SAY WHAT: Obama’s Immigration Directive to Face Congressional Hearings

September 1, 2011

1  Obama’s Immigration Directive to Face Congressional Hearings


Instead of worrying about Americans and legal residents, President Obama, looking towards the 2012 election, has decided to usurp Congress and push his immigration policy.  According to those interviewed by American Thinker, the Obama administration is making a mockery of America’s laws.

2. Obama blows $535 million dollars


Solyndra, a major manufacturer of solar technology in Fremont, has shut its doors, according to employees at the campus.

3   Dreams from his uncle, cont’d

4  China questions Indian warship about presence in South China Sea

5  Palestinian Leaders to Seek the UN’s Blessing

6  Black farmers in South Africa cash in by selling land given to them by the government… back to whites who originally owned the farms

7  Only 4 Percent of NEA Dues Dollars Dedicated to Improve Teaching

But a secret union document reveals that the NEA’s commitment to “improv(ing) teaching and learning” works out to a paltry $7.44 per member every year. This is according to a document obtained from an internal source of the Indiana State Teachers Association, one of the NEA’s state affiliates. All dollar amounts refer to the NEA’s 2010-11 budget, and are the most recent numbers available.

7  Multiculturalism


It is 1991, and Yugoslavia, born of the ashes of WWI, is starting to break up. It is a violent affair that will be long, painful, bloody, and complex. Numerous wars in the multi-ethnic region will be fought, with Slovenia, Croatia, and Bosnia declaring independence from Serb-dominated Yugoslavia and, in turn, Serb minorities seeking independence from the last two regions. Slovenes, Croats, Bosnians (virtually all Muslim), and Albanians (largely Muslim) will battle Serbs. Croats and Bosnians will unite to battle them — then fight each other as well — then unite again; and Albanians will take up the sword against Macedonians. Muslims will burn churches, and minority populations will be purged from many of these regions. They are the first conflicts since WWII to be formerly deemed genocidal, and these wars will introduce English-speakers to a new term: ethnic cleansing. None of this was any surprise. Ethnic and cultural ties ultimately trump citizenship status just as family ties do. This is why East and West Germany were reunited two decades ago: Their peoples were both German and shared the same culture, making their separation artificial and, therefore, temporary. Yet artificial unity tends to be no less temporary; it teaches us that, sometimes, the sum of the parts can be greater than the whole. And while Yugoslavia may be the current poster boy for this phenomenon, many other states are similarly diverse and, to varying degrees, struggle with ethnic/sectarian turmoil. Some, such as Iraq and Rwanda, are still making history; others, such as the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia, are history. And then there are yet other nations. These are not places conceived in the ashes of war or the minds of colonial masters, but lands, such as the United States, Britain, and France, in which unprecedented immigration is creating a situation described by another term born of that tumultuous part of southeastern Europe: balkanization.

For most of man’s history, the norm was to keep foreign elements out of your land. When a people couldn’t, it often meant their conquest and subjugation — if not subsumption, as happened to the Ainus on the Japanese islands. Things have changed in modern times, however; the practice of inviting foreigners to your shores, known as immigration, has become a Western norm. But man’s nature doesn’t change. Thus, invitations cannot prevent the clash of civilizations that will inevitably result when a flood of new arrivals overwhelms a society’s ability to acculturate them.

8  How Saif Gaddafi and Friends Fooled the Euro-Left

9  How ObamaCare Plays Games with Your Life

10  What the West Doesn’t Understand About the ‘Arab Spring Surprise’

11  “Rebels,” “Terrorists,” and Anti-Aircraft Missiles

12  Wanted, BRITONS who want to work: Mail survey reveals why new jobs are going to migrant workers


Agents Raid NM Gun Store in Border Smuggling Case

Tuesday, August 30, 2011 | Borderland Beat Reporter Buggs

By: The Associated Press

Federal agents have raided a Deming gun store and arrested the owner, his wife and their two sons on a 30-count indictment accusing them of smuggling guns across the border with Mexico.

