New Nationwide FEMA Camps Should Raise Eyebrows

January 2, 2012







Fake! Fake! Fake! Fake!
S. Fred Singer
One of the world’s leading global warming skeptics lays it on the line. More

Pastor’s faith cited in rejection


A California attorney says a city’s move to stop a pastor from starting a charter school is another method to prevent people of faith from getting involved.

Addressing abortion in the church


Operation Rescue is encouraging pastors to preach life in 2012, as Christian women are failing to see that abortion “is something that defies God’s law.”


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Witch Hunt in the Heartland
Jack Cashill
“The destruction of the Christian pillars that have stabilized the country for more than two centuries.” More

  • Did you miss the Christmas White House visitor log document dump?

    Mon Jan 2 16:02:51 2012 · by Nachum · 2 replies 

    Michelle Malkin ^ | 1/2/12 | Michelle Malkin
    Did you miss the Christmas White House visitor log document dump? Share By Michelle Malkin • January 2, 2012 03:31 PM Yes, again. Those bulldozers are working overtime. Over Thanksgiving, I told you about the last batch of White House visitor logs quietly dumped over a busy holiday season. I noted MSNBC host Rachel Maddow’s August 5 visit (along with several other prog media personalities). It was her fifth visit to Casa Obama; she didn’t respond to questions about what she and her pals discussed with the president. She does, however, have the audacity to blast others in the media…
  • Chief House Investigator Says Holder and/or Obama are Doomed

    Mon Jan 2 16:00:02 2012 · by Iam1ru1-2 · 3 replies 

    If you’ve ever watched a beagle track down a rabbit or a bloodhound track down an convect, you might get a glimpse into the workings of Rep Darrell Issa, a Republican from California. Issa is the chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. This basically means that he heads the main investigative body used to delve into the Obama administration and their dealings. Because of his bulldog tenacity of not letting go until the job is done, many on Capitol Hill refer to Issa as Mr Subpoena. In an interview given over the weekend, Issa said, “If…

New Nationwide FEMA Camps Should Raise Eyebrows
Alan P. Halbert
Of all the rumors flying around on the internet, one just refuses to die, and it concerns America’s FEMA camps. More

  • Michele Bachmann: No Matter What Happens in Iowa We’re not Dropping Out

    Mon Jan 2 15:25:40 2012 · by freespirited · 38 replies 

    Daily Caller ^ | 01/02/12 | Alex Pappas
    No matter what happens at the Iowa caucuses Tuesday, Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann said Monday she will not drop out of the race for president. During an appearance on MNSBC’s Morning Joe, Bachmann said her campaign has “already bought our plane tickets. We’re headed to South Carolina as soon as we’re done on Wednesday morning. We’ll be there. We’re going the distance.” Bachmann won the Iowa Straw Poll in August, but suffered a fall hard as the campaign season went on. The most recent Des Moines Register poll shows her in last place, with 7 percent. “This isn’t over,” she…

Homeland Security Moves to Man FEMA Camps

Kurt Nimmo
December 19, 2011

On December 6, we reported on a document originating from Halliburton subsidiary KBR describing services KBR is looking to farm out to subcontractors. The document was passed on to us by a state government employee.

Our research has since discovered another document that further reveals the ongoing effort by the government to establish FEMA camps and provide services for them in the event of an emergency, including a real or more likely a false flag terrorist event.

In May of 2011, the website posted a Department of Homeland Security solicitation document entitled “National Responder Support Camp” calling for contractors to construct and operate camps “in which to stage responders and other authorized personnel and assets deployed for occurrences or events requiring a federal government response. The National Responder Support Camps contract will be used by FEMA, or by other federal agencies through FEMA, consistent with the specific authorities of the agency utilizing the contract’s services.”

“During disaster situations or other events, FEMA federal, state and local responders may need a place that provides shelter, food, and additional basic needs,” the document continues. “Hence the need for the procurement of effective and efficient Responder Support Camps is present.”

The DHS document makes a point of stating that FEMA’s role transcends “hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, cyclones, tornadoes, blizzards, acts of terrorism, tsunamis, or avalanches” and includes playing “a role in assisting with events designated by the Secretary of Homeland Security as National Special Security Events (NSSEs) and with respect to National Response Framework activities of federal agencies.”

