OPINION: By His Fruits Ye Shall Know Him: Obama’s Subversive Appointments

January 4, 2012


His Fruits Ye Shall Know Him: Obama’s Subversive Appointments
Jesse Weed
When Obama made his initial cabinet appointments upon assuming the presidency, it looked as if he had been a moderate Democrat. Now we know better. More

Green Blue Laws
Noam Neusner
The retro-puritanical environmental movement has resorted to the equivalent of blue laws — a state-imposed ban on otherwise harmless behavior to satisfy the moral urgings of a powerful political bloc. More

Iowa Should Not Matter
C. Edmund Wright
The eight-month spectacle that is the Iowa caucuses every four years is almost political porn. More

Crime Without Punishment
Lester Jackson
Out of thin air, a right has been officially and surreptitiously created exclusively for select previously convicted murderers: the right to commit, cost-free, further violence, and even further murders. More

Ron Paul and the Dictatorship of the Libertariat
Adam Yoshida
Ron Paul has done a serious disservice to the libertarian movement. More

Whitewashing History for California’s Kids
Tricia Owen
California’s efforts to be inclusive in the classroom could spell disaster for education. More

Libertarians and Political Insanity
Walt Ughes
The two are all but mutually exclusive. More

The Birthers Went Down to Georgia
January 4, 2012
Last November, Georgia citizen David Weldon filed a challenge over Obama’s qualifications to appear on Georgia’s 2012 presidential ballot. His case moved one step forward yesterday. More

Iran photoshopped missile test
January 4, 2012
They’re only fooling themselves. More

Obama to jam new consumer bureau chief down senate’s throat
January 4, 2012
A recess appointment when the senate isn’t in a recess? More

Did Romney ‘win’ in Iowa with 8 vote margin? (updated)
January 4, 2012
At least three candidates have a plausible claim to have “won” the Iowa caucuses More


1. U.S. Border: Man shows scanned passport on iPad…Does he get into the USA?
2. 12 Things That Will Be Less Expensive in 2012
3. Wake Forest University’s Radical Imam
4. VIDEO: Iran’s Army Chief Issues Warning
5. VIDEO: Super Tucano Counterinsurgency Fighter Plane
6. Can You Name What Group Received $487,400,000 in Tax Money and Did 329,445 Abortions?
7. VIDEO: Will 2012 Be Good or Bad for Your Wallet?
8. AUDIO: Saturday, 12/31/11 Larry Kudlow
9. VIDEO: Occupy Protesters Stage ‘Die In’ At DNC Iowa War Room
10. Children becoming ‘addicted’ to computers

U.S. Must Resist Iranian Threats

Riki Ellison

Iran threatens to attack any American aircraft carriers in the Strait of Hormuz. Against a volatile nation ruled by insane theocrats, strong U.S. missile defense is the only valid option.

ADL: Fighting Yesterday’s Battles

Charles Jacobs

The Anti-Defamation League is geared to fight anti-Semitism from fascist bigots, but it seems unable to deal with the current deluge of bigotry coming from leftists and Islamists.

2011 in Review: Security Technology Fails to Secure U.S. Border

Jim Kouri, CPP

2011 was anything but a successful year for the United States’ border security projects including the building of a security fence at the nation’s southern border.

Quote of the Day – January 4, 2012

FSM: Quote of the Day

Rick Perry’s response to the Iowa results.

Today’s Hot Topics

We choose, you peruse.

      1. ADMINISTRATION: Taliban leaders held at Guantánamo Bay to be released [GUARDIAN]

      2. Pakistan Taliban commanders “at each other’s throats” [REUTERS]

      3. U.S. Closes 2011 With Record $15.22 Trillion In Debt, Officially At 100.3% Debt/GDP, $14 Billion From Breaching Debt Ceiling [ZERO HEDGE]

      4. Colorado Christian University Sues Federal Government Over ObamaCare [CBS]

      5. Probe reveals feds pressuring agents to rush immigrant visas – even if fraud is feared [THE DAILY]

      6. Police Arrested A Suspect In Connection With The Firebombing Of An Islamic Cultural Center [FOX]

      7. Tehran warns U.S. to stay out of Gulf [WT]

      8. Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide Says Caliphate is Near [CBN]

      9. Panetta to Offer Strategy for Cutting Military Budget [NYT]

      10. $5 A Gallon For Gas? It Could Happen In 2012 [CBS]

The GOP Stance on Foreign Policy

Ryan Mauro

The single decision of an adversary could force foreign policy and national security issues into the forefront of political life. So what are the current Republican positions on such issues?


