No Country for Young Fathers: Paternity Testing on the Rise

December 26, 2011

No Country for Young Fathers: Paternity Testing on the Rise

by Paul Cooper

It’s not just the Maury show paying to find out who’s the Dad.

2      Defense department agrees to allow Muslim cadets to wear hijabs

3   Gallup: Obama job approval surges

4    Brazil overtakes UK as sixth-largest economy

5     Russian subs to get advanced missiles

6        Belgrano was heading to the Falklands, secret papers reveal

7           Administration’s ‘self-defeating,’ wishful thinking


National defense expert James Carafano thinks Vice President Joe Biden’s recent gaff that the Taliban is not an enemy of the United States was based on wishful thinking rather than reality.

8            Another President Bush?


Conservative political scientist Charles Dunn doesn’t believe any political scenario would compel someone like Jeb Bush to enter the GOP presidential race.

9           Healthy food effort backfiring


A California educator says parents, not schools, need to “step up” and get involved in the health of their children.

10        Ohio pro-lifers making progress


Personhood Ohio is on track to launch a drive to put a personhood amendment on next year’s ballot.

11       Gingrich would ‘take on’ activist judges


poll vote button 2Conservative political scientist Charles Dunn believes GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich is gaining traction with his assault on judicial activism.

12          Pro-lifer’s FACE violation questioned


A Denver pro-lifer has gained the support of a legal group that believes he’s being targeted by the U.S. attorney general simply because of where he stands on the issue.

13         Christians starving in concentration camps


Robert Park, who walked into North Korea singing hymns two Christmases ago and was tortured until his release six weeks later, says he opposes the Rev. Franklin Graham’s call to send U.S. food aid to the communist regime.

14       Pro-life nurses win major court battle


Twelve nurses who sued one of the state’s largest hospitals after claiming they were forced to assist in abortions over their religious and moral objections reached a deal Thursday with their employer in federal court.


15             Arab Spring brings persecution to Christians


One year after the start of “Arab Spring,” Christians in those countries find themselves in a difficult position as they face intolerance and persecution.

16        Christian club recognized


A Christian club at a public school in New York’s Long Island has finally won the right to be officially recognized and afforded the rights and benefits of a nonreligious group.

17       Law undermines parental authority


A pro-family activist says parents in California can fight against a harmful new law that undermines parental authority and places children at risk.

18        Lawmakers declining conservative principles


A California conservative contends that lawmakers are more apt to listen to voters during election season.

19        Want the job? Gotta attend a ‘gay’ parade


A Planned Parenthood group in New York isn’t only hiring children to promote the group’s sex agenda, but to do something else that is causing concern in that state.

20          Grover Norquist Aiding Iran’s Bloody Mullahcracy Through Group Tied to NIAC

21         Court Docs: Iranian-American Lobbying Group NIAC Defrauded Feds, Lied to Congressmen, Paid for Congressional Testimony, and Arranged Secret US/Iran Meetings

22         UK: Sneaky Muslim bastards convert an old white woman to Islam

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Fortunately, she doesn’t have a clue about what they did to her. Gee, will they try to rape her next?




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23       NIGERIA: This is what happens when half the country is Christian and half are Muslims

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BOKO HARAM Muslim terror group 

The president of Nigeria is a Christian but seems unable to stem the violence against Christians by Muslim sect Boko Haram, which is trying to impose sharia law across the country. Several church bombs went off, the second Christmas in a row the group has caused mass carnage with deadly bombings of churches.

UK DAILY MAIL Terror attacks targeted at Christians, including two bombs at church services, have killed at least 40 across Nigeria. Boko Haram, a Muslim sect claimed responsibility for five attacks which struck the nation’s north-east today. Most of the victims died on the steps of a Roman Catholic church after celebrating Christmas Mass.

The Christmas Day attacks show the growing national ambition of the sect known as Boko Haram, which is thought to be responsible for 504 killings this year alone.

