NO, NO, NO NEWS: Military advocates decry ‘illegal’ early terminations of 157 Air Force majors

November 27, 2011





1   Military advocates decry ‘illegal’ early terminations of 157 Air Force majors

The Department of Defense specifies that service members within six years of retirement normally would be retained and allowed to retire on time with benefits, unless extenuating circumstances exist such as disciplinary issues.

According to lawyers at Chapman and the AMVETS Legal Clinic, the Air Force has deviated from the six-year protection “without any legal authority.”

1/2     Navy Fires ANOTHER Commander, 26TH THIS YEAR

“At the heart of the matter, is whether the Secretary of the Air Force [Michael Donley] can ignore protections that exist in governing regulations,” Rotunda told The Daily Caller. “The Air Force position is that yes, he may. Our position is that nobody is above the law.”

2   The Real Problem With Obamacare…

1/4      “Muslim demands are growing bigger and bigger by the day. It is all about numbers, political and economic power. That is all is needed to take over a society.”


1/2       For 2012, Be Wary of Obama’s Ties to Corrupt Project Vote

by Hans A. von Spakovsky and J. Christian Adams

The ACORN affiliate has been repeatedly convicted of voter fraud.

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2   Message FROM the Militia to Civilians

3       The U.S. decision to defer decision on the Keystone XL pipeline is disingenuous at best;


1/2               Obama’s Canadian Blunder
John Donaldson, MD
President Obama and his advisers seriously misread the effect of the delay of the Keystone XL pipeline. The alternative Northern Gateway pipeline is not a dream, but close to a reality which can ship oil to China and expand the use of BC Natural Gas. More

1/4         Rep. Maloney Lies about Fast and Furious
M. Catharine Evans
Shilling for Dems desperate to pass off the hot potato known as Fast and Furious to the nearest Republican, Congresswoman Maloney (D-NY) piles lies on top of propaganda. More

4     CANADANISTAN? In the ’90′s, a Christian Minister was sentenced to take a ‘re-education’ course about Islam at a mosque

5    The Idea of America

6     10 Things to do before The Economy Collapses

1/2    Thanksgiving – a U.S. Tradition, a U.S. Sensibility

7      Apartheid row at Norwegian school after it segregates ethnic pupils

8    On Thanksgiving

9    Venezuela Repatriates First Gold Shipment From Europe

10     14 Days After The Dollar Crashes, Prepare yourself!

11     Should Al Sharpton Be Fired From MSNBC for Making Racist Comments?

12      Italy’s borrowing rates skyrocket, Monti scrambles

1/4        In the next few days, Congress will get into a brawl that will seal the fate of the economy in 2012

1/2   The Origins of Thanksgiving

13       Obama Applauds as Yemen Falls to Muslim Brotherhood, al-Qaeda

Federal Reserve Shennanigans

14      Thanks for November

15   Terrorist Front Group CAIR attack on BARE NAKED ISLAM and its readers

16     Senators would grant president power to order military to indefinitely imprison U.S. citizens on American soil without charge or trial

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Like a broken clock, the ACLU gets it right once in awhile. Senators Carl Levin (D-MI) and John McCain (R-AZ) are the sponsors of a bill that could detain any one of us without due process. Even the White House has threatened to veto it.

ACLU (H/T Rob E) The Senate is gearing up for a vote on Monday or Tuesday that goes to the very heart of who we are as Americans. The Senate will be voting on a bill that will direct American military resources not at an enemy shooting at our military in a war zone, but at American citizens and other civilians far from any battlefield — even people in the United States itself.

The worldwide indefinite detention without charge or trial provision is in S. 1867, the National Defense Authorization Act bill, which will be on the Senate floor on Monday. The bill was drafted in secret by Sens. Carl Levin (D-Mich.) and John McCain (R-Ariz.) and passed in a closed-door committee meeting, without even a single hearing.

Senators need to hear from you, on whether you think your front yard is part of a “battlefield” and if any president can send the military anywhere in the world to imprison civilians without charge or trial.

The Senate is going to vote on whether Congress will give this president—and every future president — the power to order the military to pick up and imprison without charge or trial civilians anywhere in the world. Even Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) raised his concerns about the NDAA detention provisions during last night’s Republican debate. The power is so broad that even U.S. citizens could be swept up by the military and the military could be used far from any battlefield, even within the United States itself.

I know it sounds incredible. New powers to use the military worldwide, even within the United States? Hasn’t anyone told the Senate that Osama bin Laden is dead, that the president is pulling all of the combat troops out of Iraq and trying to figure out how to get combat troops out of Afghanistan too? And American citizens and people picked up on American or Canadian or British streets being sent to military prisons indefinitely without even being charged with a crime. Really? Does anyone think this is a good idea? And why now?

The answer on why now is nothing more than election season politics. The White House, the Secretary of Defense, and the Attorney General have all said that the indefinite detention provisions in the National Defense Authorization Act are harmful and counterproductive. The White House has even threatened a veto. But Senate politics has propelled this bad legislation to the Senate floor.

But there is a way to stop this dangerous legislation. Sen. Mark Udall (D-Colo.) is offering the Udall Amendment that will delete the harmful provisions and replace them with a requirement for an orderly Congressional review of detention power. The Udall Amendment will make sure that the bill matches up with American values.

