POLITICS: government’s failed “Operation Fast and Furious” face sentencing

October 22, 2012

  • .is the a.g. above the law?

    As more defendants in the government’s failed “Operation Fast and Furious” face sentencing, a gun lobbying organization emphasizes the urgency for Attorney General Eric Holder to cooperate and release important documents.





RASMUSSEN: R 50% O 46%...


  • A Red Carpet for Radicals at the White House


    Court documents and other records have identified many of these visitors as belonging to groups serving as fronts for the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and other Islamic militant organizations.

  • Just How Infiltrated Are We? Meet Hezbollah’s Used Car Dealers


    A partial list of Michigan used car money laundering operations owned by Hezbollah families in the U.S. These businesses are conduits for jihad money – zakat – for Hezbollah.

  • It’s Not Just Obama’s Lies — It’s the Premise of Obama’s Lies


    For weeks, Obama and his minions attempted to hoodwink the country into believing that the murders of our ambassador and three other Americans were triggered when Muslim protests over a “movie” virtually no one had seen spontaneously erupted into rioting.

  • ‘Our Administration Was Working With the Bad Guys’: Must-See Interview Exposes Reason for Libya Attack

  • Issa: $8B Medicare bonus program hiding cost of ObamaCare

  • UN to monitor US polling locations on Election Day

  • Intelligence Officials, Reporters, and Consulate Guards Contradict Obama Administration’s Libya Story

  • Unbelievable: The Benghazi timeline that really matters

  • Egyptian President Morsi Joins Preacher in Prayer for Destruction and Dispersal of the Jews

  • Report: U.S. Military Could Have Helped During Libya Attack

  • He Said Allahu Akbar-The Attack On Fort Hood

  • Judge Jeanine Investigates Benghazi Gate

  • Obama hits Romney hard in final presidential debate showdown

    Justin Sink and Amie Parnes - 10/22/12 11:51 PM ET

    Obama battled aggressively while Romney avoided sharp conflict in their last presidential showdown…
    Role reversal in final showdown

    Niall Stanage - 10/23/12 12:08 AM ET

    Obama and Romney reversed roles in Monday night’s debate, with the incumbent fighting like a challenger…
    Under pressure from Romney, Obama says military sequester won’t happen

    Jeremy Herb - 10/22/12 10:12 PM ET

    The president for the first time said he will not allow mandatory cuts to the military and domestic programs occur.…
    Obama’s ‘horses and bayonets’ debate comment tops Twitter chatter

    Alicia M. Cohn - 10/22/12 10:28 PM ET

    The topic was trending nationally within minutes, prompting multiple parody Twitter accounts and a Tumblr. …
    Obama, Romney trade blows on auto bailout in foreign policy debate

    Keith Laing - 10/22/12 10:35 PM ET

    Obama says “we’d be buying cars from China” if advice from Romney had been followed.…

    Related: Romney promises China crackdown on Day One

    Special Feature
    The Hill’s 2012 Race Ratings

    Republicans are expected to retain the House while Democrats hold a slight edge in the Senate.

    Romney: ‘We can’t kill our way out of this mess’ in the Middle East

    Julian Pecquet - 10/22/12 10:02 PM ET

    Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney opened Monday night’s debate by calling for a measured U.S. policy in the Middle East.…

    Video: Romney: Lack of leadership has prolonged Syrian civil war

    McCain: Obama throwing Clinton, CIA ‘under the bus’ on Libya attack

    Justin Sink - 10/22/12 05:57 PM ET

    “It’s ridiculous and outrageous to blame it on intelligence sources when facts are obvious before your very eyes,” McCain said.…

    Related: Kerry: Obama will ‘speak forcefully’ on Libya

    Begala: Obama’s given up on NC, Romney ‘likely to carry’ the battleground

    Justin Sink - 10/22/12 06:35 PM ET

    Dem strategist Paul Begala admitted he shouldn’t say it, but it looked like Obama was giving up on the state.…
    Campaign season idles K Street

