WORLD: Just a bluff? Fears grow of Israeli attack on Iran

February 6, 2012

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Iranian Parliament’s Website: Attack Israel this Year

Giants top Pats for 2nd Super Bowl in 4 years
Fire kills husband of missing Utah woman, 2 boys
Activists: Syrian troops pound Homs neighborhoods
Romney latest pol to join wait-let-me-explain club
Too many kids breathe others’ smoke in cars: CDC
Egypt to try 19 Americans in case straining ties
Mushroom pickers lost hope, considered eating dog
Former Panamanian dictator Noriega hospitalized
Defense cuts test lawmakers’ resolve on deficits
M.I.A. flips bird during Super Bowl halftime show

Former Member of Russian Joint Chiefs of Staff Col.-Gen. Leonid Ivashov:
Russia Is Ready to Use Military Power to Defend Iran and Syria; Attack on Syria or Iran Is Indirect Attack on Russia;
US in Libya Like Hitler in Poland
Syria’s Christians believe they need the regime for protection.
Syria christians 2012 2 6
From a GlobalPost correspondent – Monday, February 6, 2012 – 06:00
DAMASCUS — After Russia and China vetoed a United Nations Security Council resolution condemning the actions of the Syrian regime, some Christians inside the country celebrated. full story


  • Fire kills husband of missing Utah woman, 2 boys
  • Giants top Pats for 2nd Super Bowl in 4 years
  • Despite ceremony, NY fort’s skeletons not buried
  • Defense cuts test lawmakers’ resolve on deficits
  • NYC fans cheer, dance as Giants defeat Patriots
  • Patriots’ loss is Super disappointment for fans
  • Bigger US role against companies’ cyberthreats?
  • Too many kids breathe others’ smoke in cars: CDC
  • Blood, saliva and DNA are keys to murder case
  • Marine sergeant accused of hazing goes to trial



    6.8 quake in Philippines kills 13, buries homes
    Greek crisis talks for debt deal pushed to Monday
    Former Panamanian dictator Noriega hospitalized
    Just a bluff? Fears grow of Israeli attack on Iran
    Hamas: `Breakthrough’ in Palestinian talks

    WASHINGTON/TEHRAN (Reuters) – President Barack Obama said on Sunday there were important risks to consider before any military strike against Iran and made clear he does not want to see more conflict in the oil-producing Gulf region. In a television interview, Obama also … More »Obama says risky to attack Iran, wants diplomatic fix

    MANILA (Reuters) – One child died and a local tsunami alert was issued … More »One dead, local tsunami alert in 6.7 quake off Philippines


    English Defence League’s Tommy Robinson’s passionate speech at the Leicester protest

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    Tommy rails against double standards used by law enforcement which treat Muslim extremists with kid gloves while demonizing the people who oppose them.

    This is the kind of moonbat Barack Hussein Obama appoints as Ambassador to Austria

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    Multiculturalism has been declared a miserable failure in nearly every country of Europe. But William C. Eacho III, Obama’s Ambassador to Austria, doesn’t seem to have gotten the message.

    Islam vs Europe The U.S. Embassy in Vienna sponsored a multi-culti propaganda contest that carried the theme “Diversity and Tolerance.” The prize-winning video, titled “Tolerate instead of Ignore” was won by five students of the Business Academy Steyr.



    Myanmar’s opposition leader granted permission by electoral commission to run in April’s parliamentary poll.
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    Conservative National Action Party chooses Josefina Vazquez Mota to run for president on July 1.
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    Quarterback Eli Manning rallies team to 21-17 victory against New England Patriots, taking second title in four years.
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    Hey Europe, this is what you get for supporting the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak

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    So much for the Arab Spring. Now that Egypt has elected radical Islamists to run its government, tourism already is down by one-third and almost all foreign investment has stopped. Get ready, Europe, the flood of refugees from Egypt will be even bigger than the one from Tunisia and Libya. Just what the Muslim-in-Chief of America was hoping for.




    A man cycles as an airliner flies over head into Hongqiao International airport in Shanghai on Jan 5. (PETER PARKS/AFP/Getty Images)

    China’s air carriers are formally banned from paying charges on carbon emissions imposed by the European Union, the official Xinhua news agency reported today.

    The Civil Aviation Administration of China, or CAAC, has also forbidden Chinese air carriers from raising freight costs or adding other fees without official permission, Xinhua reported.

    More from GlobalPost: Chinese airlines refuse to pay EU carbon tax

    The EU Emissions Trading System took effect on for airlines on Jan 1 and Xinhua said an estimated 4,000 air carriers would have to pay charges under the scheme. According to the Agence France-Presse news agency, two dozen other countries, including the U.S., Russia and India also object to the charges.

    In a statement carried by Xinua, CAAC said the recent EU decision to impose charge carriers operating flights to and from European airports was contrary to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

    “China objects to the EU’s decision to impose the scheme on non-EU airlines, and has expressed its concerns over the scheme through various channels,” the statement said, according to Xinhua. “China will consider adopting necessary measures to protect interests of Chinese individuals and companies, pending the development of the issue.”




    Kenya: Ocampo Dismisses Appeal Requests By ICC Suspects

    By Oliver Mathenge, 6 February 2012 International Criminal Court Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo has dismissed requests by Kenyan suspects to be allowed to appeal the decision confirming their cases.

    The prosecutor dismissed the issues raised by the suspects as not appealable, adding that they are just disagreements with the ruling.

    He says that the suspects have erred in trying to show that the pre-trial Judges made mistakes by giving more credibility to the prosecution witnesses and evidence.

    The suspects, in their appeals, argue that the prosecution’s evidence did not meet the threshold of Article 82(1)(d) of the Rome Statute that defines state-like organisations and the judges reversed the burden of proof on them.

    However, Mr Moreno-Ocampo says that the Judges did reverse the burden of proof to the suspects but based their factual findings on the basis on whether the evidence presented by the prosecution was met the standards for the cases to be sent to trial.

    “None of the issues arises from the Decision or constitute an “issue” within the terms of Article 82(1)(d). Additionally they do not fulfil the requirements for leave to appeal,” Mr Moreno-Ocampo argues in two documents he filed on Friday.

    The Prosecutor, in the documents, says the issues raised by defence lawyers can be handled at trial where they will have the opportunity to challenge the evidence gathered in the course of Prosecution’s investigation.

    “Thus, the resolution of the defence’s challenge at this stage would not materially advance the proceedings,” the Prosecutor says.

    The ICC has confirmed cases against four Kenyans – Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta, former head of civil service Francis Muthaura, Eldoret North MP William Ruto and radio presenter Joshua Sang.

    The four have challenged the jurisdiction of the ICC on the cases and have also sought permission from the Pre-Trial Chamber to appeal the decision made by two of the three judges.

    The Appeals Chamber has asked the Prosecutor to file his submissions on the challenge by the four that the ICC should not hear their cases by Thursday this week. The victims’ lawyers Sureta Chana and Morris Anyah will have five days after Thursday to file their responses.

    Meanwhile, Internal Security Minister Prof George Saitoti has asked Kenyans to refrain from dragging President Kibaki’s name into the ongoing post-election violence cases at the ICC.

    The minister said that such “spurious, parochial debates and insinuations may raise political heat and cause undue consternation”.

    Prof Saitoti added that statements made to try and link the President with the cases are unwarranted and alarmist and asked the public to ignore them.




    OH, GOODIE, another Canadian ‘Audacity of Dopes’ boat is headed for the Middle East

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    ALL ABOARD! Canada’s freedom boat to Gaza Syria is ready to set sail.  Oh, wait….

    Recruitment Ad for English Defence League

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    Ignorant, arrogant bagheads like this one are part of the reason the world hates Muslims. However, she makes a good case for female genital mutilation.

    Muslims living in American communities without a mosque must leave

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    If they don’t want to leave, they must work to set up a mosque and Islamic school in the communities in which they are living.

    I have a better idea, go live in one of your 57 Islamic hellholes around the world. Even better, don’t come here at all.

    Have your schools been indoctrinated with whitewashed Islamic propaganda yet?

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    If you are new to this website, you might not know there is a destructive propaganda war being waged in our nation’s classrooms. More and more, we are seeing extensive lessons on Islam in the public schools, extolling the virtues of Islamic misogyny and waxing poetic about sharia. One of the worst ideas is inviting Muslim leaders and/or clerics into the schools in the interest of multicultural ‘tolerance’ and ‘awareness.’