In support of this harmful bill, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) explained that the bill will “basically say in law for the first time that the homeland is part of the battlefield” and people can be imprisoned without charge or trial “American citizen or not.” Another supporter, Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.) also declared that the bill is needed because “America is part of the battlefield.”

The solution is the Udall Amendment; a way for the Senate to say no to indefinite detention without charge or trial anywhere in the world where any president decides to use the military. Instead of simply going along with a bill that was drafted in secret and is being jammed through the Senate, the Udall Amendment deletes the provisions and sets up an orderly review of detention power. It tries to take the politics out and put American values back in.

In response to proponents of the indefinite detention legislation who contend that the bill “applies to American citizens and designates the world as the battlefield,” and that the “heart of the issue is whether or not the United States is part of the battlefield,” Sen. Udall disagrees, and says that we can win this fight without worldwide war and worldwide indefinite detention.

The senators pushing the indefinite detention proposal have made their goals very clear that they want an okay for a worldwide military battlefield, that even extends to your hometown. That is an extreme position that will forever change our country.

Now is the time to stop this bad idea. Please urge your senators to vote YES on the Udall Amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act.

17       Arab League, Turkey, running out of patience with Syria

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18       Occupy Wall Street Will Be Protesting At The Egyptian Consulate On Tuesday


20      Why are so many black Africans dying to get into the Israeli “apartheid” state?

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Thousands of Africans, both Christians AND Muslims risk their lives crossing through Egypt to seek asylum in Israel. Many get killed by Egyptians on their way. Why do they love the state of Israel so much? And why do so many American Blacks hate it?






21       Here’s The Heartbreaking 60 Minutes Interview That Will Have You In Tears

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22       “One day we’ll kill ALL Jews,” says Barack Hussein Obama’s new BFF from the Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo

Posted: November 26, 2011 | Author: | Filed under: Islam and the Jews | 26 Comments »

MUSLIM HATE FEST: A Muslim Brotherhood rally in Cairo’s most prominent mosque turned into a venomous anti-Israel protest, with attendants vowing to “one day kill all Jews.” Some 5,000 people joined the rally, called to promote the “battle against Jerusalem’s Judaization.”

YNET NEWS However, most worshippers who prayed at the mosque Friday quickly left it before the Muslim Brotherhood’s rally got underway. A group spokesman urged attendants to remain for the protest, asking them not to create a bad impression for the media by leaving.

Speakers at the event delivered impassioned, hateful speeches against Israel, slamming the “Zionist occupiers” and the “treacherous Jews.” Upon leaving the rally, worshippers were given small flags, with Egypt’s flag on one side and the Palestinian flag on the other, as well as maps of Jerusalem’s Old City detailing where “Zionists are aiming to change Jerusalem’s Muslim character.”

Spiritual leader Dr. Ahmed al-Tayeb charged in his speech that to this day Jews everywhere in the world are seeking to prevent Islamic and Egyptian unity. “The al-Aqsa Mosque is currently under an offensive by the Jews…we shall not allow the Zionists to Judaize al-Quds (Jerusalem.) We are telling Israel and Europe that we shall not allow even one stone to be moved there.”

Muslim Brotherhood spokesmen, as well as Palestinian guest speakers, made explicit calls for Jihad and for liberating the whole of Palestine. Time and again, a Quran quote vowing that “one day we shall kill all the Jews” was uttered at the site. Meanwhile, businessmen in the crowd were urged to invest funds in Jerusalem in order to prevent the acquisition of land and homes by Jews. Throughout the event, Muslim Brotherhood activists chanted: “Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, judgment day has come.”



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23       In The Next Few Days, Congress Will Get Into A Brawl That Will Seal The Fate Of The Economy In 2012

24       AUSTRALIA: Christians & other non-Muslims secretly being force-fed (Islamic-slaughtered) Halal meat that is not labeled ‘Halal’

Posted: November 26, 2011 | Author: | Filed under: Islamization of the West | 24 Comments »

“By having Australians unwittingly eating Halal food we are all one step down the path towards the conversion, and that is a step we should only make with full knowledge and one that should not be imposed upon us without us knowing,” Australian Minister Simpkins told Parliament.

ABNA Mr Simpkins said he had carried out an unofficial survey in his northern-suburbs electorate of Cowan and had discovered that most meat at major chains such as Coles or Woolworths had been killed under Halal conditions, but had not been labelled as such.

He tabled a petition demanding that all Halal meat be clearly identified, complaining people could not go to Coles, Woolworths or IGA, or other supermarkets to buy meat for their “Aussie barbecue” without the influence of the “minority religion”. Simpkins accused meat producers, including Harvey Beef, Inghams and Steggles of “deceiving” West Australians by not properly mentioning whether their products is ‘Halal meat’ or not.

Mr Simpkins said that Prophet Mohammed (s.a.w.w) had talked of how Islam could be expanded around the world by getting people to eat Halal meat. “He reportedly said, ‘The non-believers will become Muslims when, amongst other things, they eat the meat that we have slaughtered’. This is one of the key aspects to converting non-believers to Islam,” Mr Simpkins said.

The petition tabled by Mr Simpkins had been organised by the Barnabas Fund, an organisation that supports Christians living in Muslim countries.

