NEWS: Obama is putting in force everything a tyranny requires

July 12, 2012

BofA: QE3 Is Coming In September

QE3, a form of monetary policy that involves buying certain securities to lower interest rates.

Executive Tyranny


    The latest Executive Orders are not “a conspiracy theory.” They are the law of the land. Obama is putting in force everything a tyranny requires to replace the Republic.


    Obama mum on Fast and Furious


    Paul Ryan: We can definitely repeal at least 85% of Obamacare via reconciliation

    Mexico’s PRI President-elect meets China’s media representatives

    Mexico’s PRI President-elect Enrique Pena Nieto attends a meeting with China’s media representatives in Mexico City, on July 11, 2012.

    The Military Just Sold This Advanced Prototype Stealth Ship To Scrap For a 95% Loss

    Walter Hickey | 36 minutes ago | 387 | 1

    Once-classified spy ship goes for cheap.

    Read »



    2   Jobs, the real fiscal cliff, Obamanomics


    How Small Plots Of Land Helped Lift An Entire Indian Village Out Of Poverty

    BY Ariel Schwartz | 07-10-2012 | 4:30 PM | MICROPLOT

    Land ownership is an important factor in getting people on an upwardly mobile path. But how much land do you need to own? Less than you would think. READ MORE›

    Administration staffer’s Muslim connection

    Conservative commentators are pursuing an apparent connection between a leading Cabinet member of President Barack Obama’s administration and the Muslim Brotherhood. One author thinks citizens should be concerned about the extremist ties to the administration.

  • TSA Mocks Deaf Man, Steals His Candy, Eats it in Front of Him


    A group of students leaving the annual conference of the National Association of the Deaf in Louisville had a rather awful experience courtesy of the Transportation Security Administration in that city’s airport. One of the [deaf] travelers wrote about it on his blog:

  • ‘Twilight’ Zone

    by Michael Walsh

    What happens when the Party of Take becomes bigger than the Party of Give?

  • The CIA spy inside Iran’s Revolutionary Guard who found Jesus


    As a member of Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guard he witnessed horrific acts that caused him to question his faith in Islam and the regime he served. After he became a CIA spy and later escaped to the West, he found a new revolutionary to follow who offered a love that overwhelmed his soul.

  • Projected Cost of ‘Obamacare’ Is Now $2.6 Trillion — Nearly $1.7 Trillion More Than Obama Pledged


    The Republican side of the Senate Budget Committee will later today release the following chart, detailing the rising projected cost of President Obama’s signature legislation, Obamacare:

  • The Rise and Threat of Radical Islam: An Interview with Brigitte Gabriel


    Not enough attention is being paid to what is going on in the Middle East and at the United Nations. This interview explains why these subjects are more important than Obamacare, our ailing economy and the presidential race.



  • In Search of Conservative Leadership


    Maybe how Chief Justice John Roberts interpreted the Constitution disappointed many of us. But his point is indisputable: If you’re looking for political leadership, “It’s not our job.”

  • Sewing a Silk Purse Out of the SCOTUS Health Care Decision’s Sow’s Ear


    The failure of Obama health care legislation to seriously address any of the underlying cost-drivers in American medicine today is akin to putting a canvas cover over Mount St. Helena the week before it completely blew its lid in 1980.


  • In Defense of Brad Pitt’s Mom


    Hollywood and the American left love diversity, except when it offends their “progressive” value system. Witness the vile and vulgar mauling of actor Brad Pitt’s mother, Jane, who publicly opposed President Obama’s re-election.

  • The Somali Saga Continues


    While all attempts should be made to stabilize Somalia, the country has endured more than twenty years of chaos, famine, and bloodshed and remains the number one failed state world-wide. Naturally, there remain many more unanswered questions.

  • Why Do We Have a Director of National Intelligence?

    by N. M. GUARIGLIA

    Although the DNI was created to be over all U.S. intelligence, this hasn’t been the case. With so much overlap, redundancy and virtually no power, would the intelligence community be better off without the DNI?

  • House votes 244-185 to repeal Obama healthcare reform law


    The House voted again Wednesday to repeal the 2010 healthcare reform law, giving Republicans some revenge against the late June Supreme Court ruling that found the law to be constitutional.

  • 40,000 Iran agents in Western Hemisphere


    Iran has expanded its terror network and now has tens of thousands of agents in Latin America, according to a former Iranian official who has witnessed the regime’s crimes against humanity inside Iran and has knowledge of its terror network targeting the West.