Rick Perry to ‘Reassess’ Campaign (Update: He’s Staying In)

by Bryan Preston

Rough night for the Texas governor; good night for Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney.

Building a Better Burrito with Healthy Immigration

by Walter Hudson

If immigration enforcement means longer waits at Chipotle Mexican Grill, we may want to rethink the law.

The Politics of Projection in the West

by Dennis Mitzner

Western liberals applaud the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood but warn of fascism from popular right-wing parties in Europe.

The Top Ten Must-See Films of 2011

by John Boot

A few titles exploded to the top of the screen, in a year otherwise loaded with big-budget bombs.

As the Caucuses Begin and End, Newt Gingrich Plots Revenge

by Bryan Preston

‘Romney boated’

Iowa 2012: The Undecideds (Update: Latest Perry Ad Added)

by Bryan Preston

Conversations with Iowans on the fence.

Video: Rick Perry on the Race, Rick Santorum, Ron Paul and the Road Ahead

by Bryan Preston

Assails the “mindset of the insider.”

Video: Gov. Bobby Jindal — ‘Rick Perry Is the Proven Conservative We Need in Washington’

by Bryan Preston

Baton Rouge comes to Des Moines

The Santorum Campaign

After Iowa, what’s next for Rick Santorum? 4 theories

Santorum catapulted from the back of the GOP pack into a first-place tie in Iowa. But can he turn his caucus success into a national surge?

Best opinion:Wash. Post, Daily Beast, Slate …

Animal Kingdom  

A silkworm cocoon: Scientists have placed spider silk genes into the glands of silkworms for an improved hybrid of spider and worm silk.


The miracle ‘spider silk’ spun by genetically altered silkworms

January 4, 2012, at 2:30 PMHumans have long coveted the ultra-strong webbing of spiders — but it took a scientific breakthrough to actually harvest the stuff


Demi Moore will play feminist writer Gloria Steinem in the upcoming film "Lovelace," and that casting doesn't sit right with some critics.


Demi Moore as Gloria Steinem: Can she pull it off?

January 4, 2012, at 2:02 PMThe Striptease star is arguably an unusual choice to portray the iconic feminist in an upcoming film — but some critics are defending the casting



For those who have everything

January 4, 2012, at 1:41 PMA $5,000 burger-and-wine combo — and more in our collection of bizarrely elite consumer products

Afghanistan War  

A video still of Taliban members: America's enemies in Afghanistan seem to be inching toward peace talks, but skepticism abounds.


Are the Taliban really ready to negotiate?

January 4, 2012, at 1:26 PMIslamist insurgents say they’ll set up an office in Qatar where their representatives will work on reconciliation. But are they sincere?

Cartoon of the Day 

The GOP on edge

January 4, 2012, at 1:15 PM The GOP on edge The GOP’s precarious position, and more in our collection of editorial cartoons

The Apple Universe  

The new Apple store in Grand Central Station: Bloggers are speculating wildly about the tech giant's mystery New York event at the end of the month.


Apple’s January ‘mystery’ event: 5 predictions

January 4, 2012, at 12:23 PMTech’s master of mystique will reportedly make a media-related announcement later this month. What might Big Fruit reveal?

The NFL  

This Volkswagen Darth Vader Super Bowl commercial went on to garner 48 million views on YouTube and earn an estimated $100 million in publicity, justifying its multimillion-dollar price tag.


The rising cost of Super Bowl commercials: By the numbers

January 4, 2012, at 11:49 AMDozens of companies have shelled out a record $3.5 million for 30-second ad spots during the upcoming big game. Is that actually a bargain?

The Santorum Campaign  

Daniel Larison


Daniel Larison: The GOP’s massive Santorum-Paul schism

January 4, 2012, at 11:24 AMSantorum is an unrepentant Bush-era interventionist. Paul is a fierce critic of U.S. interference abroad. And the GOP can’t decide who’s right

The Gingrich Campaign  

Newt Gingrich finished fourth in Tuesday's Iowa caucuses, and judging from his fiery concession speech, he plans to wage an all-out assault against Mitt Romney.