The Barnabas Fund’s halal petition states: “The spread of halal is part of a Muslim commitment to Islamic mission (dawa) and the Islamisation of non-Muslim societies. The imposition of sharia practices on non-Muslims may be interpreted as an assertion of Islamic supremacy.”

Below is a propaganda video about halal, emphasizing that halal only means a prayer to Allah over the meat. They conveniently leave out the extreme brutality and suffering caused to large animals slaughtered the halal way: Shocking stories/graphic videos here of: HALAL SLAUGHTER







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25        Wolfgang Münchau: THE EUROZONE HAS 10 DAYS AT MOST

26         70% of the prison population in France are Muslims while Muslims comprise only 5-10% of France’s total population

Posted: November 25, 2011 | Author: | Filed under: Islamization of the West | 23 Comments »

Gee, is it any wonder why Marine LePen’s Right Wing National Front (anti-Muslim immigration) party is getting so popular?






















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27          SWEDEN: Savage Muslim Art students attack police and totally disrupt lecture on ‘Freedom of Speech’ with artist Lars Vilks

Posted: November 25, 2011 | Author: | Filed under: Islamization of the West | 55 Comments »

Lars Vilks is the Swedish artist who has been attacked and had his home nearly burned down by Muslims who didn’t like the drawings he made of the paedophile prophet Muhammad as the head of a dog. In the video below, you’ll see what they think of free speech in Sweden, the country that took them in and is probably supporting most of them on the welfare rolls.

Some background on Vilks (His Muhammad cartoons at right)

Why did Lars Vilks, a mild-mannered Swedish artist, booby-trap his art with electrified barbed wire, keep an ax by his bedside, and build a panic room upstairs? For one, Mr. Vilks’s 2007 cartoon of the prophet Mohammed as a stray dog continues to bring death threats and even a bounty on his head from an Al Qaeda-related group in Iraq.

Two men accused of trying to burn down the home of Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks a week ago have been arrested and remanded into custody, charged with attempted arson. Vilks was not home at the time. He has since gone into hiding.

The two accused, 21 and 19, are brothers who immigrated to Sweden from Kosovo. The suspected trigger for their action is continued animosity by Muslims over some silly cartoons of Mohammed as a dog, drawn by Vilks a couple of years ago as part of a newspaper editorial supporting free speech in the wake of earlier Muslim outrage over cartoons of Mohammed published in 2005 by the Danish newspaper Jyllands- Posten.






28         A TREND? Four Saudi sisters behead their own brother for constantly molesting them

Posted: November 26, 2011 | Author: | Filed under: Women | 49 Comments »

First we had the story of the Pakistani wife chopping up her child-molesting husband and boiling him in oil, now this. Four Saudi sisters who beheaded their brother at their house because he refused to stop molesting them, were reported to have kicked the severed head around like a football.

Sadly, the next story I post will be of the sisters getting beheaded themsleves as punishment.

Emirates 24/7 (H/T DRJ) Saudi police seized the four sisters, aged between 20 and 40 years, after they fled their home in the northern town of Hafr Al-Batin and hid at another house.

“Police sources said the sisters confessed to murdering their brother and said they had done so because he kept molesting them…they also said their brother was a drug addict,” Sabq Arabic language daily said.

Police had found their brother, in his 20s, lying in a pool of blood in his room and

Check this out, Sis, I’ve got the whole beheading on my iPhone 

his head was cut off following an attack with knives by his four sisters. His 60-year-old father had informed the police about the crime.

Digital Journal The unnamed victim had been attacked with knives and beheaded. The Saudi Gazette reported that police spokesman Ziyad Al-Ruqaiti said

“The father entered the house and found his 20-year-old son’s body and his decapitated head.”

He also found his four daughters missing from the home. The four sisters were soon found at a local house where they had allegedly fled after murdering their brother. They were soon arrested and accused of the murder. The four women, aged between 20 and 40, reportedly may have kicked the severed head around like a football, according to Trifter.


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29             “Moderate” Morocco Goes Islamic: Election Win for Sharia Party

As the leader of the free world abdicates, the forces of oppression, subjugation and dehumanization arise. Stands to reason, doesn’t it? Evil loves a vacuum. Check out al-Reuters’ headline, “Moderate Islamists.” It would be funny if it weren’t so fatal. There is not moderate Islam. The Prime Minister of Turkey schooled President Obama in this. There is no moderate Islam, there is no extreme Islam, Islam is Islam. As for the term Islamist, it is another construct of fantasists. Islamic vs. Islamist: An Artificial Distinction — Atlas Shrugs

An 18 year old Muslim student, from Western University and born in Mississauga had this to say about the distinction between Islam and Islamism:”case and point on why you dont understand Islam. No one makes this distinction [between Islam and Islamism] other then the Western world, for the sake of having a tidy little system to classify everything. Our religion and political ideology are one. Furthermore, I really wouldnt use the term islamist or Islamism. Many muslims, including myself, find the term deeply offensive.”

In other words, IN CANADA, there is an entire generation of Muslims who openly subscribe to ‘Islamism’ as indistinguishable from Islam.

The bottom line is that moderate Morocco is going Islam, abandoning secularism. The power, influence and cultural superiority of Western civilization wanes as Western leaders abandon the age of reason. And the once utterly defeated barbarism of a seventh-century totalitarian ideology rises yet again amid genocidal aspirations and imperialist dreams. Tunisia, Libya, Yemen, Egypt, Morocco …..