  • New 'Homeland Security' Laser Can Detect Adrenaline Levels...

    What People Ate For Breakfast...

    From 160 Feet Away!

    Afghans Say Extrajudicial Execution Was Un-Islamic (VIDEO OF EXECUTION)

    Kerry at Disability Treaty Hearing: I Helped the Mute Speak…

    by Bridget Johnson

    Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman begins hearing on rights of disabled by rattling off his achievements.

    Interview: Jay Cost Discusses Spoiled Rotten

    by Ed Driscoll

    How the politics of patronage corrupted the once noble Democratic Party and now threatens the American republic.

    Is Obama a Socialist? An Answer to Milos Forman

    by Ron Radosh

    The New Left’s Hand-Me-Down Stalinism didn’t work. Saul Alinsky’s community organizing did.

    Spies and Killers

    by Michael Ledeen

    Are there 100 Maj. Hasans inside the military?


    Confessions of a former communist

    It might help explain why I fear a second term of Barack Obama so much.

    I understand what Obama is and what he is doing because I was once like him: I am a former communist.

    But maybe I should have run for president instead.

    Because the little we know about Barack Obama’s life is ever-so familiar to me.

    1. Effective Managers Earn Trust Quickly By Doing 5 Things Well

      Active on LinkedIn

    2. From Subject Line To Signature: How to Do Work E-Mail Right

    D-Day for Gun Control (STOP the UN Small Arms Treaty)

    Thursday, July 12, 2012 11:32:04 AM · by xzins 

    Right Wing News ^ | 11 July 12 | Dick Morris
    Obama: Hugo Chavez, Iran ties not a ‘serious’ security threat to US

    Julian Pecquet

    07/11/12 10:41 AM ET

    Republicans in Congress have raised concerns about Tehran’s ties to Latin American leftists…

    Video: Obama: US watching Iran ties in Latin America

    Border Insecurity: Heavily-Armed Texas Gunboats Now Patrolling the Rio Grande

    WAR DRUMS: USA moving dozens of underwater craft to Persian Gulf...

    A curse upon America

    Kevin McCullough smallEither Barack Obama’s economic team is the most willfully ignorant ever to hold the job — or the president just plain couldn’t care less about the nation’s outcome.


    Big Changes Are Ahead For The Health Care Industry, Courtesy Of Big Data Once a Liar…
    William L. Gensert
    Who but complete delud


    China’s New Approach to SCS Disputes Makes Maritime Code of Conduct Unlikely

    Between Israel and Russia, Something is Happening

    by DARLENE CASELLA July 11, 2012

    It was Jerusalem, not Casablanca.  Vladimir Putin and Benjamin Netanyahu are unlikely to be the next Rick Blaine and Captain Louis Renault; however this could be the start of a beautiful friendship.

    Iran’s nuclear facilities or the civil war in Syria might have been the cause for Vladimir Putin’s visit to Israel, but neither was.   Departing Israel, Putin said that Russia and Israel will strengthen cooperation in the fields of gas, space exploration, medicine, and pharmaceuticals.

    Spain Looks to Trim Another $80 Billion with New Austerity Measures
    The announcement came in the wake of renewed pressure on Spain’s sovereign bond yields and just 24 hours after the euro-zone countries gave the green light to an agreement to loan the Iberian nation up to 100 billion euros ($122.5 billion) to shore up its ailing banking sector…
    More details
    Venezuela (Click here for more Venezuela news)
    7/10/2012 Venezuela Stock Market Up 112%
    7/10/2012 Chavez Government, Venezuelan Bishops Resume Dialogue
    7/10/2012 Venezuelan Opposition Candidate Meets with Mexico’s Calderon
    7/9/2012 Venezuela’s Chavez Says Cancer Will Not Affect His Re-Election Bid
    7/7/2012 Venezuela’s Chavez Congratulates Mexico’s Peña Nieto on Election Victory
    Colombia (Click here for more)
    7/11/2012 Colombian Indians Boo President, Demand Troop Withdrawals
    7/11/2012 Child Killed by Rebel Bomb in Colombia
    7/11/2012 Colombia to Deploy 5,000 Soldiers to Protect New Pipeline
    7/9/2012 Witness Details Plot to Kill Colombian Politicians
    7/9/2012 17 Soldiers Injured in Traffic Accident in Colombia
    7/11/2012 U.S. Detains 20 Undocumented Mexicans on San Diego Beach
    7/11/2012 Mexican Mother Kills Kids, Herself
    7/11/2012 Eight Slain in Western Mexico
    7/11/2012 Five Cartel Enforcers Nabbed in Central Mexico
    7/11/2012 Sinaloa Cartel Member Captured in Northern Mexico
    Brazil (Click here for more)
    7/11/2012 Brazilian Indians End Protest at Dam Construction Site
    7/10/2012 Brazil’s Former Catholic Primate Dies
    7/9/2012 Builders Negotiate with Indians Blocking Brazil Dam Project
    7/9/2012 Brazil Homeless Couple Return $10K Found on Street
    7/7/2012 Brazil to Breed Genetically Modified Mosquitoes to Fight Dengue
    7/11/2012 Bolivia to Cancel Mining Project After Kidnappings
    7/8/2012 Indians Release Last 3 Hostages After Accord with Bolivian Government
    7/7/2012 Bolivia Says 3 Mining Employees Fled Indian Captors
    7/6/2012 One Dead in Clash Between Bolivian Police, Kidnappers of Miners
    7/4/2012 Three More Mining Engineers Kidnapped in Bolivia

