SCI/TECH/PSY: Getting in Rhythm Helps Children Grasp Fractions, Study Finds

March 26, 2012


For the second time in a few weeks the moon, Venus, and Jupiter will come together in our night sky for a great viewing opportunity. The alignment will be at ( 1 Comment )…moon-venus-jupiter-alignment… – Cached
  • On March 24th, 25th and 26th, Venus, Jupiter and crescent Moon will appear side by side again in the western sky at sunset. Best time for observing the sky… – Cached






    Body Image: What Do Girls Need From Their Moms?

    By Dara Chadwick on March, 25, 2012 in You’d Be So Pretty If…

    This week, I read an interesting piece by author Barbara Moses about mothers who are heavily invested in their children’s career identities. Its basic point was that some mothers feel that what their kids do for a living reflects on them as mothers. Read More

    The Evolutionary History of Love

    By Dario Maestripieri, Ph.D. on March, 26, 2012 in Games Primates Play

    Love is an emotion. To understand what love is for we have to place it in the broader context of the evolutionary function of emotions. One major function of emotions is to energize motivation. If we experience a strong positive or negative emotion, we become motivated to do something that’s beneficial or to avoid something that’s harmful. Read More

    In Other News …



    Why Didn’t I Get That Job?

    By Carl Beuke, Ph.D. on March, 26, 2012 in You’re Hired

    In the aftermath of an unsuccessful job interview, most people are too busy being disappointed to ask the questions that can pave the road to getting the job they want. Here’s how to be different. Read More


    Adolescence and Entitlement

    Because they can go hand in hand, the connection between adolescent willfulness and entitlement is important to understand.Why more willful? The adolescent typically becomes more willful than the child because now the drive to grown up independence begins. Read More


    My Fiancé Has a Hair-Trigger Temper

    By Carl Alasko, Ph.D. on March, 26, 2012 in Beyond Blame

    Dear Dr. Alasko: I’ve been with K. for two years and I need to make a tough decision about getting married. Most of the time K. is fun to be with and has a great sense of humor. But he has a hair-trigger when he gets upset, and he gets upset about a lot of things. When I try to talk to him about his anger he says he needs to let it out or else it will just bottle up inside him. Read More

    Living Well

    National Study Ranks City Governments’ Use of Social Media

    Six times as many big-city governments reached citizens via Facebook in 2011 compared to 2009. Use of YouTube and Twitter grew fourfold and threefold respectively. Researchers ranked the online interactivity, transparency and accessibility of the 75 …  > full story



    Fighting Monsters with Force Fields and White Lies

    By Dennis Rosen, M.D. on March, 25, 2012 in Sleeping Angels

    I recently learned of a device which promises to cure children’s nighttime fears of monsters. Its makers recommend explaining to children whose fear of monsters prevents them from falling asleep that it generates a force field which will protect the house (and everyone within it) from all sorts of things that go bump in the night. Read More


    Five Keys To Developing Your Deepest Gifts

    By Ken Page, L.C.S.W. on March, 25, 2012 in Finding Love

    Core Gifts are the most tender places inside us. They lie at the very heart of our creativity and our love. If we open to them, they guide us inexorably to what matters most to us. To ignore them is to commit an act of quiet violence against ourselves. This post will help you discover your own core gifts, and will describe their five great hungers. Read More

    Ethics and Morality

    When Fantasy Becomes Fatal

    “I can’t live without you” is always a dangerous fantasy. The mundane danger is making yourself or someone else miserable for falling short of an impossible fantasy ideal. But sometimes the danger of fantasy is life-threatening. Sometimes when someone says “I can’t live without you” he really means “I won’t let you live without me.” Read More

    Reinventing A News Channel For A Social Age–An ITV Case Study

    BY Meg Carter | 03-26-2012 | 9:00 AM | CO.CREATE

    London’s Made By Many sought to look past the legacy of articles and pages in its redesign of ITV News. READ MORE›

    How ObscuraCam Makes Your Videos Safe

    BY Neal Ungerleider | 03-26-2012 | 8:30 AM | TECHNOLOGY

    Newly-released Android app ObscuraCam lets users pixelize faces and strip metadata from internet video.READ MORE›

    MLB Advanced Media’s Bob Bowman Is Playing Digital Hardball. And He’s Winning.

    BY Chuck Salter | 03-26-2012 | 8:00 AM | MAGAZINE

    Major League Baseball Advanced Media–BAM, for short–is as technologically sophisticated as any company, anywhere. Here’s how a winning and profitable strategy is being built by an online player that breaks all the rules.READ MORE›

    Square Spruces Up Card Case, Streaming To Top DVD Rentals This Year, Tweet Raises Questions About Design At Apple

    BY Nidhi Subbaraman | 03-26-2012 | 6:15 AM | TECHNOLOGY

    Breaking news from your editors at Fast Company, with updates all day.READ MORE›

    5 LinkedIn Apps For Power Networking

    BY Amber Mac | 03-24-2012 | 10:15 AM | TECHNOLOGY

    LinkedIn’s list of apps is relatively small compared to other popular marketplaces, but what the site lacks in quantity it makes up in quality. These LinkedIn apps will help you get a leg up in the never-ending networking race.READ MORE›

    Top 10 Most Popular Stories Of The Week

    BY Dan Asadorian | 03-24-2012 | 9:00 AM | TECHNOLOGY

    Here are the stories you read, shared, tweeted, and pinned this week.READ MORE›

    To Get The Smart Grid, Businesses And Cities Need To Take The Leap First

    BY Jeff Drees | 03-23-2012 | 7:00 PM | SMART GRID

    The technology for the smart grid exists, but no one is going to start using it while we still get electricity so easily. But that’s foolish: It’s time for the biggest buyers of electricity to lead the way. READ MORE›

    6 Ultra HD Videos Test Your New iPad’s Retina Display

    BY Alex Dunbar | 03-23-2012 | 6:30 PM | TECHNOLOGY

    Pictures are neat on Apple’s new Retina display, but super-high-def video is the real magic. Since cameras haven’t caught up to displays, clips in 2048p are scarce, but we found some–from NASA and others.READ MORE›

    Attention Super Villains! Have You Ever Seen A Lair So Wicked?