    Kevin Bogardus and Megan R. Wilson - 10/22/12 06:47 PM ET

    Several of Washington’s biggest lobby shops reported a decline in revenue this past quarter, when lawmakers were mostly campaigning.…

    Related: Lobbying revenue – Third quarter 2012

    Biden: Romney proved he is ‘not ready to be commander-in-chief’

    Alicia M. Cohn

    10/23/12 08:16 AM ET

    The vice president said the GOP candidate “demonstrated an overwhelming lack of understanding” during Monday’s debate.…
    Obama shares plan for ‘next four years,’ asks for support in new ad

    Meghashyam Mali

    10/23/12 07:11 AM ET

    “We’ve made real progress and the last thing we should do is turn back now,” Obama says in the ad.…
    Candidates joust on so-called ‘apology tour’

    Julian Pecquet

    10/22/12 10:27 PM ET

    Obama called Romney’s allegation that he’d gone on an “apology tour” the “biggest whopper” of the campaign.…

    Video: Obama: ‘Apology tour’ is Romney’s ‘biggest whopper’

    Romney leaves Libya attack to Republican lawmakers in Congress

    Julian Pecquet

    10/22/12 11:25 PM ET

    The one foreign policy topic that was expected to dominate Monday night’s foreign policy debate barely got a mention: Libya.…
    • Pres. Obama and Mitt Romney Meet in Final Debate

      President Obama and Mitt Romney meet at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida, for the third and final Presidential debate. CBS’ Bob Schieffer will moderate the 90 minute debate with questions focusing on foreign policy.

      Topics to be discussed during the debate include; America’s role in the world, our longest war–Afghanistan and Pakistan, Red Lines –Israel and Iran, the Changing Middle East and the New Face of Terrorism, and the rise of China and tomorrow’s world. C-SPAN LIVE coverage will begin at 7pm ET. Full Story »

      Live at 7pm (ET)

    Benghazi & Arab Spring Rear Up in US Campaign – David Kirkpatrick, NYT
    Can Romney Distinguish Himself From Bush? – Greg Sargent, Wash Post
    Economy, Jobs, Debt: Why Romney Is Surging – Conn Carroll, DC Examiner
    Obama’s Official Sales Pitch: Interview With Axelrod – Jason Zengerle, GQ


    Experts Discuss the Catholic Vote in Election 2012

    Experts discuss the Catholic vote in the 2012 election at an event hosted by the… More »


    Obama and Romney get ready for final debate showdown

    Justin Sink and Amie Parnes - 10/22/12 02:32 PM ET
    Monday night’s debate is their last chance to speak directly to millions of voters just two weeks before the election.…
    Rep. Smith sees Afghan progress

    Jeremy Herb - 10/22/12 04:50 PM ET

    After a trip, the senior House Armed Services Democrat and other lawmakers give a more upbeat assessment of Afghanistan.…
    Libya will play starring role in debate

    Julian Pecquet - 10/22/12 12:49 PM ET

    The killing of a U.S. ambassador for the first time in 33 years has nearly erased Obama’s considerable foreign-policy lead.…

    Related: Carter: Chances for Israeli-Palestinian peace ‘vanishing’

    Two new polls show Obama up big over Romney with Latino voters

    Cameron Joseph - 10/22/12 01:15 PM ET

    One shows Obama leading Romney 70-25 percent. Another shows him with a 71-20 percent advantage.…
    Trump says he will release ‘very big news’ about Obama this week

    Jonathan Easley - 10/22/12 09:50 AM ET

    Donald Trump told Fox News he would release the bombshell soon — probably on Wednesday…

    Video: Trump: Announcement could ‘possibly’ alter election

    Special Feature
    The Hill’s 2012 Race Ratings

    Republicans are expected to retain the House while Democrats hold a slight edge in the Senate.

