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January 2, 2013


MONEY'S NO OBJECT: Obama heads back to Hawaii -- at taxpayer cost of $7 million...

Left town without signing bill!

House votes to keep pay freeze for lawmakers, federal employees; Overturn Obama executive order...

Hey Tennesseans, did you know you’re now funding an all-Halal food pantry for your Muslim parasites?

funny-bakra-eid-wallpaper1For Cherif Ndaw, the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha, or festival of sacrifice, involves sharing the meat of a sacrificial lamb with his family. This year, he couldn’t afford it. But with the help of the city’s newest food pantry, Ndaw was able to observe the holiday with the traditional meal — and adhere to the strictures of Islam by ensuring the food was halal.

That means it’s free from pork and alcohol and that the animal was slaughtered under specific guidelines, which causes the greatest amount of suffering for the animal. (See video below)


Jackson Sun “When I get this food, it makes me very, very happy because my family, my kids and my wife, everybody can eat,” said Ndaw, 57, who is originally from Senegal and has lived in Memphis for 12 years. “It was a good holiday for us. When I get that food from the masjid, I give thanks to God. If I don’t have it that day, I would not eat.”

Halimah Muhammed helps prepare bags of food for community Muslim residents at the halal food pantry at  Masjid Al-Mu' Minun mosque in MemphisHalimah Muhammed helps prepare bags of food for community Muslim residents at the halal food pantry at Masjid Al-Mu’ Minun mosque in Memphis

Halal Food Pantry at Masjid Al-Mu’minun, the mosque on South Third Street, is the first food pantry in Memphis to distribute halal food exclusively. It recently received approval to become an official affiliate of the Mid-South Food Bank. It’s also the first halal food pantry in the country to be part of the food distribution system overseen by Feeding America, the nation’s leading domestic hunger-relief charity.


The food pantry, which has just begun distribution, will serve all people regardless or religion or background who are food-insecure in the 38109 ZIP code and cater to the needs of food-insecure Muslims in 31 counties in Tennessee, Mississippi and Arkansas. Mosque members involved in the project have already reached out to community and senior centers as well as officials at Mitchell, Westwood and Fairley high schools for referrals. They also delivered 50 turkeys for Thanksgiving at Goodwill Senior Home and have fed many people in the neighborhood after the traditional Friday prayer.


“There is a great need for food in general,” said Imam Rashad Sharif of Masjid Al-Mu’minun. “One of the particular cases that can give a clear picture is maybe a refugee, someone who is food-insecure and has not established their own connections and networks and ways around, and they go to a food pantry. But they find the food that is offered is food they can’t eat. Then they have a dilemma to go without food or to violate the religious sensitivities of what is or should be proper food. So this halal food pantry caters to that particular need.


“But at the same time, the need of people in general, regardless of religion, is great in this particular area.” Marcia Wells, communications director at the Mid-South Food Bank, said the food pantry’s application to become an affiliate was expedited because of the opportunity to serve a new community they had not been able to reach previously.

“Plus, this is just a dedicated group of volunteers,” Wells said. “They are very, very committed. … We’re just really excited about it and want to see them come on board.”


Nadeem Zafar, a physician and Mid-South Food Bank board member, approached the mosque about the project after he heard a story about some students who wouldn’t accept food distributed in backpacks at school for needy families because it didn’t meet Muslim dietary requirements. He decided things had to change.


“The point of getting this pantry connected with the food bank is because we have a national target from Feeding America to (distribute) 24 million pounds of food per year over the next four to five years,” Zafar said. “Now we’re only doing 12.4 million pounds of food per year.

We will never be able to reach that target without involving other minority communities, both culturally based and religion based. So there should be pantries with the Mexican-American community and then the religions like Hindu-American and Sikh-American and Jewish-American and all that. We just took a leadership role.


“We want this to be one of the best pantries in town so that we can go to other communities which are not Muslim, Sikhs and Hindus, and say, ‘Look, we have done it. We are more than happy to help you set these things up’ because then we have the infrastructure of the community, and get people to come together.

“There’s a lot of good that can come out by doing projects like this.”







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‘Bare Naked Islam’ mentioned twice in this animated video from the ‘XtraNormal’ people


More about the XtraNormal animators here: XtraNormal

H/T Adam T


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FRANCE: If it’s New Year’s Eve, Muslims are busy torching hundreds of cars in Paris

OSTERSflagfrance_islam_burning-viIn what has become an annual tradition, Muslims take to the streets and set as many cars on fire as they can. Reports put the number this year at 1143, but those numbers are usually underreported.

