OPINION: Would Obama Retaliate against a Nuclear Attack?

September 15, 2011


Obama Retaliate against a Nuclear Attack?
Rabbi Aryeh Spero
What if a Muslim country, such as Iran, launched a nuclear attack against us, or if agents aligned with Pakistan using dirty bombs were to attack America? More

Seniors Can Handle the Truth
Jan LaRue
When it comes to Social Security, Republicans should stop treating seniors like a feeble-minded demographic. More

The Presidential Qualification Issue
Bruce Walker
Marco Rubio is on most short lists for the Republican vice presidential nomination. The principal objection many conservatives have is whether Rubio is constitutionally eligible. More

The Security Sex
Selwyn Duke
Withering patriarchy nourishes the paternalistic state. More

Social Issues Are Not Going Away in 2012
Janice Shaw Crouse
How the government spends taxpayer money comes down to moral issues. More

Conservatism that Assures the Unthinkable: the Reelection of Barack Obama
Chuck Rogér
As America flirts with permanent economic decline, certain GOP presidential contenders talk of gay marriage, Charles Darwin, and religiosity. Are we losing our minds? More

Talking with Dick Cheney
Elise Cooper
American Thinker talks with the former vice president about his new book In My Time, the War on Terror, and his life. More

Guilty until proven innocent?
September 15, 2011
Are we now expected to prove we are innocent if wrongly convicted? More

Bad news for Obama
September 15, 2011
The door has been opened. More


Europe’s Economic Crisis  

A woman walks by a crossed-out Euro advertisement in a Madrid shop: While the common market solution was meant to strengthen Europe, it hasn't unfolded as planned.


Is it too late to save the ‘evil’ euro?

September 15, 2011, at 4:18 PMEurope is running short on time and ideas to clean up its sovereign debt mess

America’s Education Challenge  

National SAT reading scores are down and one theory blames the 2002 law No Child Left Behind.


The lowest SAT reading scores in four decades: 4 theories

September 15, 2011, at 4:03 PMMore students than ever before are taking the SATs — and they’re dragging the nationwide average down. But it’s not that simple…


Will Arnett and Christina Applegate star in "Up All Night," an NBC sitcom in which the comedic vets play newbie parents.


Up All Night: TV’s ‘funniest family sitcom’?

September 15, 2011, at 3:38 PMWatch out, Modern Family? In NBC’s rival sitcom, Christina Applegate and Will Arnett play new parents rattled by their impolite baby’s nocturnal demands


Artist's concept of NASA's new megarocket that will feature an enhanced space shuttle fuel tank and be able to lift triple the weight current unmanned rockets can handle.


NASA’s new ‘monster’ rocket: Gamechanger or boondoggle?

September 15, 2011, at 3:03 PMA powerful new “megarocket” will cost billions, and will take NASA, well… no one knows where


Romney, Perry Trade Accusations on Trail – Mehta & West, LA Times
Why Is the Media “Fair” to Idiotic GOP Ideas? – Eric Alterman, The Nation
Obama’s Toxic Effect on National Stage – Andrea Tantaros, NY Daily News
Is ObamaCare Costing U.S. Jobs? – Diana Furchtgott-Roth, RealClearMarkets
Climate Cataclysm Ahead If We Don’t Act – Froma Harrop, Providence Jrnl
Perry Takes Lead in Florida After Monday Debate – Ed Morrissey, Hot Air
GOP Loves Perry’s “Arrogant Pugnaciousness” – Donny Deutsch, MSNBC
Democrats Failed to Turn Iraq to Vietnam – Emmett Tyrrell, AmSpectator
Euro Bank Blowups Hidden With Shell Games – Jonathan Weil, Bloomberg

RCP Morning Edition

President’s Allies: Time to Wake Up – Beth Reinhard, National Journal
Obama Is Making His Problems Worse – Michael Walsh, New York Post
GOP Establishment’s Rick Perry Problem – E.J. Dionne, Washington Post
Obama Needs to Fire a Lot of People – James Carville, CNN
A Blue-State Bailout in Disguise – Peterson & Nadler, Wall Street Journal
Rick Perry’s Higher Education Reform – Andrew Ferguson, Weekly Standard
5 Myths About the Solyndra Collapse – Bradford Plumer, Washington Post
Obama Tainted by Solyndra Loan Guarantees – Michael Barone, Examiner
“Let Him Die”: Why U.S. Needs ObamaCare – Jacob Weisberg, Slate
The Bumbling Paranoia of the Obama Campaign – James Taranto, WSJ
Perry Plays Up a Bogus “Texanism” – Gene Lyons, Salon
Vaccines and Corporate Influence – Megan McArdle, The Atlantic
Seeing a Ripple in Jewish Vote – Mark Landler, New York Times
Events Refute the Know-It-All President – George Will, Boston Herald
Union Fight Against GOP Will Continue – James Hoffa, Detroit News
The Politicized Hiring of DOJ’s Criminal Section – Christian Adams, PJM
Islamists’ Sway Raises Questions for Libya – Nordland & Kirkpatrick, NYT
Bloomberg (GOP 2012): Perry 26, Romney 22, Bachmann 9, Paul 8


