China is now the #1 trading nation in the world

February 11, 2013

1. China is now the #1 trading nation in the world, surpassing the US.  This is not a bad dream. This is bad reality and is brought to you by Obama.  China is still persecuting and eradicating Christians.

2.  The threat of shariah law in America is real and all negative.

3.  China is mobilizing it’s military to fight with Japan  over disputed islands.

4.  Organized labor wants amnesty.

Hagel was a D student, but no one knows what type of student Obama was.  Didn’t they mock Palin for being a D student?

6.  Was Judge Roberts blackmailed to vote for Obamacare?

7.  Benghazi was a  reaction to secret attacks carried out by John Brennan and his boys at the CIA, according to new book. Petraeus was betrayed by jealous CIA co-workers. And,   More Benghazis  will happen under Brennan unless he is fired, according to author. And, and, and the President did nothing is the absolute best case scenario.  If he did nothing, what does that show?


Eurythmics Missionary Man


8.  Obama’s visit to Israel is meant to protect  Iran not Israel. Obama is going to Israel to warn Israel to not attack Iran.  Obama will also pressure Prime Minister of Israel to make Palestinian state official.

9.  Republican Senators are cutting back room deals with Demoncrats on gun control. Traitors, weak, or dumb.  Can we halt this downward slide?

10,  Liberal press is finally realizing  that Obama can’t pay for his social programs unless we all move to wonderland.

11.  Obamacare  is a self created shell game on several levels. The primary inherent self fulfilling con in Obamacare  is that it pretends to give people more access to health care while giving doctors less incentive to become doctors.   That fact alone will give the patients less access to available doctors.

12.  The world is on the verge of currency wars.

13.  China replacing US dominance in space while we reduce NASA funding. China  and Europe teaming up to go to space station.

14.  EU to start sanctions against Israeli goods?

15.  Pamela Geller Receives Patriot of the Year Award From the Oldest Republican Club in America.  Video of her speech.


15.  Bin Laden shooter has a bounty on his head for life, no pension, no medical, no money.

16.  Most American want illegals to go home.

17.  China is running a Pakistan deep sea port that has India concerned.

18.  French repel islamists in Mali.

19.  Tunisia and Libya are now teaming up to do what?

20.  Burma joining Thailand and the US and five other countries in military exercises in Thailand.

21.  Obama could bypass Senate and slash nukes, deeper than anyone expected, with executive order.

22.   US birth rate per 1,000 women  is the lowest ever recorded for the US – party over.

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