da NEWS: How a Free Society Can Protect Itself from Psychological Warfare

August 6, 2011

1.  To Fix a Broken Country: The Critical Limits of American Politics

2.  How a Free Society Can Protect Itself from Psychological Warfare

Exiled Leader Says China’s Uyghurs ‘Will Liberate Themselves Or Die’

3.  It Strikes Me As Odd

As a refugee immigrant to the United States I have expressed amazement at the design of the U.S. political system — so awkward and unwieldy as to render it almost totally dysfunctional.  What follows is a list of other riddles of American life that baffle an immigrant, even one of long standing such as me.

4.  No Grand Bargains with Democrats

China Slams US on Credit Downgrade, Most Countries Cautious

5.  The Doomsday Scenario Has Happened: Here’s What Banks Said They Would Do

They hinted they would dump Treasuries.

What Happens When We’re Rejected and Ostracized by Strangers?

5.  Palin Power Coming On Stronger!

Mossad Behind Assassinations of Iranian Nuclear Scientists

6.  THE REBUTTAL: Treasury Spells Out S&P’s “$2 Trillion Mistake”

Why You Can’t Just Think Your Way Out Of Depression

7.  Silences

Obama, Republicans Battle Over Jobs

7.  White House stresses putting U.S. fiscal house in order

Find Your Strong: 8 Ways to Perform at Your Best

7.  Photos From Rick Perry’s Rally To Save The American Economy

Pamela Geller’s Book Stop the Islamization of America Is a Work of Love, not Hate

8.  THE JOBLESS FUTURE: Let’s Face It, The Old Ones Just Aren’t Coming Back

We See in Others What We Fear in Ourselves

By Nathan A. Heflick on August 6, 2011 in The Big Questions

Participants were given feedback that they were high or low in anger, and then assessed other people’s anger level. Read More

The ABC’s of Assertiveness: A Simple Guide to Speaking Your Mind

By Craig Malkin, Ph.D. on August 6, 2011 in Romance Redux

Trying to stand up for yourself but worried you’ll make things worse? Learn your ABC’s. A simple, foolproof guide to standing up without stepping on toes. Read More

A Lebanese Town’s Dilemma Teaches about Islam, Freedom, and the Future of Europe

Chavez Returns to Cuba for More Chemotherapy

What? Gov’t Let Cartel Smuggle Drugs in Exchange for Intel?

China Tells U.S. It Must ‘Cure Its Addiction to Debt’

America’s Triple-A Credit Rating? It Was Fun While It Lasted

Obama Presses Congress For Action On Jobs After Credit Downgrade


New IMF Chief Under Investigation for Aiding Embezzlement and Fraud in $500 Million Deal

What Do You Really Know?

If Your Life All In Your Head?

New Type of Flying Vehicle in Development

Cofer Black Says Threat Posed by Hackers Same as Pre-9/11 Terrorism

Punjab: Christian woman forced to convert and marry her kidnapper

Republicans Want Geithner to Walk The Plank After Credit Downgrade


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