News: Islamic Freedom Always Turns into Christian Subjugation

February 5, 2013

American Hero Pamela Geller will be honored by the oldest Republican club in the nation on February 10th.

2  How bad do you think the economy is?  No.  It is worse than you think. And Obama is going to do what?   Obama, illegally, has not produced a budget in 3 years.

3  Is it time for a national Religious Review Board or even a religious court as Israel has?  Israel has a religious court and a secular court system!

4  Islamic freedom always turns into Christian subjugation as is happening now in Egypt



Today’s music is dedicated to the one and only Pamela Geller.  Defender of the defenseless.

Speaking of Pammy whammy.

I was looking around today at some of the American women I see every day and thought:  I love American women.  What is it about them?  So many of them are on the front lines of every fight.  Without the power, they still fight.  They choose to love their men.  They choose to look good.  And, they are cocky:  Pamela Geller, Phyllis Schlafley, Michele Malkin, etc…. WOW!

Running Up That Hill



5. Kasich is a politician first, a Republican 2nd, and a man of honor ? Kasich  is caving  to Medicaid expansion in Ohio.   Are there any men of honor left in politics. And now, good men are left to fight each other.  The Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, head of the Catholic archdiocese of Philadelphia, called on all bishops to “take the right action” against Obamacare no matter what the cost.  But Kasich, a good man, will be forced to arrest bishops who do not allow certain abortion provisions of Obamacare.  Kasich will reach this impasse as a direct result of being bought  by Obama.

Every ghetto in Poland had a Kasich in charge of them trying to keep the Jews calm and trying to do the greatest good for the greatest number of people while all were eventually shipped off to the concentration camps.

6.  Dare to excel,  Dare to be mocked; While the rest of your classmates learn socialist doctrine.

7.  Al Qaeda is world wide especially in Africa. Obama has directly aided Al Qaeda while claiming to have cut their heads off.  Always believe the exact opposite of what Obama says.

8.  Early voting is how these crooks won the last election and the president will push for more early voting with online registration.

9.  Flash mobs of black teens ruining businesses.  This is a problem that has to be solved.  We are rewarding bad behavior and punishing good behavior.  How does the good lone wolf defeat a mass of bad people.  Gun.  We should be given more freedom to use guns when being attacked by a mob.

10.  Chuck Hagel anti – American the new  in crowd.    Brennan is worse than Hagel.

11.  Obama is coming after your guns despite overwhelming odds. He will keep coming until he is stopped.

12,  Horrid conditions at abortion clinic get it cited but not shut down.

13.  How to save your marriage in 21 minutes.

14.  How to build a nuclear reactor in your garage when you are under 20 years old.

15.  There are 9 Apps that can make you smarter.

16.  Jim O’Neill’s favoritie books.

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