Islamist party claims Moroccan election win
By Reuters 11/26/2011

Moderate Islamist Justice and Development Party says it won the largest number of seats in parliamentary elections.

RABAT – The Justice and Development Party (PJD) said it had won the largest number of seats in Morocco’s parliamentary election on Friday.

“Based on reports filed by our representatives at polling stations throughout the country, we are the winners. We won Rabat, Casablanca, Tangier, Kenitra, Sale, Beni Mellal and Sidi Ifni to cite just a few,” Lahcen Daodi, second in command of the moderate Islamist party, told Reuters.

Our party has won the highest number of seats,” he added.

Government officials could not immediately confirm the party’s claim.

The PJD would be the second moderate Islamist party to lead a North African government since the start of the region’s Arab Spring uprisings, following Tunisia.

Daodi could not give a figure for the number of seats his party had won in the 395-member House of Representatives.

Mustapha Al Khalfi, a member of the PJD’s politburo, also said the party had won the election but sounded a note of caution.

“We have to wait for the final results because there was a lot of fraud, so we hope that it will not cost us what should be a resounding victory for our party,” he said.


30         Nato air attack on Pakistani troops was self-defence, says senior western official


  • Saboteurs blow up Egypt gas pipeline to Jordan, Israel

    Sun Nov 27 21:39:10 2011 · by Jet Jaguar · 4 replies 

    yahoo ^ | Nov. 27, 2001 | n/A
    CAIRO (Reuters) – Saboteurs blew up Egypt’s gas pipeline to Jordan and Israel on Monday, witnesses and security sources said, a few hours before the country holds its first free election since President Hosni Mubarak was toppled in February. The explosion was set off west of al-Arish in Sinai, witnesses said. Security forces and fire trucks raced to the sc


31        This 28-Year-Old Is Making Sure Credit Cards Won’t Exist In The Next Few Years

bernanke eyes

32      REVEALED: More Details On The Fed’s Breathtaking $7.7 Trillion In Loans To Large Banks

The bigger bank bailout that hardly anyone still knows about.

6,776 | 37
12 Comments bullet 

Looting the Egyptian Currency: Democracy in Action

by David P. Goldman

“If you believe in the Arab Spring, clap your hands!”

29          Race: The Ultimate Weapon of the Left
Victor Volsky
Don’t expect Herman Cain or any other black Republican to break the Democrats’ stranglehold on the black vote. More


chart of the day, public sector employment as % of total employment, nov 2011

33         CHART OF THE DAY: Guess Which Country Has The Highest Percentage Of Workers Employed By The Government

And guess which has the least.

3,575 | 13

Goodbye UNESCO a Model for Goodbye UN
A trigger provision buried in U.S. laws since 1990 quietly took effect at the end of October. The U.S. taxpayers’ annual donation of 22 percent of UNESCO’s budget was summarily terminated when UNESCO voted 107 to 14 (with 52 abstentions) to approve full membership for Palestine. 11-23-11

Egypt votes in first post-Mubarak election


Syrian FM calls Arab sanctions ‘economic war’ BASSEM MROUE – AP – 28 mins agoSyria’s foreign minister says the Arab League’s newly approved sanctions against Syria amount to “a declaration of economic war.” More »Syrian FM calls Arab sanctions ‘economic war’ 

In this photo taken during a government-organized tour for the media, Syrian army officers carry the coffin of one of the 17 army members, including six elite pilots and four technical officers who the military said were killed in an ambush on Thursday during their funeral procession, in Homs province, Syria, on Saturday Nov. 26, 2011. The military blamed terrorists for the ambush and has vowed to "cut every evil hand" that targets the country's security. Syria is facing mounting international pressure to end a bloody crackdown on an uprising against the rule of President Bashar Assad that the U.N. says has killed more than 3,500 people. The Arab League was meeting Saturday to consider the possibility of sweeping economic sanctions. (AP Photo/Bassem Tellawi)

Syria’s foreign minister says the Arab League’s newly approved sanctions against Syria amount to “a declaration of economic war.”

In this photo taken during a government-organized tour for the media, Syrian army officers carry the coffin of one of the 17 army members, including six elite pilots and four technical officers who the military said were killed in an ambush on Thursday during their funeral procession, in Homs province, Syria, on Saturday Nov. 26, 2011. The military blamed terrorists for the ambush and has vowed to "cut every evil hand" that targets the country's security. Syria is facing mounting international pressure to end a bloody crackdown on an uprising against the rule of President Bashar Assad that the U.N. says has killed more than 3,500 people. The Arab League was meeting Saturday to consider the possibility of sweeping economic sanctions. (AP Photo/Bassem Tellawi)

Syria slams sanctions, says gangs behind violence BASSEM MROUE – AP – 47 mins agoSyria’s foreign minister has shown gruesome videos of bloodied and charred corpses during a news conference aimed at bolstering the regime’s contention that armed gangs … More »


Copts: Behind You Is the Junta, Before you the Islamists

by Adel Guindy

Copts, who comprise 10 percent or more of Egypt’s population, have been subjected to systemic discrimination for years, often accompanied by sectarian attacks. Also read: Obama Admin Wants Egyptian Elections to be Free of What?


