MONEY: Macarthur Coal Takeover Could Trigger Noble Group Mine Purchase

September 5, 2011



Banks’ Overnight Deposits With ECB Hit 2011 High
09/05/2011 4:35AM – Dow Jones Business News


Pimco’s Gross Urges UK To Alter Fiscal Plan
09/05/2011 4:35AM – Dow Jones Business News

Hong Kong New Territories Residential Site Expected To Fetch Up To HK$3.96 Billion
09/05/2011 4:28AM – Dow Jones Business News

German Chemical Industry Association Confirms Growth Outlook
09/05/2011 4:26AM – Dow Jones Business News

Pimco’s Gross Urges UK To Alter Fiscal Plan – UK Times
09/05/2011 4:24AM – Dow Jones Business News

Japan To Seek G-7 Consensus On Yen
09/05/2011 4:05AM – Dow Jones Business News

DNO Reaches Agreement On RAK’s Operating Units
09/05/2011 3:35AM – Dow Jones Business News

JGBs Surge As Weak US Data Send Investors Toward Safe Havens
09/05/2011 3:33AM – Dow Jones Business News

S Korea FSC: To Hold Conference Call With China, Japan Regulators Tuesday
09/05/2011 3:30AM – Dow Jones Business News

China Vice President: Need Global Effort To Boost Market Confidence – Xinhua
09/05/2011 3:21AM – Dow Jones Business News

Moody’s Says Belarus Will Benefit From Ruble Float
09/05/2011 3:15AM – Dow Jones Business News

World Bank Chief: Recent Acceleration Of Yuan Appreciation Likely Aimed At Inflation
09/05/2011 2:57AM – Dow Jones Business News

Macarthur Coal Takeover Could Trigger Noble Group Mine Purchase
09/05/2011 2:56AM – Dow Jones Business News

India August Services PMI Slows, More Rate Hikes Still Likely
09/05/2011 2:45AM – Dow Jones Business News

World Bank Says Yuan Appreciation Inflation Linked
09/05/2011 2:45AM – Dow Jones Business News

S&P Says Euro-Zone Bonds Would Get Worst Rating
09/05/2011 2:35AM – Dow Jones Business News

WORLD FOREX: Euro Down As German Elections Spur Greece Concerns
09/05/2011 1:55AM – Dow Jones Business News

New Zealand Treasury: Offshore Developments To Weigh On Growth
09/05/2011 1:00AM – Dow Jones Business News

WORLD FOREX: Euro Extends Falls, Merkel’s Party Loses Local Elections
09/04/2011 11:29PM – Dow Jones Business News

HSBC Hong Kong August PMI 47.8 Vs July 51.4
09/04/2011 10:54PM – Dow Jones Business News

Shinsegae, Taubman To Build KRW800 Billion Shopping Mall In S Korea
09/04/2011 10:47PM – Dow Jones Business News

Barroso Doesn’t See EU Recession
09/04/2011 10:45PM – Dow Jones Business News

Brussels Studies Possible Euro-Zone Bond Issuance
09/04/2011 10:25PM – Dow Jones Business News

Australian New Auto Sales Up 4.3% In August Vs July – VFACTS
09/04/2011 10:14PM – Dow Jones Business News

Australian Co Profits +6.7% In 2Q Vs 1Q, Inventories +2.5%
09/04/2011 9:49PM – Dow Jones Business News

Exxon Mobil Reports Power Snags At Illinois Refineries
09/04/2011 9:36PM – Dow Jones Business News

Australian Investor Confidence Lowest In Two Years
09/04/2011 9:25PM – Dow Jones Business News

Macarthur Coal Confirms Recommendation Of Offer In Target Statement
09/04/2011 9:24PM – Dow Jones Business News

Australian Inflation Fell 0.1% In August Vs July – TD MI
09/04/2011 8:44PM – Dow Jones Business News

Cnooc: Penglai Oil Field Shutdown Output Loss 40,000 B/D
09/04/2011 8:44PM – Dow Jones Business News

Fixing America’s Mixed Up Biofuel Incentive Program

As we’ve seen with the costly case of cellulosic ethanol, the government can’t mandate technological breakthroughs. Continue »
Robert Rapier

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Trader react at their desks at the Frankfurt stock exchange

LONDON (Reuters) – World stocks fell to a one-week low on Monday and the euro hit a three-week trough against the dollar as investors worried the U.S. jobs market may be beyond easy repair and Europe faced a series of risks that would reignite its debt crisis. More »World stocks, euro slide on recession worries

EU flags are seen outside the EU Commission headquarters in Brussels

LONDON (Reuters) – Japanization is shorthand for slouching toward that country’s noxious … More »Analysis: Europe puts its head in sand over growth crisis

File image of the Nasdaq Composite stock market index seen inside their studios at Times Square in New York

NEW YORK (Reuters) – It’s been a rough summer for U.S. initial public offerings after … More »Tech IPOs could lead the way post-Labor Day




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