    Religious studies are generally unwelcome in public schools, with the exception of the study of Islam.  Perhaps there are people in the education system who think that a broader understanding of Islam will make it easier to understand barbaric acts of mass murder, such as we saw on September 11, 2001.  But there is another more likely goal:  making all religions morally equivalent, so that no specific religion is considered superior to any other.

    The word “Islam” means “submission”.  All Mohammedans are commended to wage war against the unbelievers until they submit to Islam and the entire world becomes Islamic.

    Inviting Muslims to speak to students is not education, it is proselytizing for Islam that whitewashes the real history of Islam – the 270 million victims of a millennium of jihadi wars, land appropriations and ethnic cleansing wherever Muslims are the majority (and some place where they are not), cultural annihilations, and historical and modern day enslavement of black Africans. Public schools in America are allowing representatives of terror-linked CAIR to give lectures to students on Islam (something they never do for representatives of other religions). Yet these lectures never mention the systematic dehumanization of women: honor killings, limb amputations, homosexual hangings, female genital mutilation, forced child marriage, wife beating, and more that are all inherently part of Islam .

    Public schools, almost exclusively run by left wingers, abhor any kind of religious symbolism or discussions in the classroom…except when it comes to Islam.

    If you have school age children, they are probably being indoctrinated by Islamic propaganda without even realizing it. Many schools today use Saudi-funded textbooks with revisionist history that praises Islam and condemns Christianity. Some of the history books even say Muslims discovered America and have been a part of American history for over 400 years. You need to read your children’s textbooks and ask them what they are being taught about Islam.

    Take a look at the examples below of  how Islamic propaganda is creeping into school curriculums. If you think your schools may be involved, get together with other parents and demand it be stopped. Parents have been able to get these textbooks changed, have stopped CAIR from sending representatives to schools, and gotten schools to remove the teaching of Islamic culture/religion from the classroom.


    Report on Biased Textbooks Goes to 500 Superintendents The report lists several quotes from textbooks teaching students that the 9/11 attacks were a response to U.S. foreign policy.  For example, one book says, “What were the sources of Muslim anger? …bin Laden declared that the attacks were a response to the ‘humiliation and disgrace’ that have afflicted the Islamic world for over eighty years.”  Another teaches that Bin Laden was motivated by the “military presence of the sacred soil of the Arabian peninsula and its support for Israel’s hostility to Palestinian nationalism.”  The ideology of radical Islam is not discussed.

    Harvard Fires Critic of Jihad.  Harvard has dropped economics courses taught by a Hindu professor, Subramanian Swamy, president of the Janata Party of India and a former Union Cabinet minister, because of something that had nothing to do with economics:  he wrote an editorial that Muslims find offensive.

    It’s Called ‘Christmas,’ Stupid.  The University of California, Berkeley, provides a prayer room in the student union for Muslim students, and the University of Michigan-Dearborn has installed footbaths for Muslim students, as have a dozen other universities.  A technical school in Minnesota has installed footbaths, but the coffee cart’s Christmas music has been turned off as a violation of the separation of church and state and, perhaps, insulting to those taking a footbath.

    Hamas High School in Florida? Why is a representative of a terror-linked organization, a defender of jihad terror groups and an apologist for Islamic supremacism welcome to speak in public schools? … [W]e have been able to identify one school — Steinbrenner High School — where a representative of CAIR spoke to students.  An informed source tells me it was the notorious Hassan Shibly.  Shibly has a track record of defending jihad terrorist groups and acting as an apologist for the worldwide jihad and Islamic supremacism. … Anywhere CAIR speaks, freedom’s defenders must be given a platform as well.  We are not an Islamic nation in which truth is blasphemy.

    Fighting Radical Islam — the Educational Threat.  The education our children receive about Islam doesn’t come only from the media.  In fact, information about Islamic culture is taught in public and private schools across the U.S.  From kindergarten to college, our children may be susceptible to mistruths about Islam, and its relationship to the western world.  There is a dedicated stealth curriculum campaign by factions of the Muslim world to paint Islam in the most positive light, and that may not be a bad thing.  The problem is that references to Radical Islam are being completely whitewashed.

    Islamizing the Curriculum in Georgia.  Many of us have been calling out and exposing the destructive propaganda war that is being waged in our nation’s classrooms.  Time and time again, we find extensive lessons on Islam in the public schools, extolling Islamic misogyny and waxing poetic on sharia and the brutal oppression of non-Muslims and apostates.  Last week, we found that schools across Georgia were Islamizing the curriculum by selling misogyny to children.  They were using a lesson plan that glorifies the cloth coffin that Muslims dress women in, as well as polygamy.

    From Crayons to Condoms.  We’ve all heard stories about teachers and students not being allowed to pray in schools or bring their Bibles to school.  But unfortunately, when it comes to Islam there is a new standard. … Islam is not always being taught just as a comparative religion class but actually involves students in Islamic religious rituals.  One teacher reported that while she was substitute teaching she was instructed to leave the classroom for an hour while another school employee came to the classroom to lead the students in their prayers to Allah.  Certainly the ACLU would file a lawsuit if a public school led children in prayers to God.

    Public School Converted To Islamic Center.  As you read this, be mindful that it could just as easily be your community — and probably will be, eventually.  Farmington, Michigan’s Public School Board of Education voted unanimously to sell their vacant Eagle Elementary School to the Islamic Cultural Association for $1.1 million.  The transaction was kept secret until the sale was nearly complete.

    Texas Schools Instituting Mandatory Arabic Language and Culture Classes.  It seems that it was a well-kept secret.  Residents in the Mansfield Independent School District in Texas found out just this Monday evening that the district had decided to force some of their children to take Arabic language and culture classes.  As for the impetus behind the move, as they say, just follow the money:  The program is a condition for receipt of a federal grant.

    A FLAP Develops Over Mandatory Arabic Classes in Texas.  If one of the main goals of the Department of Education is to educate parents on why they might want to consider the option of private or home schooling, then mission accomplished.

    Parents Say Textbooks Give Islam a Makeover.  Three North County residents contend a textbook used to teach seventh-graders about the Islamic religion in the San Dieguito Union High School District “romanticizes” the history of the religion, and they want the district to use supplemental information to provide what they say would be a more balanced view.

    The Subversive Agenda of our Public Schools.  Multiculturalism, certainly, but I am particularly concerned personally with the Islamic slant of public school textbooks. Of all the arenas in which the stealth jihad is advancing, the most crucial is in our schools, where stealth jihadists have found a welcoming environment among teachers deeply steeped in the multiculturalist ethos.  With the mandate of “tolerance” robbing many educators of their ability to evaluate non-Western cultures critically, teachers are highly susceptible to an organized campaign by U.S.-based Islamic organizations and their primary benefactor, Saudi Arabia, to present a view of Islam that whitewashes its violent history and intolerant religious imperatives.  Meanwhile, in America’s Islamic academies, teaching materials, some direct from Saudi Arabia, instill unequivocal hatred toward non-Muslims and a deep suspicion of Western culture.

    Standing Up for Persecuted Christian Teachers — in America.  Two teachers at Dearborn’s Fordson High School, Bryan Purcell and Georgene Stergalas, were repeatedly harassed by the then-Muslim principal Imad Fadlallah.  (He has since been replaced by another Muslim principal.)  As we’ve noted in the press release announcing the lawsuit, it was clear that the harassment was brought because these teachers are Christians and not Muslims and because the principal wanted to replace Christian teachers with teachers who are Muslims, Arabs, or Arab Muslims.

    De Facto Shariah Law in America.  In the State of California, 7th-grade students at Excelsior Middle School in Discovery Bay, California adopted Muslim names, prayed on prayer rugs, and celebrated Ramadan under a state-mandated curriculum that requires instruction about various religions.  In 2006, the U.S. Supreme Court again declined to hear legal challenges by concerned Excelsior parents, who complained that the instruction was actually religious indoctrination and that Christianity and Judaism were not given equal time and exposure.

    Public school children forced to pray to Allah.  Where is the ACLU, which sues schools which dare mention Jesus or permit football teams to pray before games?

    School Apologizes After Students Pray to Allah on Field Trip to Mosque.  A Massachusetts school district has apologized to parents after a group of schoolchildren participated in midday Muslim prayers during a field trip to a Boston-area mosque.  The incident occurred in May when a social studies class from Wellesley Middle School toured the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center, one of the largest mosques in the Northeast.