The first explosion struck St. Theresa Catholic Church in Madalla, a town in Niger state close to the capital, Abuja, killing at least 35 and wounding 52. Hours after the first bomb, blasts were reported at the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Church in the central, ethnically and religiously mixed town of Jos, and at a church in northern Yobe state at the town of Gadaka.

(Never mentioning that the attacks were caused by MUSLIM terrorists), vacationing Barack Obama issued a statement saying ‘We condemn this senseless violence and tragic loss of life on Christmas Day.”





No big deal just some people in africa







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24       Barack Hussein Obama’s Arab Spring, where one Muslim terrorist leader welcomes another Muslim terrorist leader

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Hamas’ top political leader, Ismail Haniyeh, visits the headquarters of Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo, first visit to Egypt since Hamas took over. Obama smiles.

Barack Hussein Obama is following in jimmy-dhimmi-carter-never-met-a-muslim-terrorist-he-didnt-like‘s footsteps, as he welcomes the rapid radicalization of Israel’s neighbors.

Seattle Pi Gaza’s Hamas premier was in Egypt Monday on his first trip outside the blockaded territory since the Islamists overran it in 2007, saying his meeting with his Islamic ideological mentors threatens Israel. Ismail Haniyeh discussed Mideast politics with the leader of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, which has emerged as the biggest winner in the first parliamentary elections in post-uprising Egypt, capturing nearly half of the seats so far.

Carter greets Hamas terrorist leader, Ismail Haniyeh, with big bear hug 

Hamas is considered an offshoot of the Brotherhood. Brotherhood leader Mohammed Badie met Haniyeh at the group’s newly inaugurated headquarters in a Cairo suburb.

Hamas is was considered a terror group by Israel, the U.S. and EU, killing hundreds of Israelis in attacks, including suicide bombings. (Before Obama) the West insisted that before it deals with Hamas, the group must renounce violence, recognize Israel and accept existing peace accords. Hamas has refused.

Haniyeh described Hamas as the “jihadi movement of the Brotherhood with a Palestinian face.” He said his visit to the Brotherhood center would confuse and frighten Israel. “Our presence with the Brotherhood threatens the Israeli entity, ” Haniyeh said according to MENA.

Haniyeh said during his visit to the Arab League that reconciliation with Fatah is a “strategic” matter that should not be hindered by American and Israeli objections. Israel has said the closer Fatah gets to Hamas, the further it moves from a peace deal.

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25         Here, an asslifter. There, an asslifter. Everywhere you look, another Muslim asslifter.

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Welcome to America, ever so rapidly turning into an Islamic hellhole.

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26          GUESS WHAT! Crazy Muslim Jameela who posted threats here is dead. Shot by a cop!

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Jameela’s package to NY Sen. Greg Ball that had a Curious George doll with Star of David stickers. 

A Georgia Muslim woman accused of sending a bogus weapon of mass destruction to a New York lawmaker was shot dead by a police officer. Cobb County police responded to the apartment of Jameela Barnette on Sunday morning, where they say the 53-year-old attacked an officer, who then shot her.

Here are some of her threats made to public officials: allegedly-the-hate-mail-sent-to-rep-peter-king-r-ny-along-with-the-bloody-pigs-foot



NY POST Barnette is the same woman who allegedly sent New York State Senator Greg Ball a package containing a vial of perfume, a hate-filled letter, and a toy monkey wearing the Star of David on it back in April. This prompted the New York State Police to shut down his office.

Ball, who at the time was the chairman of the New York Senate’s Homeland Security Committee, described the incident as “pretty outlandish and horrific.” A woman who said she was Barnette told WXXA-TV that she had sent the package because she was upset with Ball and believed he was being racist toward her Muslim faith.

A spokesperson for the Cobb County Police Department said that an officer was dispatched to the Bexley Apartments in Marietta, Ga., after receiving a report of a panic alarm being activated. Police said the woman started to assault the officer shortly after opening the door.

