July 30, 2011

1. Grow Our Way Out

2.  Now that America has no way to put people into space we have to rely on the Ruskies.

3.  Federalist Papers Identified How Democrats Would Destroy Us

4.  The no votes: 22 GOPers who balked Boehner

4.  Red States, Including the ‘Newly-Reds,’ Excel at Job Growth

5.  The Politics of Universal Criminality

5.  Hey, Who Wants to Talk About Wisconsin’s Economic Miracle?

Pretty much anybody who is paying the least bit of attention can see that the United States of America is slipping inexorably toward a police state.  The courts have systematically gutted our 4th amendment right to be secure in our persons, possessions, papers, and property.  Militarized SWAT teams

6.  The Long Retreat of Liberalism

7.   Ground Zero: Yes to mosque, no to church

8.  VAWA Must Be Rewritten

The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), now up for reauthorization, is in major need of revision. Its billion-dollar-a-year price tag spent by the radical feminists to pursue their ideology and goals (known as feminist pork) make it an embarrassment to Members of Congress who voted for it.

9  Shot Iranian said to be nuke expert

15.  Senate quickly tables Boehner debt plan

16.    Scandals in the Classroom

A national scandal hit the news when Georgia Governor Nathan Deal released a 413-page report describing how hundreds of Atlanta public school teachers and principals had been cheating during the past ten years on standardized tests in order to falsely report that their schools were doing a good job and the kids were improving. A total of 178 teachers and principals (38 were principals), 82 of whom have already confessed, had fraudulently raised test scores so their schools would meet test targets set by the district and thereby qualify for federal funds.

17.  Tea Party Crashes Washington Orgy

18.  Universal Service Fund reform was coming, and that it would end up as an Internet tax

19.  The Rank Dishonesty In Congress (Boehner Bill)

20.  Why the Debt Crisis Is Even Worse Than You Think

20.  Gunwalker: One Step Closer to the Oval Office

21.  Obama, Geithner Hold All the Face Cards in Debt Ceiling Fight




Obama’s Exclusive George Soros Waivers

NATO bombs Libyan TV transmitters

ObamaCare Lawsuit Reaches the Supreme Court

Gunwalker: One Step Closer to the Oval Office

Obama and the Drug Cartels

Issa launches investigation into Obama’s new fuel economy standards

Mandated Mischief: Obama’s 54.5 MPG Standard

Red States, Including the ‘Newly-Reds,’ Excel at Job Growth

Libyan rebels in disarray after mysterious killing of leading military commander

Long live Egypt’s Supreme Council

Worst Case Scenario on Debt Ceiling is Balanced Budget, Not Default

America abandons Obama

U.S. poised to join China, Spain in double-A club

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