OPINION: Don’t Dial DOJ for Voter Fraud Protection

August 19, 2011


Did Kerry’s Swift Boat Hatchet Man Fake His Own Silver Star?
Scott Swett
Last August, Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus revoked a Silver Star medal formerly held by retired Navy Captain Wade R. Sanders, an almost unheard-of action. More

Political Parisitology
Monty Pelerin
The political class, its cronies, and its dependents are parasites. The host is the productive sector of the economy. One lives at the expense of the other. One is “taking,” the other “making.” More

The Anti-American President
Boyd Richard Boyd
As long as there is any possibility that Obama is just in over his head and doesn’t mean what he says and does, many will excuse him on those grounds. Obama is not incompetent; he is an intelligent anti-American president. More

Progressive POTUS Desperate For Another Vacation
M. Catharine Evans
The really frightening thing about the President heading off to Martha’s Vineyard while America burns is that Obama may believe he really deserves a rest. More

Pundits Peddle Civility Sophistry
Jan LaRue
Beltway bobble heads are concerned that candidates won’t “sound presidential” if they call out Obama’s iceberg policies and personnel. More

Portrait Of The President As A Young Man

The Scene: A fancy restaurant in Chicago, February 2001. Barack Obama and his pregnant wife Michelle are seated at a candlelit table, sharing a fancy dinner. B More

It’s the Spending, Stupid
Paul Kengor
During the 1992 presidential campaign, the slogan for Bill Clinton and Democrats was, “It’s the economy, stupid.” For Republicans in 2012, it should be, “It’s spending, stupid.” More

s Gaddafi on his way out?
August 19, 2011
Regime about to collapse. More

Feingold won’t run for WI senate seat in 2012
August 19, 2011
GOP chances of pick up rise. More

Obama’s media pals launch the anti-Darrell Issa crusade
August 19, 2011
The usual suspects try to smear the congressman. More

Don’t Dial DOJ for Voter Fraud Protection
August 19, 2011
If you thought the U.S. Justice Department under Attorney General Eric Holder was already shockingly biased toward far-left causes, get ready for a more permanent problem. More


Iran’s Enablers in Latin America

by Jaime Daremblum

Tehran doggedly pursues a strategic foothold in the Western Hemisphere. Read this article in Spanish here.

ATF Whistleblower: Gunwalker Officials Being Shielded

by Bob Owens

Former Agent Vince Cefalu tells PJM: Those men weren’t being promoted this week, they were being protected via transfers to other positions within the department.

Easy Riders, Raging Krugmans

by Ed Driscoll

In the last year or so, Paul Krugman of the New York Times inexplicably appears to be have begun channeling some of the most influential films of the late 1960s, from Tora, Tora, Tora to 2001: A Space Odyssey.

The War with Syria

by Michael Ledeen

Obama finally calls on Assad to step down. Will it matter?

The Bill for our Iranian Blunder

by David P. Goldman

Our dithering has made the problem much more difficult.

August 19, 2011

What Happens After Qaddafi?

Recent military developments in Libya underscore that U.S. and NATO officials need to consider what strategy they intend to pursue if Muammar Qaddafi’s more than four-decade hold on power finally comes to an end. Given the financial woes of Italy, France and other key European members of NATO, and given the habitual desire of the Europeans to off-load security problems onto the United States, it is all too likely that we will see a concerted campaign to get Washington’s participation in a post-Qaddafi peacekeeping mission. Argues Cato scholar Ted Galen Carpenter, “President Obama should resist any temptation to involve the United States further in Libya’s domestic quarrels.”

Government’s Role in the Mortgage Market: The More Things Change…

The Washington Post reported that President Obama has directed his staff to design a new set of government guarantees behind the U.S. mortgage market. Remarkably, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac may be retained, despite their role in driving the housing bubble. Comments Cato scholar Mark A. Calabria, “President Obama appears to be considering just putting the same failed system in place. Of course, we’ll be promised that it will all work better this time.”

The Welfare State’s Road to Riots
James A. Dorn in the Orange County Register.


Now Answer Some Questions
Michael D. Tanner on the Republican candidates in National Review (Online).

Why Warren Buffett Is Wrong
Jeffrey A. Miron on taxing the rich on CNN.com.

Where is the International Support for Victims of Tyranny?

Manda Zand Ervin

How can America, NATO, the UN and the West choose to act against certain tyrants, while allowing the far worse regimes of Iran and Syria to continue unchecked?

Are the Black Flash Mob Attacks on Whites Obama’s Fault?

Lloyd Marcus

Has race-baiting by members of the Obama administration contributed to the climate that has spawned black-on-white racist savagery?

The Lone Wolf Jihad

Raymond Ibrahim

Though the administration acknowledges the threat of lone wolf terrorism, it makes everyone vulnerable by failing to link this threat to jihad and Islam.

White House Plays Down its Muslim Brotherhood Dinner Guests

The Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Report

The Islamists who were invited to a White House dinner are exposed, Egypt’s Brotherhood is in political difficulties, and a global youth Islamist group is going broke.

Today’s Hot Topics

We choose, you peruse.