    Obama: Never mind what states, voters want …

    With President Obama saying yes to Planned Parenthood after another state said no, one pro-lifer asserts that the only way to change the administration’s pro-abortion leaning is to get a new administration.

    The Left Targets Issa

    Discovery of Major Drug Smuggling Tunnel South of Yuma

    | Borderland Beat Reporter Chivis

    Borderland Beat

    First known completed and fully operational tunnel ever uncovered in area, highly sophisticated at 60 foot depth…Paz, Chivis
  • Setting the Record Straight on American Laws for American Courts Legislation


    American Laws for American Courts legislation protects Americans from foreign law when such law violates our constitutional rights. So why are Muslim Brotherhood groups such CAIR and ICNA so opposed to it?

  • Open-Border President Swings Open The Floodgates

    It’s feds vs. Indiana re: abortion money

    The State of Indiana is being told yet again to provide Medicaid funds to Planned Parenthood.

    Projected Cost of ‘Obamacare’ Is Now $2.6 Trillion — Nearly $1.7 Trillion More Than Obama Pledged

    by DANIEL HALPER July 12, 2012

    The Republican side of the Senate Budget Committee will later today release the following chart, detailing the rising projected cost of President Obama’s signature legislation, Obamacare:


    The latest estimate, as the chart details, is that Obamacare will cost $2.6 trillion dollars in its first real decade. The bill does not fully go into effect until 2014, therefore the estimate begins with that year.

    “President Obama promised a joint session of Congress in 2009 to spend $900 billion over ten years on his health care law: ‘Now, add it all up, and the plan that I’m proposing will cost around $900 billion over 10 years.’ Adding up all the different spending provisions in the health care law, however, (including closing the Medicare ‘donut hole,’ implementation costs, and other spending) total gross spending over the FY 2010-19 period is about $1.4 trillion, based on CBO estimates,” the Senate Budget Committee Republican staff explains. “And most of the major spending provisions in the law do not even take effect until 2014. Congressional Democrats delayed these provisions in order to show only six years of spending under the plan in the original 10-year budget window (from FY2010-19) used by CBO at the time the law was enacted. Therefore, the original estimate concealed the fact that most of the law’s spending only doesn’t even begin until four years into the 10-year window. A Senate Budget Committee analysis (based on CBO estimates and growth rates) finds that that total spending under the law will amount to at least $2.6 trillion over a true 10-year period (from FY2014-23)-not $900 billion, as President Obama originally promised.”

    Wayne LaPierre to UN: Americans Will Never Surrender the Second Amendment

    Real Clear Politics Thursday

    Why Neither Candidate Can Move the Polls – Sean Trende, RealClearPolitics
    Raising Taxes Can Be a Winning Issue for Obama – Ezra Klein, Bloomberg
    The Coming Civil War: Makers vs. Takers – Arthur Herman, FOX News
    Misdiagnosing Romney’s Campaign – E.J. Dionne, Washington Post
    President Obama’s Shrinking Majority – Karl Rove, Wall Street Journal
    Mitt Romney in the Lion’s Den – Charles Blow, New York Times
    Romney’s NAACP Gamble Pays Off – Tim Alberta, National Journal
    Ryan or Christie for VP Would Signal Real Change – Jamie Weinstein, DC
    Why Romney Needs Mike Huckabee – Maggie Gallagher, National Review
    Dems Think Tables Turning on Health Care – George Zornick, The Nation
    Obamacare’s Unhealthy Prescription – Gov. Scott Walker, Washington Post
    Is Outsourcing So Wrong? – Michael Kinsley, Los Angeles Times
    The Truth? Obama Way Ahead in Money Race – Tim Carney, DC Examiner
    The Mystery of John Roberts – Linda Greenhouse, New York Times
    How Presidents Truly Rank on Budget Deficits – James Glassman, Forbes
    Voters Deserve the Truth from Jackson – Mary Mitchell, Chicago Sun-Times
    Geithner & Libor: What Did He Know & When? – Charles Gasparino, NYP
    Video Highlights: Pelosi | Ryan | Fineman | Krauthammer | Walker