    Chamber ramps up lobbying spending

    Peter Schroeder - 10/22/12 01:38 PM ET

    The nation’s largest business lobby, led by Tom Donohue, spent $31.65 million on lobbying in the third quarter.…
    Mourdock relies on Romney in Indiana

    Cameron Joseph - 10/22/12 08:51 AM ET

    Republican candidate Richard Mourdock is betting Mitt Romney will be the difference in his tough Senate race in Indiana. …
    Obama faces long odds to close Guantánamo Bay if he tries again

    Jeremy Herb - 10/21/12 03:00 PM ET

    There is little sign opposition to moving terror suspects to U.S. soil will fade if president reelected.…
    Opinion: Debunking the GOP’s false narratives about the Benghazi attack

    Juan Williams - 10/22/12 05:00 AM ET

    There is no evidence so far to support the Romney camp’s claim of a cover-up.…
    Obama energy team circulates memo to greens on climate

    Ben Geman

    10/22/12 02:29 PM ET

    Activists with the campaign are trying to dampen criticism from environmentalists who say global warming has been given short shrift.…
    Issa warns taxpayers’ loss on Solyndra loan may near $850 million

    Pete Kasperowicz

    10/22/12 04:43 PM ET

    The House Oversight committee chairman claims lost tax revenue could also drive up cost of similar loan to Fisker Automative. …
    Gallup poll: Romney holding 6-point lead

    Jonathan Easley

    10/22/12 01:08 PM ET

    The latest Gallup tracking poll, which includes five days of data after the second debate, puts Romney ahead 51-45.…

    Related: Poll shows Obama breaking ahead in New Hampshire

    Despite absence, Jesse Jackson Jr. holds big lead in House race

    Justin Sink

    10/22/12 02:35 PM ET

    The Chicago congressman leads his Republican challenger, 58 percent to 27, a new poll finds…
    Poll: Race tied in Ohio, but Obama holds edge among early voters

    Jonathan Easley

    10/22/12 03:39 PM ET

    The Suffolk University poll shows a 47-47 tie, but Obama leading 54-41 among those who say they already voted.…

    Related: Quinnipiac/CBS poll: Obama up 5 in Ohio

    Related: Rasmussen: Romney up in Colorado

    Bob Schieffer’s debate nightmare is running out of questions

    Judy Kurtz

    10/22/12 12:24 PM ET

    The “Face the Nation” host will cover the final debate on Monday between President Obama and Mitt Romney.…
    Issa defends release of Libya diplomatic cables

    Meghashyam Mali

    10/21/12 10:54 PM ET

    The Oversight chairman rejected claims he had endangered Libyan civilians, accusing Democrats of “falsely politicizing the issue.”…

    Related: Dems condemn release of sensitive information



    U.S. Institute of Peace Hosts Discussion on Religion & Violence

    In light of the recent violence in the Muslim world sparked by the release of… More »


    Heritage Foundation Examines Direction of the New Chinese Gov’t

    The Heritage Foundation hosted a discussion on the economic and security direction of the new… More »


    Prevention: The Primary Goal, Neglected by Obama’s Foreign Policy

    by Ion Mihai Pacepa

    From experience, I know why prevention of terror must be the paramount policy.

    Should Barack Obama Resign Tonight?

    by Roger L Simon

    If Obama doesn’t resign on Monday, his reputation will be destroyed forever. Even if he wins a second term, Benghazi will not go away.

    Obama’s Bizarre Anti-Gun Debate Flub

    by Bob Owens

    He raised two massively unpopular ideas: the farcical assault weapons ban and the disarming of the poor.


    What States Will Obama Win? (First in a Series)

    by Roger Kimball

    The ripcord has been pulled. How rough will the landing be?

    Florida Suburbanites the Key to Victory in 2012

    by Patrick Reddy

    Frost belt migrants in the Sunshine State vote like other Middle Class suburbanites nationwide.

    Things I Want to Shout to the World Before the Election

    by Helen Smith

    Building the leftist utopia: Is rent control and free birth control pills a fair exchange for destroying our children’s future and taking away our liberty?