    Public School Field Trip Results in Islamic Indoctrination.  This a sixth-grade class from a public school in Wellesley, MA, working with another of these innocuous-sounding “charities” that are really leftwing fronts, using taxpayer-funded field trip time to take unsuspecting children to a mosque that’s notorious for its connections to the Muslim Brotherhood, for the kids to be indoctrinated.  There’s no excuse for this.  Everyone on the school’s staff who had anything to do with this trip should be fired.

    Countering Islamic Indoctrination in Public Schools.  The fight against Islamic indoctrination in the schools won a victory in Texas last week.  But the forces pushing to obfuscate the nature of Islam’s jihad imperative hold the high ground in the education industry, forcing parents and realists to continue to fight.  The Texas Board of Education issued a press release on Friday, 9/24/10, which included a self-described “most debated item on the board’s Friday agenda” — a non-binding resolution that barely passed by a 7-6 vote, with two members absent.

    ‘Diversity’ Perversity:  NY Schools Teaching Whitewashed Islamic History.  The egregious bias in this exam, and its structured, requisite evaluation by teachers, is transparent and disturbing.  Two examples of complementary “Official Historical Documents” which students are required to read and discuss — one pertaining to Islamic Spain, the other Reconquista Christian Spain — along with very specific teacher evaluation guidelines they must satisfy for the best grade, epitomize the naked indoctrination being promoted.

    Schoolhouse Shariah.  California’s educrats have put out new rules for teaching Islamic studies to seventh-graders in public schools, and they are as biased as ever.  They’ll also likely spread eastward.  The lesson guidelines adopted by the bellwether state whitewash the violence and oppression of women codified in Islamic law, or Shariah.  And they’re loaded with revisionist history about the faith.

    Islamist Propaganda in the K-12 Classrom.  A highly disturbing phenomenon is rising in our public school system today with hardly a peep of protest from parents and from our society at large:  students are being force-fed a curious and bizarre narrative that presents Islam in a glowing — and historically mangled — light, while Western civilization and the Judeo-Christian tradition are demonized and smeared.

    Teen suspended for criticizing Muslim student.  The teen says an issue over the American flag is why she was written up and handed a five-day suspension from Springstead High School this week for criticizing a Muslim student.  Heather says the other girl was sitting down during the Pledge of Allegiance.

    The Left’s Romance with Tyranny and Terror.  With the decline of communism, the Left began to support Islamism.  Whereas journalists, novelists and activists led the charge in the first wave, Glazov explains in the second half of the book [Unholy Alliance, the most vociferous defenders of Islamism now come from the Ivory Tower.

    Minnesota College Begins Islamization Makeover.  The first public college in the nation has now earnestly begun the Islamization of its campus.  We presume this is only the first of many other colleges and universities that will now follow suit.  Minneapolis Community and Technical College announced in March that it will renovate its bathrooms, in order to install ritual foot-washing basins for Muslims’ who are preparing for their prayers.

    Hate Speech At San Francisco State University.  The virulence of anti-Israelism and antisemitism at The University of California, Irvine campus … has been so flagrant and endemic in recent years that it actually prompted an investigation by the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights, the findings of which were issued in a damning 2007 report.  But San Francisco State University is not far behind in the ignoble way it has enabled its Muslim students’ organizations to create a veritable reign of terror on campus against Jewish and pro-Israel students, while simultaneously attempting to silence voices of opposition…

    Critic Says Islamic Extremism Gets Whitewashed in American Textbooks.  An education expert is warning that some American textbooks present a biased view of Islam and offer a sugarcoated picture of Islamic extremism, a trend that has parents worried about what’s being taught in public schools.  In numerous history textbooks, “key subjects like jihad, Islamic law, the status of women are whitewashed,” said Gilbert T. Sewall, director of the American Textbook Council, an independent group that reviews history books and other education materials.

    Whitewashing Jihad in the Schools.  American educators have been bending to the will of the grievance-mongers ever since the 9/11 attacks.  Remember the jihad-sympathizing admonition included in the NEA’s touchy-feely, post-9/11 curriculum:  “Do not suggest that any group is responsible” for the terrorist attacks, parents and teachers were advised.  But feel free to conjure up homeschooling “wackos” and Christian “New Crusaders” to avoid offending the Muslim lobby.

    Islamo-Fascism Week III:  “Stop the Jihad on Campus”.  In October 2007, more than one hundred campuses hosted Islamo-Fascism Awareness weeks to make university communities aware of the Islamist threat and the danger it poses.  In April 2008 a second Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week focused on the network created in America by the Muslim Brotherhood and that includes the Muslim Students Association and the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR).

    Textbook Lies About Islam.  Why, at a time of war, are students at top U.S. military schools denied an objective treatment of Islam’s war doctrines?  A report by the American Textbook Council sheds light by showing how these academic failures have much deeper roots.

    Horowitz Speech on Radical Islam Has Repercussions at Northwestern.  Less than a week after defaming David Horowitz by claiming that he spreads “blatant lies about Islam” and criticizing the College Republicans for “bringing such an offensive and divisive speaker” to campus, the Muslim-cultural Students Association (McSA) at Northwestern has announced plans to bring infamous Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers to campus.

    School for scoundrels.  Despite a report by the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom that the Islamic Saudi Academy in Alexandria, Va., has continued to use textbooks that teach hatred of everyone not of their specific brand of faith, the U.S. State Department has yet to act to close down the school. … One would be hard-pressed to find a greater threat to public health, safety and welfare than this training ground for a new generation of jihadists.

    Report:  Maryland Textbooks on Islamic Teachings Dumbed Down.  According to the New York Examiner, a new report issued by the American Textbook Council said that administrators who approved books for use in the Montgomery County school district caved into pressure by pro-Islamic groups seeking to present a less violent interpretation of Islam.  Gilbert Sewall, director of the council, stated that, for example, the definition of jihad has gone through “amazing cultural reorchestration” in textbooks, losing any connotation of violence, the Examiner wrote.

    The Most Muslim University in America.  At the University of California, Irvine the Muslim Student Union (MSU), a virulently anti-Semitic and anti-American student group, holds several programs which unabashedly support terrorist groups and unjustly denounce Israel, America, and the Western world.  MSU events have featured speakers like Norman Finkelstein, Ward Churchill, Muhammad al-Asi and Amir Abdel Malik Ali, and have had titles such as “Hamas:  the People’s Choice” and “Israel:  The 4th Reich.”

    Islamic Textbook Teaches It’s OK to Kill.  A federal investigation released Wednesday [6/11/2008] reveals that some Islamic textbooks are teaching kids it’s okay to kill adulterers and converts from Islam.  The books have been used by the Islamic Saudi Academy, which teaches 900 students in grades K-12 at two campuses in Alexandria and Fairfax.  The school receives much of its funding from the Saudi government.

    Schoolboys disciplined for ‘refusing to pray to Allah’.  It was claimed that the boys, from a year seven class of 11 and 12-year-olds, were given detention after refusing to take part in a practical demonstration of how Allah is worshipped.  Yesterday [7/4/2008] parents accused the school of breaching their human rights by forcing them to take part in the exercise.

    Schoolboys punished for refusing to kneel in class and pray to Allah.  Two schoolboys were given detention after refusing to kneel down and ‘pray to Allah’ during a religious education lesson.  Parents were outraged that the two boys from year seven (11 to 12-year-olds) were punished for not wanting to take part in the practical demonstration of how Allah is worshipped.

    Islam in America’s public schools:  Education or indoctrination? Islamists, or those who believe that Islam is a political and religious system that must dominate all others, are focusing less on the military and more on the ideological.  It turns out that Western liberal democracies can be subverted without firing a shot.  Nowhere is this more evident than in the educational realm.  Islamists have taken what’s come to be known as the “soft jihad” into America’s classrooms and children in K-12 are the first casualties.

    Celebrating Open Tent’ Day — Kids Dress Like Arabs.  Only in the west can one see a school that hosts a day when school children are encouraged to dress like, act like, and “learn about” those trying to kill them and all in a day that the country is in the midst of war.  And only in the west would the media help celebrate such an outrageous example of support for what, in truth, are our enemies.

