Da News: China’s Hu urges navy to prepare for combat..

December 7, 2011

1         Sino-US trade up 17% in Jan-Oct

2   China's Hu urges navy to prepare for combat...

Chinese President Hu Jintao on Tuesday urged the navy to prepare for military combat, amid growing regional tensions over maritime disputes and a US campaign to assert itself as a Pacific power.

The navy should “accelerate its transformation and modernisation in a sturdy way, and make extended preparations for military combat in order to make greater contributions to safeguard national security,” he said.

Addressing the powerful Central Military Commission, Hu said: “Our work must closely encircle the main theme of national defence and military building.”

3       Ann Barnhardt – “Mitt Romney Go Home”

4        Playing the anti-China card

    An escalation in tensions between the US and China is by no means wise at a time when China is the biggest holder of US national debt and its fastest-growing export market.

5    US questioned about military plans in Australia

Chinese experts: Beijing is likely to ask Washington to explain its plans to base US forces in Australia.


  • China’s Superior Economic Model

    Wed Dec 7 03:45:00 2011 · by iowamark · 4 replies

    Wall Street Journal ^ | DECEMBER 1, 2011 | Andy Stern
    The free-market fundamentalist economic model is being thrown onto the trash heap of history. Andy Grove, the founder and chairman of Intel, provocatively wrote in Businessweek last year that, “Our fundamental economic beliefs, which we have elevated from a conviction based on observation to an unquestioned truism, is that the free market is the best of all economic systems—the freer the better. Our generation has seen the decisive victory of free-market principles over planned economies. So we stick with this belief largely oblivious to emerging evidence that while free markets beat planned economies, there may be room for a modification…

6      Video: Energy independence could be as easy as 1-2-3

7                Obama vs. Capitalism

  • Wed Dec 7 01:05:21 2011 · by 2ndDivisionVet · 4 replies

    RealClearPolitics ^ | December 7, 2011 | David Harsanyi
    In Teddy Roosevelt’s era, President Barack Obama explained to the nation this week, “some people thought massive inequality and exploitation was just the price of progress. … But Roosevelt also knew that the free market has never been a free license to take whatever you want from whoever you can.” And he’s right. Even today there are people who believe they should have free license to take whatever they want from whomever they can. They’re called Democrats. Yet the president, uniter of a fractured nation, the mighty slayer of infinite straw men, claims that some Americans “rightly” suppose that the…

8                 Bachmann sticks to guns despite drop in polls

9      Bachmann Calls Newt a ‘Frugal Socialist’ During Radio Interview With Glenn Beck

10                Rise of the Muslim Brotherhood

11         Memo Shows Early ‘Fast And Furious’ Concern

12               “Occupy Everywhere…Build the Revolution…”: Workers World Leader Larry Holmes on OWS

13      Biden Rhapsodizes on Arab Revolutions: ‘A Terrible Beauty Is Born’

14           Seven more executions in Veracruz

15        Referring to recent Senate repeal of bestiality ban in the military, reporter asks Jay Carney if Obama approves of bestiality in the military?

16          Egypt’s Christians try to stem Islamists in vote

17        Slaying revealed drug informant’s secret life

  • 18            Muslim girl gang kicked R. P. head yelling kill white slag FREED (Islamic racism / Eurabia alert)

    Wed Dec 7 00:27:02 2011 · by Righting · 12 replies

    DailyMail ^ | Dec. 6, 2011 | Andy Dolan and Katherine Faulkner
    Girl gang who kicked woman in the head while yelling ‘kill the white slag’ freed after judge hears ‘they weren’t used to drinking because they’re Muslims’Yobs ripped lump of hair from Rhea Page’s head during High Street attack Three sisters and cousin escape with six-month suspended sentences Maximum term for assault occasioning actual bodily harm is five years’ jail Judge: ‘Those who knock someone to the floor and kick them in the head can expect to go inside, but I’m going to suspend the sentence’

19       Montreal suburb decides to remove nativity scene and menorah from town hall rather than cave to demands from Muslims to erect Islamic religious symbols in the scene