    BY Suzanne LaBarre | 03-23-2012 | 6:15 PM | CO.DESIGN

    SPECTRE lives! In a Chinese real estate office? READ MORE›

    4 Storified Reasons SXSW Was Worth The Hassle From Al Gore, Sean Parker, Baratunde Thurston

    BY David Holmes | 03-23-2012 | 6:00 PM | TECHNOLOGY

    How SXSW attendees used Storify to capture the festival’s most-talked about events in real-timeREAD MORE›

    Click here to find out more!

    Dude, Seriously: They Invented A One-Handed Beer Bottle Opener

    BY Jordan Kushins | 03-23-2012 | 5:30 PM | WANTED: GOOD

    Kebo is the quickest and easiest way to crack open a cold one. READ MORE›

    The Ultimate Conversation Pit: Made Only Of Carpet And Packing Tape, 13 Feet Off The Ground

    BY Belinda Lanks | 03-23-2012 | 5:05 PM | CO.DESIGN

    Numen/For Use’s latest project: a tape installation with a plush interior. READ MORE›

    Email Is Crushing Us, Can Activity Streams Free Us?

    BY David Lavenda | 03-23-2012 | 5:00 PM | MANAGEMENT

    Activity streams promise to alleviate the email overload we’ve all come to know and dread. But we’ve got a ways to go before they can truly replace email as our main mode of electronic communication. READ MORE›

    This Week In Bots: Robots, They’re Just Like Us!

    BY Kit Eaton | 03-23-2012 | 4:45 PM | TECHNOLOGY

    Robots that shave your head, operate on you, and even resemble you (or possibly R2). Plus, the Navy’s “Hunger Games” robot test arena.READ MORE›

    7 Pieces of “Damn Good” Creative Advice From ’60s Ad Man George Lois

    BY Hugh Hart | 03-23-2012 | 4:45 PM | CO.CREATE

    One of best-known (and least shy) creatives from the golden age of advertising, George Lois, offers some tips from his latest book, “Damn Good Advice.”



    Editing Reality

    By Neel Burton, M.D. on March, 25, 2012 in Hide and Seek

    In September 2007, the British press reported on an unusually macabre story. Read More


    Emotional Intelligence 2.0: Learning the Art of Self-Awareness

    By Susan Albers, Psy.D. on March, 25, 2012 in Comfort Cravings

    One of my areas of interest is mindfulness, emotional intelligence and self-awareness. I had the good fortune of learning more from Travis Bradberry, the coauthor of Emotional Intelligence 2.0. The first section of Emotional Intelligence 2.0 is about boosting your self-awareness, which is also a core skill of mindfulness. Here is a brief interview with him. Read More


    “I’m Not Okay, You’re Not Okay, and That’s Okay!

    Comparing yourself to others, even if you come out “on top” will offer you the same temporary comfort as eating a hot fudge sundae or an entire box of Kraft macaroni and cheese. Read More


    Caregivers who take advantage of the elderly–and you

    Imagine hiring a caregiver who asks to borrow money from you — just as your spouse is about to die.  This is exactly what happened to my 71-year-old mother as my father, age 74, was taking his last breaths. Ironically, the caregiver had come recommended by a nurse from the hospice agency. Read More


    Online Dating May Lead To Love, But Has Its Perils Too

    While online dating may be the most efficient and effective way for many people to meet a potential mate, dating strangers involves some level of risk, and the anonymity provided by the internet can make it easier for scammers and individuals with a history of violence to hide their true identities and motives. Read More


    Gluten Sensitivity: Nonsense or New Disease?

    By Dr. Mark Borigini, M.D. on March, 25, 2012 in Overcoming Pain

    The internet has been ablaze with testimonials and dire warnings regarding what many see as a psychological and physical assault on the well being of mind and body by what could be for some as seemingly inconsequential a thing as a crust of bread. Read More


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      Go Ahead. Demand Uber-compatibility!

      by Christine Meinecke, Ph.D.
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      Angry Birds

      by John A. Bargh, Ph.D.

    Ever Feel Guilt Towards an Inanimate Object? Throw It OUT!

    By Gina Barreca, Ph.D. on March, 25, 2012 in Snow White Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

    Anything that makes me feel guilty when I look at it is going to Goodwill or The Salvation Army. It might be able to do somebody else some good instead of giving me the evil eye. Giving it away will be a gift to myself. Read More


    The Illusion Of Permanence

    My wife and son recently returned from a trip to Florida where they were visiting my in-laws. They were gone for only six days, but when they returned, my son seemed somehow older (that is, by more than just six days). I was once again reminded of the important Buddhist truth that everything—everything—is impermanent. Read More


    Why Is It Socially Acceptable To Be Bad At Math?

    Why is it socially unacceptable to be bad at reading? Read More

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