OPINION: Doubling Our Votes

August 11, 2012

Doubling Our Votes
Carol Brown
If each of us can flip just one voter to our side, we can double the power of our votes on election day. Wait! Don’t start rolling your eyes. I used to be a liberal. There are ways to inspire this kind of transition in others. More

  1. 03.Liang Chow: the Chinese coach making US gymnasts’ dreams come true
  2. 04.Entire family contracts STD from a Shanghai hotel
Brennan: Intel leaks have ‘absolutely’ damaged US national security

Carlo Muñoz - 08/11/12 06:00 AM ET

Obama’s counterterrorism adviser said there had been “devastating leaks” and pushed back this week against claims they were politically-motivated.…

Someone Like You



Japan And South Korea Lock Horns Over Islands, China Steers Clear

A visit from the South Korean president to some islands in the Sea of Japan has sparked a small flame war in an ongoing territorial dispute. The big fish in the pool, China, is steering clear of this one, despite its entanglement in island disputes with many other countries in the area.

Mexican drug runnersFrom Politics & Policy

Detenido! : Mexican Drug Cartel Sinalao Arrested in Spain

Spanish police announced they have arrested four member of the Mexican Drug Cartel Sinalao while they were attempting to set up a European foothold in Madrid.

Indian BabyFrom Law

Rajasthan Couple Arrested For Selling Newborn: Baby-Selling A Huge Racket In India

Police are also investigating six other people, including a government official, who may have been involved in this saga as middle-men in the transaction.

Gu Kailai Confession Of Killing Neil HeywoodFrom Politics & Policy

Gu Kailai Admits Killing Neil Heywood

The murder trial lasted only one day.


US-China on-going confrontation: Is New Cold War Likely?
Sudhanshu Tripathi – 8/8/2012
Although China and the United States have never been close allies, but with the recent increased activities of America in Asia-Pacific region, particularly as regards South China Sea row and China’s amazing overall progress, all these appear tending towards differences between them, thereby risking the eruption of a new Cold War.

Real vs. false prophets
Ellis Washington – 8/8/2012
Is there not here a prophet of the LORD…?
~ 1 Kings 22:7

In the Old Testament Bible there were three times that good King Jehoshaphat listened to military advice by the prophets on whether or not to go to war with his surrounding enemies and three times he wasn’t satisfied with the words he was hearing as being authentically from the Lord (I Kings 22:7; 2 Kings 3:11; 2 Chronicles 18:6). Therefore, what made King Jehoshaphat “good” was that he had the fortitude and spiritual discernment to reject the words of the false prophets and ask for a real prophet so as to follow the will …

Do Russians Love Their Children Too?
Dr. Andreas Umland – 8/4/2012
A homophobia campaign linking gays to child molesters as well as a series of “paedophilia” defamations relativize the abuse of minors in Russia.

Pressures Mount on Fed, ECB but Each Can Do Little
Prof. Peter Morici – 8/4/2012
Pressure mounts on the Federal Reserve and European Central Bank to avert another recession, but neither can accomplish much without their governments pursuing more competent economic policies.

Roma in FranceFrom Politics & Policy

France Evicts Roma, Again: Public Safety, Or Political Scheme?

Evicting one of Europe’s most marginalized groups may help Francois Hollande get back in France’s good graces.

Wheat GrainsFrom Economy

Another Food Crisis Looms Driven By Soaring Grains And Sugar Prices, UN Agency Warns

A global hike in food prices last month due to unfavorable weather conditions, compounded by exporting nations placing restrictions and importing nations stockpiling due to concerns over the grain price rally, could lead to a food crisis along the lines of the one that happened in 2007-08, the U.N.

American SikhsFrom Politics & Policy

Sikh Massacre: The ‘Model Minority’ Argument

Would the expressions of grief be as widespread and deep if neo-Nazi Wade Michael Page had shot up a camp filled with illegal aliens from Mexico?

Waters off New Zealand's CoastFrom Politics & Policy

Mass Of Volcanic Rocks Floating Off New Zealand Coast

The unusual phenomenon forced a New Zealand naval vessel to shift its course.

RupeesFrom Politics & Policy

Indian Government Minister Suggests Some Political Corruption Is Acceptable

Shivpal Yadav is a member of the Samajwadi Party, which swept into power in Uttar Pradesh in March with a pledge to stamp out corruption.