Alsace (h/t Alain)  A total of 1193 vehicles were burned, announced Tuesday the Minister of the Interior, Manuel Valls, who also announced a “police activity increased compared to last year, “a total of” 339 against 290 arrests and 244 custody against 181 in 2011.


“There is no significant change on the arson of cars and two-wheelers in recent years,” said the minister. The minister recalled that the “latest figures are those of 31 December 2009″, when 1147 vehicles were burned, according to an official report at the time. Mr. Valls announced last Thursday that it would provide the number of vehicles torched in Saint-Sylvestre, a practice abandoned by his predecessors since 2010 who said they wanted to avoid escalation in violence by Muslims.



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How the Taliban coerce young children to become suicide bombers

I wonder if these are the ‘moderate’ Taliban with whom the Obama Regime tried to negotiate but failed? Barack Hussein Obama still refuses to put the Taliban on the U.S. list of known terrorist groups.


Tundra Tabloids (h/t Henry P)


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Terror-linked CAIR has posted an obviously doctored video of Canadian Sun TV host Michael Coren’s response to the Islamic Call to Prayer

Even though this was put together with clips of Coren that never aired, I know it represents what most of us feel when we are forced to listen to the ‘nails scratching a blackboard’ highly irritating sounds of the Islamic Call to Prayer…which to Barack Hussein Obama is the “prettiest sound on earth.”



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Time for the Jews to get out of France again?

images16This came in an email so I cannot verify its authenticity but the behavior noted is consistent with what Muslims do wherever they outnumber Jews. Perhaps some of our French BNI friends will be able to give us more insight into this growing problem related to Muslim immigration in France.

Very Bad News From the Jewish Community in France!

Mail to: (h/t Susan K)

Once again, the real news in France is not conveniently being reported as it should.
To give you an idea of what’s going on in that country where there are now between 5 and 6 million Muslims and about 600,000 Jews, here is an E-mail that came from a Jew living in France.
“Will the world say nothing – again - as it did in Hitler’s time?” He writes: “I AM A JEW — therefore I am forwarding this to everyone on all my e-mail lists. I will not sit back and do nothing.
Nowhere have the flames of anti-Semitism burned more furiously than in France ..!
1.   In Lyon , a car was rammed into a synagogue and set on fire.
2.   In Montpellier, the Jewish religious center was firebombed;
3.   so were synagogues in Strasbourg and Marseilles ;
4.   so was a Jewish school in Creteil – all recently.
5.   A Jewish sports club in Toulouse was attacked with Molotov cocktails
6.   and on the statue of Alfred Dreyfus, in Paris , the words ‘Dirty Jew’ were painted.
7.   In Bondy, 15 men beat up members of a Jewish football team with sticks and metal bars.
8.   The bus that takes Jewish children to school in Aubervilliers has been attacked three times in the last 14 months.
9.   According to the Police, metropolitan Paris has seen 10 to 12 anti-Jewish incidents PER DAY in the past 30 days.
10. Walls in Jewish neighborhoods have been defaced with slogans proclaiming ‘Jews to the gas chambers’ and ‘Death to the Jews.’
11. A gunman opened fire on a kosher butcher’s shop (and, of course, the butcher) in Toulouse, France
12. A Jewish couple in their 20′s were beaten up by five men in Villeurbanne , France (the woman was pregnant).
13. A Jewish school was broken into and vandalized in Sarcelles , France . This was just in the past week.

Video is from Jewish News 1:





Thieves Rob $1 Million in Merchandise from APPLE Store...

Man jailed in theft of $1.29 Honey Bun...

This video provided by Shaam News Network, which has been authenticated, shows a wounded man being pulled from the site of a Syrian government airstrike on a gas station in the eastern Damascus suburb of Mleiha, Syria, Jan. 2, 2013.

Video Dozens Killed in Syria Air Strike on Gas Station

Activists say government warplanes bombed Damascus suburb of Mleiha, igniting huge fire More

Video End to Hollywood Film Violence Unlikely

The recent school shootings in Connecticut have again raised questions about the role of violent media in mass shootings. People in Hollywood are asking the same questions, but as Mike O’Sullivan reports, they say that violent action films are a staple in Hollywood and are not likely to disappear anytime soon.


Women hold placards as they march during a rally organized by Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit (unseen) protesting for justice and security for women, in New Delhi, January 2, 2013.