The Unite States of the UN: Selling Our Sovereignty

Wed Dec 7 00:01:01 2011 Eagle Forum ^ | November 30, 2011 | Phyllis Schlafly
UN Mischief from Durban to Rio by Phyllis Schlafly November 30, 2011 The United Nations Climate Change Conference in Durban, South Africa opening on November 28, called COP-17, is one of a series of UN meetings working toward a specific goal. Advertising for this meeting features a long list of invited celebrities including Angelina Jolie, U2′s Bono, Ted Turner, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Al Gore, and Michael Bloomberg. The UN goal is to move the United States into global government by environmental regulations and a vast network of taxes. These newly-imposed taxes will give the UN a tremendous stream of money in…

20             Pearl Harbor, 70 Years Ago: The Unthinkable — Then and Now


U.S. authorities are not doing enough to sideline Islamist groups operating in our own back yard, who promote the false “War on Islam” narrative which inspires terrorism

22         Obama to Iran: Enjoy Your Nukes!

by Roger L Simon

The game is fixed. A little espionage around the edges is okay, but if anyone wants to do anything serious, like having genuine sanctions as opposed to phony (show) sanctions, this administration gets very cold feet.

23            Twine, A Tiny Gizmo That Holds The Internet’s Future

BY John PavlusTue Dec 6, 2011

“In the future, your house will send you a text message to warn you that your basement is flooding.” Sounds like the kind of hooey you only hear in those fantastical “future of…” videos, doesn’t it? Not anymore. Two MIT Media Lab … READ»

24               Egyptian left-wing parties to form alliance following poor electoral showing

25      UK judge SETS FREE with NO punishment Somali Muslim girl gang who savagely beat up white woman in a vicious racist attack

26            Obama’s Anti-Capitalism Speech in Texas Kansas

27                       The Ultimate Devastating Price of Government Dependency
Lloyd Marcus
I witnessed it up close and personal in the late ’50s, when I was a child. More

28                The Power Grid Can Handle All The Wind, Solar, And Electric Cars We Throw At It

BY Ariel SchwartzTue Dec 6, 2011

Some people worry that the massive energy draw of a fleet of electric cars will bring down the power system. It might, but there are easy fixes to prevent it from happening and make all of our power cleaner and more efficient. READ»

29             Where Does The 1% Live?

BY Morgan ClendanielTue Dec 6, 2011

A map breaking down the income levels in each state shows where wealth congregates. Guess what? It’s where the deciders live. READ»

30                 Nissan’s Leaf-Charging Wireless Pad Could Signal An Industry Surge

BY Kit EatonTue Dec 6, 2011

Nissan has a new trick: the wireless charging of its electric vehicle. Is it enough to power EV industry sales?READ»

31         BELGIUM: Muslim teacher suspended for penalizing female students who did not wear Islamic headbags to school

32         Pro-Jihad Obama Opposes Sanctions, Urges US Lawmakers to Go Soft on Iran

33         Snared in the Soros Web

34     Dean College Students Expelled After Beating Video Surfaces Online

Integration has not worked for white people.  I have been watching these kind of ghetto thugs invade our school systems for 50 years and white America has yet to defend her white school children.

35       A Message from Dems Every GOP Primary Voter Should Hear
Ed Lasky
One would expect Democrats to be down in the dumps with approval of Barack Obama’s handling of the economy and other issues underwater. But GOP primary voters have given them a gift: support for Newt Gingrich. More

At Large

36       In Praise of Euroskeptics

Robert Taylor | 12.7.11 @ 6:07AM

They paid a price for opposing a single currency for Europe, but they were right all along.

The Obama Watch

37    Stabbed in the Back

Robert M. Goldberg | 12.7.11 @ 6:07AM

Obama pats himself on the back for making Israel less secure.


The Nation’s Pulse

Religious Isolationism and Pearl Harbor

Mark Tooley | 12.7.11 @ 6:07AM

The pacificism of the post-World War I era would no longer do.

Portrait of a Police State?

Edward Cline

Sections 1031 and 1032 of the recently-passed National Defense Authorization Act allow for the possible detention of even U.S. citizens without trial. As such, the bill is unconstitutional.

