POLITICS: Barack Obama in 1998: ‘I Actually Believe In Redistribution’

September 18, 2012

  • Obama To Sign Anti-Second Amendment U.N. Small ArmsTreaty Gun Grab?

    Thu Sep 20 09:06:39 2012 · by raptor22 · 13 replies

    True Conservatives On Twitter ^ | September 20, 2012
    Second Amendment: The United Nations is putting the finishing touches on an Arms Trade Treaty that transcends borders and may even trample our Constitutional right to bear arms. Every indication is that the president will sign it. Like the New Start and Law of the Sea treaties before it, as well as the Kyoto Protocol and Agenda 21, the Arms Trade Treaty being finalized at the U.N. this month is one of those feel-good, can’t-we-all-get-along pieces of parchment whose net effect is to accomplish little except to eat away at American sovereignty and freedom. Just as the world’s worst human…

Scott Walker’s Anti-Union Law Struck Down As Unconstitutional

Look at the Marxist revolutions around the world for the last 100 years, Redistribution is the point when and where and how they start killing people.


  • High school students boycott school cafeteria over new FEDERAL lunch restrictions – legislation promoted by Michelle Obama

    While students and staff members alike agree that childhood obesity is a major concern, many are saying the new lunch guidelines are too abrupt and don’t take students’ unique lifestyles into account.

  • Chicago Strike Tells Us Answer is School Choice


    Kids and parents are stuck with whatever outcome the confrontation between the mayor and the union produces because there is no competition.

  • Give an Applewhite a Day to the PA Supreme Court

    Today the Pennsylvania Supreme Court issued a baffling request for more information from a lower court, questioning whether voter identification cards would be available for voters.  The voter ID case should have been a slam dunk, but they are delaying.  Apparently, they are too scared to uphold the law without being giving an Applewhite, and many Applewhites a day.

    Applewhite is Viviette Applewhite, the named plaintiff of the lawsuit who claimed that she could not get an ID… until, of course, she got it.  Applewhite obtained her photo ID the day after the Commonwealth Court upheld the law.  Her voter ID card demonstrates that the law is not actually burdensome, because if the ACLU were right, Applewhite would still be struggling to get identification.  Voter ID opponents and civic organizations have also been active in Pennsylvania to help Pennsylvanians get IDs.

    The Pennsylvania Supreme Court is delaying issuing a final decision about the law based on speculative concerns about implementation, noting that even the voter ID opponents in court “acknowledged  that  there  is  no  constitutional  impediment  to  the  Commonwealth’s  implementation  of  a  voter  identification  requirement.”

    The Pennsylvania Supreme Court made the bizarre decision to “return the matter to the Commonwealth Court to make a present assessment of the actual availability of the alternate identification cards.”  They claimed that they “are not satisfied with a mere predictive judgment based primarily on the assurances of government officials, even though we have no doubt they are proceeding in good faith.”

    Judge Simpson, who wrote the Commonwealth Court opinion upholding the law, was confident that the election officials “will fully educate the public” and will comply with state election law requirements and do so “in a non-partisan, even-handed manner.”

    But finding those assurances “believable” was only part of the reason the Commonwealth Court upheld the law.  The law has provisions for student IDs and primary care facilities to help younger and older voters who may not have driver’s licenses or one of the many other forms of ID that are acceptable under the law.  According to the court, other considerations that demonstrate the law’s validity include “the enhanced availability of birth confirmation through the Department of Health for those born in Pennsylvania,” as well as “the availability of absentee voting, provisional ballots, and opportunities for judicial relief for those with special hardships.”  The law itself is not discriminatory.

    The Pennsylvania Supreme Court could have relied solely on the well-supported opinion written by Judge Simpson of the Commonwealth Court upholding the law and ended the limbo status of the Pennsylvania voter ID law by dismissing the poor case by voter ID opponents.  But, instead, the court is asking for information… information they already have.