    Principal has new job after ‘Islam 101′ controversy.  The Friendswood Junior High principal who outraged some parents by allowing an Islamic group to make a 40-minute presentation to students last month is now off the job.  In a two-sentence statement sent late Wednesday, the school district said Robin Lowe “has accepted another administrative position effective immediately.”

    Multiculturalism Gone Berserk:  Why are school children forced to “bow to the altar of multiculturalism” as they did at the Amherst Middle School when kids had to celebrate something called “Open Tent Day” by parading around the school dressed as Saudi Arabians, according to

    Muslim presentation at Friendswood school draws fire.  Parents of some junior high students are upset they weren’t notified about a school presentation on Islamic culture, an omission that violated school district policy.  The parents’ letter-writing campaign stems from a May 22 presentation at Friendswood Junior High, where two Muslim women gave a 30-minute presentation about Islamic life as part of a yearlong study of respect, tolerance and culture, The Galveston County Daily News reported Saturday [5/31/2008].

    Wall of silence broken at state’s Muslim public school.  Recently, I wrote about Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy (TIZA), a K-8 charter school in Inver Grove Heights.  Charter schools are public schools and by law must not endorse or promote religion.  Evidence suggests, however, that TIZA is an Islamic school, funded by Minnesota taxpayers.

    Islam and the Textbooks:  [Scroll down] What the comparison revealed were content distortions and inaccuracies that have not occurred by accident.  These lessons and the process by which they are put into America’s classrooms raise serious concerns about the integrity of world history as a subject.

    Education or Indoctrination:  Inquiring Minds Want to Know.  Two thoughts come to mind as I reflect on this story.  The first deals with the notion of the “double standard”; the second, with “duplicity.”  Our current climate of political correctness in this country has produced a dizzying double standard as it relates to Christianity and its competing world views — including Islam.

    Ohio’s Jihadist Public University Professor.  A history professor at a public Ohio university is an outspoken supporter of Palestinian terrorism who regularly works on his renowned Jihad web site while drawing a state paycheck.  The Kent State University teacher, Julio Pino, is a Muslim convert who says his Jihadist news service provides battle dispatches, training manuals and Jihad videos to brothers worldwide.

    Who’s Behind the Censorship of Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week? The three co-equal branches of the Unholy Alliance — Islamic radicals, far-Left activists, and academics — have returned to their usual level of discourse — intimidation, slander, ad hominem attacks — in an attempt to ban Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week from college campuses before it ever occurs.

    In England:
    Teachers drop the Holocaust to avoid offending Muslims.  Schools are dropping the Holocaust from history lessons to avoid offending Muslim pupils, a Government backed study has revealed.  It found some teachers are reluctant to cover the atrocity for fear of upsetting students whose beliefs include Holocaust denial.  There is also resistance to tackling the 11th century Crusades — where Christians fought Muslim armies for control of Jerusalem — because lessons often contradict what is taught in local mosques.

    Also in England:
    Muslim pupils learn to cut off hands of thieves.  Up to 5,000 pupils attending weekend schools across Britain are being exposed to textbooks claiming that some Jews were transformed into pigs and apes, and that some offences could be punished with stoning.  One book for six year-olds warns that those who do not believe in Islam will be condemned to “hellfire” in death.

    Scholastic joins education industry’s campaign for Islam.  The Junior Scholastic “news magazine” that is written for elementary students and used in thousands of public schools across the United States has published an article promoting “madrassa” school life for American children who are Muslims, much to the outrage of some parents.  “Remember way back in grade school and getting Junior Scholastic magazine in school?  Well here is an example of what JS has devolved into.  Force-feeding the barbaric propaganda of Islamic madrassas down the throats of my 7th and 4th graders.  Disgusting,” a father wrote WND about the issue, published in November.

    Teacher resigns after placing “destroy America” in students’ word search.  Students said former Smithfield-Selma High Spanish teacher Khalid Chahhou gave them an extra-credit “word search” Thursday [11/16/2006] that required them to translate vocabulary words and find them in a grid of letters.  They started seeing other words such as “destroy” and “terrorist” and eventually put together a few sentences that decry violence against Palestinians and appear to condemn the United States for its involvement in the conflict.

    At universities, little learned from 9/11.  The feminists at Harvard seek to remove every vestige of patriarchy in America, but they have said almost nothing about the complete dismissal of women’s rights by radical Islam.  To do so would be to attack Islamic culture, and according to multiculturalism, every culture is equal and none is evil.

    Oregon Students Wear Islam Dress For Class.  Officials at a public school in Oregon are defending a seventh-grade social studies unit on Islam that included students dressing in traditional Islamic dress.  Kendlee Garner of Nyssa told the Ontario Argus Observer that she objected to the amount of time dedicated to the unit on Islam — four weeks — as well as the wearing of religious garb and the lack of parental notification.  She said her son told her about the activity, and when she objected, he got an alternate assignment in the library.

    Ex-teacher gets 15 years for aiding terror group.  A federal judge yesterday [8/25/2006] sentenced a former third-grade teacher at a Muslim school in Maryland to 15 years in prison for providing support to a terrorist organization known as the “Virginia jihad network,” which used paintball games to train for a holy war.

    The Visiting Jihadist:  Throughout America, universities are turning a blind eye while their campuses are being invaded by those propagating a violent form of hatred known simply as radical Islam.  This month, one such campus will follow this insidious trend.  On March 17th through the 18th, the University of Central Florida (UCF) will be hosting an imam who has ties to terrorists and has publicly pledged his support for those who commit suicide in the name of Allah.

    Christian Parents Sue After Students “Become Muslims”:  A public school in Byron, California is being sued after forcing Christian students to pretend they were Muslims for three weeks.  As part of an Islam simulation” project, students prayed in the name of Allah, chose a Muslim name, and played a “jihad” dice game, according to the group that filed the lawsuit.

    Islam studies spark hate mail, lawsuits:  (Parents say “Biased” state-adopted textbook distorts world history in favor of Muslims.)  Word of public-school students pretending to be Muslims, wearing robes, simulating jihads and memorizing verses from the Koran in a seventh-grade California classroom touched off a firestorm of debate, but WorldNetDaily has learned these classroom exercises are neither isolated to one school district nor are they anything new.

    A New “History” Book in the Spirit of Multiculturalism:  Could it be that an important textbook is proselytizing American 12-year-olds to convert to Islam?

    Muslim groups rally behind undisputed cheerleader of Islamic terrorism.  When former college professor — and alleged terrorist — Sami al-Arian was unexpectedly acquitted Tuesday [12/13/2005] on eight counts and received a hung jury on the other nine, many leading Muslims could barely contain their glee.

    Over 10,000 Saudi Students are Bound for the US.  More than 10,000 Saudi students will travel to the US to attend university as part of a government-sponsored program following the adoption of new measures by the Ministry of Higher Education aimed at facilitating travel procedures for Saudis.  In total, 21,000 Saudis are expected to take part in the program in the next four years.

    UNC “Islamic Indoctrination” Case Heating Up:  A Christian attorney says students who sued a university over a mandatory Muslim indoctrination course should not have to reveal their identities.  A group of students is suing the University of North Carolina for attempting to force them to participate in a pro-Islamic reading program, claiming the program amounts to government sponsorship of religion.  They sued anonymously out of fear of retaliation from radical Muslim extremists.

    Judge Rules Pro-Islamic Reading at UNC Constitutional:  Participation No Longer Required of Incoming Students; Attorneys Filing Appeal.

    The Cutting Edge in American Education:  “Become a Muslim warrior”:  Militant Islamic lobbying groups want Islam taught as the true religion, not as an academic subject.  They take advantage of this indulgence, exerting pressure on school systems and on textbook writers.

    9th Circuit Says Islam in Public Schools is Okay.  In what can only be seen as a double-standard, the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has decided that teaching Islam in a public school does not amount to indoctrination, even though the court’s rulings indicate recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance apparently does.

    Islam studies spark hate mail, lawsuits:  (Parents say “Biased” state-adopted textbook distorts world history in favor of Muslims.)  Word of public-school students pretending to be Muslims, wearing robes, simulating jihads and memorizing verses from the Koran in a seventh-grade California classroom touched off a firestorm of debate, but WorldNetDaily has learned these classroom exercises are neither isolated to one school district nor are they anything new.

    A Patriotic Professor is Falsely Accused:  If higher education is an enlightened search for truth, these misguided Muslim students have chosen a dead end paved with lies.

