OPINION: A Line-By-Line Analysis of the Bills We Must Kill

January 17, 2012

The Transformational Tyrant
William L. Gensert
Today, we stand on the cusp of history. Will we be governed or ruled? More

Romney Denialists
Gene Schwimmer
Romney Denialists are grassroots Republicans who so virulently oppose Mitt Romney that they are in total denial that Romney is, in fact, the overwhelming choice of the Republican grassroots. More

Mitt Romney: The Last Republican President?
Steve McCann
If ever a candidate mirrored the mindset and approach of George H.W. Bush, it is Mitt Romney. This is the last hurrah of the Republican establishment. More

2012: It’s Bain Capital vs. Obama Capital
Christopher Chantrill
Genius at work somewhere deep in the brains of the Romney campaign. More

Ron Paul’s Successful Brand Strategy
Mark Edward Taylor
The key to Paul’s current success in his third run for the presidential nomination is his political branding. Paul has become the savviest pitchman in the narrowing Republican primary field. More

Harry Reid: Friendly like a Rattlesnake
Jeffrey Folks
Sen. Harry Reid urged Republican lawmakers to abandon their partisanship and join him in passing everything Democrats could dream of. More


2012 Presidential Race

Veepstakes: 7 contenders for the GOP ticket

Sure, we don’t have a presidential nominee yet. But that’s not stopping pundits from starting to pencil in the bottom half of the GOP ticket

Best opinion:National Journal, Daily Beast, New Republic …

The Abortion Battle  

On behalf of anti-abortion activists, young children approached Ohio state Senate staffers earlier this month, delivering teddy bears that, when squeezed, mimic fetal heartbeats.


Sending kids to lobby against abortion: ‘Cheap exploitation’?

January 16, 2012, at 2:22 PMTo garner support for Ohio’s controversial “heartbeat bill,” anti-abortion activists use teddy-bear-clutching children as lobbyists




For those who have everything

January 16, 2012, at 9:30 AMDiamond-studded business cards — and more in our collection of bizarrely elite consumer products

2012 Presidential Race  

Could these be the faces of the 2012 Republican presidential ticket? Many political prognosticators believe New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie could wind up being Mitt Romney's running mate.


Veepstakes: 7 contenders for the GOP ticket

January 16, 2012, at 9:00 AMSure, we don’t have a presidential nominee yet. But that’s not stopping pundits from starting to pencil in the bottom half of the GOP ticket




7 bizarre celebrity cruises: A slideshow

January 16, 2012, at 8:25 AMKate Gosselin is the latest low-grade celeb to offer travelers the chance to hit the high seas with her

Has al-Qaeda Ceased to Exist?
Kerry Patton
Arguably, al-Qaeda is now nothing more than a label placed on various and sundry Sunni Islamic terrorist groups. More

The Problem with Iran Is Not Lack of Communication

by Claudia Rosett

With tensions high over tougher sanctions, and Iran’s threats to block the Strait of Hormuz, here come the calls for Groundhog day, again. (Also read Roger L. Simon: “Israel Vice Premier Gets It Wrong on Obama-Iran.”)

SOPA and PROTECT-IP: A Line-By-Line Analysis of the Bills We Must Kill

by Bill Reader

Unconscionable power grabs. Call your congressmen with this.

Where were the liberal politicians?
January 17, 2012
Another taxpayer rip-off under the noses of the usual suspects. More

Santorum tags Romney in SC ad
January 17, 2012
Hard hitting and factual. More

Soros’s friend in the Oval Office does him a favor
January 16, 2012
After all, it was George Soros who admitted in a 2004 New Yorker profile that there are “symbiotic moments between political and business interests.” More

European bailout agency may need bailout
January 16, 2012
This will not end well. More

Harry Reid’s ‘Extreme’
January 16, 2012
I keep trying to reconcile Harry Reid’s view of the Tea Party with my own firsthand experience. More

NY Times’ big travel spread on Jerusalem through the eyes of an anti-Zionist atheist
January 16, 2012
Among all the countries in the world, he writes, “there was only one that I had absolutely zero interest in ever visiting: Israel.” More

Smaller Government’s Newest Politician: Barack Obama
January 16, 2012
Seems Barack Obama has slipped on his Mitt Romney mask. The President hosted a White House smaller-government event complete with a bubble graph slide show and CEOs More

Poll shows Romney, Obama in near dead heat
January 16, 2012
Romney holds narrow lead with indies. More

Christmas Under Islam: Hardly a Season to be Jolly

by Raymond Ibrahim

It is neither a time of “peace” nor “goodwill.”

Enough: Israel Crushes Extremism. Others Promote It.

by Rabbi Dov Lipman

Israel is overwhelmingly rallying against extremists targeting my daughter’s friend Na’ama. Are you paying attention?

Debate Score: Romney on the Goal Line

by Bryan Preston

Did he fumble or score?

Mark Levin’s Ameritopia: Progressivism, the Oldest Evil

by David Steinberg

The “Lean Forward” crowd has bled off Man since he freed up time for philosophy.

Second Thoughts on the Plight of Judith Clark

by Ron Radosh

An answer to my critics.

Can Real Liberalism and the Democratic Party Be Saved from the Radical Takeover?

by Barry Rubin

The Left’s Long March is near complete.

How Progressive Race-Baiters Destroyed Civil Rights Progress in America

by Donald Douglas

And here’s yet another exhibit, the racist fantasies of Tulane professor and MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry.

Santoronomics — A Mixed Report Card

by David P. Goldman

As an admirer of Santorum, I offer some friendly criticism.

Sex Addiction 101

by Belladonna Rogers

PJM’s advice columnist on the Chinese food syndrome of loveless sex: no sooner satisfied, than feeling empty again.

Battlefield South Carolina

by J. Christian Adams

There are signs that Romney faces a tougher path in the Palmetto State. (Note: Roger L. Simon and Bryan Preston will provide on-the-ground reports from South Carolina this week.)

The Sad Tale of Judith Clark: How Ideology Can Ruin a Life

by Ron Radosh

Does she now deserve leniency? I say yes, David Horowitz says no.

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