    • Obama’s Media Matters Goon Squad

      Tuesday, September 18, 2012 10:12:20 PM · by george76 · 1 replies 

      Abuse Of Power: The Justice Department has been caught colluding with left-wing media “watchdog” Media Matters to suppress critics who’ve embarrassed the Obama administration. What is this, Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela? Based on a cache of internal Justice Department e-mails obtained by the Daily Caller, Attorney Gen. Eric Holder’s press staff has been collaborating all along with left-wing media “watchdog” Media Matters to smear any reporter asking uncomfortable questions, to discourage whistle-blowers, to discredit political watchdogs and to suppress damaging news about what’s going on in the Obama administration. The Daily Caller found dozens of pages of e-mails between DOJ Public…

    Three Reasons We Should Salute Bernanke – John Cassidy, The New Yorker
    In Fact, We’re Going Backward – Ralph Reiland, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
    America’s Mideast Policies in Shambles – Michael Barone, DC Examiner

    Getty Images

    Romney: 47 percent depend on government, will vote for Obama

    Justin Sink - 09/17/12 10:13 PM ET
    On Monday night, Romney addressed the video, saying his remarks were “off the cuff” and “not elegantly stated.”…
    Mitt Romney does damage control

    Justin Sink - 09/17/12 10:48 PM ET

    The GOP presidential nominee defended his leaked comments as generally in line with the arguments he has made publicly.…
    Romney hopes to hit reset with new ads

    Justin Sink - 09/18/12 12:01 AM ET

    Mitt Romney’s campaign released a new television commercial and web ad Tuesday attacking President Obama on the national debt.…

    Related: Romney to get more specific

    Scalia was ‘furious’ at Roberts vote on healthcare law, says Toobin book

    Sam Baker - 09/18/12 05:25 AM ET

    Jeffrey Toobin’s latest book portrays Supreme Court Justice Scalia as increasingly cranky and partisan — and infuriated with Chief Justice…
    Biden quotes China’s news agency to attack Romney on outsourcing

    Justin Sink - 09/17/12 06:25 PM ET

    Biden said he “seldom, if ever” quotes China’s state-run news service, but made an exception on Monday in Iowa.…
    Romney presses for Hispanic support

    Justin Sink - 09/17/12 04:43 PM ET

    Romney tells Hispanic group that “when it comes to immigration, politics has been put ahead of people for far too…

    Related: Hispanic Dems batter Romney as ‘extremist’ on immigration

    Team Obama raises debate expectations

    Daniel Strauss - 09/17/12 12:50 PM ET

    The Obama campaign is trying to raise expectations for the GOP nominee’s performance in the presidential debates.…
    Dempsey: ‘Insider’ attacks pose serious threat to Afghan war effort, drawdown

    Carlo Muñoz - 09/17/12 01:47 PM ET

    To date, 51 allied troops, a majority of them American, have died at the hands of their Afghan counterparts.…
    Obama makes ‘unwavering’ pledge to protect religious liberty in new video

    Alicia M. Cohn - 09/17/12 03:07 PM ET

    The president has faced numerous charges of conducting a “war on religion” from Republicans.…
    Obama, Romney duel on trade with China

    Niall Stanage

    09/18/12 05:00 AM ET

    In a podcast at the weekend, Romney said that Obama had “let China run all over us.”…
    Gates, Mullen call on lawmakers to act like ‘adults’ on budget

    Jeremy Herb

    09/17/12 04:48 PM ET

    The two former Pentagon leaders said sequestration cuts to defense would be devastating and pleaded for compromise among lawmakers.…
    Obama: I ‘walk the walk’ in US trade battles against the Chinese

    Alicia M. Cohn

    09/17/12 01:30 PM ET

    The president says Mitt Romney talks tough about protecting U.S. workers but was a “pioneer” in outsourcing jobs overseas.…

    Related: Obama launches WTO suit against China over auto subsidies

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    Obama Handling Libya, Egypt Situations Well – Leslie Gelb, Daily Beast
    The Administation Is Still Apologizing – Ben Stein, The American Spectator
    Romney Campaign Is in Trouble – Ezra Klein, Washington Post
    Mitt Romney’s Worst Week Ever – Francis Wilkinson, Bloomberg
    The Media’s Spin for Obama Is Running on Empty – Ed Morrissey, Hot Air
    Thanks to Ryan, Dems Gain Upper Hand – Robert Kuttner, Huffington Post
    Wisconsin Moves Into Full Battleground Status – Lynn Sweet, Chicago ST
    The Biggest Lie of 2012 – Glenn Cook, Las Vegas Review-Journal
    Teachers’ Strike: Chicago’s Just the Beginning – Josh Eidelson, Salon
    Election ’12:RCP Electoral Map | State RCP Avgs| Create Your Own Map