Indian Minister Leads Delhi Rape Protest

Sheila Dikshit and her cabinet hit city streets, drawing followers still shocked and angry over deadly gang rape More


Kenya Map

Audio Many Remained Displaced in Kenya in 2012

The Internal Displacement Monitoring Center cities violence, politics, economic and natural disasters as causes. More

Middle East

This video provided by Shaam News Network, which has been authenticated, shows a wounded man being pulled from the site of a Syrian government airstrike on a gas station in the eastern Damascus suburb of Mleiha, Syria, Jan. 2, 2013.

Video Dozens Killed in Syria Air Strike on Gas Station

Activists say government warplanes bombed Damascus suburb of Mleiha, igniting huge fire More

Jan 2, 2013
8:57 am
BOSTON, Mass. — Unidentified gunmen kidnapped a foreign journalist on Thanksgiving Day. More than a month later, he remains missing. American James Foley was last seen on Nov. 22 in Idlib Province. Idlib has been the scene of heavy fighting in recent months between Syrian rebels and government forces.
Jan 2, 2013
10:22 am
Syria rebels airbase january 2 2012
At least 30 civilians were left dead by an airstrike in Damascus, while elsewhere in Syria, rebels targeted airbases.
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Jan 2, 2013
6:22 am
B24714f94dc40 original 1
Fresh fruit producer uses solar technology to thrive in one of the driest places on earth
BY Alexander Houghton
Series, Chile
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Jan 2, 2013
4:47 am
 Barack Obama hawaii fiscal cliff
Congress approved legislation passed by Senate to avert big income tax increases on most Americans.
Facebook: 0 Tweets: 4
Jan 1, 2013
12:29 pm
Fiscal cliff obama
Though lawmakers have prevented the US from plunging over the Jan. 1 fiscal cliff, a few more cliff-like deadlines remain urgent.
United States
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Jan 2, 2013
4:50 am
mexico armor car
2012 sales of armored cars in Mexico were up 10 percent from the previous year, according to the Mexican Automotive Armour Association.
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Jan 2, 2013
5:32 am
Ivory coast stampede 20130102
The stampede in Angola’s capital Luanda also left 120 injured, while Ivory Coast is in mourning after 61 people were crushed to death on New Year’s eve.
Africa, Angola
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Jan 2, 2013
6:22 am
China cult arrested
Commentary: Eastern Lightning followers foresee a world consumed by fire and darkness.
BY H.D.S. Greenway
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Jan 2, 2013
8:58 am
Markets react to news the US has avoided going over the cliff, Hugo Chavez in a “delicate” situation after cancer operation in Cuba, and UK police baffled by Oompa Loompa attack.
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Jan 1, 2013
7:47 pm
Traces of bacteria that lived 3.49 billion years ago found in remote Pilbara region.

Science & Technology

Scientists have discovered that different species of frogs produce potent cocktails of antibiotics. (Richard Bartz)

Frogs Could Provide Big Leap in Antibiotics

Scientists have discovered that different species of amphibians produce potent cocktails of antibiotics More



DOW 13,329.90 225.76
NASDAQ 3,085.80 125.49
S&P 500 1,450.86 24.67
NYSE 8,577.97 134.46
FTSE 100 6,027.37 129.56
Paris CAC 40 3,641.07 0
Nikkei 225 10,395.18 0
Shanghai 2,269.13 35.88
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It’s the first income tax rate increase in 20 years, and it will avert the worst of “the cliff” – but debt ceiling/spending battles loom.

The Kurdish insurgency, now three decades old, has resulted in the deaths of some 40,000 people, most civilians in southeast Turkey.

Buckley has left Beijing after 12 yrs because his press credentials have not been renewed. Is it payback for the Times?

An attack on a Coptic Church in Libya has Christians fearing for their safety in a country where Islamic extremism is on the rise.

Add these emerging cities to your 2013 travel bucket list: there may be a few locales that you haven’t heard of. Deal of the Day - 300x250


Narcofosa: Zetas Killed Four Women in Coahuila, Marines rescued more awaiting same fate

Tuesday, January 1, 2013 | Borderland Beat Reporter Havana Pura
Borderland Beat

Saltillo., ( – Members of the criminal group “Los Zetas” kidnapped and executed four women and threw them in a clandestine grave in the town of San Buenaventura, Coahuila.

Moreover, the criminals held four other kidnapped victims whom they planned on killing later, reported the Attorney General of the State (PGJE).

“Staff of the Deputy of Research Missing Persons located four female bodies in a clandestine grave in San Buenaventura,” said a statement from the PGJE.

The “narcofosa” was located when thanks to the navy they captured a woman first and then three members of a cell belonging to the criminal organization “Los Zetas” in the city of Monclova.

