Sending Military Message to Iranians

January 10, 2012

1 Iran, Venezuela agree to expand ties

2    ‘Big Atomic Bomb Will Come Out’: Ahmadinejad and Chavez Joke About Nuclear Strike Against U.S

3        Iran nuke work at bunker is confirmed

4        Israel ‘preparing for nuclear Iran’

5        The Real Deal on the U.S.-Israel Joint Mega-Drill  Sending Military Message to Iranians

6                     Chavez Meets With Ahmadinejad to Deepen Strategic Ties

7                     EU, Japan prepare for Iran oil embargo P

8       Japan ‘concerned’ over escalation with Iran

9                    China urges US to be ‘cautious’ over military plan

10                 Russia voices ‘worry’ over Iran’s new nuclear plant.…

11                  Russian foreign ministry says regrets Iran’s decision to start enrichment of uranium – Reuters

12                 Might be too late for damage control. We have to wait and see how #Iran officials and state media react to WP story.

13                #SecClinton: #Iran claims this decision was necessary to produce fuel for Tehran Research Reactor. This is false. #Qom


ThomasErdbrink Thomas Erdbrink
14                #Iran ‘s dissidents are not going to like this, US official says goal of sanctions is to create “hate” on street
SaloumehZ SaloumehZ
15                      #Iran leader calls for ‘solidarity,’ ‘justice’ There is no justice at all in Iran. #iranelection
West Wing Report
WestWingReport West Wing Report
16                     It wasn’t listed on his schedule, but president met w/Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister. The Saudis have previously urged U.S. to attack #Iran
Olivier Knox
OKnox Olivier Knox
17                   Meanwhile, at the White House: Pres Obama met with Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister. White House readout thinissimo. #Iran ? #unrest?
Ambassador Rice
AmbassadorRice Ambassador Rice
18            #Iran ‘s decision to begin enrichment near Qom illustrates its utter disregard for legitimate global concerns about its nuclear program.

14              #BreakingNews: White house: Obama met Saudi foreign affairs minister in Oval office, discussed key Middle East issues
15               Israeli #Mossad recruiting #Iranian exiles in Iraq’s Kurdish region: report…
16              35 percent of the world’s oil passes through the Strait of Hormuz – what will happen if #Iran closes it? |


Escalation: Iran To Close Strait if Further Sanctioned


Gulf States on Arms Buying Binge to Counter Iran Threat

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