In 2008, a document exposed by Wikileaks revealed the mechanics behind the NSSE as it related to the 2008 Republican National Convention held in St. Paul, Minnesota. “Compiled by Terri Smith, the Branch Director for Response, Recovery and Mitigation at the Minnesota Homeland Security and Emergency Management agency (HSEM), the 31-page file offers a veritable bird’s-eye view onto the close coordination amongst federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, including the Pentagon’s U.S. Northern Command (NORTHCOM) during a so-called National Special Security Event (NSSE),” Tom Burghardt wrote in November, 2008.


The Democrat convention held in Denver in 2008 was also considered a National Special Security Event.

The repressive political agenda of “lead federal agencies” operating under NSSE revealed itself during the Republican convention when activists in Minnesota were arrested and charged with “conspiracy to riot in the 2nd degree in the furtherance of terrorism.”

In addition to arresting political activists and charging them with terrorism, operations during the NSSE included establishing a Multi-Agency Communications Center (MACC), described in the Wikileaks file as “a centralized communications and coordination center operated 24 hours a day during the NSSE.” The Minnesota MACC was “staffed by representatives from all participating operational security entities, local government operations, and public and private institutions who are responsible for the critical infrastructures of power, gas and telecommunications.”

Other elements participating included NORTHCOM, the FBI and local law enforcement, the latter an obvious violation of a consistently trampled Posse Comitatus.

“To conclude, the Wikileaks document provides new and startling information how federal, state and local law enforcement entities acting in concert with corporatist ‘private partners’ during September’s Republican National Convention, conspired to deny American’s their right to peacefully protest,” Burghardt writes.

The benign language of the “National Responder Support Camp” document belies the real character of FEMA and its genuine agenda. So-called “responder camps” are less about coordinating response to hurricanes than assisting in the implementation and facilitation of a police state apparatus during martial law and establishment political events covered under NSSE, as noted above.

The officially stated purpose of FEMA is to “reduce the loss of life and property and protect the Nation from all hazards, including natural disasters, acts of terrorism, and other man-made disasters, by leading and supporting the nation in a risk-based, comprehensive emergency management system of preparedness, protection, response, recovery, and mitigation,” but this is merely a public cover for the agency.

During the Reagan administration, it became apparent that FEMA’s mandate was the implementation of martial law and the round-up and detainment of American citizens under presidential directive 54, which spawned Rex 84, Operation Garden Plot and a number of other so-called “civil disturbance” programs.

With the scantily covered National Emergency Centers Establishment Act, the Military Commissions Act, and the recent NDAA sailing through Congress, and a raft of lesser legislation and unconstitutional directives, we are beginning to see the contours of the police state.

The “National Responder Support Camp” is but another puzzle piece of a larger mosaic representing totalitarian control of the population, specifically political opponents deemed to be dangerous enemies of the state, or simply terrorists, who will be disappeared into a nightmare dystopian world of concentration camps and gulags operated by the military at the behest of the global elite after martial law is declared.

Unlimited Domestic Energy…Right Now
Gary Jason
It now appears that in 2011, America will become a net petroleum product exporter for the first time in 62 years. More

REMINDER: The United States Is Still Broke

US Debt Projections

Henry Blodget | 13,669 | 110

Time for a long-term plan.

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U.S. Delusional about Arab Spring, Iran Insists
Reza Kahlili
The radicals ruling Iran believe that Khamenei is the mythical figure who will pave the way for the Mahdi’s return. They believe the current uprisings in the Middle East — as they call it, an “Islamic awakening” — are another sign that the end is near More


Gallery: The many faces of the drug war in Mexico

| Borderland Beat Reporter Chivis

Posted on Borderland Beat Forum by Wenglenca

Mexicans experience another tumultuous year of violence and crime as Mexican forces battled several drug cartels. Mexico was able to arrest many of the main operatives in an increasingly violent and growing drug operation. Here is a selection of photos related to the war that has been waged against the cartels during the past five years.


In this May 16, 2011 file photo, the hand of a corpse hangs from a bed with a syringe that is being used by forensic experts at a makeshift morgue inside a refrigerated container as they try to identify hundreds of bodies found in mass clandestine graves in Durango, Mexico. Five years after President Felipe Calderon launched his assault on organized crime, about 45,000 troops have been deployed, plus several thousand more from the Navy infantry, or marines. More than 45,000 people have been killed by several counts, though the government stopped giving figures on drug war dead when they hit nearly 35,000 a year ago. Still, the flow of drugs continues unabated into the U.S. while arms and money flow into Mexico. (AP Photo/Dario Lopez-Mills, File)