Newt Gingrich’s ‘bitter’ anti-Romney crusade: Will it succeed?

January 4, 2012, at 11:09 AMThe former frontrunner may have finished a disappointing fourth place in Iowa, but he isn’t going down without a (potentially nasty) fight

The Santorum Campaign  

Former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pa.) came up a mere eight votes shy of beating Mitt Romney in Iowa, but he faces a tougher battle in next week's New Hampshire primary, where he's polling at just 3 percent.


After Iowa, what’s next for Rick Santorum? 4 theories

January 4, 2012, at 10:45 AMSantorum catapulted from the back of the GOP pack into a first-place tie in Iowa. But can he turn his caucus success into a national surge?

Iran’s Threat  

Iran has conducted 10 days of exercises, test-firing missiles, the sort of belligerence experts interpret as a sign that the country is rattled by new U.S. sanctions.


Are sanctions starting to ‘bite’ Iran?

January 4, 2012, at 10:12 AMNew measures designed to cut into Tehran’s financial lifeline — its oil revenue — may be shaking Iran’s economy and unnerving its ruling mullahs


What Iowa Tells Us About State of GOP Race – Jay Cost, Weekly Standard
Reaffirms Romney as Odds-on Favorite – Ron Fournier, National Journal
Iowa Results Should Worry GOP – Philip Klein, Washington Examiner
Rick Santorum Revels in Iowa Triumph – Scott Conroy, RealClearPolitics
No Serious Rival Emerges to Threaten Mitt – Mark Barabak, LA Times
Battered, Defiant Gingrich Takes Aim at Romney – Steve Holland, Reuters
Perry to Reassess Campaign – Ken Herman, Austin American-Statesman
Mitt and the Anti-Romney – James Antle, The American Spectator
Cliffhanger Produces Drama But No Clarity – Tom Bevan, RealClearPolitics
Friday’s Jobless Number Could Depress Us – John Crudele, New York Post
Crisis of Leadership, Not Crisis of Capitalism – Clive Crook, Bloomberg
Will Republicans Hand the Left a VAT Victory? – Daniel Mitchell, WSJ
Romney Sees Better 2012 Outcome, But Just Barely – Erin McPike, RCP
It Might Just Be Santorum’s Time – Charles Hurt, Washington Times
Obama to Set Tone by Taking on House GOP – Matt Spetalnick, Reuters
President Offers More of the Shame – Michael Goodwin, New York Post
The Meaning of Mitt – Michael Kranish and Scott Helman, Vanity Fair
Iowa Video Highlights: Paul | Romney | Obama | Santorum | Halperin


Apply Insider Trading Laws to Congress – Chicago Tribune
Crisis in the Straits of Hormuz? – The Daily Star
The Great California Business Exodus – Investor’s Business Daily
Too Much Buzz for Social Media? – The Economist

Real Clear Politics Video 1 2 3 | More Videos »


Republican Presidential Nomination 

26.0 Romney
25.3 Gingrich
13.0 Paul
6.3 Perry
6.0 Bachmann
4.8 Santorum
1.8 Huntsman
– Cain

22.8 Romney
21.5 Paul
16.3 Santorum
13.7 Gingrich
11.5 Perry
6.8 Bachmann
2.3 Huntsman
– Cain

40.0 Romney
18.7 Paul
11.3 Gingrich
10.3 Huntsman
4.3 Santorum
4.3 Bachmann
2.3 Perry
– Cain

37.0 Gingrich
21.0 Romney
8.7 Paul
6.7 Bachmann
5.7 Perry
2.7 Santorum
3.3 Huntsman
– Cain

35.0 Gingrich
28.0 Romney
6.5 Paul
4.0 Perry
3.5 Bachmann
2.0 Huntsman
1.5 Santorum
– Cain 



The miracle ‘spider silk’ spun by genetically altered silkworms

The Week – 5 hrs agoHumans have long coveted the ultra-strong webbing of spiders — but it took a scientific breakthrough to actually harvest the stuff More »The miracle ‘spider silk’ spun by genetically altered silkworms

The Striptease star is arguably an unusual choice to portray the … More »Demi Moore as Gloria Steinem: Can she pull it …

Islamist insurgents say they’ll set up an office in Qatar where their … More »Are the Taliban really ready to negotiate?

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