OPINION: Redistribution: Obama’s Religion?

September 21, 2012

Obama Hurt My Feelings When He Destroyed the Constitution
Stella Paul
Apparently, the world’s only superpower is now in the business of kissing the boo-boos of murderous Muslims aggrieved by our Constitution. More


  • Don’t expect Egypt to live by America’s rules

    On the eve of his first visit to the USas Egypt’s president, Islamist Mohammed Morsi said he will demonstrate more independence from the U.S. in decision-making than his predecessor Hosni Mubarak and told Washington not to expect Egypt to live by its rules.

  • The Fog of War is Nothing to the Fog of the Muslim World


    If it were not for oil, we could consider letting the Middle East self-destruct, but we cannot. World economy depends on it.

  • Under Creative Commons License: Attribution
  • Why Are They Lying?


    Politically, Obama has been beating his breasts about bin Laden’s death, in order to prove he can manage foreign policy.

  • Under Creative Commons License: Attribution

    The Audacity of These Dopes
    William L. Gensert
    Strip away the Obama myth, and what are you left with? More



  • It’s Always Our Fault – Revisiting the ‘Stockholm Syndrome’


    Why does the most powerful government in the world apologize to a rioting rabble, murderers of ambassadors, avowed followers of Bin Laden, pillagers of sovereign American property…

  • Charlie Hebdo and Sharia Versus Freedom of Speech


    If we are not willing to defend freedom of speech against Islam’s Sharia-based, liberty-crushing totalitarianism, it will disappear.

  • Obama and Religious War
    James Lewis
    Obama represents the third or fourth wave of Marxism, in which the left forges an alliance with the biggest medieval throwback ideology in the world: desert Islam. More

    Obama’s Redistribution: What Did Frank Marshall Davis Say?
    Paul Kengor
    Barack Obama’s thinking sounds hauntingly similar to that of the man who helped mentor him in the 1970s, the formative period of Obama’s adolescence. More

  • The Ghost of Bertold Brecht and the Balkanization of America


    Demographic data confirm what many Americans already suspect – this is not the America of your grandparents, or even of your parents.

  • Why Romney Is Going to Romp over Obama in November
    The Drive-By Pundit
    Ignore the polls. Romney’s going to win big, and you know why? Because blacks have lost their enthusiasm for Obama. More

    The Commonness of Barack Obama
    Mark W. Hendrickson
    Yes, the president is unique among American presidents. However, against the backdrop of human history, and compared to other heads of state, he is drearily common. More


    It’s Not a Revolution, It’s a Video

    by Barry Rubin

    With a Middle East policy crumbling, the Obama administration clings to a dangerous fiction while the mainstream media cheerleaders play along.

    ‘Fast and Furious’ Report Not the End of the Issa-Holder Battle

    by Bridget Johnson

    The chairman says an unprecedented level of cooperation, like that shown to the inspector general, could “perhaps eliminate the need for a protracted fight in the courts.”

    Obamamalaise Part XXXVII: ‘You Can’t Change Washington from the Inside’

    by Ed Driscoll

    Perhaps Mr. Obama will get the chance, as Gov. Romney is quick to respond on the stump today, to change DC from the outside, come next year.

    Original Version of the New ‘Obama Flag’ Design

    by Zombie

    Be afraid…be very afraid.

    ‘It’s the Country, Stupid’
    Lee Cary
    There’s a word that often describes too much of the inside-the-Beltway, northeast-corridor “conservative” punditry. More

    Obama’s Legacy on Black America
    Lloyd Marcus
    What on earth is going on in the hearts and minds of most black Americans in regard to Obama? Have blacks been bewitched? More

  • Disastrous Foreign Policy Reflects A Disastrous Presidency


    The real tragedy of our current plight reaches far beyond the horror of a murdered US Ambassador and his staff, or the outrage of a black Islamist flag being raised over our Embassy in Cairo, after Old Glory was torn down a desecrated by a seething mob of angry Muslims.