More Headlines

Political Legitimacy and the Special Interest State
James V. DeLong
The current state of American politics is even worse than most people want to admit. More

For Us or against Us
Matthew May
A vote for incumbent president Barack Obama in November is a vote against the United States Constitution. Furthermore, it is a vote for one’s own enslavement. More

Tyrants Looming: Obama and the Dictators of South America
Elise Cooper
Our president already has a cozy relationship with the dictatorial dregs of the western hemisphere — and it will only get worse with a second term. More


6 US soldiers killed in ‘rogue attacks’ in Afghanistan
August 11, 2012
Afghan police lure 3 marines to their deaths. More

Has Obama gotten a new, more worrisome NIE on Iran?
August 11, 2012
New intel shares Israel’s view on the progress of Iranian program. More

US weighs ‘no fly zone’ for Syria
August 11, 2012
The dominoes are lining up. More

The Return of the ‘Radical Republicans’
August 11, 2012
Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are on the right side of history when the Democrats are using this “hallowed” term once again. More

Obama lickspittle busted on plagiarism
August 11, 2012
If schadenfreude — enjoying the distress of others — is a sin, then I am a sinner. More

Obama’s predictable first shot at Ryan
August 11, 2012
It didn’t work in 2010 and it won’t work now. More

Ryan: ‘We won’t duck the tough issues…we will lead’
August 11, 2012
First speech by Romney’s running mate. More

A man, a plan, an election, Ryan
August 11, 2012
Mitt Romney has gone for the gold with his choice of Paul Ryan as running mate. More

Ryan and Obama have mixed it up before
August 11, 2012
Remember the 6 minutes of gold where Ryan sliced up Obamacare right in front of the president? More

Awaiting the Obama PAC ad that jumps the shark
August 11, 2012
Don’t be surprised when an Obama superPAC ad threatens urban disorder if Obama loses the election. More

US accuses Hezb’allah of being deeply involved in Syrian civil war
August 11, 2012
Terrorists propping up Assad. More

Budget deficit at $974 billion for the year
August 11, 2012
Five years in a row and counting… More

The Soul-Crushing Scorched-Earth Battle for Gay Marriage
Robert Oscar Lopez
The gay marriage movement has finally crossed the line into insanity. They must burn their own villages to save them from their phantasmal bullies. More

Teachers’ Unions in Action
Gary Jason
From extortion to sexual abuse, we can expect only the finest conduct from public-employee teachers’ unions across the nation. More

BREAKING NEWS: Romney picks Ryan for VP


Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has chosen Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin to be his vice presidential running mate.

Ryan seen as Romney’s bridge across GOP spectrum


Even before Wisconsin sent Paul Ryan to Congress, he was meticulously carving a path that seemed to point only upward.

The female vote in November


A recent poll has President Barack Obama leading GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney among women in several swing states, but the nation’s largest public policy women’s organization doubts the accuracy of the poll.

Teaming with Planned Parenthood like ‘joining the mob’


A spokesman for American Life League believes the announced departure this week of the two top executives of the Susan G. Komen Foundation, following a year of controversy, spells out that group’s direction for the future.

School stands firm on ‘God Bless America’


The Freedom From Religion Foundation is demanding that a Massachusetts high school band stop playing “God Bless America” at school functions because it violates separation of church and state — but school officials plan to flat-out ignore that demand.

Exploring the recent Mars space mission

NASA made the headlines again this month when the latest Mars rover, aptly titled Curiosity, landed on the red planet for another round of exploration.


Ongoing challenge to NY’s ‘gay marriage’ law


The legal challenge of New York’s homosexual “marriage” law is not over because of the ongoing contention that state laws were violated in gaining passage of the measure.

Christian group survives campus controversy


InterVarsity Christian Fellowship has announced its chapter at the University of New York-Buffalo is being reinstated following last year’s controversy involving a member who admitted he was homosexual.

Rabbi takes state to court over funeral rites


A Pennsylvania rabbi has filed suit against the state for interfering in his synagogue’s funerals, which has been following ancient Jewish funeral and burial practices.

Autopsy report on abortion victim kept private


An autopsy report on the deceased victim of a Planned Parenthood abortion in Chicago is not being released, and one organization isn’t pleased with having this information withheld.