According to the federal indictment, the firearms sold by the defendants included 27 AK-47-type rifles, three AR-15 rifles, two .50 caliber rifles, and two 9 mm pistols – weapons favored by Mexican Cartels.

U.S. Attorney Ken Gonzales says Rick and Terri Reese and their sons, Ryin and Remington, were arrested in nearby Las Cruces where they were opening a new shop.

Authorities say after the arrests, state and federal officers executed search warrants on the New Deal Shooting Sports in Deming and the family home Tuesday.

It’s not clear if the family has retained attorneys. The defendants are scheduled to make their initial appearances in the federal courthouse in Las Cruces on Thursday.Share it:

Mexico Casino Massacre Suspects: We Only Wanted to Scare the Owners

| Borderland Beat Reporter Ovemex

The suspects told investigators they were “scolded” by their bosses for killing so many people at the casino, which was the target of an extortion racket common in several parts of Mexico

The five suspects arrested in connection with the attack last week on a casino in the northern Mexican city of Monterrey that left 52 people dead told investigators they did not plan to kill anyone and only wanted to scare the establishment’s owners, officials said Tuesday.

The suspects, who have confessed to the attack and are being held under a preventive arrest order while prosecutors build the case against them, were paraded before the press Tuesday at the Nuevo Leon state Attorney General’s Office.

The five men were photographed in front of the vehicles they used to carry out the attack last Thursday on the Casino Royale in Monterrey, the capital of Nuevo Leon.

Los Zetas, Mexico’s most violent drug cartel, is suspected of ordering the attack on the casino, Nuevo Leon Gov. Rodrigo Medina said Monday, citing information obtained following the suspects’ arrests.

Los Zetas started out as the armed wing of the Gulf cartel but broke with that criminal organization in March 2010, unleashing a wave of violence across Mexico in an effort to grab new territory.

The suspects told investigators they were “scolded” by their bosses for killing so many people at the casino, which was the target of an extortion racket common in several parts of Mexico, officials said.

Investigators have obtained videos showing the suspects filling containers at a service station with the gasoline they later used to torch the casino, as well as other images from security cameras that show the suspects’ vehicles arriving at Casino Royale, Nuevo Leon Attorney General Adrian Emilio de la Garza said Tuesday.

The suspects have confessed to the casino attack and other crimes, including kidnappings and murders, De la Garza said, adding that physical evidence, such as fingerprints, linked the men to the vehicles used in the attack.

At least 12 people took part in the attack and videos from security cameras show “other accomplices” who had not been spotted by investigators during the initial review of the footage, De la Garza said.

One vehicle stops in the middle of the street to “see whether the attack that was ordered is being staged,” the Nuevo Leon AG said.

“Based on the statements and evidence we have, we can determine that the people were not the target,” De la Garza said, adding that some of those involved in the attack “are burned.”

“It was a situation that became chaotic and got out of control,” the Nuevo Leon AG said.

The criminals ordered the security guards and other people inside the casino to get out, preventing more people from dying, De la Garza said.

Authorities have asked Interpol for assistance in locating Casino Royale owner Raul Rocha Cantu, federal Attorney General’s Office regional chief Jose Cuitlahuac Salinas said.

Investigators have obtained a statement from a pilot who they are certain flew Rocha Cantu out of the country, the federal prosecutor said.

Federal authorities are looking for the Casino Royale owner so they can get a statement from him.

The casino torched last week is owned by Grupo Royale, which has gambling establishments in the cities of Monterrey, Mazatlan, Los Cabos and Escobedo.

“It is very important to use this tragic event as an opportunity to once and for all” impose order on the casino industry, Gov. Medina said.

Some casinos operate under court orders and the licenses of others are passed from person to person without any oversight, the governor said.

The federal government completed the deployment on Monday of 1,500 army troops in Monterrey to bolster security in the wake of the attack on the casino.