On Sunday, the elements of the navy captured Juanita Villegas Elizabeth Ibarra, “La Chave”, 22, originally from San Buenaventura, who told of the location of the safe house and where they found kidnapped hostages.

Arriving at the safe house of the criminals, they were attacked with bullets. Marines were  searching the house in neighborhood of Las Flores in Monclova. In one of the bedrooms on the upper floor they found four hostages who said that criminals planned to kill them later.”

In the safe house, agents “managed to rescue four people who had been held captive, exhibiting signs of torture from being tied hand and foot. They seized an arsenal of weapons for use by the Army and Air Force,” added the report

Those arrested were identified as Guadalupe Reyna Martinez, Jesus Martinez Villanueva and Hugo Adam Lopez Alvarado.

“During the investigation, the accused said they had kidnapped the 4 women who had been buried in San Buenaventura.”

In first statement, both Guadalupe Reyna Martinez and Jesus Martinez Villanueva reported that they took the lives of women because they belonged to an opposing group.

The four bodies were found handcuffed “and two of them covered over the head with closed black plastic bags. Head trauma and contusions were the cause of death ”

“The ages of the deceased varied between 18 and 30 years, and the time of death was within 72 hours. PGJE personnel are working on establishing the identity of the victims, “the statement said.

From the detainees were confiscated an arsenal of two fragmentation hand grenades  K-400, ovoid, olive green, with lot numbers: HWB95K605-029 and EC-89E605.

Two percussion grenades M-118, 40 mm caliber, of high explosive, olive green and gold, a type assault rifle AR-15 Rock River Arms brand, model LAR-15, 5.56 x 45 mm caliber, illegible brand (deleted ), American manufacturing, retractable stock.

A square pistol, brand Colt .38 Super, registration 29291, American manufacturing.

Also: 21 magazines up to 30 cartridges caliber 5.56 x 45 mm, 6 magazines with a capacity of 30 cartridges caliber 7.62 x 39 mm.

Also: 1,301 cartridges caliber 5.56 x 45 mm caliber cartridges 150 5.7 x 28 mm and 95 cartridges caliber 7.62 x 39 mm and two aluminum baseball bats.

“The defendants could get life imprisonment and a minimum sentence of 60 years in prison on charges of homicide, illegal deprivation of liberty and burial underground,” concluded the official statement.

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Over 25,000 names on secret list of “disappeared”

Sunday, December 30, 2012 | Borderland Beat Reporter un vato

El Diario/Proceso


Anabel Hernandez

Translated by un vato for Borderland Beat

During the six-year Calderon administration, and as a result of his war against drug trafficking, 25,276 persons acquired the classification of “desaparecidos” (disappeared). They are 25,276 human beings who officially are neither alive nor dead. They simply are not there. They are only statistics, but behind each of them there is a woman, a man, or a child with names, last names and families, and of whom so far nothing is known. This weekly journal gained access to the “Integrated Database of Persons not Found” (Base Integrada de Personas no Localizadas) and  the report from all the attorneys general in the country, which was presented last July 17 (2012). From an analysis of both documents comes the first official count of the “disappeared” in Mexico, a phenomenon that is part of the inheritance that, like it or not, the government of Enrique Pena Nieto received and must confront.
Distrito Federal (Proceso).– Disappeared Person No. 2,586: Martha Teresa Chacon Corral. Housewife born in Durango, Durango; 1.70 meters (5’7″) tall, medium build, medium dark skin, wavy brown hair, has some facial discoloration.  On February 14, 2011, after 5:00 p.m.,she was with her son, Jose Angel Martinez Chacon, in her home, when two men entered all the way into the ironing room, where Martha Teresa was, and took her. She was wearing blue jeans, cap, grey T-shirt with blue sleeves, pink felt boots and a pink sweatshirt. Since then, her whereabouts are not known.
Disappeared Person No. 15,822: Newborn male whose parents did not have time to register. March 33, 2007, in Ciudad Madero, Tamaulipas, disappeared. The report was filed that same day.
Case No. 22,889: Juan Antonio Mota Macias, 28 years old. Commander of a Zacatecas corrections facility (Centro de Readaptacion Social). On March 11, 2010, at 1:30 in the afternoon he was in his home in the town of Trancoso, Zacatecas, with his wife and son, when a group of armed men came into his house and took him. He was wearing underwear only and was barefoot. At this time, his whereabouts are unknown.
Brothers Gerardo and Eduardo Bahena Cabrera are numbers 2,728 and 2,739 on the list. The first was 29 years old and the second, 26. Members of the Armed Navy (Marines), they disappeared on January 1, 2010, in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, and nothing is known about them since.