The officer shot at the woman, later identified as Barnette, who died at the scene, police said. Investigators said Barnette was armed with a knife and a handgun. The officer was treated for injuries to his arm and later released. He was placed on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

A spokesperson for the FBI in Atlanta said that Barnette was arrested and indicted on federal charges last month for what they said was her role in mailing a hoax weapons of mass destruction package. The US District Court judge allowed her to be released on her own recognizance.  Neighbors say Barnett, who they describe as quiet and a little bit strange, never caused any problems at the apartment complex.

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27     ‘All-American Muslim’ RATINGS DIVE as advertisers, like LOWE’S, flee the TLC show like rats off a sinking ship…..

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Now, it’s become a virtual stampede as advertisers abandon the controversy-plagued show. Even better, ‘All-American Muslim’ ratings are tanking, due, at least, in part, to blogs like this one which called on its readers to support LOWE’S decision with their wallets. Apparently they have.

Muslim pressure groups like CAIR and its left wing cronies  collected petitions and appeared on every TV news show that would have them, calling for a boycott of LOWE’S. Instead, a LOWE’S insider told me that sales were way up, thanks to all the negative publicity generated by ‘All-American Muslim’  and the blowback from consumers who supported LOWE’S with a BUYcott, not a boycott.

CHICAGO TRIBUNE “All-American Muslim” may be disproving that old saying about bad publicity.

Although the TLC series filled the headlines all of last week after protests erupted over the withdrawal of advertisers including home-improvement chain Lowe’s, Sunday’s episode actually experienced a significant ratings decrease.

The Dec. 18 episode plummeted over 30% versus the previous week’s episode, which registered 900,000 total viewers. And ratings for the Dec. 11 episode itself could have benefited from increased visibility for “Muslim” given the controversy was starting to gather steam, particularly on Twitter, several days earlier, though didn’t truly explode into the mainstream press the following week.

The past two episodes of “Muslim” are trending below the season average for the series, which is over 1 million total viewers. The series, an unscripted look at a group of Muslim-American families living in Dearborn, Mich., launched Nov. 13 to 1.7 million.
























28           One of Five Remaining Serbs in Kosovo Town That Was Site of Albanian Muslim Pogrom Dies

The American people deserve an explanation as to why we chose to aid the Islamic jihad in Kosovo. Instead, they are fed more lies, more taqiyya, in the efforts of dhimmi Western leaders to declare Kosovo an independent state, an Islamic state in the heart of Europe.

The Serbs were driven out of the town in a pogrom several years ago. The four remaining elderly Serbian women live in Đakovica under constant police protection, because the jihadi savages would love to spill their blood, too.

One of 5 remaining Serbs in Kosovo town dies B92 hat tip George

ĐAKOVICA — An 82-year-old woman – one of only five remaining Serbs in the town of Đakovica in Kosovo – has died, it has been reported.

A view of Đakovica (file)
A view of Đakovica (file)

Jela Mijović and four other elderly women were the only Serbs left in the town after the March 2004 pogrom perpetrated by ethnic Albanians.

They all lived in a rebuilt structure located in the yard of a Serbian Orthodox monastery in the town.

Prior to 1999, several thousand Serbs lived in Đakovica.

The four elderly women who still remain there live under 24-hour protection of the Kosovo police (KPS).

One of them, 64-year-old Vasiljka Perić, told reporters that she was determined to stay in her hometown and that she was “satisfied with the care” provided to her and the three others:

“Thanks to our Bishop Teodosije and the brotherhood of the Visoki Dečani monastery, we have everything: food, health care, medicine.”

But she also explained that none of the Serb women ever leave the monastery compound.

Perić said they “spoke to their (ethnic) Albanian neighbors), but that they “neither went to visit anyone, nor was anyone visiting them”.

“If there’s something we need, (KPS) police are willing to buy it for us, only some of the new ones won’t,” she explained.

Perić concluded by saying that it was “beautiful and hard” to live in Đakovica, but that it was “important for a Serb soul to be present in this town”.


Gaza Christians Long for Days Before Hamas Cancelled Christmas

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