    Pants on Fire!:  An independent report has found Orange Coast College professor Ken Hearlson innocent. So why are the Muslim students who lied to get him in trouble still in school?

    San Diego State Student Charged with Harassment for Patriotism:  Student’s crime was objecting to Muslim students’ joy at September 11th attacks.

    Muslim mythology thrives on PC college campuses.  Youth lends itself to stridency and naïveté, making campuses fertile fields for hatemongers and paranoia peddlers, providing an ideal home to delusional Muslim mythology.  And political correctness has served as ignorance’s accomplice.

    “Spiritual warfare” grips Univ. of Wisconsin:  2nd-year resident dismissed after questioning Islamist lecturers.

    Jihad for Kids:  It contains no foul language or sexual innuendo.  In fact, it aims to instill reverence for God and obedience to His commands.  Nevertheless, one educational CD-ROM marketed to children aged five and up is one of the most disquieting products ever aimed at pre-teens.  The Islamic Fun! CD-ROM teaches Muslim children about a smorgasbord of Islamic topics.

    The Cutting Edge in American Education:  “Become a Muslim warrior”:  Militant Islamic lobbying groups want Islam taught as the true religion, not as an academic subject.  They take advantage of this indulgence, exerting pressure on school systems and on textbook writers.

    The Answers are Simple, the Decisions are Hard:  A recent news item told how a California public school had adopted an Islam curriculum in a well meaning effort, I suppose, to create peace among diverse religious elements in our nation.  They teach these days that diversity is the new religion, and it is often put forth with an inflexible boldness that belies its so-called “tolerance” and disparages all other singular faiths such as Christianity or Judaism.

    TALIBAN MADRASSAS: Training the terrorists of tomorrow

    Posted: February 5, 2012 | Author: | Filed under: Children | 15 Comments »

    Western officials are blaming a curriculum that glorifies violence and ignores basic history, science and math in Pakistan’s education institutions as the biggest hurdle in the war against terror. The US, which has given $7.5 billion civil aid, apparently is funding the madrassas that are the breeding grounds for future Taliban terrorists.

    The US has plans to spend $200 million this year on education. The money flows from the Kerry-Lugar aid bill, which was passed in late 2009 and promises Pakistan $7.5 billion in civilian assistance over the next five years.

    SIASAT Saudi Arabia is seen as funding some of Pakistan’s hardline religious seminaries, or madrassas, which churn out young men eager for “holy war”, posing a threat to the stability of the region. At these madrassas, children are denied contact with the outside world and taught sectarian extremism, hatred for non-Muslims, and anti-Western/anti-Pakistan government philosophy.

    “The path following recruitment depends upon the age of the child involved. Younger children (between 8 and 12) seem to be favoured,” said the cable. Teachers in seminaries would assess the inclination of children “to engage in violence and acceptance of jihadi culture”.

    RadicalIslam The Taliban and its al-Qa’eda and Iranian regime allies already have achieved some major victories, though, among which one of the most critical was manipulating the U.S. government into supporting the drafting of an Afghan constitution that subjugates the country to Islamic law (shariah).

    That is, the Afghan constitution that the U.S. State Department helped write stipulates the death penalty for adultery, apostasy, blasphemy/slander, and homosexuality; amputation, flogging, and stoning as criminal penalties; and the forcible repression of women and girls. Once strictly enforced, it is exactly what the Taliban (and al-Qa’eda) want for Afghanistan.

    With the impending full withdrawal of U.S. and other Western troops from Afghanistan, the Taliban eventually will achieve another of its key goals, which is the removal of all kuffar (infidel) forces from Afghan Muslim soil.

    The ultimate re-establishment of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan under Taliban control is now within reach and so is the possibility that al-Qa’eda and Iranian jihadis once again will find there an amenable host under whose protection new terror plots against the American homeland and global allies may be hatched.

    After all, as Vice President Joe Biden announced in December 2011, “the Taliban…is not our enemy….”

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    CANBERRA (Reuters) – Two award-winning filmmakers working on a documentary … More »Deep-sea filmmakers killed in Australia helicopter crash

    BreakingNews Breaking News
    Syrian National Council member: 50 people killed in the city of Homs this morning – Reuters
    Breaking News
    BreakingNews Breaking News
    Rival Palestinian factions name President Abbas as head of interim ‘unity govt’ to prepare for elections – BBC
    Breaking News
    BreakingNews Breaking News
    Top Chinese paper defends Syria veto, calls into question West’s motives for acting – Reuters
    Breaking News
    BreakingNews Breaking News
    3-story factory collapses in Lahore, Pakistan, after gas explosion; dozens feared trapped – Reuters
    Breaking News
    BreakingNews Breaking News
    Police disperse student rioters at UMass Amherst campus following Super Bowl – @masslivenews
    Breaking News
    BreakingNews Breaking News
    Earthquake, 6.8 magnitude, strikes near Cebu, Philippines – @USGSted
    Breaking News
    BreakingNews Breaking News
    Syrian forces using rockets, mortars on Homs, activists say – CNN
    Breaking News
    BreakingNews Breaking News
    NY Giants take NFL title by edging NE Patriots 21-17 in Super Bowl XLVI – @nbcsports
    Breaking News UK
    BreakingNewsUK Breaking News UK
    Queen Elizabeth thanks public on 60th anniversary of her rule, vows to ‘dedicate myself anew’ – BBC
    Retweeted by BreakingNews
    Breaking News
    BreakingNews Breaking News
    Sports: Giants’ Victor Cruz score Super Bowl’s first TD; NY take 9-0 lead. More here:
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    BreakingNews Breaking News
    Josh Powell, husband of missing Utah mother, and 2 children killed in explosion in WA home – @seattletimes
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    Live video: Matt Lauer interviews US President Barack Obama in a special edition of Today before the Super Bowl –
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    BreakingNews Breaking News
    Conservative candidate wins Finland’s presidential election with all votes counted – @AP
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    BreakingNews Breaking News
    Greek coalition party says crisis talks for debt deal to continue Monday – @AP
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    BreakingNews Breaking News
    Egypt interior minister orders prep to transfer ex-President Mubarak from military hospital to prison hospital – Al Jazeera via @Reuters
    Breaking News
    BreakingNews Breaking News
    Egypt authorities refer 43 NGO workers, including 19 Americans, to trial over illegal funds – @AP
    Breaking News
    BreakingNews Breaking News
    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says Syria resolution vote at the UN in which Russia and China used their veto was a ‘travesty’ – Reuters
    Breaking News
    BreakingNews Breaking News
    Arab League statement calls on Syrian government to heed people’s demands, says aim is to avoid foreign military intervention – Reuters
    Breaking News
    BreakingNews Breaking News
    Updated death toll shows 5 Afghan police & 2 civilians killed; 6 police & 13 civilians wounded. Children among dead and wounded – NBC News
    David Rubenstein and James Basker during the introduction of the copy of the 13th Amendment at the New York Historical Society, Feb. 3, 2012.  

    US 13th Amendment

    1865 document outlawed slavery

    NCJ Leaves Narco Mantas with a Retaliation Warning for Far West Massacre

    Monday, February 6, 2012 | Borderland Beat Reporter Chivis

    by Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat

    In a response to the Far West Nightclub massacre, where gunmen opened fire Saturday in a bar in the northern city of Chihuahua, killing at least nine people,  the cartel  NCJ (Nuevo Cartel de Juárez) blamed their rivals for the  massacre, and sent a warning, the messages were  relayed by narco mantas.
    Aftermath of the Far West Nightclub Massacre in Chihuahua
    The mantas essentially contained the same message condemning the killers for “killing innocent people, as always”.
    Otra vez haciendo pendejadas pinche Chaputos matando gente inocente como siempre, vamos a toparnos bola de culos, ni con el apoyo de la policía única pueden, aqui estamos para atenderlos.
    Atte: N.C.J.
    “Fucking Chaputos screwing around again killing innocent people as always. Lets get it on you bunch of assholes, which you can’t even with the support of the ‘policia unica’. We’re here if you need anything”
    Sincerely. Nuevo Cartel de Juarez
    Chaputos is a derogatory term for Sinaloa cartel members. The ‘policia unica’ are unified state-municipal police forces with a single command that are being promoted by Mexico’s federal government as a more effective crime fighting force. The program has met with mixed success and many states and major cities have delayed their implementation.
    The manta’s insinuation is that the Policia Unica and Sinaloa Cartel are in complicity.  Interestingly, Saturday night a police woman was killed while riding her police motorcycle, sustaining several gunshots from gunmen travelling in a Grand Marquis vehicle.  With her death that is the thirteenth person killed in a similar manner in six attacks since the Far West nightclub attack.
    La Parada
    Puente Libre
    Thanks Gerardo!