Numbers in the shadow

All are part of the list of persons who disappeared in Mexico during Felipe Calderon’s war against drug trafficking, and they are in a report drafted by the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) and the justice departments of all the states and the Distrito Federal. They are simply some of the thousands of women, men, children and babies that during six years appear to have vanished on a highway, a military road block, in their homes, on the way to grocery store or simply out walking.
While the government of Enrique Pena Nieto and local authorities have remained silent regarding the list of persons who disappeared in Mexico from December, 2006, to July, 2012, Proceso obtained access to the  “Integrated Database of Persons not Found” and to the most recent report created by the PGR and the attorneys general of 32 states and the Federal District (Distrito Federal) that was presented July 17 (2012) at the Interior Ministry  (Secretaria de Gobernacion).

The database and the report jointly reflect the horror of the “desaparecidos” in Mexico. The integrated database, updated to February, 2012, contains 20,851 cases, but the report presented on July 17 states that the number of disappeared persons reached 25,276. On Tuesday, December 18, Proceso had access to the documents and analyzed the statistics and facts. This is the first information about the Calderon’s government human disaster.

According to the investigation and the official documents that  were accessed, the “Integrated Database of Persons not Found” and the attorneys general report presented on July 17, 2012, at the Interior Ministry was prepared and organized by personnel at the PGR’s Planning , Analysis and Information Center against Crime (Cenapi; Centro de Planeacion, Analisis e Informacion para el Combate a la Delincuencia). Cenapi gathered and organized the information provided by the state attorneys general.

Each disappeared person was assigned a number, the date, state, township or police station and town where the disappearance took place were noted, and the date of each particular report. The name of the disappeared person was noted, along with the age, gender, occupation, nationality and aliases, if this was known. The report also details whether there are photographs of the person.

Also, there was a section where their physical and health characteristics were described, as well as the registration of any vehicle the person may have been traveling on and a brief description of the incident. Finally, it was thought advisable to also include data about the relative who reported the disappearance.
On reviewing the data, one can see that not all the states include the same degree of detail in the information about the victims. Some states provided very vague information.
The numbers in the database only reflect those disappeared persons for whom there was a report made or police complaint filed. Disappearances not reported (to the authorities) are not included, as in the case, for example, of undocumented immigrants that cross Mexican territory on their way to the United States.

Through the National Commission for Human Rights (Comision Nacional de los Derechos Humanos) it is known that there are hundreds or thousands more cases.

In addition to the reports provided by local authorities, Cenapi added information from the Center for Investigation and National Security (CISEN; Centro de Investigacion y Seguridad Nacional), according to the documents that were reviewed for this article.
The integrated database contains just one case from 2005, which was not reported until 2006, without specifying the date; there’s also a report from August, 2006), but the rest involves persons who disappeared between December 1, 2006, and February, 2012. The figure of 20,851 (disappeared) persons was obtained from this document.
According to official documents that Proceso has, on May 24 and 25, during the XXVII Ordinary Session of the Plenary Meeting of the National Conference on Procurement of Justice (XXVII Sesion Ordinaria de la Asamblea Plenaria de la Conferencia Nacional de Procuracion de Justicia) in Monterrey, the PGR and the state prosecutors agreed to complement and finalize the reports in the database no later than June 5, 2012, and to develop a permanent method for amplifying, updating and validating the information.

In that session, it was also agreed that, in order to comply with the requirements in the decree by which the Law for the National Registry of Facts on Lost or Disappeared Persons (Ley del Registro Nacional de Datos de Personas Extraviadas o Desaparecidas) was promulgated, information referring to the “general facts about persons not located” should be forwarded to the National System of Public Security.

According to the document, of which Proceso has a copy, “towards that end, on June 13, the PGR/Cenapi and the National Information Center of the National System of Public Security began to work on a project proposal, taking into consideration the structure of the database required and the legal document upon which to base the corresponding exchange of information, in order to comply with the referenced law.”
As far as can be determined, the intent was to make the numbers public. But it didn’t happen that way.
The numbers increased noticeably in the reports provided by the state attorneys general and Cenapi personnel began to clean up the list to determine how many of the disappeared persons had already been found, dead or alive, so they could have a figure that was closer to reality.
The numbers were overwhelming. No government was safe, except the Nayarit government, which reported zero disappearances. All of them, including the federal government, maintained silence on the numbers.
On July 17, 2012, in the third national meeting of the Executive Secretaries of the state public security systems or councils at the Interior Ministry, a report was presented on the progress on the Collaboration Agreement for the Unification, Integration and Exchange of Information on the Matter of Persons not Found (Convenio de Colaboracion para la Unificacion, Integracion e Intercambio de Informacion en Materia de Personas no Localizadas).