    Habibi: A Moroccan Poet Sings to His Love

    by P. David Hornik

    A new book of poems by Canadian poet-essayist and frequent PJM contributor David Solway.

    Redirecting Human Organs to the Third World

    by Theodore Dalrymple

    Hello, can we have your liver and give it to a Jordanian?

    Obama, Sex Toy Sellers, and Fake Military Voting Rights

    by J. Christian Adams

    If Romney becomes the next president, it will be essential once and for all to remove the problems inside DOJ which have given us the bi-annual military ballot mess.


    Twilight of the Sort-Of Gods

    by Rick Richman

    Obama represents a fourth stage of the path begun by Woodrow Wilson.

    Investigation Sought on EPA’s Use of Human Guinea Pigs in Air Pollution Tests

    by Bridget Johnson

    Test subjects — many of them unhealthy and elderly adults — were exposed to levels of air pollutants 20 times the EPA standard.

    Iranian Agent Admits Plot to Kill Saudi Ambassador in D.C.

    by Barry Rubin

    Knowing about such an operation should have been a real game-changer for Obama’s Middle East policy.

    The 20 Creepiest Campaign Emails of the 2012 Season

    by Bridget Johnson

    Which politician wants to meet you at midnight — and is “asking one last time”?

    Wargaming the Electoral College

    by Stephen Green

    Firewall? Triage? Ride right through it, no matter what it’s called. Also read: Hey Obama, Your Firewall Is on Fire.

    ‘Binder Derangement Syndrome’: How the Democratic Party Exploits Women

    by Roger L Simon

    The Democrats’ reactionary, even fuddy-duddy, concept of the role of women in our society.

    NatGeo Plans Bin Laden Death Film for Nov 4; Muslims Plan Mayhem

    by Bryan Preston

    A movie that may cause a riot is set to air on the politically irrelevant day of Nov 4.

    Has Obama Earned His Nobel Peace Prize Yet?

    by Bridget Johnson

    “For his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples…”

    Rumble in Long Island: Plenty of Punches Propel Campaign to Final Showdown

    by Bridget Johnson

    From assault weapons to zingers, there was no keeping these two guys (or John Kerry) in their seats.

    Excuses: Debunking Claim Obama Could Not Have Affected ‘Arab Spring’

    by Barry Rubin

    Of course, when things were going well he wanted to take credit as the inspiration for the “Arab Spring.”

    Mitt Romney Wins Debate on Smooth Presidential Performance, Obama’s Ignorance

    by Bryan Preston

    Media’s long-awaited “Obama the comeback kid” narrative dies.

    Drunkblogging the Second 2012 Presidential Debate

    by Stephen Green

    Get into the ring, and/or belly up the bar, tonight at 9:00 PM eastern/6:00 PM pacific.

    The Judge Dredd Guide to Parenting

    by Duane Lester

    5 Ways for Dads to lay down the law and restore order and justice at home.

    Dems Counter Benghazi Furor by Accusing GOP of Endangering Libyan Activist

    by Bridget Johnson

    Issa fires back on charges that document dump contained sensitive info — or was timed for tonight’s debate.



    PM Cameron Parliament Address on Euro Zone

    British Prime Minister David Cameron spoke to the House of Commons after attending last week’s… More »


    Pope Benedict pledges respect for Native American culture at canonization of Kateri, 6 others

    Pending Afghanistan withdrawal creating logistical challenges

    Have Iran sanctions worked? That depends on what you think the goal is

    Romney and Obama divided over abortion, contraception, gay marriage

    Young voters crave intelligent discussion about entitlements

    George McGovern, Democratic idealist and presidential candidate, dies at 90

    On Mexico City’s flat roofs, tiny gardens help feed families, provide an urban respite

    Church changes of rules played key role in sainthood for Kateri Tekakwitha

    Obama outspends Romney; both see surge in donations

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