    • Oregon Governor Describes Medicaid Payment Plan

      Gov. John Kitzhaber, MD (D) explains his state’s innovative approach to paying for expanded Medicaid coverage when he appears at this morning’s discussion at the Center for American Progress (CAP). Full Story »

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    Environmentalists Rank the “Greenest” U.S. Presidents

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    Marine Corps Commandant Discusses New Defense Strategy

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    Foreign Secretary Hague Accuses Iran of Aiding Syria

    British Foreign Secretary William Hague traveled to Iraq last week to explore options for ending… More »

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    Focus Group Examines Presidential Candidates and Campaign 2012

    Pollster Peter Hart is conducting a focus group Monday night with voters supporting President Obama… More »

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    2012 Polls: Gallup & SUSA: Obama +3 | RasRpts: Romney +2 | KY,VA,MA


    The Video Did It – Wall Street Journal
    Fed to the Rescue – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
    Read the Fine Print – Then End the Strike – Chicago Sun-Times
    Will Sebelius Suffer Consequences for Violating Hatch Act? – Examiner


    Romney Tells the Key Truth Needed to Comprehend the Israel-Palestinian Conflict

    by Barry Rubin

    If we are barred from recognizing the nature of our problems we will surely find no solutions.

    Give an Applewhite a Day to the PA Supreme Court

    by Maya M. Noronha

    A curious request in the state’s voter ID case.


    Shame and the Obama Voter

    by Andrew Klavan

    This November many Democrats of good will are going to betray every value they profess to hold dear because they simply can’t bear to acknowledge the fact that they were wrong.

    Global Warning: How Gaia Replaced God

    by Barbara Kay

    A review of frequent PJM contributor David Solway’s new book, Global Warning, Trials of an Unsettled Science.

    What Really Happened in Egypt and Libya

    by Barry Rubin

    A simple answer, and a surprising one.

    • Chinese General: Prepare for Combat

      Tuesday, September 18, 2012 8:21:12 PM · by Free ThinkerNY · 20 replies 

      Washington Free Beacon ^ | Sept. 18, 2012 | Bill Gertz
      China’s most powerful military leader, in an unusual public statement, last week ordered military forces to prepare for combat, as Chinese warships deployed to waters near disputed islands and anti-Japan protests throughout the country turned violent. Protests against the Japanese government’s purchase of three privately held islands in the Senkakus chain led to mass street protests, the burning of Japanese flags, and attacks on Japanese businesses and cars in several cities. Some carried signs that read “Kill all Japanese,” and “Fight to the Death” over disputed islands. One sign urged China to threaten a nuclear strike against Japan.

    Standing with the Oppressed, Until Muslims Are the Oppressors

    by Dexter Van Zile

    Black liberation theologists and even mainstream Christians get subjective about Islamist-fueled suffering.

    Interview: Mark Steyn on After America, One Year Later

    by Ed Driscoll

    Riots in the Middle East? A First Amendment-trampling POTUS? An out of control Federal Reserve? It can only mean that Mark Steyn has a new edition of a book out. (Audio interview with full transcript.)

    3 Turning Points in the History of Blogging

    by Kathy Shaidle

    A blogging pioneer picks out three major events that forever changed online (and “dead tree”) media.

    If Quentin Tarantino Were President

    by Michael Walsh

    Here’s how he’d probably sort out the Middle East in response to the atrocities in Libya …

    Free Speech for Pussy Riot, but not for Innocence of Muslims

    by Rick Moran

    Obscene Russian punk rockers more worthy of support?

    The Picture That Should Cost Obama His Job

    by Roger Kimball

    Rounded up at midnight by brownshirted men for making a movie that embarrasses El Presidente? Also read J. Christian Adams: Roundup of Basseley Nakoula No Big Deal

    5 Simple Mind Hacks That Changed My Life

    by John Hawkins

    Give this article 5 minutes and your brain will be reprogrammed.