The gross number of disappeared persons was 29,386, but it was cleaned up: 3,895 persons were found alive and 215 were found dead. The final number was 25,276. This report is not as detailed as the database, but is instead a summary, updated up to the day of the meeting, of the number of persons whose disappearance was confirmed.

Cenapi personnel had in their possession the database and the report was released by then-Attorney General Marisela Morales days before the Calderon administration ended. The former public servants have expressed fear that the information on disappeared persons was erased from the PGR archives, but they point out the National Public Security System and the state governments also have (the information), but have chosen to remain silent.
Presumably, this is the reason that they leaked part of the information to the Washington Post and another part to the Investigation and Training Center Civic Proposal (Centro de Investigacion y Capacitacion Propuesta Civica). The complete information was provided to this reporter on Tuesday, December 18.

2011 and the DF, the worst

From December, 2006, to July, 2012, the year with the greatest number of disappeared persons was 2011. According to the report from the state attorneys general, the number was 8,977; that was the year that had the most murders in the Calderon war against drug trafficking. In February of 2012, the PGR officially admitted to a figure of 12,903 deaths in executions or confrontations between organized crime groups.
From confrontations between criminal organizations,  48 persons a day were murdered and 24 (per day) disappeared, on average.
The year with the second highest number of  disappeared persons was 2010, with 7,246. It was also the second most violent year in the six year administration, with almost 11,500 murders by organized crime, according to tallies from several sources. The states in which there appeared to be less explicit  violence were the ones with the most disappearances.
According to the report presented on July 17, the entity with the most disappeared persons was the Federal District (Distrito Federal), with 9,268 cases, 36% of the 25,276 disappeared persons in the entire country.
(Anabel Hernandez/Proceso)

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Police Commander Executed in Saltillo

Saturday, December 29, 2012 | Borderland Beat Reporter Havana Pura

Borderland Beat

Saltillo. – The commander of the South Delegation of the Municipal Police, César García Guevara, was killed in the line of duty in the early hours of Friday after being shot by a group of armed men in the neighborhood of Buenos Aires.

It was reported that at 0:38 hours, while on patrol duty in his official car, a Chevrolet Captiva  no.11208, the chief was attacked and killed by unknown gunmen at the intersection of Division and Rios in the southern sector of the city. 

As a result of the shooting, the commanding officer lost control of the police vehicle and impacted over the back of a parked Ford Model 79 truck.

 The officer was shot in the head and the body with various firearm projectiles in what  appeared to the naked eye to be the same that instantly took his life.

The Chief of Police of Saltillo, Yáñez Clemente Carrillo confirmed to Radio Zócalo the assassination of Caesar Eleazar Garcia Guevara commander, 39 years old, who early Friday was riddled with 12 shots from a high caliber weapon.

It was reported earliest at 12:38, when a witness at the scene took the dead commander’s radio and used it to notify the base of his death. Immediately police moved to the scene at Division  and Rios Streets in neighborhood Buenos Aires where Garcia Guevara  was found dead aboard his Chevrolet Captiva patrol car.  The officer was hit by shots from persons in a gray Dodge car.  According to the witness, the shooters fired first into the back of the commander’s vehicle, which swerved to the right of driver, and hit a parked truck and he was dead instantly,” said the official.

Yanez Carrillo called the fallen Commander as an honest cop, courageous, with a very great future vocation with law enforcement. He had 13 years of service within the corporation. The fallen commander is survived by his parents, his wife and two small children.

Press Chief Confirms the criminal act against the municipal police
Press Chief Confirms the criminal attack against the municipal police 

In the morning broadcast of Radio Zócalo Saltillo, the CP Francisco Juaristi contacted the press chief of the municipal police, Patricia Moreno, confirming the fact and location where the commander of the South Delegation, Cesar Garcia Guevara, was killed.
Moreno explained that around 1:00  on División del Norte, in the neighborhood of  Buenos Aires,  a police car on a routine neighborhood patrol was violently attacked. Garcia Guevara was traveling alone and died alone aboard his patrol vehicle.

For now, they haven’t ascertained the identity or number of armed individuals who assaulted the officer. As of yet they have no details on the size of the bullets that took the life of the commander, except according to the authorities of the fourth group of Homicide Attorney General of the State, they found shell casings of high caliber at the scene. The investigations are proceeding.