  1. Slowdown Fears Slam U.S. Stocks . Dow Falls 3.7% on Weak Home Sales, Manufacturing and Employment Data. [WSJ]

  2. Obama Administration to Review All Deportation Cases, Apply DREAM Act-Style Criteria [FOX]

  3. (Terrorist) Gunmen enter Israel from Sinai, kill 8 – Airstrike ordered on Gaza after city’s worst attack since 2008 [WT]

  4. Flight of Gadhafi is rumored – Opposition fighters close in on Tripoli from west and south [WT]

  5. Afghanistan suicide bomb: 12 killed as twin blasts hit British Council offices in Kabul [TELEGRAPH]

  6. ‘Israel Bus Driver Prevented Catastrophe’ – Kept Cool During Terror Attack, And Prevented Greater Loss Of Life [YNET]

  7. Pakistan: Muslims assault Christians for watching “Jesus” film [JIHAD WATCH]

  8. SCANDAL: Fast And Furious Promotions? [IBD]

  9. Muslim World More Anti-American Than Ever [HUMAN EVENTS]

  10. Biden China visit has rocky start [THE HILL]

  11. Report: U.S. favors Muslim Brotherhood over pro-democracy Syrian opposition [WORLD TRIBUNE]


Promoting Islam at Lackland Air Force Base

Timothy Furnish, PhD

Why is a course held at a Texan Air Force Base indoctrinating military personnel with a form of Creationist Islam promoted by a man some consider to be a Mahdi, or Islamic Messiah?

Obama’s New Truck Regulations – How Much “GREEN” Can a Big Rig Haul?

Renee Taylor, Mark Taylor

New emissions standards for 18-wheelers will cost money and will have a disastrous effect on the economy as those expenses are trickled down to every product delivered by truck.

U.S.-Pakistani Ties in a Tailspin

Peter Brookes

Pakistan reportedly gave China access to the tail section of a downed U.S. “stealth” Black Hawk helicopter that was involved in the Osama bin Laden take-down in May.

Mob Mayhem

Tom McLaughlin

It is rare to find someone who can stay centered within oneself in the midst of hysteria. To achieve that is to live beyond the influence of the mob.

Media Conceal True Nature of “Flash Mob” Racial Violence

John T. Bennett

We reproduce a special report from the AIM Center for Investigative Journalism which highlights some disturbing, but hidden, truths about America today.

Warming advocates finally use the ‘Alien Invasion’ excuse
August 19, 2011
“Green aliens” might destroy us unless we change our ways. More

AP crams three misleading assertions about global warming into a single paragraph
August 19, 2011
Reporting upon presidential candidate Rick Perry’s skepticism about man-made global warming More

Charles Rangel, R.I.P.
August 19, 2011
Laura Ingraham presided over the internment. More

Strange headline: Feds Bust Iraqi-Mexican Drug Ring
August 19, 2011
Do you really believe the Obama Administration when they say the border is secure? More

Obama Must Get Bold, Tell GOP “It’s On” – Jonathan Alter, Bloomberg
Sorry Excuses for a Flailing Presidency – Charles Krauthammer, Wash Post
Obama’s Job No. 1: Create Jobs – Fareed Zakaria, Chicago Tribune
Green Tech Not an Engine of Job Creation – Aaron Glantz, New York Times
As Promised, Obama Changed America – For the Worse – Pete DuPont, WSJ
Perry and the Tea Partier Know-Nothings – Michael Tomasky, Daily Beast
Why Rick Perry Is a Strong Candidate – William Bennett, CNN
Essential Ingredients of a Jobs Program – Jonathan Cohn, The New Republic
Obama’s Vacation an Act of Political Hara-Kiri? – Nile Gardiner, Telegraph
Russia’s Cruellest Month – Julia Ioffe, The New Yorker
Where’s the Syria Plan? – Eugene Robinson, Indianapolis Star
Will Europe Come Tumbling Down? – Shawn Tully, Fortune
Bonds Signal ‘Japanese’ Slump – Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, The Telegraph
Duncan Can’t Explain Why He’s Dissing Texas – Andrew Rotherham, Time
Hey Chris Matthews, Leave Ike Out of It – Jay Cost, Weekly Standard
Europe’s View of U.S. Is Patronizing & Wrong – Martin Kettle, The Guardian
Why Americans Hate Economics – Stephen Moore, Wall Street Journal
Video Highlights: Rangel | Forbes | Reich | Palin | Innis | Klein | Haley


Obama Deserves Vacation, But the Forecast Is Cloudy – Boston Globe
Liberals Try to Discredit Texas’ Economic Success – Wall Street Journal
Austerity Obsession Making a Bad Situation Worse – New York Times
Obama Admin Turns Up the Heat on Bashar al-Assad – Washington Pos

Why is MLK Memorial Made in China?
August 19, 2011
We have publicly humiliated ourselves, admitting to the world of our national incompetence and stupidity. More

New Phase in War as Terrorists Cross Egypt-Israel Border

by Barry Rubin

This is not just an isolated incident. It will get worse. ALSO READ: It Walks Like War, Looks Like War, Sounds Like War…

Business Owners Speak on Struggles with ObamaCare, Regulations

by Patrick Richardson

From their data, just how damaging the president has been to this economy becomes quite clear.

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