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    Luis Guillermo Carrillo Rubio “El Pariente” leader of La Linea was killed

    Sunday, February 5, 2012 | Borderland Beat Reporter Chivis

    Posted of Borderland Beat Forum by Texcoco

    From La Polaka

    Guillermo Castillo Rubio or Luis Guillermo Carrillo Rubio “El Pariente” leader of La Linea was killed in a clash with soldiers in Villa Ahumada. 

    CIUDAD JUAREZ. – A leader of the criminal organization La Linea, the armed wing of the Juarez cartel, was killed this afternoon after a shootout between soldiers and gunmen, the news emerged as on informal basis.

    Guillermo Rubio Castilllo alias “Francisco Contreras” and / or El Pariente, was a leader of La Linea in the Central Zone of Chihuahua.

    It is said that he controlled the transportation of drugs in the mountain areas, with presence in towns of Gomez Farias, Buena Ventura, Flores Magon and Villa Ahumada to Ciudad Juarez.

    The Attorney General’s Office offered up to a million dollars for information leading to his capture.

    The unofficial version is that at approximately 6:00 pm, Castillo Rubio and a group of gunmen clashed with military forces, El Pariente was shot and seriously wounded. He was taken to Villa Ahumada to receive medical care while he was in critical condition.

    The event happened after the slaughter at the Bar Far West of Chihuahua, where five members of a band that plays narcocorridos were executed, and after the arrest of a leader of the Sinaloa Cartel, Jose Antonio Torres “El Marrufo” in Leon Guanajuato.

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    Federal Police capture head of the Gente Nueva in Chihuahua

    Saturday, February 4, 2012 | Borderland Beat Reporter Gerardo

    Mexico’s Federal Police announced the capture of an important Sinaloa cartel capo in a press conference held by Ramón Eduardo Pequeño, head of the anti-narcotics division.

    The suspect was presented to the press and identified as José Antonio Torres Marrufo, alias ‘El Marrufo’ or ‘El Jaguar’, head of la Gente Nueva in Chihuahua and reportedly the Sinaloa cartel’s top man in Ciudad Juarez.

    The suspect was arrested Friday at a residence in the city of Leon, Guanajuato. Also arrested was a personal bodyguard, Manuel Alonso Magaña Barajas. Also seized were four weapons, radio equipment, a small amount of methamphetamine and fraudulent media credentials and voter registration cards.

    Pequeño emphasizied in the press conference that the arrest of El Marrufo was a significant blow to the structure of the Sinaloa cartel headed by Chapo Guzman.

    El Marrufo was responsible for drug trafficking operations as well as other organized criminal activities such as kidnapping, extortion and the murder of persons associated with rival criminal groups, in particular those belonging to the Juarez cartel such as Los Aztecas and La Linea.

    Among the murders linked to El Marrufo is the mass homicide that occurred on September, 2009, at a drug rehab center in Ciudad Juarez known as the Centro de Rehabilitación El Aliviane. Eighteen residents were killed in that raid carried out by the Artistas Asesinos, a gang of hitmen that El Marrufo headed at the time. The Artistas Asesinos operate in Chihuahua under the Gente Nueva umbrella.

    El Marrufo became the operational head of la Gente Nueva in Chihuahua after the arrest of Noel Salgueiro “el Flaco Salgueiro” in October, 2011.

    The suspect is also wanted in the United States for drug trafficking and was the recipient of high powered weapons smuggled into Mexico as a result of the ATF’s operation Fast and Furious gun walking operation.

    AP image of a weapons cache seized in a safe house in Ciudad Juarez in April 2011 that reportedly belonged to El Marrufo. Several of the arms were identified by authorities as Fast and Furious weapons.

    A more indepth report posted by Havana can be read in the Forum section.

    Sources: it:

    46 Borderland Beat Comments


    Former Panamanian Dictator Noriega Taken to Hospital After Possible Stroke
    Noriega, who will be 78 on February 11, was moved “from his cell in the El Renacer Penitentiary Center to the Santo Tomas Hospital” in Panama City after a diagnosis of hypertension and a possible stroke, according to the National Police…
    More details
    Venezuela (Click here for more Venezuela news)
    2/4/2012 Venezuela’s Chavez Celebrates Another Anniversary of Failed Coup
    2/3/2012 Fitch Rates Venezuela State Oil Company PDVSA a Junk ‘B+’
    2/3/2012 Panama Grants Exile to Venezuelan Opposition Activist
    2/3/2012 Venezuela Oil Falls to $107.06
    1/31/2012 Venezuela Completes Repatriation of Gold
    Colombia (Click here for more)
    2/3/2012 Panama Refuses to Extradite Former Spy Chief to Colombia
    2/3/2012 Colombia Bombings Leave 18 Dead, 77 Injured
    2/2/2012 Five Die in Latest Blast in Colombia
    2/2/2012 Death Toll Rises to 11 in Colombia Bombing
    2/1/2012 Colombian Rebels Suspend Handover of 6 Hostages
    Panama (Click here for more)
    2/3/2012 Panama Grants Exile to Venezuelan Opposition Activist
    2/3/2012 Panama Refuses to Extradite Former Spy Chief to Colombia
    12/28/2011 Two Hurt in Protest in Panama
    12/26/2011 US Charges 12 in Panama Drug Trafficking Conspiracy
    12/12/2011 Former Dictator Noriega Begins Serving Time in Panama
    Ecuador (Click here for more)
    2/4/2012 Chevron Refuses to Apologize for Ecuador Pollution
    2/1/2012 Ecuador Signs Deals to Boost Oil Output
    1/27/2012 Chevron Loses Injunction Against Ecuador Judgment Collection
    1/21/2012 Chevron Appeals Ecuador Pollution Judgment
    1/17/2012 Ecuador Destroys WWII Bombs Found in Galapagos Islands
    1/14/2012 Bolivian President Frets About Argentina, Brazil Gas Demand
    1/11/2012 Bolivia to Increase Gas Shipments to Argentina in 2012
    12/20/2011 Two Arrested After Deadly Exorcism in Bolivia
    11/23/2011 Repsol to Invest $640 Million in Bolivia
    11/13/2011 Bolivia is No. 1 Cocaine Supplier to South American Market, UN Says
    Central America
    2/1/2012 Costa Rica’s Latest Drug Haul Tops 2 Tons
    1/31/2012 Costa Rica Seizes Ton of Cocaine
    1/30/2012 Belize Deports US Female Fugitive to US for Murder
    1/27/2012 Priest Gunned Down in Guatemala
    1/27/2012 Guatemalan Ex-Strongman Charged with Crimes Against Humanity
    Brazil (Click here for more)
    2/5/2012 Two Die in Shantytown Fire in Brazil
    2/4/2012 Crime Erupts in Brazilian City as Cops Go on Strike
    2/4/2012 Petrobras Makes Oil Find in Brazilian Amazon
    2/2/2012 Another Brazil Cabinet Minister Quits Amid Corruption Claims
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    2/5/2012 Cuba Producing Sugar with New Technology
    2/4/2012 Fidel Castro Releases Two-Volume Memoir
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    2/3/2012 Cuba’s Most Long-Lived Person Celebrates 127th Birthday
    2/5/2012 Human Rights Activist Weighs Leaving Mexico After Attack
    2/5/2012 Rights Body: Thousands of Irregularities in Arrests in Mexico
    2/5/2012 Sinaloa Cartel Gunman Arrested in Mexico
    2/4/2012 Mexican “Vaccine” Against Heroin Addiction to Be Ready in 5 Years
    2/4/2012 Nine Gunned Down at Nightclub in Northern Mexico
    2/5/2012 At Least, 16 Dead in Shipwreck off Dominican Republic
    1/29/2012 Romney Gets Endorsement from Puerto Rico’s Governor
    1/18/2012 Puerto Rican Cop Killed Thwarting Robbery
    1/14/2012 Puerto Rican Teen Shooting Victim Dies
    1/13/2012 ABC Pressed to Apologize for Joke About Puerto Rican Drug Dealers
    2/5/2012 Argentine VP Says Oil Company YPF Not Focused on Long Term
    2/2/2012 Wife Indicted in Argentine Governor’s Death
    1/30/2012 Argentine Ex-Spy Accused of Sex Trafficking
    1/28/2012 Canadian Firm’s Mining Project in Argentina Halted Amid Protests
    1/27/2012 Argentina Orders Firms to Lower Wholesale Diesel Prices
    1/31/2012 Chilean Arrested After Stealing 5 Tons of Ice from a Glaciar
    1/30/2012 Chilean Inmate Killed in Attempted Prison-Break
    1/27/2012 Chilean Cop Gets Suspended Sentence for Assault on Journalist
    1/22/2012 Four Members of Bolivian Family Die in Accident in Chile
    1/13/2012 Chile Envisions Integrated Latin America Power Grid
    2/1/2012 Death Toll in Peru Fire Reaches 28
    1/31/2012 “No Irreparable Losses” in Latest Peru Quake, President Says
    1/30/2012 Quake in Southern Peru Injures 119
    1/29/2012 Death Toll Rises to 27 in Fire at Peru Rehab Center
    1/28/2012 At Least 26 Die in Fire at Peru Rehab Center
    1/29/2012 Three Inmates Die in Uruguay Prison Fire
    12/13/2011 20 Hurt in Blast at Government Office in Uruguay
    10/16/2011 Clinton Send Congratulations on Uruguay Bicentennial (VIDEO)
    9/29/2011 U.S. Partners With Uruguay for TechCamp Montevideo
    8/23/2011 Clinton Sends Independence Day Wishes to Uruguay
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    2/2/2012 Spain Proposes to Latin America a New “More Balanced” Relationship
    1/28/2012 US Secretary of State Clinton Meets with Inter-American Commission on Human Rights
    1/27/2012 Paraguayan President’s Cancer in Remission
    1/25/2012 Latin America Largely Lost in Obama’s State of the Union Address
    1/10/2012 Latin America, a “Capital Priority” for Spain’s New Government
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    2/5/2012 African Immigrant Girls Face Sexual Mutilation Threat in Spain
    2/5/2012 Romney Wins Nevada Caucuses
    2/4/2012 Six Arrested in Police Raid on Occupy D.C. Camp
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    2/3/2012 Ranks of Aspiring Astronauts Double, NASA Says
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    2/3/2012 Obama Promises Measures to Promote Jobs for Veterans
    2/3/2012 Spain Limits Pay for Some Top Bankers
    2/3/2012 U.S. Jobless Rate Lowest in 3 Years
    2/2/2012 Spanish Government Unveils New Rules to Shore Up Banking Sector
    2/2/2012 U.S. Fiscal Trajectory “Unsustainable,” Bernanke Says
    Oil & Minerals (Click here for more)
    1/18/2012 Obama Administration Vetoes Canada-Texas Pipeline
    1/4/2012 New Oil Pipeline to Be Built in Gulf of Mexico
    1/3/2012 China’s Sinopec Buys Stake in U.S. Oil and Gas Projects
    12/30/2011 After 3 Decades, U.S. Ends Ethanol Subsidies
    12/29/2011 Repsol Buys Russian Oil Company for $230 Million
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    2/4/2012 Otto Reich: Increasing US – Venezuela Tensions
    2/3/2012 VenEconomy: Another Grain of Sand Towards Raising Awareness
    2/3/2012 VenEconomía: Un Grano Más Para Concientizar
    2/2/2012 VenEconomy: Despite the Lies, Some Vestiges Remain
    2/2/2012 VenEconomía: Miente, Que Algo Queda