A total of 1,500 Federal Police officers arrived Sunday in Monterrey as part of the federal government’s efforts to restore order to the industrial city.

Monterrey and its suburbs have been battered by a wave of drug-related violence since March 2010, when three rival cartels reportedly went to war with Los Zetas.

Los Zetas has been battling an alliance of the Gulf, Sinaloa and La Familia drug cartels, known as the Nueva Federacion, for control of the Monterrey metropolitan area and smuggling routes into the United States.

A total of 267 murders were registered in Monterrey in 2009, with the figure rising to 828 in 2010 and more than 1,100 so far this year, according to official figures.


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Unbelievable, or perhaps totally believable.

| Borderland Beat Reporter Gerardo

Julio Berrones Ramirez, one of the five suspects arrested for the attack against the Casino Royale, had been previously apprehended by agents from the Nuevo Leon’s Attorney General’s office for armed robbery of a vehicle and possession of a firearm.

Berrones Ramirez, “El Julio Rayas”, who resides in the colonia Hacienda los Morales in the municipality of San Nicolas, was captured on July 8, 2010 by state investigative police with two other men while driving a car that been stolen in a violent carjacking.

“El Julio Rayas” was driving a Mazda 3 sedan that had the license plates from a VW Beetle that had also been violently carjacked when the police spotted the vehicle at the intersection of Churubusco and Prolongacion Madero.

Berrones Ramirez and his two accomplices resisted arrest and attemped to flee but were captured after a short pursuit.

In the interior of the car the officers found a .45 caliber pistol.

On Monday morning Nuevo Leon Governor Rodrigo Medina presented Berrones Ramirez as part of the comando that attacked the Casino Royale last Thursday, that resulted in the deaths of 52 innocent civilians.

In an interview with the Televisa network the state’s public security representative, Jorge Domene, confirmed Berrones’s arrest in 2010. However, Domene could not explain how or when the suspect gained his freedom after his previous arrest.

“That’s part of the investigation, to understand how the suspect gained his freedom and who is responsible.”

Source: it:

El R-2 Arrested

Monday, August 29, 2011 | Borderland Beat Reporter Chamuko213

A top lieutenant of the Gulf Cartel as well as his right-hand man and five other members of one of the organization’s strike teams have been captured, Mexican authorities have announced.

Abiel “R-2” Gonzalez Briones, 28, was arrested over the weekend near the town of Camargo, at the El Azucar dam, according to information released by Mexico’s federal police. Camargo lies across the border from Rio Grande City.

Gonzalez Briones’ right-hand man, 27-year-old Jorge Bryan “R-24” Aguilar Hinojosa, was captured, too.

Other captured gunmen include:
-Santos Otolio “El Stitch” Benito Gonzalez, 22
-Damian “El Pajarillo” Santes Santiago, 28
-Jorge Luis Esteban “El Colofox” Gonzalez, 35
-Luis Gerardo “El Flaco” Rosas Ibanez, 30
-Chito Leal Olguin, 40

The capture took place after aerial patrols spotted a group of gunmen who tried to elude capture. After Mexican authorities gave chase, Gonzalez Briones and his men were captured.
During the operation, authorities also seized eight assault rifles, two pistols, four grenades, more than $60,000 and an unknown amount of ammunition and communication devices.

Authorities described Gonzalez Briones as one of the main financial operators of the Gulf Cartel as well as the regional boss for Miguel Aleman, which lies across the Rio Grande from Roma.

Aguilar was in charge of the smuggling of narcotics into the U.S. and commanded a cartel strike team trained to fight members of rival cartels — primarily the Zetas.

Gonzalez Briones and his men are also believed to be responsible for the street-level distribution of narcotics in Matamoros and Camargo.

All the men were flown to Mexico City and turned over to the Organized Crime Division of Mexico’s Attorney General’s Office.

Gonzalez Briones and Aguilar were members of the Gulf Cartel’s Rojos strike team, which was an off-shoot of the Zetas and received similar tactical training, according to a source outside law enforcement with direct knowledge of criminal activity in Mexico.