Solyndra Saga Raises Prospect of an Ugly Scandal – Chicago Tribune
America the Poor – Los Angeles Times
N.Y.C. Sends a Message – Boston Herald
Measuring China’s Rise – The Economist

The Obama Campaign  

President Obama is fighting reelection slander with a website devoted to debunking Republican smack, inciting further attacks from the Right.


Obama’s ‘Attack Watch’: Paranoid or ‘just politics’?

September 15, 2011, at 2:38 PMThe president’s re-election campaign launches a site to respond to “smears” — and conservatives insist he’s promoting Nixonian snooping



Palin for president.


T-shirt opinions

September 15, 2011, at 2:21 PMA fashionable attack on Sarah Palin’s questionable commitment to a presidential bid — and more in our collection of topical message tees


Part of the buzz for the Ryan Gosling thriller "Drive" is chatter about the movie poster's "flamboyant, pink script."


Ryan Gosling’s Drive poster: Why is the font so ‘campy’ and pink?

September 15, 2011, at 1:22 PMThe gory thriller’s otherwise gritty, mysterious ad campaign features a surprisingly girly, ’80s-style font. Huh?

Sarah Palin  

Sarah Palin at the D.C. motorcycle tour in May 2011: A new unsolicited Palin bio accuses her of illicit sex, drug use, and being a bad mother.


‘Salacious’ new claims about Sarah Palin: Cocaine and adultery

September 15, 2011, at 12:42 PMBiographer Joe McGinnis insists Palin has led a wilder life than she’s admitted — including a one-night stand with a future NBA star and snowmobile-cocaine parties


The Vatican’s Pedophilia Scandal  

Human rights activist are calling for criminal action against Pope Benedict XVI for the Catholic church's history of child abuse.


Catholic priests and child abuse: Time to prosecute the Pope?

September 15, 2011, at 12:06 PMVictims’ advocates charge that the Vatican is guilty of crimes against humanity. Is there any chance the International Criminal Court will get involved?



In her last music video, shot with Tony Bennett for his forthcoming Duets album, the singer appears happy and healthy, doing what she did best.


Amy Winehouse’s final recording: Her ‘stunning’ Tony Bennett duet

September 15, 2011, at 11:54 AMThe two singers purr and growl their way through jazz standard “Body and Soul” — released on what would’ve been Winehouse’s 28th birthday


Mark Zuckerberg's ever-evolving Facebook now offers a subscription service that gives users more control over what friends and followers see.


Facebook’s ‘tedious’ new subscribe button

September 15, 2011, at 11:37 AMThe social networking giant unveils a Twitter-like feature — delighting some users, and annoying others

Sex and Relationships  

Blendr, a would-be hook-up app for heterosexuals, uses your smartphone's GPS to show nearby users who you can then filter by interest or location.


Blendr: The ‘boring’ Grindr-like hookup app for straight people

September 15, 2011, at 11:11 AMUnlike the popular gay hookup app on which it was modeled, Blendr is full of glitches — and short on sexual satisfaction, says Tracy Clark-Flory in Salon

The Obama White House  

Republicans are accusing President Obama's administration of giving special treatment to solar-panel maker Solyndra, which won a $535 million federal loan guarantee before going bankrupt late last month.


The Solyndra scandal: A guide to the new revelations

September 15, 2011, at 10:51 AMRepublicans pounce on Obama administration emails that suggest political interference in an ill-fated federal loan to a green-tech firm


The Perry Campaign  

Gov. Rick Perry's quick ascension within his party is drawing comparisons to previous presidential hopefuls, including Barack Obama.


The Rick Perry phenomenon: Like Obama ’08, Dean ’04… or Goldwater ’64?