    Nine dead in Chihuahua night club shooting.

    | Borderland Beat Reporter Gerardo

    Nine deaths and eleven wounded survivors was the toll early Saturday after gunmen forced their way into the Far West night club in the city of Chihuahua and opened fire.

    The night club is located on Teófilo Borunda Norte avenue in the colonia Santo Niño area of the city.

    Among the dead were five members of the popular Chihuahua band “La 5a (Quinta) Banda” and four patrons, two males and two females. One of the dead females was identified as a Chihuahua municipal police officer, Elizabeth Zafiro Quintana.

    Some of the eleven survivors were members of the band, which appeared to be the primary target of the gunman or gunmen were involved in the shooting. The shooting occurred at approximately 1:30AM Saturday morning.

    Witnesses at the scene indicated that between 10 and 20 armed men entered the night club but the Chihuahua Attorney General’s office in a press release indicated that only one perpetrator was involved, who fired 40 rounds at the band and people on the dance floor.

    Among the band’s popular songs is “El Corrido de La Linea” a narco-corrido glorifying the group of hitmen that makes up Juarez cartel’s enforcement arm.

    The dead band members were identified as Julio César Reyes Ocañón, Julio Alberto Barraza Flores, José Luis Mendoza Rivera, Marco Antonio Pérez and Marco Antonio Murguía.

    El Corrido de La Linea


    De corridos a corridos
    Le voy a hechar hasta el ruedo
    No se ni como empezarlos
    Esa gente de respeto
    Que trae comandos de linces
    Y con los nervios de acero.

    Los radios en sus frecuencias
    Claves especializadas
    La raza se encuentra al 100
    Y mas esa de chihuahua
    Esa gente de la linea
    No se raja para nada.

    Mas vale que esten bien puestos
    No les traten de brincar
    Que esta muy bajito el cerco
    Y lo pueden lamentar
    Los chivos estan muy bravos
    No los vayan a cornar

    Para controlar la plaza
    No es cuestion de batallar
    Solo se trata de temple
    Y cerebro pa pensar
    Tener gente con talento
    Y polvos pa comerciar

    Z-10, dice adelante
    Y R8 les informan
    Preparen la caravana
    Vamos a cuidar la zona
    No nos gustan los traviesos
    Mucho menos si resongan

    Ya me voy ya me despido
    Un saludo al compa chalo
    Le da gracias al 2 letras
    Por haberlo acomodado
    Tambien le manda un abrazo
    A su amigo el Z4.Share it:

    Agents: Group Moved $15 Million in Drugs

    | Borderland Beat Reporter Buggs

    More news from the indictments, arrests and seizures of a criminal organization in New Mexico that had ties to the CDS.

    By Scott Sandlin
    Albuquerque Journal

    The massive drug organization taken down last week in the Albuquerque area had moved $15 million or more in drugs and had ties to drug kingpin Chapo Guzman and the Sinaloa drug cartel in Mexico, federal agents said Friday.

    Documents unsealed late Friday also show that funds from the Varela organization, named for lead defendant Homero Varela, provided cash toward 40 gun purchases, including 20 fully automatic AK-47s, Beretta pistols and .308 rifles. Varela allegedly provided the $73,000 to repay a drug debt to the purchaser, who was a drug trafficker engaged in an ongoing war against a rival cartel.

    During a briefing Friday, agents painted a picture of a large organization operating in New Mexico that used racehorses and real estate to hide its illegal drug dealing.

    “This was a huge organization with a big impact on drug sales in Albuquerque,” said Drug Enforcement Administration Special Agent in Charge Keith Brown.

    The firearm transfer took place last March at a Love’s Truck Stop in Las Cruces but was intercepted by undercover agents, who recovered the weapons.

    Varela, a Mexican citizen and lawful permanent U.S. resident, surrendered this week and remains in custody, pending a detention hearing next week.

    The nine-month, multi-agency investigation culminated in the arrests of 13 of 15 defendants named in a grand jury indictment, plus an additional defendant, and the seizure of 26 kilos of cocaine, over 500 pounds of marijuana, and over $165,000 in cash.

    “It was an extremely significant group bringing methamphetamine and marijuana to Albuquerque for redistribution, and the proceeds went back south to Mexico,” Brown said.

    Brown said a law enforcement stop of Ramon Gonzalez Sr. last November in El Paso gave a snapshot of the organization’s breadth: Gonzalez at the time had 26 kilos of cocaine and 550 pounds of marijuana. The wholesale value was close to $1 million.

    “From what we gather, that was not unusual. It was something they did (regularly),” he said. “The amount of drugs and the amount of money was incredible.”

    Law enforcement officials said Varela used the racehorses he owned as well as bank accounts and real estate to launder the cash from drug sales.