The original members of the Zetas were former Mexican military and federal police officers who joined the Gulf Cartel with the primary task of protecting its leader at the time, Osiel Cárdenas Guillén, the source said. Some of the Zetas were members of Mexican special forces; some were not.

When the Gulf Cartel and the Zetas split in early 2010, some of the members of the Rojos stayed with the Gulf Cartel, and others went with the Zetas, the source said. The Gulf Cartel now has a similar group called the Erres — or the R’s — a new version of the Rojos.


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People in Monterrey say Enough is Enough!

| Borderland Beat Reporter Buggs

Mexican police say they have arrested five men they believe are members of the Zetas drugs cartel in connection with last week’s Monterrey casino massacre.

The news has come too late for hundreds of local people, who have staged protests against how four million-strong Monterrey has become a gangster’s shooting gallery.

Shoes were left to remember the innocent victims on the steps of the state governor’s office, where protesters called for him and Monterrey’s mayor to quit.

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Five ‘Zetas’ arrested for deadly Monterrey casino attack

| Borderland Beat Reporter Ovemex

by Action 4 News Staff

Mexican authorities have arrested five alleged members of the Zetas drug cartel for their role in a deadly attack on a Monterrey casino.

Some 52 patrons of the Casino Royale were killed when gunmen stormed the building and used gasoline to light on fire on Thursday.

Nuevo Leon Governor Rodrigo Medina held a press conference early Monday morning to say five men have been arrested.

The El Universal newspaper reported the men were identified as:

• Luis Carlos Carrasco Espinosa, El Chihua, 25 years old, Chihuahua
• Javier Alonso Martínez Morales, El Javo, 37 years old, Monterrey
• Jonathan Jair Reina Gutiérrez, 18 years old, Monterrey
• Juan Ángel Leal Flores, 20 years old, Monterrey,
• Julio Tadeo Barrones Ramírez, El Julio Rayas, 28 years old, Monterrey

Gov. Medina told reporters that the men had lengthy criminal histories and are members of the Zetas drug cartel.

El Universal reported that one of the men was identified through fingerprints from a vehicle seized at the crime scene.

That man’s arrest led to the arrest of the other four.

Gov. Medina told reporters that the Zetas had been extorting money from the owners of the casino.

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Acapulco update

| Borderland Beat Reporter Gerardo

Extortion of teachers causes the closure of 140 elementary and middle schools in Acapulco

Below is a copy of a letter sent to an administrator in the Acapulco public education system.

Greetings Professor (name redacted), we know you are the paymaster for the teachers in area (redacted)

Pay careful attention.

You have 15 days to give us a list of the following teachers:

1. Whoever earns more than $8,000.00 (8 thousand pesos) biweekly.
(underline in black whoever earns between 20 and 50 thousand pesos monthly)

2. Those who live from La Cima to KM 30 and Cayaco.

3. Names, addresses and telephone numbers (not cell phone numbers)

4. Legible copies of voter registration cards (on the reverse the names and addresses of schools where they work)

5. A copy of the payroll (of all area 32)

Note the name and school where they work of any person who refuses to divulge any information. Show them this warning.

Advise them that after October 1 they must pay a “tax” of 50 percent of their salary and annual bonus. Whoever refuses has the opportunity to leave, if not you all know we are not fucking around.

You and your supervisor are exempt from this tax as long as you continue cooperating with us.

The teacher who lives close to the jail named Cermeno or Cerdeno is also exempt because he has already cooperated.

If you have problematic teachers underline them in red and advise the principals that we are aware of the high cost to the heads of families and that they will receive a special visit.

We will be in contact.

More than 600 teachers have closed their classrooms this week in 140 Acapulco elementary and middle schools in the face of extortion threats delivered through pamphlets by members of organized crime that are charging a “derecho de piso”, or tax, of 50 percent of salaries and bonuses.