Islamists want new Libya based on Shariah law AP – 8 mins agoDozens of Libyan imams and other religious leaders have demanded the country’s constitution be based on Islamic Shariah law and have also urged the transitional government … More »




Mexico ruling party clears way for Pena Nieto

Enrique Pena Nieto is the sole candidate for the presidential nomination of Mexico’s former ruling party now that the party’s internal filing deadline has passed.

Mexico Seeks to Fill Drug War Gap with Focus on Dirty Money

Sunday, November 27, 2011 | Borderland Beat Reporter Ovemex

The evolving anti-laundering campaign could change the tone of the Mexican government’s battle by striking at the heart of the cartels’ financial empire, analysts say.

Soldiers carry a table displaying stacks of seized U.S. dollars during a media presentation Tuesday in Mexico City. The money, found in a car in a downtown Tijuana neighborhood, is believed by authorities to belong to members of the Sinaloa drug cartel.(Eduardo Verdugo.Associated Press Nov. 22, 2011)

By Ken Ellingwood and Tracy Wilkinson
Los Angeles Times

Tainted drug money runs like whispered rumors all over Mexico’s economy — in gleaming high-rises in beach resorts such as Cancun, in bustling casinos in Monterrey, in skyscrapers and restaurants in Mexico City that sit empty for months. It seeps into the construction sector, the night-life industry, even political campaigns.

Piles of greenbacks, enough to fill dump trucks, are transformed into gold watches, showrooms full of Hummers, aviation schools, yachts, thoroughbred horses and warehouses full of imported fabric.

Officials here say the tide of laundered money could reach as high as $50 billion, a staggering sum equal to about 3% of Mexico’s legitimate economy, or more than all its oil exports or spending on prime social programs.

Mexican leaders often trumpet their deadly crackdown against drug traffickers as an all-out battle involving tens of thousands of troops and police, high-profile arrests and record-setting narcotics seizures. The 5-year-old offensive, however, has done little to attack a chief source of the cartels’ might: their money.

Even President Felipe Calderon, who sent the army into the streets to chase traffickers after taking office in 2006, an offensive that has seen 43,000 people die since, concedes that Mexico has fallen short in attacking the financial strength of organized crime.

“Without question, we have been at fault,” Calderon said during a meeting last month with drug-war victims. “The truth is that the existing structures for detecting money-laundering were simply overwhelmed by reality.”

Experts say the unchecked flow of dirty money feeds a widening range of criminal activity as cartels branch into other enterprises, such as producing and trading in pirated merchandise.

“All this generates more crime,” said Ramon Garcia Gibson, a former compliance officer at Citibank and an expert in money-laundering. “At the end of the day, this isn’t good for anyone.”

Officials on both sides of the border have begun taking tentative steps to stem the flow of dirty money. For Instance, last year Calderon proposed anti-laundering legislation, after earlier announcing restrictions on cash transactions in Mexico that used U.S. dollars.

The evolving anti-laundering campaign could change the tone of the government’s military-led crime crusade by striking at the heart of the cartels’ financial empire, analysts say. But the effort will have to overcome a longtime lack of political will and poor coordination among Mexican law enforcement agencies that have only aggravated the complexity of the task at hand now.

“If you don’t take away their property, winning this war is impossible,” said Sen. Ricardo Garcia Cervantes of the Senate security committee and Calderon’s conservative National Action Party. “You are not going to win this war with bullets.”

The good news for Mexican and Colombian traffickers is that drug sales in the United States generate enormous income, nearly all of it in readily spendable cash. The bad news is that this creates a towering logistical challenge: getting the proceeds back home to pay bills, buy supplies — from guns to chemicals to trucks — and build up the cartels’ empires without detection.

Laundering allows traffickers to disguise the illicit earnings as legitimate through any number of transactions, such as cash transfers, big-ticket purchases, currency exchanges and deposits.

Much of that money still makes its way back into Mexico the old-fashioned way: in duffels stuffed into the trunks of cars. But Mexican drug traffickers are among the world’s most savvy entrepreneurs, and launderers have proved nimble in evading authorities’ efforts to catch them, adopting a host of new techniques to move the ill-gotten wealth.

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Along Mexican Border, US Ranchers say they Live in Fear

| Borderland Beat Reporter Ovemex

Despite government assurances that they’re safe, they say the level of violence is rising

By Mark Potter
NBC News

FALFURRIAS, Texas — While walking along a dirt road bordering his property, a South Texas farmer complained about living in fear of Mexican traffickers smuggling drugs and illegal immigrants across his land. He would later ask his visitor not to reveal his identity, for his safety and that of his family.

“I’m a citizen of the United States. This is supposedly sovereign soil, but right now it’s anybody’s who happens to be crossing here,” he said. “I’m a little nervous being here right now. Definitely don’t come down here after dark.”

The farmer said a federal law enforcement agent told him to buy a bulletproof vest to use while working in his fields. Whenever he goes out to survey his agricultural operations, he always tells his office where he is headed, and he has purchased a high-powered rifle.

“One of the basic points of the federal government is to protect the people of this nation to secure the border, and they’re not doing that,” he complained.

The Obama administration and many local officials have said the U.S.-Mexican border is safer than ever and that reports of violence on the American side are wildly exaggerated. But the farmer scoffed at that argument. “I walk this soil every day and have since I was old enough to come out on my own,” he said. “In this part of Texas, it is worse than it’s ever been.”