    Gabriel Grchan, IRS criminal investigation assistant special agent in charge in Phoenix, said some of the proceeds from the millions in drug sales went into horse racing and purchase of horses, including eight found at a Torrance County ranch when search warrants were executed last week.

    Wiretaps, which must be authorized by a district court judge, were also used in the course of the investigation. The intercepted calls made it clear that, at the time of the November stop, Varela was expecting a shipment and would be aided by Ramon Gonzalez Sr. and Ramon Gonzalez Jr., and a relative, Andres Gonzalez, because Varela was on a planned trip to Mexico at the time.

    Gonzalez Sr. is described as a legal permanent resident long active in area drug trafficking and owner of homes on Coors Road and in Edgewood, as well as a horse training facility in McIntosh.

    Operations such as those in Albuquerque feed the cartels and keep them running, officials said. For instance, in one incident, $112,270 in cash was seized on its way back to Mexico.

    The Sinaloa cartel, the world’s largest and most powerful drug trafficking organization, has been headed by Joaquín “Chapo” (Shorty) Guzman since 2003.

    Cash in girdle
    A search warrant affidavit says agents who had been keeping tabs on Varela and co-defendant Roy Madrid saw a woman with Chihuahua plates arrive and leave Madrid’s home in Albuquerque’s South Valley in a Toyota RAV4. When State Police made a traffic stop of the vehicle near Hatch, they obtained consent to search and found three bundles of cash strapped in an elderly woman’s girdle. The woman was later released, but learning of the seizure prompted Madrid and Varela to change their phones.

    Hundreds of thousands of dollars more was being invested in bank accounts and property, agents said, and busts like the recent one take out trusted members of the organization.

    “Drugs is pure capitalism,” Brown said, noting that Albuquerque firefighter Steve Chavez, one of those arrested, is believed to have been involved in distribution of drugs in Tampa, Fla., and laundering the money in New Mexico. Almost $350,000 is alleged to have gone through Albuquerque bank accounts that Chavez’s wife was not aware of.

    Grchan said horse racing does not appear to have been a significant source of income for the organization, despite the fact that Varela listed it as such.

    According to the IRS, Ramon Gonzalez Jr. reported losses from horse racing the last three years, and Varela had grossed about $32,000 in 2011 from racing.

    But Brown said the horse racing illustrates the linkage of activities.

    The cocaine and marijuana seized in November was in a horse trailer pulled by Gonzalez Sr., one of the owners of the Torrance County ranch where cocaine was found.

    “Businesses often serve to disguise the illegal stuff, so they can have something they can say they’re making money from,” Brown said. “The two businesses were combined financially and structurally.”

    Federal tax records showed Varela with income solely from horse racing and a rental property, but the search warrant affidavit says that his “lifestyle … is simply not possible on such a small annual income” of $27,000 to $33,000 a year.Share it:

    MATAZETAS leave Narco Banners in ACA Announcing They Will “Clean” the Plaza

    | Borderland Beat Reporter Chivis

    by Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat

    CNGJ aka Matazetas have announced their arrivial in Acapulco and have asked for no interference as they conduct their “work”.
    A couple of narco banners appeared early Friday morning at about 6 AM in locations of Acapulco where violence has escalated and until recently was one of Mexico’s major tourist destinations.
    One banner was left at the main tourist port window of the Costera Miguel Aleman.
    According to reports, the message of the two narcobanners is the same and says:
    Texcoco has a post on BB forum  Link to the post here

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    AG Continues to be Grilled by Congress over “Fast and Furious”

    Friday, February 3, 2012 | Borderland Beat Reporter Buggs

    More on the Congressional hearings of operation “Fast and Furious” were the AG is grilled on what he knew, what he did about it and if there is a potential cover up? Why hasn’t anyone been held accountable?

    Video of the US Attorney General Eric Holder responding to questions by Republicans at a House committee hearing Thursday over operation “Fast and Furious.”

    How Can Taxpayers Know Fast & Furious Truth If Holder Won’t Deliver the Facts?

    Congressman Labrador Questions Attorney General Holder on Fast and Furious:

    Buerkle to AG Holder: You Must Be Held Accountable For Fast & Furious Failure & Agent Terry’s Murder:

    Farenthold to AG Holder: No One Disciplined, No One Fired – That’s Bad Management:

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    Beyond Moscow

    Opposition spreads far outside capital


    Facebook: Friendly or Not?

    IPO filing sparks debate

    Rez Abbasi Quintet  

    Jazz & Qawwali Mix

    Rez Abbasi blends jazz & S. Asian music

    Boko harem  

    Difficult Dialogue

    Talks with radicals in Nigeria essential


    A Savage Display

    An exhibit of human zoos

    One secret clinic in the Lebanese city of Tripoli has patients of all ages with horrific injuries from the fighting in Syria.  

    Secret Clinic

    Lebanon hospital treats Syria’s wounded

    A coffee plant at the farm of Rwanda's Luis Ntiricakeza in Sakara Village, Eastern Rwanda. (AFP)  

    Stink Bugs

    Rwanda’s specialty coffee crop under attack


    Subway Music

    NY musicians thrive underground

    Chocolatier Hillary Bradley serves a variety of foods with her chocolate fountain, including pretzels, cookies, marshmallows and fruit.  

    Sweet Tooth

    Chocolate fountains flow at US parties

    Breaking News
    BreakingNews Breaking News
    Update: 6 Afghan police die & 16 others including civilians wounded by explosion after car detonates its explosives in Kandahar – NBC News

    5 Feb


  • Greek crisis talks for debt deal pushed to Monday
  • World stocks mixed amid Greek debt fears
  • Super Bowl ads battle for championship
  • IMF warns Europe downturn could cut China growth
  • Defense cuts test lawmakers’ resolve on deficits
  • China bars its airlines from paying EU carbon tax
  • Oil near $97 as traders eye Greek debt talks
  • ALBA countries to pool funds in joint bank
  • From relief to despair: Varying views of jobs data
  • Air France keeps long-haul flights during strike
  • » more Health

    Mass Islamic Honor KIllings: Three women killed ‘for loose morals’

    Obama say, “Respect it!” Daisy Khan say, “The era of extremism is over!” Jay Leno’s wife, Mavis, say, “the koran is more liberal with women than the Bible.” Pamela Geller say, “Devout Muslims who support or subscribe to religiously sanctioned gendercide are adhering to their faith. Feminists, media miscreants, and  Islamic apologists are accessories to murder as they aid, abet and cover-up Islamic  gender apartheid.”

    ‘Honour’ crime: Three women killed ‘for loose morals’ Express Tribune By Owais Jaffery / Tariq Ismaeel Published: February 5, 2012

    Police arrest one of the two suspects who admits to killing wife, sister and mother-in-law.

    Police have arrested a man who has admitted to killing his wife, Samina, her sister (his brother’s wife) and their mother in collusion with his brother in a Dera Ghazi Khan village.

    Talking to The Express Tribune at the police station, Ismaeel said he did not believe he had committed a crime. “My wife and her sister (his brother’s wife) had loose morals. They deserved death. I can’t let my wife talk to other men,” he said. He said he had caught Samina (his wife) talking to a man over cell phone.

    The suspect said he and his brother, Imran, had shot and killed Samina and Zarmina, their wives, and their mother, Kulsoom, on Friday night. “Their mother was to blame for it. She had failed to raise her daughters in accordance with our traditions. I had warned her (mother-in-law) several times to control her daughters,” he said.

    According to the FIR registered on a complaint filed by the father of the deceased sisters, Mukhtar, the suspects had came to his house on Friday night to ask their wives to return home with them.

    Mukhtar said Samina and Zarmina had left their husbands’ home a week ago and had been living at their parents’ house in Basti Damraywala. He said his daughters had married the suspects about six months ago. He said whenever the deceased visited him they complained about their husbands’ behaviour. “They would always complain about their husbands beating them and quarreling with them,” he said.

    During Friday’s visit, Mukhtar said, the suspects had started quarrelling with his daughters and their mother over their refusal to accompany them back home. “I was in a room next door and could hear the arguments,” he said.

    Suddenly, he said, he heard gunshots and the women’s cries. “They had killed my daughters and wife. There was no way I could defend myself against them so I thought the best course was to escape and report the matter to the police,” he said. “I rushed out of the house by jumping over the back wall to escape,” he said.

    Talking to the Tribune, several residents of Basti Damraywala said whenever the suspects came to visit their in-laws they would complain about their wives’ conduct.

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