    A Time for Choosing: Sharia or the Constitution?

    by Roger Kimball

    Pace James Carville, it’s the First Amendment, stupid.

    Barry, Hillary — I Demand to be Arrested!

    by Roger L Simon

    Arrest me, Hillary, before I start making my own movie about Mohammed.

    DC Comics Mainstreaming ‘Islamophobia’

    by Robert Spencer

    And don’t you dare call Batman “the Caped Crusader.”

    Sandmonkey from Cairo — Exclusive PJM Audio Interview

    by Roger L Simon

    Pessimism about the week’s events, from an Egyptian blogger with a ringside seat.

    How About a ‘Crusade’ Against the Conventional Wisdom on Childhood Obesity?

    by Leslie Loftis

    The first lady and her poorly timed “crusade” for health, the “greatest threat to national security that we have.”

    As China Threatens, Japan Unsure of U.S. Commitment to Its Ally

    by Richard Fernandez

    The East China Sea dispute is heating up, and Japan is not sure where the U.S. stands.

    Maybe We Should Have Bowed More

    by Stephen Green

    Could we have been any more unprepared? Could we have been any more willfully blind?

    Quantitative Easing, Weimar Edition

    by Zombie

    Now boarding: Captain Ben Bernanke’s QE3. Final destination: Weimar-era hyper-inflation?

    Hey Generation X, What’s Wrong With Change?

    by Leslie Loftis

    We wouldn’t want marriage and motherhood to soften a heart and change some fave music. That’d be horrible.

    Piecing Together the Benghazi Attack as More Protests Erupt

    by Bridget Johnson

    Libya makes “extremist” arrests, but the chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee says no signs point to a planned attack.

    Obama-backed UN ‘Human Rights’ Council Facilitates U.S.-bashing Meet

    by Anne Bayefsky

    There is nothing spontaneous about the violence now erupting in the Muslim world.

    Shoes, Sheetrock, and the Skipper: 3 Surprising Things That Make a Man Sexy

    by Kathy Shaidle

    Think women judge you by the size of your biceps, wallet or… whatever? What we really consider “sexy” might surprise you.

    The Unnamable

    by Stephen Green

    How “the new FDR” actually broke Roosevelt’s New Deal.

    How Mitt Romney Should Handle the ’47%’ Remark

    by Bryan Preston

    Toss the American public some facts.

    Spring Fever

    by Andrew C. McCarthy

    Out today: Andrew C. McCarthy’s new e-book reveals the illusion of Islamic democracy.

    Newton’s First Law of Motion Applied to Political Strategy (With a Brief Excursus on Gaffes)

    by Roger Kimball

    And finally: why there is often much to be said for shooting before you take aim.

    How to Commit Voter Fraud in Ohio

    by Paula Bolyard

    The Buckeye State: where a utility bill counts as acceptable ID.

    Eric Holder’s Flying Monkeys at Media Matters

    by J. Christian Adams

    How did the Department of Justice become so intertwined with one of the most venomous, dishonest, and radical websites? More: Emails Show Holder Justice Department Colludes with Lefist Outfit to Attack PJM Writer

    Sequestration Intervention? Report Does Little to Spur Action to Avert Cuts

    by Bridget Johnson

    Republicans decry lack of presidential leadership to avoid onerous defense cuts, while Dems dig in with a tax-the-rich bargaining chip.

    Obama’s Middle East Delusions

    by Victor Davis Hanson

    The premodern Middle East and postmodern West don’t mix, Mr. President.

    Who Were Barack Obama’s Marxist Professors?

    by Charles C. Johnson

    Larry T. Caldwell, the president’s foreign policy mentor at Occidental, argued the same policy of “reconciling” with the USSR that the administration applies today with the Muslim Brotherhood.

    Maureen Dowd’s Rosh Hashanah Message: Jews, Stop Being ‘Puppet Masters’

    by Ron Radosh

    Even this may not be a tipping point for American Jews. Today at PJ Lifestyle: A Happy Rosh Hashanah To Our Jewish Friends

    Contempt for Your Intelligence: The Administration’s Benghazi Response

    by Sarah Hoyt

    While being unfathomably stupid, they believe we are the idiots.

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