Alfredo Carmona alias “el Capi,” alleged leader of the New Generation gang that dubs itself “Mata Zetas,” or “Zetas Killers,” front row left, and Aquiles Cruz, alleged operations leader of the Zetas drug cartel in Veracruz, front row right, stand with alleged members of the New Generation gang, left, and alleged members of the Zetas cartel, right, as they are presented to the press by the marines in Mexico City, Friday, Oct. 7, 2011. Marines arrested 12 alleged Zetas and eight members of the Jalisco New Generation drug gang on Thursday. The relatively new drug gang, New Generation, is responsible for killing at least 67 people whose bodies were found over the course of a couple of weeks in the Gulf coast state of Veracruz, Mexican authorities said Friday. (AP Photo/Eduardo Verdugo)


A grandmother uses her body as a shield to protect her grandchildren in Acapulco.  Police found more than 200 shell casings at the scene in the poor neighborhood.
2011 was a year in which discoveries of multiple mass graves called “Narcofosas”. Mass Narcofosas were found in Tamaulipas, Durango, Coahuila, Nuevo Leon, Chihuahua and Sinaloa. In the photo is of a fosa in Durango.

Mexican Navy Marines take pictures of themselves during a ceremony presenting new military equipment, including the plane behind, for Mexico from the U.S., at the airport in Mexico City, Thursday Dec. 1, 2011. The equipment was handed over to Mexico as part a bilateral agreement known as the “Merida Initiative” to help fight against drug-trafficking and other security threats. (AP Photo/Alexandre Meneghini)
To view the complete VIVACOLORADO portfolio, link HERE, note; I added two photos not included in the portfolio
  • Bomb blast kills five at Nigerian mosque

    Mon Jan 2 15:45:26 2012 · by SunkenCiv · 8 replies 

    The Spec ^ | Friday, December 30, 2011 | McClatchy-Tribune news services
    At least five people were killed in a bomb explosion at a mosque in the northern Nigerian city of Maiduguri after Friday prayers, police sources said. Several more worshippers were wounded and the blast took place as people were leaving the mosque, police said… Maiduguri is the base of Boko Haram, the Islamist group that claimed responsibility for the Christmas Day attacks on churches in Nigeria in which 27 people died. On Thursday, Boko Haram emailed a statement to some Nigerian media that said: “If God is willing we will carry out further attacks.” Some Maiduguri residents believed Boko Haram…

Prague’s Havel is Gone – Where Are the Middle-East’s Havels?
Walid Phares, Ph.D. – 12/30/2011
As I was watching the carriage transporting the late Vaclav Havel, the first President of free post-Communist Czechoslovakia and the first President of the Czech Republic, into the Prague Castle I was sobered and deeply moved. Having been a witness to major world changes spanning from the end of the twentieth to the start of the twenty-first centuries, I was now watching the departure of a giant of his time who happened to be a modest and a shy man leading a small Central European nation. His words, his life story, and his commitment to liberty have brought hope to many people around the world, far beyond those who speak Czech.

Is Iraq on the Verge of Civil War?
Tanveer Jafri – 12/30/2011
As was foreboded, the situation in Iraq is deteriorating. It was feared that the Shia-Sunni rivalry in Iraq would flare up after the toppling of Saddam Hussein in April 2003. Saddam Hussein was a Sunni Arab military dictator who took over the reins of Baghdad from Ahmad Hasan Al Barq in 1979 and continued to rule the country till 9th April 2003. Shiites form 60 percent of the Iraqi population whereas Sunnis account for 31 percent. During his despotic rule of 24 years, Saddam used every tool to crush his opponents, be they Shias, Sunnis or Kurds.

Saving the Middle Class: Agenda for Economic Renewal
Prof. Peter Morici – 12/30/2011

The hollowing out of the middle class is a potent campaign issue. Almost everyone—even affluent professionals and entrepreneurs—want to identify with the middle class, but increasingly, the genuine middle is a tough place to be.

Since 2000, the median income of working age households has fallen more than 10 percent. With the top 25 percent of earners grabbing a much larger slice of a shrinking pie, income losses for folks in the middle and working classes are much greater.

Lost jobs and stagnant wages have put 100 million Americans—one in three—below or close to the poverty …

Boko Haram: The Dilemma of Human Ignorance, Religion Fideism and Failure of Leadership
Adewale T Akande – 12/30/2011
Without mincing words, I am using this opportunity to console the souls of innocent citizens that lost their lives, commiserates with the families of those who lost their loved ones and wish those injured speedy recovery from the “absurd” (according to the White House) and “senseless” bomb blasts by the islamist group called Boko Haram. It was the first bloody Christmas ever experienced by Nigerians since 1960.


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