Patricia Moreno said that Cesar Garcia Guevara had risen through the ranks of the police to become a commander of  the Southern Command Delegation, indicating he was the one who had previously personally informed families of slain officers on duty to fact that their funerals would have to be held privately for security reasons as well as for the tranquility of the bereaved.

They have had at least Five Chiefs of Police killed in Saltillo
The Chief of Police in Saltillo Yáñez Clemente Carrillo recounted fallen cops along the years and said there has been more than five, including Commander Marcial Barron, Captain Ignacio Meza, the official Reyna Barajas Munguia, Elisa Ugalde Maribel Torres and the latter, Commander Eleazar Cesar Garcia Guevara.

The prosecutor of Common Law, Rafael Martinez de la Rosa, verified the violent crime and ordered the the removal of the body and arranged transportation to the Medical Examiner for the autopsy.

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2012 a Violent Year in Coahuila

| Borderland Beat Reporter Chivis
Posted on Borderland Beat Forum by BJEFF
This is a recap that concentrates on Saltillo the capital, though events from other cities are included it does not capture the reality of the rampant violence of Piedras and Torreon.
The escape of 129 prisoners from the prison of Piedras Negras, the execution of Jose Eduardo Moreira, son of former Gov. Humberto Moreira, the killing of Heriberto Lazcano, the leader of the Zetas cartel, and the execution of electoral officer Nathaniel Rivera have been security events that have recapped the first years of Ruben Moreira as state governor.
In his campaign platform, Moreira made it clear that security would be one of the hallmarks of his administration, with the phrase “I’ll handle security.”
Here is an account of the violence  that have occurred in the state during the first year in office Moreira.
The first month of the current administration had no respite or any influence because it was the Christmas season. In December attacks continued in the bars and clubs of  Torreon  Also  there was a killing of a policeman chief  and his stepson in Saltillo, and the kidnapping of seven Police graduates.
[number signifies date]
3 Organized crime “welcomes” the new administration with an attack on bar “La Barra” of Torreon, where three people died.
5 The municipal police chief  of Saltillo, Emmanuel Almaguer Perez and his stepson , are executed  while in their  vehicle.
7 Three men aged between 20 and 30 years old were gunned down in Vista Hermosa, in Saltillo.
9  Seven Coahuila police graduates are kidnapped, which unleashes a confrontation where two people are rescued and one dies.
13  Serafin Pena Santos, director of Cereso of Saltillo, is killed by eight bullets in front of a technical secondary University Avenue.
23  The municipal police  Gilberto Escobedo was kidnapped but later found
good guys are really the bad guys

Eduardo “Lalo” Moreira

The first month of 2012 shocked the city Saltillenses because it presented the first “hanging”, common in cities like Monterrey and Torreon.

16 The director of Women Cereso [prison], Silvia Parra Perez of Saltillo, is ambushed and kidnapped in the morning by armed men.  later released.

18 Appears the first hanging in Saltillo. The body of Joel Espinosa Luis Sosa is found in the MDV,  after being executed and hung on that structure.


The month of “love and friendship” was not so, and was characterized by the killing of police and elements involved in drug trafficking.

4 The elements of Alfredo Peralta Police Investigating Oscar Ramirez and Jesus Ontiveros are riddled in Torreon.

14 Arturo Alvarez Andrade, police chief of Saltillo, was killed by three bullets in Saltillo outside his home in Lomas de Guadalupe.

16 After the capture of federal and state control by the PGR, an armed group attacked and killed Jorge Bazaldua, the trusted  Tobias Sergio Salas, is one of the state officials arrested, allegedly for his links drug trafficking.


During April, a zeta leader is arrested in  Saltillo, causing  violence to break out   including that massive shootout at the  building of the PGR, which injured three federal agents.

1 Three bodies of women are found in a clandestine grave in the ejido .

28 José Alberto González Xalate, “El Paisa”, whom federal authorities identified as a member of Los Zetas is arrested, a fact that triggers a series of shootings in Saltillo.

29  Aboard two Humvees,  a heavily armed commando attacked and  shot the building of sub Attorney General’s Office in Saltillo, injuring three federal agents and a civilian passing by.


During the summer of this year, the shootings are intensified in Saltillo. In June it became necessary to shut down schools and close shops for the security of people.

3 A total of 11 dead and over 10 wounded by gunfire was the aftermath of  the shooting attack by a command at the rehabilitation center  located in Ejido La Union in the rural area of ​​Torreón.

22 On this day occurred one of the most violent days in Saltillo, and chases after clashes throughout the day between gunmen and authorities, there was a total  of nine people killed: eight criminals, one civilian and three state troopers injured.