    Romney & the NAACP – New York Post
    Your Health Care vs. Your Governor – USA Today
    Mayor Gray’s Tainted Administration – Washington Post
    Sorry, Jesse, It’s Not a Private Matter – Chicago Tribune

    More From Real Clear

    Religion: Romney’s Secret Plan to Win Evangelicals – David Brody, CBN
    History: Hamilton’s Eventful Life & Tragic Death – Douglas Linder, UMKC
    World: Where’s Obama’s Mideast Strategy? – Michael Young, Daily Star
    Technology: App Invasion: Coming Soon to Your PC – J. Newman, PC World

    Real Clear Politics Video 1 2 3 | More Videos »

    National RCP Poll Average

    46.5 Obama (+1.9) Romney 44.6

    RCP Electoral College Map

    221 Obama 136 Romney 181

    Real Clear Politics Wednesday

    Morning Update
    U.S. Budget: It’s the Insane Spending, Stupid – John Stossel, FOX Business
    Obama the Socialist? Not Even Close – Milos Forman, New York Times
    Why Won’t Obama Sell the Health Law? – Eleanor Clift, The Daily Beast
    Storm Coming for American Patients and Doctors – Marc Siegel, NRO
    GOP to the Uninsured: Drop Dead – Matt Miller, Washington Post
    No Supreme Court Bounce for Obama – Douglas Schoen, The Daily Beast
    Romney’s Summer Reading Assignments – Ross Douthat, New York Times
    Obama Hopes Iowa Still Loves Him in ’12 – Gardner & Balz, Washington Post
    Spending, Taxes & the Trouble With Class Warfare – Thomas Sowell, IBD
    The Best Case for Obama’s Tax Plan – Joan Walsh, Salon
    In Maryland, Higher Taxes Chase Out High Earners – Robert Frank, CNBC
    The Achilles Heels of Obama: Part II – Pat Caddell, Big Government
    A Very Mitt Romney Vacation – Margaret Carlson, Bloomberg
    Confidence in Television News Drops to New Low – Lymari Morales, Gallup
    Will Giant Banks Be the End of Capitalism? – Pat Buchanan, Pittsburgh TR
    Real Risk Takers Are the Solution – David DesRosiers, Washington Times
    Unions Fight Scranton Mayor After He Cuts Pay – Cooper & Walsh, NYT

    Afternoon Update
    GOP Repeal Vote: An Obstructionist Crusade – Amy Davidson, New Yorker
    California Demon: Our Version of Greece – John Fund, American Spectator
    Why Doesn’t Obama Have a Bigger Lead? – Kevin Drum, Mother Jones
    The Strategy Behind Obama’s Bain Attack – Greg Sargent, Washington Post
    Obama’s Tax Hikes & the Big Government Disease – Michael Tanner, NRO
    GOP Antics vs. Action on Economy – Jesse Jackson, Chicago Sun-Times
    Obama’s Job Approval: Why He’s in Trouble – Jay Cost, Weekly Standard
    How Much Will Money Matter? – Jamelle Bouie, American Prospect
    U.S. Unemployment Worse Than It Looks – Clyde Prestowitz, Philly Inquirer
    What’s Really Happening at Public Schools? – Michael Graham, Boston Hld
    Texas Is America’s Top State for Business 2012 – Scott Cohn, CNBC

    The 25 Companies Investing The Most In America

    Ben Duronio | 29 minutes ago | 6,030 | 1

    The Investment Heroes of 2012

    Read »


    Report: Penn St. officials concealed abuse

    poll vote button 2

    video icon buttonHall of Fame coach Joe Paterno and other senior officials “concealed critical facts” about Jerry Sandusky’s child abuse because they were worried about bad publicity, according to an internal investigation into the scandal concluded.