Moving families to safer ground
A report recently released by the Texas commissioner of agriculture said cross-border violence was escalating. “Fear and anxiety levels among Texas farmers and ranchers have grown enormously during the past two years,” the report said, adding that some “have even abandoned their livelihoods to move their families to safer ground.”

Retired U.S. Army Gen. Barry McCaffrey, who served as the U.S. drug czar during the Clinton administration and as an NBC News military analyst, is a co-author of the report. During a recent interview, McCaffrey said that while major cities along the Texas border are “pretty safe,” the rural areas between towns are “largely unprotected, and across those areas the (Mexican) cartels are conducting massive movements of illegal drugs and other criminal activity.”

Law enforcement agents say they are seeing more aggressive efforts by Mexican traffickers operating in the Rio Grande Valley. In South Texas alone, the traffickers smuggle hundreds of tons of drugs a year into the United States by floating them on rafts across the Rio Grande, then transporting them by car, truck or on foot — often across private land — into the United States.

The smuggling “clearly has intimidated U.S. citizen who don’t believe they’re safe on their own land in their own country,” McCaffrey said.

Several Texas congressmen and sheriffs have condemned the report, saying its conclusions are overstated and politically driven. But McCaffrey claims the officials not facing facts.

“I think there is an element of denial,” McCaffrey said. “Inside the beltway the senior law enforcement, I think, have fallen in line and said, no, that’s right, the U.S. border is the safest place in America, which is errant nonsense.”

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US: Sinaloa Cartel Planned to ‘Blow up’ Buildings

| Borderland Beat Reporter Ovemex

By Diana Washington Valdez
El Paso Times

› PDF: Read excerpt of Sinaloa document

Leaders of the Sinaloa drug cartel wanted to buy powerful U.S. military weapons to “blow up” government buildings in Mexico after the arrest of a top alleged kingpin, U.S. prosecutors claimed in court documents.
U.S. prosecutors filed the document Nov. 10 in connection with the pending trial in Chicago of Jesus Vicente Zambada-Niebla, who was arrested by Mexican officials in 2009 and extradited to the United States in 2010.

Officials allege in the documents that Zambada-Niebla is a high-ranking member of the Sinaloa drug cartel led by Joaquin “Chapo” Guzman-Loera.
The Sinaloa drug cartel has been at war with the Juárez drug cartel to take over the drug trade in the El Paso area. Its battle against the Vicente Carrillo Fuentes drug cartel killed an estimated 9,100 people in Juárez between Jan. 1, 2008 and Oct. 31.

The court documents also identify German Olivares as Guzman’s coordinator for the Juárez smuggling corridor.
Zambada-Niebla’s lawyers — some based in Tucson, New York and other areas — claim a “public authority” defense, alleging that U.S. authorities allowed Zambada-Niebla to traffic tons of cocaine and heroin into the United States in exchange for information about rival drug cartels.

His defense lawyers also sought to prevent government prosecutors from using the Classified Information Protection Act to exclude certain records and witness information that may threaten U.S. national security.

According to a conversation recorded by Margarito Flores, a cooperating witness, “Guzman-Loera and Ismael Zambada-Garcia (Zambada-Niebla’s father) discussed the recent arrest of Zambada-Garcia’s brother, Jesus Zambada-Garcia É by Mexican authorities.”

“This government is letting the gringos (American law enforcement) do whatever they want,” Zambada-Garcia said according to Flores.

Then, Guzman said, “They are (expletive) us everywhere. What are we going to do?”

Guzman, whom Interpol has listed as one of the world’s most-wanted fugitives, added, “Let it be a government building, it doesn’t matter whose. An embassy or a consulate, a media outlet or television station (attack a Mexican or U.S. government or media building in Mexico City).”

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In Mexico Drug War, Zetas Lay Claim to Sinaloa Turf

Saturday, November 26, 2011 | Borderland Beat Reporter Buggs


The increasingly powerful Zetas are likely behind the killings of 50 people in strongholds of the rival Sinaloa cartel in western Mexico, analysts say, as a years-long drug war churns on.

The message left by the Zetas near some of the 26 corpses found Thursday in Guadalajara, Mexico’s second largest city, make the targets quite clear: the Sinaloa gang and its fugitive boss, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman.

The messages also apparently slam an alleged alliance between Guzman and the leaders of Sinaloa state, where 24 bodies were found Wednesday, and Jalisco state, of which Guadalajara is the capital.

The killings come two months after a similar massacre in September, when 35 bodies were tipped out of trucks under a busy overpass in the eastern port of Veracruz – an act attributed to the Zeta Killers, a group linked to Sinaloa.

“Behind the attacks in Guadalajara and Sinaloa, there would appear to be a need for revenge, fueled by the attacks in Veracruz,” Dante Haro, an investigator at the University of Guadalajara, told AFP.

Haro emphasized the importance of the killings in Guadalajara, a city of more than four million people and relatively unscathed by the drug violence that has claimed some 45,000 lives since a government crackdown began in 2006.

“Jalisco state had violence rates that were lower than those in other parts of Mexico, but crime is on the rise there,” Haro said.

He noted that authorities in Jalisco had captured several high-level traffickers and a Sinaloa boss was gunned down there in a security operation last year.