9  Zocalo reporter Saltillan Stephania Cardoso and her little son are kidnapped after attending a party. Days later she speaks  through social networks ensures that all right, but still in danger. [some doubts on this story]


These days, a shootout in middle of the night woke from their dreams to Saltillo.

5  A confrontation in Saltillo left a toll of four dead suspects, three soldiers injured and a woman traveling in the same vehicle as the attackers. The facts were reported around 3:32 am on crossing of Boulevards Luis Echeverria and Miguel Hidalgo.


Shocking was meeting in Saltillo was a safe house where organized crime guarding hostages, even from other cities, including Monterrey.

9  Ten kidnap victims were freed and five suspects, including 16-year-old arrested in Saltillo, during a raid by federal police.

28  Three adults and a child are executed by a command inside a garage and car wash.


The now famous flight of dozens of inmates Cereso of Piedras Negras,

11 The municipal police in  Reyna Barajas,  assigned to the Coordination of alcohol, and Maribel Ugalde, the Police Special Unit for the Investigation of Family Violence, are found executed with bullets to the head on the highway Saltillo- Torreón.

17  In the largest mass escape in memory, 129 inmates escaped from Cereso of Piedras Negras.

18  Ignacio Meza Rueda, deputy director of the Municipal Police of Saltillo, is ambushed and executed in the MDV.

19  One dead, two injured are the casualties  of an assault of a commando into the restaurant “The Frigate”


Perhaps most shocking month: Jose Eduardo Moreira is executed, son of former Gov. Humberto Moreira, in an alleged “narcovenganza” in which police were involved in  Acuña. Also killed Heriberto Lazcano, top leader of the Zetas.

2  In a Piedras Negras clash between authorities and criminals, is killed Alejandro Chavez Trevino, nephew of Miguel Angel Trevino Morales, the second Zeta leader.

3 Jose Eduardo Moreira, son of former Gov. Humberto Moreira, Acuña is executed in revenge for the GATES killing of Alejandro Chavez Trevino.

7 In a confrontation in Progresso,  killed by elements of the Navy is  Heriberto Lazcano, top leader of Los Zetas.

12  Elements of the Federal Police arrested three men and rescued a person deprived of liberty  during a raid in Torreon.


The continued violence claiming the lives of security personnel, in this case a member of GROMS.

3  10 people are killed in Torreon in two different events. Six killed   when a commando broke into a ritual of Santa Muerte and four more to be found inside a car,  two couples dismembered.

5  After a series of clashes in Piedras Negras, six criminals are killed by federal forces, disrupting classes for 2000 students. That same day, in Saltillo, a narcomanta created panic by appearing in the MDV.

8   Omar Juarez, “The Peluso” Saltillo plaza boss of Los Zetas, is captured by the Navy of Mexico.

10  A local group element GROMS dies after chase and confrontation with criminals in the Metropolitan Park.

22. Military troops a property located five kilometers from the bypass  Berrueto Eliseo Mendoza,  where there were half-buried human remains.

24  Four people were executed inside a taxi were located on a road near the boundaries between Piedras Negras and Zaragoza.

28  In Saltillo, GROMS elements fought gun battles against a group of criminals, four killed


The 2012 violent closes December 1. The kidnapping and execution of Nathaniel Rivera and the appearance of 4 “hanging” in the MDV.  highlighted  the news this month.

1 During the first hours of the government of Enrique Peña Nieto and even before he received the presidential sash, a group of thugs appeared in Saltillo with attacks on government installations and the Institutional Revolutionary Party building. Through a statement, warning that it was the “first phase” of their conflict.

3  An ambush on  PGJE officers left  an officer dead and seriously injured  another in Jupiter Street North  in Saltillo.

7  The dawn of this day are four bodies hanging in Megadistribuidor. According to early investigations, this act would be part of a clash between two rival gangs of organized crime.

8  The execution of  a mining entrepreneur in the Carboniferous Region of Coahuila.

12 It is revealed that kidnappers are members of the PAN in Coahuila, some of them identified as Guillermo Anaya team.

17 In El Ejido Guadalupe Victoria, in Saltillo, are found the bodies of six people executed.

18  They confirm that Nathaniel Rivera, executive secretary of the IEPC, is among the six people found tortured and executed in Ejido Guadalupe Victoria.

27  Five children escape the Juvenile Detention Center in the Bellavista neighborhood, after beating guards, also  find in  Viesca six bodies.

28  Cesar Garcia Guevara, element Municipal Preventive Police, was killed from  15 shots in the Buenos Aires colonia of Saltillo.

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