    Lawsuit: ‘Gay’ parenting should be easier

    A California family group asserts that a lawsuit requesting that same-gender couples bypass mandatory tests required for gamete donors is a move to circumvent the law.

    Pro-family group: Sears back in porn business

    The American Family Association says Sears has gone back on its word and resumed selling pornography on its retail website — some of which delves into bestiality and zoophilia. (Caution: The content of this story may offend some readers)

    A silver lining in media’s negative report

    A conservative think tank in Washington, DC, is concerned about the media’s “trumped up numbers” in a report about the new ballot protection measure in Pennsylvania.

    Planned Parenthood above the rules?

    Planned Parenthood of Iowa and Illinois are both under investigation for Medicaid fraud.

    Flag ban enrages tenants

    Residents of a Massachusetts public housing complex are outraged that the town’s housing agency has banned the display of U.S. flags outside their homes.

    What’s the reason behind Border Patrol closings?

    The Border Patrol is shutting down nine stations — six of them in Texas — and plans to relocate the 41 agents who work at those outposts to positions nearer the borders.

    ‘Faithful remnant’ of salt and light in Episcopal Church

    An Institute on Religion & Democracy representative is glad to see that not all bishops support the Episcopal Church’s recent adoption of same-sex “blessings.”


    Earlier story:

    The Episcopal Church just got more liberal

    Obama losing young voter support?

    Four years after they helped put him in office, one expert says President Obama no longer has the support 18- to 29-year-olds.


    Story contains results from Wednesday’s poll

    Where political correctness has taken Calif. schools

    According to a California family group, a lesbian administrator’s lawsuit alleging vulgar behavior at a school district retreat illustrates how immoral the state’s public school system is.

    ‘Gays’ seeking greater presence in classrooms

    A pro-family group is warning parents that homosexual activists in Massachusetts are upping their efforts, now asking state legislators to make it easier to promote their message in public schools.

    In defense of Brad Pitt’s mom

    Michelle Malkin smallWhen Mrs. Pitt expressed her support of Mitt Romney, unborn babies, and traditional marriage, the self-appointed Tinseltown anti-bigotry cops went ballistic. (Caution: Contains offensive language)

    Conservatives doing something about ObamaCare

    A grassroots conservative organization is once again leading the charge against ObamaCare.

    Imprisoned Iranian pastor learns trial date

    Mystery surrounds the upcoming trial of an imprisoned Iranian pastor who faces the death penalty for charges of apostasy.

    It’s feds vs. Indiana re: abortion money

    The State of Indiana is being told yet again to provide Medicaid funds to Planned Parenthood.


    • Obamacare: Religious Freedom Tax Repeal Act Would Prevent Taxing Catholic Church

      Thursday, July 12, 2012 12:07:35 PM · by tcg · 2 replies 

      Catholic Online ^ | 7/12/12 | Deacon Keith Fournier
      On Thursday, June 28, 2012 the United States Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of the individual mandate of the Affordable care Act (aka Obama Care). The dense opinion was authored for a 5- 4majority by Chief Justice John Roberts. Justices Kennedy, Alito, Scalia and Thomas strongly dissented. However, a Court speaks through its majority. The Majority opinion upheld the mandate of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, not under the Commerce Clause, but as an exercise of Congress’ power to tax. The Obama Administration initially argued that the penalty for non-compliance with the Affordable Care Act’s mandate to purchase…
    • China blocks WTO rare earths arbitration as US critical minerals bill goes to a vote

      Thursday, July 12, 2012 12:04:08 PM · by epithermal · 6 replies ^ | July 11, 2012 | Frik Els
      China has officially rejected a request by the US, Europe and Japan to have a special panel of the World Trade Organization arbitrate a dispute over the country’s controversial policy of restricting exports of rare earths. China mines roughly 95% of the world’s rare earths and is also the globe’s top consumer of the 17 elements used in critical components for the automotive, high tech, green energy and defence industries, but the country maintains it only holds 23% of global REE reserves and is actively encouraging others nations to explore and mine REEs. Platts reports under WTO rules, China can…


    Attorney: Jailed pastor ‘harassed’ by city officials

    A Phoenix-area pastor is behind bars for operating a Bible study on his own property.

    Critic: ‘Stop bullying’ bill = federal intervention

    A bill in the U.S. House of Representatives provides grant money to states to fight bullying in schools — but family advocate Karen Gushta with Truth in Action Ministries says this kind of federal intervention is the wrong approach.