Gunwalker’s Cousin: ‘Moneywalker’?

by Bob Owens

Reports surface of the Drug Enforcement Administration laundering cartel drug money.

Occupy L.A. Ends with a Whimper, Not a Bang

by Jack Dunphy

A first hand account of the textbook police action that evicted Occupy Los Angeles.



Middle East Studies Failed to Predict and Address the “Arab Spring”

Dr. Walid Phares

A year ago, many Middle East experts failed to imagine the possibility of a major Arab uprising, and failed to foresee the outcomes as protests spread. Why such ignorance?


Gunwalker: Friday ‘Document Dump’ Reveals Justice Dept. Misled Congress

by Patrick Richardson

The DOJ is now officially withdrawing a February 2011 letter sent to Senator Charles Grassley.

The UN will build 20 environmentally-friendly schools in Gaza, combining traditional Middle Eastern design principles with modern technology.

Gaza Goes Green

UN builds schools for Palestinians

B1G1 founder, Masami Sato (C) holds a goat donated through her company at the World Youth International Mama Ann Odede Complex in western Kenya (File)

Business of Giving

Charity or Profit?

Top Secret play

Top Secret

Play explores free speech

U.S. Army Major Mike Williams and his wife Royann Williams

Coming Home

Thousands of US troops return to their families

Farmer use manual pumping machine in Kenya

Going Green

Legwork saves on fuel for Kenyan farmers

Shabnam Rahimi, 19,  has been with Afghanistan’s national female boxing team since its start in 2007.

Subtle Battle

Afghan women box to fight stereotypes

The Poltrona Frau Showroom in Mumbai, India is the first showroom in India of the iconic Italian designer. (File)

Luxe Life

India’s consumers acquire taste for luxury

Senegal solar panels

Shining Through

Solar panels assist Senegal’s students

Blue Notes in Black and White: Photography and Jazz

Photography & Jazz

An in-depth look by a historian




Day in Pictures

A model presents a creation during the 2012 Korea Hair Collection in Seoul. (Reuters)=

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American, Jobs, German Euro
Prof. Peter Morici – 12/5/2011
I. Unemployment Drops to 8.6 Percent as Many Adults Quit Labor Force

On the Reelection of Barack Obama
Taylor Dibbert – 12/5/2011
If Barack Obama is reelected he should consider himself quite lucky.

Khamenei orders British embassy attack by IRGC and plain-clothes agents
Shahriar Kia – 12/5/2011
According to a report by the National Council of Resistance of Iran obtained from inside the mullahs’ regime, Khamenei himself had decided and supervised the British embassy attack in Tehran. Khamenei himself gave the order of British embassy attack in a meeting with the presence of a number of IRGC and plain-clothes commanders. Through such an intimidation, Khamenei and his cohorts had assessed that they could compel western and particularly, European countries to retreat from their harsh policies and imposing sanctions against the regime.

Private Education – A Bad Idea?
Sam Vaknin, Ph.D. – 12/2/2011
I am not too impressed with the level of public education. But is private education the solution?

Gas and Geopolitics: Prospects for Russia
Sameer Jafri – 12/2/2011
Energy has always been at the centre stage of constantly changing geopolitical contours of the world. Since the energy resources i.e. the fossil fuels are highly unevenly distributed across the globe, the competition for control over them eats up much of energy hungry major economies’ time and money. With global energy demand increasing sharply and reserves being limited, this competition has only become intense with time and is bound to reach unprecedented levels in future.

The Democratic Renaissance Springs Forth into its Second Year: A New Era of Enlightenment Emerges
Jason R. Werbics – 12/2/2011
Eyes have been opened. Minds have been freed.

At the time of its publication in the summer of 2010, who could have imagined that the Direct Democracy Ireland manifesto, with its foreshadowing of a Democratic Renaissance, would be the first document of its kind to accurately describe a political and intellectual movement yet to attain substance and form; an aspiration that resided solely in the hearts and minds of millions around the world, brought closer together through technology and social media; an audacity to dream a little dream of freedom, dignity and hope everywhere, emboldened …

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