At issue: Student achievement


Secretary of Education Arne Duncan is promising higher academic standards and more difficult class work for the coming year, but a conservative analyst doubts that will spur student achievement.

‘Extremely liberal’ Republicans ousted


Kansas was “Red” before — but following primaries earlier this week, the Sunflower State is even redder.

Socialism vs. suburbia


A political commentator says a recent National Review Online article that investigates President Obama’s plan to syphon tax revenues from American suburbs to fund urban communities is further proof of the president’s socialist tendencies.

Youngster now on the donor list


A Philadelphia child originally denied a kidney transplant because of a medical condition is now on a waiting list.

Dems no fan of Tenn. conservative


The Tennessee Democratic Party is rejecting its own elected nominee for U.S. Senate because of his conservative beliefs. Officials are even urging people to vote against him in November.

Pastor in Iran faces dangerous surgery


An Iranian pastor jailed for his faith faces surgery — although under less-than-ideal conditions.

Does July heat record show rise in global temp?


The federal government says July was the hottest month on record for the continental U.S., but one prominent climate-change skeptic says people shouldn’t jump to any conclusions about this being signs of global warming.

Marriage remains protected in Hawaii


A federal judge has ruled against two Hawaii women who want to get “married” instead of entering into a civil union.

Mississippi museum surrenders to gay activist demands


Mississippi officials say they have relented on a ban on same-sex commitment ceremonies at a state-owned museum and are processing a permit for two women.

Changes coming to Komen


The president and the founder of Susan G. Komen for the Cure are both stepping down from their roles, the nation’s largest breast cancer foundation said in announcing a major leadership shake-up. The high-profile departures come in the wake of continuing fallout from Komen’s decision earlier this year to briefly end funding for abortion provider Planned Parenthood.

Congress ‘failed’ Social Security, seniors


The head of a seniors organization doesn’t think anyone should be surprised by this week’s announcement that today’s retirees are the first generation to pay more into Social Security than they will receive.

Pensions a ‘black swan,’ looming crisis


Though new tax hikes set to take effect this January, one expert says that is not the only crisis the country is facing.

Meaningless Words and Phrases
Jeremy Meister
The empty rhetoric is getting out of hand. What does anyone mean when they say these things? More

Romney’s Gutsy Choice

by Roger L Simon

In choosing Paul Ryan as his running mate, Romney took the risk he would be outshone, but he did America a favor.

Obama Said There’d Be Days Like This

by Rick Richman

Actually, he didn’t; but now he says he did.

The Campaign Is Funny Fare for This Season — and Surprisingly Fair

by Bridget Johnson

The characters’ personalities are drawn so that the audience roots for the underdog family-guy Republican over the incumbent womanizing Democrat.

Why an Evil Jew in Act of Valor?

by Andrew Klavan

Was the movie selling some sort of Elders of Zion scenario where the Jews financed everything, including the work of those dedicated to wiping them off the face of the earth?

New Romney Ad Scores Obama for Using Woman’s Death for ‘Political Gain’

by Rick Moran

“What does it say about a president’s character when he had his campaign raise money for the ad then stood by as his top aides were caught lying about it?”

10,000 Dead Virginia Voters

by Christian Adams

A Division of Zombies to sit out the election.

Are We Seeing a Shift in the American Electorate?

by Stephen Green

We are at a point where both parties are pretty well discredited, at a time when we need real leadership to undo the mistakes of the last dozen years.

The China Temptation

by Jaime Daremblum

Why Brazil should reject Beijing’s economic model. (You can read this article in Spanish here.)

The Expendable Bin Laden

by Andrew C. McCarthy

When al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood work at cross-purposes.

Does Military Service Matter in a President?

by Bridget Johnson

For the first time since 1944, Americans will be asked to choose between candidates with no military experience to be the next commander in chief.

Janet Napolitano’s DHS Commences Witch Hunt Against Whistleblowers on Amnesty

by J. Christian Adams

Reminder: Federal employees who take adverse action against whistleblowers are not allowed to be paid their salary.

Is Obesity a Disease or a Moral Failing?

by Theodore Dalrymple

And what are we to make of the fact that an affliction of the rich is now predominantly a problem of the poor?

Our Government and the Muslim Brotherhood

by Andrew C. McCarthy

Video and the full text of Andrew C. McCarthy’s recent speech in Washington D.C. on Huma Abedin and the Obama administration’s position on Islamism.

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