Those incidents stripped Guadalajara of its prior status as a neutral zone in the drug war, “where the bosses could keep their families safe,” Haro said.

Raul Benitez Manuat, an expert at the National Autonomous University of Mexico’s North American Research Center, said a Zetas incursion on Sinaloa turf could open a new front in a war that has ravaged cities like Tijuana and Ciudad Juarez, on the US border.

Monterrey, an industrial center in the north, has seen increased violence in recent months.

Until now, the Zetas – set up by former army officers turned hitmen in the 1990s – have operated mostly on the Gulf of Mexico coast in the east of the country.

For Manuat, “such a blatant operation could be a harbinger for increased violence, now on the Pacific coast.”

In early October, the chief of intelligence for the US Drug Enforcement Administration, Rodney Benson, said the Sinaloa cartel had struck up an alliance against the Zetas with the Gulf cartel in the east and the La Familia cartel active in the western state of Michoacan.

The Guadalajara killings could be the first counter-attack by the Zetas, considered to be the most violent of Mexico’s drug gangs and blamed for spreading extortion, kidnappings and murders.

They are believed to have been behind a casino bombing in Monterrey in August that left 52 people dead, as well as the execution of 72 illegal immigrants in August 2010.

Some 52,000 deaths have been blamed on rising drug violence since late 2006, when President Felipe Calderon launched a massive crackdown on the drug cartels involving tens of thousands of troops.Share it:


Mexican Cartel Tactical Note # 7

| Borderland Beat Reporter Buggs

Mexican Cartel Tactical Note # 7:

Los Zetas Three Vehicle (SUV) Commando Engages in Offensive Action in Northwest Harris County, Texas: Ensuing Fire Fight with US Law Enforcement.

By Robert Bunker

Key Information:
Via Dane Schiller, Houston Chronicle [1]:

The mission was supposed to be a textbook “controlled delivery” – a routine trap by law enforcement officers using a secret operative posing as a truck driver to bust drug traffickers when their narcotics are delivered to a rendezvous point.

Instead, things spun out of control. Shortly before the marijuana delivery was to be made Monday afternoon, three sport-utility vehicles carrying Zetas cartel gunmen seemingly came out of nowhere and cut off the tanker truck as it rumbled through northwest Harris County, sources told the Chronicle.

They sprayed the cab with bullets, killing the civilian driver, who was secretly working with the government. A sheriff’s deputy, who was driving nearby in another vehicle, was wounded, possibly by friendly fire…

Sources discussed aspects of the shoot-out on the condition that they not be identified publicly due to the sensitivity of the ongoing investigation.

A contingent of law-enforcement officers had been covertly shadowing the truck as it eased its way through the Houston area to deliver a load of marijuana fresh from the Rio Grande Valley…

As the gunmen attacked, officers quickly jumped into the fray and also opened fire on the attackers. The truck kept rolling until it careened off the roadway and came to a halt.

Dozens of law-enforcement officers descended on the scene as well as fanned out in the surrounding neighborhoods.

Four suspects, all believed to be citizens of Mexico, were arrested and charged Monday with capital murder in connection with the shooting…

…The sheriff’s deputy, who has not yet been identified publicly, was hit in the knee during the melee, which involved several cars and guns…

Authorities would not discuss how the deceased driver, who in addition to being a confidential informant and holding a job as a commercial truck driver, first made contact with the traffickers….

…While some of the arrested attackers have allegedly admitted to an affiliation with the Mexico-based Zetas, authorities said they are trying to determine why such a bold and risky attack was launched over just 300 pounds of marijuana…

A 3:01 minute news video concerning the incident can be accessed via: [2].

Who: Los Zetas’ personnel (Three Mexican nationals captured—two from Neuvo Laredo; Eric De Luna, 23; Ricardo Ramirez, 35 and Rolando Resendiz, 34; one other individual— Fernando Tavera, 19).

See primary source for booking photos [1] and another source for prior convictions and charges via court documents [7]. Other Zetas’ personnel are thought to have fled the incident scene. Three SUVs (a Black Lincoln Navigator was recovered at the scene) were utilized.

What: Planned multi-agency law enforcement ‘controlled delivery’ using a confidential informant driving a 18-wheeler tanker truck with 300 lbs of marijuana interdicted by Los Zetas’ commando with ensuing fire fight. Confidential informant killed, undercover Harris county sheriffs deputy wounded (HCSO), and four Zetas captured.

When: Monday afternoon, 21 November 2011.

Where: On Hollister Drive near Bourgeois Road in Northwest Harris County, Texas (near Houston) [6].

Why: Unknown; theories include the targeted killing (assassination) of the confidential informant and that a rip-off crew was assembled to steal what was thought to be a much larger load of marijuana. Another possibility is that the load was targeted because it was operating on Los Zetas turf and those associated with it had not paid local protection money (plaza taxes).

Tactical Analysis: This is a significant event and represents an escalation in cross border violence. According to Javier Pena, the new head of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration’s Houston Division, “Everybody is surprised at the brazenness…We haven’t seen this type of violence, which concerns us.” [1].

