“Identify the Enemy and … defeat Islam on our shores.”

February 6, 2013

1  Our own Resistance consists of brave warriors such as

Brigitte Gabriel,

Pamela Geller,

Robert Spencer,

Janet Levy,

and Nonie Darwish,

a few of the many fighters who are sounding the alarm.

Lay Down the Law


Victory demands that we identify the enemy and that we unite in our effort to defeat Islam on our shores. We can begin with several necessary steps.

Oh, and don’t forget what Glen Beck can do.

Muslim Converts to Christianity and Exposes the evils of the Cult of Islam


2   America’s  freedom doomed, will go to Muslims – mathematical certainty;  unless,  American women  have more children. Who will suffer most under Islamic law?


Pamela Geller at “Investigate Al Jazeera Now” Press Conference


Muslim woman Converted to Christianity from



Not only should American women not have abortions but should have more children.

3.  Here are the republican senators who know Muslim Brotherhood is the enemy and should not be rewarded with tanks or F-16s.

4.  Kerry, Hagel, and Brennan all come from the same philosophical trash can. It is our responsibility to take out the trash or also known as Chuck Hagel’s foreign policy positions. Brennans’s job would be to discover what the enemy was concealing from the US.  How can Brennan perform this task if he is the poster boy for “willfull blindness”.

5.  Does GOP have the advantage over democrats on the economy in the sequestration battle?  Here is a blueprint for GOP victory. If Republicans do nothing,  interest on present debt swill be one trillion in 4 years. So, why won’t the Republicans come out and tell America what Obama is doing wrong?  Is the Republican party broken?

6.  7 million people are going to lose health care insurance under Obamacare. And, Sarah Palin was rightl  Obamacare will be paid for with death panels but  Liberals won’t believe her until Paul Krugman says the same thing on a different day.

7.  ICE agent union boss says Obama “doesn’t care if we die”. He also said that present immigration laws are unenforceable.

8.  Is the US economy going in the right direction in  2013?

9.  Obama is now going to apply direct pressure on Israel to submit.

10.  “270 sheriffs and 8 states sheriff associations are standing against Obama’s unconstitutional gun control measures” Meanwhile,  they are trying to voluntarily confiscate guns across the country, first:  Chicago, Phoenix, …Columbus, Miss.,

11   Democrats got the tax increases they wanted, but the tax increases will not produce the revenue they predicted.  Do the math Clinton.

12.  Obama does not care about the poor, illegal migrants, or black people in general;  he is trying to centralize power. And will the first resistance to the centralization of Presidential power please stand up.

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