in that way helped the criminals with their crime.

Julia Gorin – (H/T Branilo) - As we know, rape was a tool of war used openly by Kosovo Albanians against Serbs, the elders encouraging the younger generation to rape the province’s Serbian girls so that the Serbs would move out. As for a culture that doesn’t accept girls who aren’t virgins, what culture is that? It doesn’t sound Albanian per se, but Islamic. Yet again, weren’t we told that Albanian Muslims have nothing to do with Islam?

Young Serbian girl was raped and tortured (her breasts were cut off) – then she was beaten to death with a steel rod by the Albanian Islamist Nazi bandits in Kosovo. Her genitalia were mutilated beyond recognition 

Raping in front of families is also something that the KLA engaged in, and this standardly confused Albanian is likely recirculating a KLA crime as a Serb crime. Here is a photo after the fact of such an atrocity by the KLA, which happened before the Yugoslav forces intervened in such goings-on in Kosovo.

Aside from the Albanian penchant for lying, and the advice of Albanian elders and politicians that rape of Serbs should be policy, what diminishes Albanian credibility on rape charges — at least widespread, systematic rape — is what a Yugoslav soldier told one of my sources speaking on behalf of himself and other soldiers he knew — namely that by the time of the Kosovo conflict, the Serbs were so disgusted by Muslims in general that the thought of having intercourse with one was the farthest thing from their minds.



Why have Muslims not been on trial in the Hague – for atrocities against humanity





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