    U.S. doing nothing for persecuted in Nigeria

    Dozens of people are dead in Nigeria after Boko Haram’s weekend attacks on Christians, and one organization says America’s lack of action is “hypocritical.”

    Snuffing out religious freedom message

    A lawsuit has been filed on behalf of pro-life college students in Ohio who allege their First Amendment rights were violated during a pro-life rally.

    Biofuels are green energy ‘fuelishness’

    A policy analyst says it’s time to end the Defense Department’s green energy “fuelishness.”

    Judge continues to block Mississippi abortion law

    A federal judge on Wednesday decided to continue to block a state law that threatened to shut down Mississippi’s only abortion clinic and make it nearly impossible for a woman to get the procedure in the state.


    UN arms treaty could put U.S. gun owners in foreign sights, say critics

    Egyptian president respects court’s ruling to freeze his decree
    07-12 00:48

    Morsi respected the ruling of Supreme Constitutional Court which froze his decree to resume the dissolved People’s Assembly.| Video
    Court halts Morsi’s decree reinstating parliament
    Morsi’s order to reconvene parliament rejected

    • Secret Democratic Political Research Files for Twelve 2012 Match-Ups Found via Google

      Thursday, July 12, 2012 1:47:01 PM · by sunmars · 4 replies 

      It could be one of the biggest political intelligence coups of the 2012 battle to control Congress. Media Trackers, a conservative investigative watchdog group, discovered nearly three-dozen Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee opposition research notebooks – extensive secretive manuals outlining anything that could be used against a political opponent. Several news outlets have reported that some of the files have been quietly published on the DCCC’s website to facilitate their use by independent expenditure groups. On Thursday, however, Media Trackers published a dozen opposition research books that Democrats have so far managed to keep secret. The twelve unpublished manuals range in…
    • How To Protect Yourself From Collapse of the Faith-Based Financial System

      Thursday, July 12, 2012 1:44:07 PM · by Kaslin · 3 replies ^ | July 12, 2012 | Mike Shedlock
      With the LIBOR manipulation scandal and the collapse of commodity brokers MF Global and PFG Best, what is the average investor to do? Lauren Lyster discusses the answer in a Capital Account interview with Simon Mikhailovich, co-manager of Ediesis Capital. The topic is “Death of Price Signals and the Birth of a Faith-Based Financial System” Link if video does not play: Birth of a Faith-Based Financial System The entire interview is worth a complete play. The key portion starts right around the 21:30 mark in which Mikhailovich explains …. The financial system is so interconnected and so highly correlated, different…

    ‘A Free Man’: Bin Laden’s Former Cook Leaves Guantanamo After 14-Year Sentence Reduced

    Crime“His local radio station quoted him saying he had suffered “unfair detention in the infamous Guantanamo prison”

    ‘Securing America’s Borders’: Obama Admin. Closing 9 Border Patrol Stations Across 4 States

    Government“It complements the non-enforcement policy of this administration.”

    Read More »

    The Episcopal Church just got more liberal

    Transgender and homosexual activists have won a major victory at the Episcopal Church’s ongoing annual convention in Indianapolis.

    How Gold Could Surge To $8,300 By 2015


    TX may be nat’l leader in criminal justice reform

    The state of Texas has seen a significant drop in its crime rate, and some conservative policy initiatives are getting the credit.

    Campaign Cash from Jews Is Bad Only if It Goes to Republicans
    Richard Baehr
    Happy to feed vile anti-Semitic toxins into the campaign. More

    Obama Campaign Is in Worse Shape Than It Looks
    Adam Yoshida
    We can add the grotesque financial mismanagement of the Obama campaign as another factor counting against the president in the election race. More

    Who’s the Real Outsourcer: Romney or Obama?
    Howard Richman & Raymond Richman
    The Obama campaign has been running a series of campaign ads which call Romney an “outsourcer.” But the truth is the complete opposite. More

    Is Mitt Manning Up?
    Victor Volsky
    Watching the strange lassitude that engulfed the Republican presidential campaign around the Independence Day break, one couldn’t help wondering: where was the Mitt Romney of the primaries, Mitt the Terrible? More


    GOP gets Democrat support in bid to kill health law

    By Paige Winfield Cunningham – The Washington Times

    The House voted Wednesday to repeal all of President Obama’s health care law, acting where the Supreme Court declined to, in a vote that both sides said is doomed to fail in the Senate but was designed to lay the groundwork for voters to have a final say in November’s elections.


    WAR DRUMS: USA moving dozens of underwater craft to Persian Gulf...

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