Given that the truck cab was sprayed with bullets it can be assumed that some of Los Zetas personnel carried semi-automatic rifles. No mention of individual body armor, vehicular armor, or actual weapons carried has been disclosed. All captured Zetas had military style (short) haircuts with no tattoos evident in the booking photos so unit discipline is noted. US law enforcement presence was significant when the Los Zetas offensive action took place and was augmented with dozens of responding officers. Under other circumstances, the three vehicle (SUV) Los Zetas commando’ could have potentially overwhelmed one or two responding police units if a ‘controlled delivery’ law enforcement operation had not been taking place.

Of additional concern are three other cross border homicide incidents recently mentioned in press reports. Concerning the first incident, a federal grand jury indictment (now sealed) stated that US Border Agent Brian A. Terry was killed in Mesquite Seep, Arizona, by an offensive patrol—“with the intent to ‘intentionally and forcibly assault’ Border Patrol agents”— composed of five illegal Mexican immigrants [3]. At least two of these individuals carried AK-47 semi-automatic rifles at ready position (barrel down at 45 degree angle/gun butt in shoulder)— in a meeting engagement on 14 December 2010 at 11:15 pm. The two AK-47s have been traced back to the failed BATF ‘Fast and Furious’ operation [3]. The Peck Canyon area is a well-known human and drug smuggling route. Which Mexican cartel, or drug gang the offensive narco unit was associated with was not disclosed.

The second incident took place in Hidalgo County, Texas on Sunday 30 October 2011 during a traffic stop. Deputy Hugo Rodriguez was shot by David Gonzales Perez, a Gulf cartel contractor, in the chest and abdomen. Perez and another cartel operative had kidnapped two individuals who purportedly knew where over a thousand pounds of stolen Gulf cartel marijuana had been stashed. Perez was killed in the ensuing gun battle with the wounded deputy and his partner [4]. The third incident took place on Monday 21 November 2011 about 20 miles northwest of the border city of Nogales, Texas in the Devil’s Canyon area of the Tumacacori Mountains. Three men, two of which have been identified as Mexican nationals, were found dead, shot in the head execution style. The bodies had lain in the area for up to two weeks. The executed men are suspected of being drug traffickers [5].

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Violence Moves from the Gulf to the Pacific

| Borderland Beat Reporter Buggs

As a consequence of the joint operations in Veracruz, Coahuila and Tamaulipas, executions linked to organized crime in those states have declined by 20% from the previous month, when 199 murders were recorded.

Source: Milenio

By contrast, there was an increased in violent murders in Sinaloa and Jalisco, where in just the last 25 days 221 executions have been recorded, surpassing 38 killings during the same time in Veracruz, Tamaulipas and Coahuila.

The recent discovery of 50 bodies in Sinaloa and Jalisco raised the number of executions by 30% in November from the previous month in those states.

29% of all recorded executions so far this November across the country have been committed in Sinaloa, where only on Wednesday 24 bodies were found.

The 179 homicides that have been recorded in November in Sinaloa increased by 55%, breaking the April all time highest record of executions in that state when there were 172 executions.

In addition Sinaloa is just under the state of Chihuahua as the most violent state but if the trend continue that could easily change.

The 42 executions recorded in Jalisco in November is the most violent month in the state so far for 2011, ahead of July when there were 35 murders.

The decrease in the number of executions in Tamaulipas, Veracruz and Coahuila is a result of the operations “Laguna Segura” and “Veracruz Seguro” that the federal government implemented last October where they managed to captured Sotero Aguilar, El Tony, accountant for Los Zetas. But it looks like this has forced Los Zetas to move in to Sinaloa territory creating a shift in violence.

The Mexican government still considers this a step in the right direction. According to the National Defense Secretariat blows to this criminal group helped in reducing the overall crime rates by 50% and 62.62% reduction in executions.

Another state where the Mexican government set up operations was Guerrero that reported 33 executions in November.

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Caracuaro, Michoacan Police Force Walks Out Over Threats

| Borderland Beat Reporter Ovemex


The entire police force of a town in the western Mexican state of Michoacan has deserted due to death threats from suspected drug traffickers, officials said.

The 32 police working in two shifts in the town of Caracuaro, home to just over 10,000 people, decided to flee for fear they and their family members would be targeted by drug-gang hit men, the state’s Public Safety Secretariat said on Friday.

None of the 32 police has formally resigned and therefore will be dismissed if they do not show up for work within the legally specified timeframe, a spokesperson for the state’s Security Council said.

The police may have abandoned their posts due to threats from suspected drug traffickers after a clash with the criminals on Wednesday, when they provided backup to cops in the neighboring municipality of Nocupetaro, the spokesperson said.

Eighteen members of Caracuaro’s police force walked out between Wednesday and Thursday and the other 14 joined their colleagues Friday after more death threats were issued, prompting local authorities to request the deployment of army soldiers to the town.

Caracuaro is located in the so-called Tierra Caliente region, which straddles parts of Michoacan and the neighboring states of Guerrero and Mexico and is being fought over by the La Familia Michoacana and Los Caballeros Templarios drug cartels.

Drug-related violence in that region of western Mexico also has led to the desertion of police forces in the Michoacan towns of Tiquicheo, Tancitaro and Tuzantla.

Caracuaro is a historically important town where Mexican independence hero Jose Maria Morelos served as parish priest before joining the armed struggle against Spanish rule.

Michoacan has been one of the states hardest hit by the drug-related violence that has claimed nearly 50,000 lives in Mexico since December 2006, when President Felipe Calderon took office and militarized the struggle against the cartels.

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