September 15, 2011, at 10:27 AMOther candidates have rocketed into the lead early in the presidential campaign. Some wound up in the White House… some didn’t

Nobel laureate resigns in global warming protest
September 15, 2011
So much for the “scientific consensus” More

Jobless claims highest since June
September 15, 2011
The “Summer of Recovery Part II” is now history. The Winter of our Discontent is nigh. More

Another Obama epic fail: Small business initiative never got off the ground
September 15, 2011
If you need an Exhibit A to prove Obama incompetence, this is it. More

‘The Rogue’: Even the New York Times hates it
September 15, 2011
A surprising review from the Times. More

The President Needs An Intervention
September 15, 2011
The pep rally at North Carolina State University in “Raaaaleigh” on Wednesday confirms that the president is grasping at straws to save his failing administration. More

Carville to WH: Time to panic
September 15, 2011
The numbers won’t lie. More

Solyndra is just the tip of the iceberg
September 15, 2011
Obama’s Green Tech 38.6 billion dollar boondoggle has created only a few thousand jobs. More

The Obama Legacy
September 15, 2011
Democrat careers are on the line in the upcoming election. Most will be distancing themselves from their once-great meal ticket More

3 more murders linked to Gunwalker
September 15, 2011
The administration continues to stonewall. More

PLO Ambassador says Palestinian state should be Jew free
September 15, 2011
Congrats to the PA. Not since Hitler has anyone advocated making a country free of Jews. More


1. VIDEO: Solyndra Hearing: Congress Probes White House Officials Over Taxpayer-Funded Loan – - Energy Official Can’t Say Who Is In Charge Of Giving $535 Million To Bankrupt Company
2. VIDEO: Chris Matthews Blames ‘Robots’ at CVS, MSNBC for Poverty in America
3. As the Baby Boomers turn…Since the ’80s, polls have found those who came of age in the ’60s and ’70s are becoming more family oriented and conservative.
4. AUDIO: Congresswoman: “You Don’t Deserve To Keep All” Of Your Money
5. Willow the cat goes missing in Colorado, turns up in Manhattan five years later
6. Fed Light Bulb Ban Forces ‘Easy Bake Oven’ Overhaul
7. AUDIO: Veteran Journalist Ken Timmerman recalls 9/11
8. VIDEO: President Implores African-American Media To Support Jobs Bill: ‘I Want You Guys To Pump This Up’
9. VIDEO: Explosive Report: Emails Reveal White House Monitored Huge Solyndra Loan
10. Smear, Inc.: Silencing the Critics of Islamic Supremacism

Report Card on the 9/11 Commission’s Recommendations

Peter Gadiel, Patrick Dunleavy

Family Security Matters and 9/11 Families for a Secure America check key recommendations from the 9/11 Commission to see if they have been implemented. The news is not good.

Islamism News

Vin Ienco

Death threats, murder of children, Christian minorities living in fear of attack: Islamism marches on…

American Culture: An Irreversible Decline or a Coming Renaissance?

Robert Maynard

Currently, America is in a cultural abyss. But will things get better, and can the USA regain the cultural health and wellbeing that made it thrive?

Nightmare Continues for British Woman Kidnapped by Somalis

Jim Kouri, CPP

A deaf kidnapped tourist, whose husband was murdered in the raid, is thought to be in the hands of terrorists tied to al-Qaeda.

Today’s Hot Topics

We choose, you peruse.


  1. Al Qaeda in Yemen Taking Advantage of ‘Arab Spring’ Fallout [FOX]

  2. Iran’s Thug-in-Chief tells WaPo that Jews started both World Wars [JIHAD WATCH]

  3. Saddam: What We Now Know – Bin Laden struck first, but Saddam was at least as big a terror threat. [NRO]

  4. Obama’s Jobs Bill Is Bad News for Charities [HERITAGE]

  5. House Liberals Press Massive Social Security Tax Increase [NEWS MAX]

  6. Pa. Judge Rules Health Law Unconstitutional [CNS]

  7. French President Nicolas Sarkozy and senior Nato leaders are expected in Libya for the first time since Col Muammar Gaddafi was ousted. [TELEGRAPH]

  8. Editorial: Uncle Sam play venture capitalist? See Solyndra [USA TODAY]

  9. Palestinians poised to ask for U.N. membership [WT]

  10. SAT reading scores fall to lowest level on record – more test-takers had a first language other than English[ MSNBC]

  11. Shoppers took a holiday in August [WT]


Sustaining the Memory of 9/11

Robert Weissberg

Are the real reasons for the attacks upon American soil on 9/11 really etched into people’s memories, or is radical Islam being painted out of the picture?

Iran’s Atomic Countdown

Peter Brookes

With no real opposition, and with a U.S. administration virtually ignoring its deadly ambitions, Iran is close to possessing a viable nuclear warhead.

A Tale of Two Obamas

Frank Gaffney, Jr.

The media is busily portraying the president’s record on national security as if another person had been at the helm. It is as if, for the media, there are two Obamas…

Save Our Constitutional Republic

Bob Smith

America is not a run of the mill democracy – it is a constitutional republic. It is important to recognize that difference.

Congressman Demands Investigation of Obama’s “Uncle Omar”

Jim Kouri, CPP

The case of the president’s uncle, an illegal alien who has broken the law yet has not been deported, raises important questions.

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