This was confirmed by the Assistant Coordinator of Basic Education with the Guerrero Department of Education for the Acapulco-Coyuca de Benitez region, Julio Cesar Bernal Resendiz, who has met with SNTE (teacher’s union) officials discuss the threats.

“There is talk of some threats in some areas, especially the 4th sector, including the colonias (neighborhoods) of Ciudad Renacimiento, Emiliano Zapata, Vacacional, Arroyo Seco and other colonias in the outskirts of the city.”

Bernal Resendiz admitted “there are cases of teachers who have been extorted and kidnapped and have filed complaints, but they’re scared, do not want people to know and are afraid.”

Two elementary school teachers in the 32nd zone spoke of what has happened since last Thursday.

“I am a professor in Acapulco, we are afraid about what is going on, we have received written messages that say they will take 50 percent of our wages and we are afraid.” said one of the teachers.

“We agreed to stop classes since Wednesday until the authorities can resolve this.”

“Several teachers have been kidnapped, or extorted and most do not want to talk, but we’re tired of so much violence. I have fear there may be retaliation.”

A middle school teacher in Ciudad Renaciminto added, “It’s very difficult to explain this, but the reasons why many coworkers are failing to go to their classrooms is because we are living this firsthand. We therefore call on the authorities to help us. Because we are being harassed, threatened, kidnapped.”

According to people with knowledge of Acapulco’s underground both La Barredora and CIDA extort the working population. It is believed that the attempt to extort teachers is the work of the infamous Comando del Diablo, led by Jose Francisco Sosa Vasquez “El Capi Sosa” and Los Calentanos, led by Cleotilde Toribio “El Tilde”. Both of these groups operate for La Barredora.

(A teacher and SNTE union official from the state of San Luis Potosi who had commented previously about a similar situation in Ciudad Juarez had stated that mass extortion attempts against teachers are fairly common but are normally ignored without any further problems. He stated, however, that in areas of extreme insecurity [like Acapulco and Juarez] these threats are much more credible, and the danger of retaliation may be real.

He added, “Extortion attempts are an everyday occurrence now, a feature of everyday life. Nobody answers the telephone if the number on caller ID is not recognized. You no longer give your name to strangers you meet. No phone numbers or addresses to casual acquaintances or even distant relatives. Never respond to street surveys or polls. Even bank employees can’t be trusted.”

“You only trust close relatives and very close friends. The ‘amistad’ that was a way of live here in Mexico is becoming extinct.”)

Predictably it is not only the teachers who are living in fear but also the parents of Acapulco schoolchildren.

“We fear what could happen to our children,” mentions a mother of an 8 and 10 year old attending an elementary school in the Vicente Guerrero housing district.

“No one is safe now, they kidnap rich and poor kids” says the mother, a housewife, who walks her children to school and back home even though she lives two blocks away.

After a summer with dozens of executions and gun battles parents now wait outside of the schools until the children enter their classrooms and crowd the school before classes end for the day.

“If anything happens or if you are let out early, call me,” says a mother to her 9 year old daughter attending a private school on the Avenida Farallon, a thoroughfare that has seen its share of decapitated and dismembered bodies. She explains that she bought her daughter a cellphone to keep in communication, “A cellphone is no longer a luxury, its a necessity to stay aware.”

The mother stated that 3 weeks earlier armed men had forcibly entered the school and abducted a 16 year old student who was later found murdered in the community of La Sabana.

“A line has been crossed,” she said.

(Guerrero is one of the states with the highest levels of poverty in Mexico. Cellphones are unaffordable for most children.

A mother from Monterrey was interviewed last year in San Antonio, Texas, where a large community of wealthy expatriate Mexicans with the means to obtain the correct residence visas live in the upscale Stone Oak section of the city.

When asked to describe the greatest difference between life in Monterrey and Texas, she answered that she simply could not comprehend that her children could walk home from the private school they were attending in safety. In Mexico her children needed bodyguards to ensure their survival.)



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