    The Lesson on Egypt Found in the Dark Knight Trilogy
    William Sullivan
    The themes of Christopher Nolan’s Gotham City can easily be applied to the tumultuous events now occurring in the Middle East. More

    Redistribution: Obama’s Religion?
    September 21, 2012
    Can America finally stop beating around the bush? More

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    Purple Strategies: OH: Obama +4 | FL: Romney +1 | VA: Obama +3 | More


    Spinning on Libya – Boston Herald The Candidates Face Hispanic Voters – New York Times The Post-American Middle East – Wall Street Journal 100 Days Is Enough: Rep. Jackson Should Speak – Chicago Tribune

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    Science: 2012 Ig Nobel Prizes: And the Winners Are… – Alok Jha, Guardian History: Why Benedict Arnold Chose Treason – H.W. Elson, History of USA World: Trade War Could Lead to World War – Jeremy Warner, Telegraph Technology: When Tech Bites Us in the Butt – Bill Snyder, InfoWorld


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  • Univision Reporter to Obama: ‘You Didn’t Keep that Promise’ on Immigration



  • Obama puts his stamp on the American flag… Logo replaces stars on campaign store item



  • Islamists, Leftists Target Europe’s Jews



  • Public School Teacher Reacts to Ruling of Liberal Judge that Struck Down Union Law



  • THEY COME TO AMERICA – The Cost of Illegal Immigration



  • WHITE HOUSE: Sebelius’ violation of Hatch Act ‘inadvertent error’



  • MEDIA WATCH: CBS: Witnesses Says There Was Never An Anti-American Protest In Benghazi, Just An Attack



  • Obama now ducking questions on security failures at Benghazi consulate



  • OBAMA: ‘You Can’t Change Washington From The Inside’












    National RCP Poll Average

    48.6 Obama (+3.9) Romney 44.7

    RCP Electoral College Map

    247 Obama 100 Romney 191

    Real Clear Politics Thursday

    Morning Update
    We Need to Recover From the Obama Recovery – Mort Zuckerman, US News
    Does Romney Dislike America? – E.J. Dionne, Washington Post
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    Will QE3 Work? It’s Already Failed – Louis Woodhill, Forbes
    D.C. Area Counties Top Richest List – Morello & Mellnik, Washington Post
    Is Obama a “Redistributionist”? Sort of – Timothy Noah, The New Republic
    Treasury Must Sell Every Last GM Share – Ed Whitacre, Wall Street Journal

    Afternoon Update
    New Picture Emerging of Attack in Libya – Tabassum Zakaria, Reuters
    As Islamists Rise, U.S. on Path to Nowhere – Arnaud de Borchgrave, UPI
    Republicans and the 47 Percent: A Case Study – Kevin Drum, Mother Jones
    Romney’s Chance to Challenge the Welfare State – Robert Samuelson, WP
    GM Reveals Bailouts as Devil’s Bargain – Charles Gasparino, New York Post
    Ripple Effects From Romney Video a Gift to Dems – Alex Seitz-Wald, Salon
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    The Obama You Don’t Know – Mark Tapscott, Washington Examiner
    Mitt Romney, an Entitled Rich Guy – Ezra Klein, Washington Post
    QE3 Is Just a Bailout for Government – Jeremy Warner, Daily Telegraph


    Pledging to Obama ‘For All’
    September 21, 2012
    There was a day when Barack Obama couldn’t muster the energy or desire to lift his hand to cover his heart during the national anthem. Now, the Obama campaign is asking his supporters to do for him what he refused to do for America More

    Afghanistan ‘surge’ ends quietly
    September 21, 2012
    Did it accomplish anything? More

    US shutters embassies fearing more protests
    September 21, 2012
    Children in Pakistan chant “Death to America.” More

    Chick Fil A to stop funding anti-gay marriage groups
    September 21, 2012
    In the end, a business decision. More

    How biased are the polls?
    September 21, 2012
    Some surprising answers. More

    United Airlines is fast becoming Houston’s most hated airline.
    September 21, 2012
    United Airlines CEO Jeff Smisek is co-hosting a Planned Parenthood gala in Houston. More

    The Economy, but Not Just the Economy for Romney
    September 21, 2012
    An “economy” drumbeat by itself will not work for Mitt Romney. But he can tie the economy to a host of other issues. More

    Republican Senate majority hopes in danger
    September 21, 2012
    With about six weeks until the election, a disturbing picture of the Senatorial elections is emerging. More

    Recap: Obama’s work
    September 21, 2012
    Please tell me why this man-child should be allowed four more years as President of the United States More

    The Redistributionist
    September 21, 2012
    Obama’s comments in 1998, now receiving so much attention, pale in comparison to these revelations More

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